It's Everywhere And You Use It Bare!

Unless of course you are really dirty or getting really flirty. Either way you might not have time to strip down as you hop in the shower and go to town. I mean cleaning of course at my sea, don't go all gutter on me. To late? I guess it's just my fate.

dVerse has water on the brain,
There at their lane.
Saying