Independent What At The American Hut?

Lets see what the cat can do today at his zoo to get some going with their celebration of fireworks glowing. This should be fun as away I give Independence Day a run.

What to say, what to say,
For good old Independence Day.
Will Smith kicking an aliens ass,
Mel Gibson letting it come to pass.

That is independant right?
As those aliens and British they fight.
Not British aliens though.
That would be one weird show.

I mean such an independent place,
Really gives independence a warm embrace.
For all are so independent each day,
They can make things go away.

Send the jobs overseas,
Cheap labor, yes please.
Thank God for those Chinese,
And lets not forget the Japanese.

Why make it here,
When we can ship it near.
Import from 26 countries to be exact,
At least those are the ones with the above board pact.

Live and let live we say.
As the British import stuff to our bay.
See we are so nice.
Forget the extra shipping price.

At least they tax us no more.
We can pocket our own taxes at our shore.
And if the IRS can't track you down.
A hit squad will decide on your town.

For those taxes we need,
Those million dollar golf games have to take seed.
But we still let you have machine guns.
Those can be bought by the tons.

Forget that they were made in China too.
That just isn't true.
You just rest easy in your beds,
My fellow fluoride heads.

For that is what independence is all about.
Let's give an independent shout.
And live in the past.
It's such an independent blast.

The cat just had to today at his zoo. But feel free to make fun of Canada as well. That isn't a hard sell. Either way the cat has no fear, whether you peer or cheer. All about the fun that comes under your sun. So enjoy your not so independent day there at your bay. I will now prepare for sass which is loved by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Guess all competition were on break
      or off to bake a cake

  2. Happy Fourth nice people there
    Fireworks and all wonderful fare
    A rejoice
    Just as much
    Make it fun and games everywhere


    1. Yeah a carnival of sorts
      At their courts
      With some fun
      under the sun
      Playing some sports

  3. Happy Birthday USA
    Going to celebrate today?
    Being victims of an unaccountable
    Rouge government , not doubtable
    How can a Cat Canuck be more informed
    On losses that are not yet mourned
    Here's to Independence cheer
    Fluoride Heads (LOL) the time is near

    1. hahaha I stole the fluoride heads from you
      Here at my zoo
      Canada still has their head in the sand too
      Just not as much as down below at the US zoo

  4. I am surprised I have not seen independence day on the TV lately, normally they would show it on all the channels in advance

    1. Yeah they usually do
      And they are making #2

  5. I'm going to a parade & grilling. No fireworks here....unless someone gets angry. LOL.

    1. haha don't go pissing anyone off
      they may do more than scoff

  6. ha. happy 4th for what its worth, to those that are free, and those still waiting for the day to say they too are, the home of the richest 1 %, and the ghettos where everyone else is sent...i can get bent but wont, wont get out of joint---its america, and i wouldnt live anywhere else...mostly cause i cant afford to move...ha...

    1. Yeah freedom is relative no matter where you are
      The 1% force the rest to live in their car
      LOL well since the loonie is down
      Your money is worth more at some canadian town

  7. No sassss from "Auntie"... If we can't laugh, at ourself, what a bunch of "stick-in-the-muds" we are. lol... (Ever hear that old line, before???)

    I come from a line of people, who sailed across the pond, and worked their butts off, to get me to where I am today. And we too, worked our butts off, so we kept to the family tradition. :-)

    Happy Birthday, to this Beloved Land which I love...


    1. Yep heard that time and time again
      As it has been used at my den
      Working ones butt off has to be done
      If we are ever to enjoy the sun

  8. So much truth in this gem/despite not living in the States, we, too suffer from the same social phlegm/it takes residence in your chest/end of the day, though, you know you're still oppressed.

    Still, happy Independence Day! :-)

    Greetings from London

    1. Yeah still stuck
      Makes you go what the umm duck

  9. We like to live in our fog.
    It enables us to shout
    UNITED STATES is "Top Dog"
    As others laugh at the tout!


    1. haha and laugh they do
      At your backasswards zoo

  10. So much truth in your sass, better watch out though, or some crazy may take offense and come after your little rhyming ass

    1. Hmmm need a bullet proof ass
      So i can avoid such a pass

  11. Hey Cat,

    Much of what you say is true
    so, I won't give you any sass
    but, today is a day of celebration
    and I plan to do just that
    as I lay under a starry sky
    & watch the fireworks display
    of red, white and blue..I'll
    lay my hand upon my heart
    It's America & at least I am free
    while so many in the world hunger
    for a taste of freedom...

    Enjoy your day at your bay...
    its sunny here to that I say Yea!

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    1. Celebrate away
      there at your bay
      the way to be
      May as well enjoy it at your sea
      But as to the word free
      That is all relative you see
      More free than many, yes
      But free of much and not in a mess
      That gets a no
      At our backasswards North American show

    2. Well, today we celebrate America's freedom
      but, it doesn't mean all people are free
      as there are many chains even for those here
      who are free..something to think about at
      one's sea.

      In any case it is always good to see
      my friend Pat & his cats...

    3. Yeah none are truly free
      Always something binding thee
      A tax, a law or this or that
      But it could be a far worse mat

  12. the day has lost all meaning, just smoke and mirrors mainly

    1. that is basically it
      Trying to make america still a big hit

  13. My country should never be immune to being poked fun at
    After all, we deserve if sometimes for doing this and that

  14. I wonder what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would think if they dropped in and saw the state of affairs in the good old USA.

    1. They would probably move to some beach
      Far out of the us's reach

  15. Happy Independence Day around,
    and more important now
    if this celebration-
    inside oneself than out.

    1. Yeah inside is the best
      The one and only guest

  16. Happy birthday stars and stripes,
    Eat, drink, and delay the fights,
    I try to remember our countries history,
    And pass it onto my kids gingerly,
    Sad that our world is in such a mess,
    Worrying over my kid's future causes much distress.
    I fear this war will take a while to win,
    So just for today I'll fill my glass with tonic and gin.

    1. If ever it results in a win
      Which is a sin
      But suck back the gin
      And just enjoy a day at your bin

  17. Listen my children and you will hear
    Penwasser singing....he's had too much beer.
    The 4th of July means a picnic with friends
    Burgers, hot dogs, yes beer.
    The fun never ends.

    1. Sounds grand indeed
      There at your feed
      Just don't forget that when you prance
      You have clothes on so none go in a trance

  18. Will Smith might have been right...I coulda been at a BBQ!

    1. Yeah he had to take flight
      BBQ would have been a better sight

  19. ha - i think that's the biggest illusion in the world for any country to think they're independent..well meowed cat

    1. Yep no country is what so ever
      With their independent endeavor
      Maybe North Korea though
      As no one wants to deal with their crackpot of a show

  20. Though today I celebrate
    I've a nagging feeling we're not so great
    For all the reasons that you state
    If Canada got more sun and heat
    I'd move there in a heartbeat.


    1. Yeah more sun and heat
      Would sure be nice at my street
      Hate the snow
      That does blow

  21. Any holiday that celebrates kicking the arse of the British is one I can get behind. You poor Canadians are still part of Her Royal Majesty's Commonwealth and you never even get to see the cunt in person either. Hahahahaha.

    1. But do any canadians even care?
      Not that i am aware
      The british did nothing to me
      But I'll be damned if ever say I'm apart of any crap concerning her so called majesty
      Nothing but a big money wasting crock
      They all should go hide under a rock

  22. Sit back to reflect, retrospect...give it all a glance
    That's how we celebrate the day marking our independence

  23. Certainly we have our moments worth ridicule, no doubt about it. But we're still a patriotic bunch and today's a good excuse to paaaaaaaarty with the fam. :)

    You guys just celebrated Candada Day too, you're ahead of us on the party game. ;)

    1. Party away
      That is a good excuse at ones bay
      And yeah beat you
      We do it come thanksgiving too

  24. Those poor Brits
    and their tea
    in the sea
    at Boston
    the shits!

    1. haha yeah poor brits
      Their tea is the pits

  25. The cat is so busy on his lar
    he doesnt go now to my yard,

    1. I may have to dig a hole
      And go then take a stroll

  26. Today I'll appreciate all the great things
    and not the negatives of which you sing...
    Because there is still a wonderfulness
    and most of us feel greatly blessed.

  27. Really truly agree with what you say here Pat, I had a feeling that if this blog did focus on Independence Day then referenced would be the fact that there's actually aspects that are lacking in independence. Great post buddy.

    1. Yeah no such thing as independence for any place
      Some just have a better rat race lol

  28. We are not even celebrating this year. What is there to celebrate? NOTHING!!!

    1. Freedom is relative though
      One big smoke and mirrors show

    2. geesh...go live in North Korea for a while and see if you don't think you had freedom before.

  29. Yep, some problems in the States
    Economy still not great
    Jobs exported overseas, too
    For cheap labor, true
    But the principles survive
    Of freedom that will thrive
    With hard work and perseverance
    We can keep our independence :)

    1. Yeah in a way
      It is still true today
      Or so we are allowed to believe no matter the sea
      As they sit back and be greedy

  30. I got to sleep in on a normal work day. I was independent from the alarm clock :)


  31. It has lost its meaning but its a good break
    or just enjoy it anyway ~ Have a good night Pat ~

  32. Smith told the alien "welcome to earf"

    then mr. alien hugged a smurf

    1. The poor smurf
      Didn't like him invading his turf

  33. I wish the silly Humans could just be QUIET. Why do they have to have 'splosions??? I'm going back to sleep wif my little paws over my earsies.

    1. I do not know
      But we wish they also would not blow

  34. We just see it as an extra day from work. A day to gather with the friends and family, then take the kids to a firework show. As the years go by, more and more of our independence is flushed down the drain...

    1. Yeah that's all I see it as too
      Here at our zoo

  35. Not sure if the Japanese are notorious for cheap labour. Pretty sure they're more synonymous with seafood and questionable pornography.

    1. Well i suppose at least all can get a thrill
      With plenty of fish at their hill

  36. Once upon a time
    This country of mine
    Was a jewel for all to see
    A place where we could be free
    Change seems to stain everything
    Taking away reasons to sing
    Yet I still cherish my ancestors' fight
    To escape a similar fight
    And build a legacy and beaming light
    That hopefully one day we'll once again get right

    1. Yeah nothing can take that away
      Of what they did at your bay


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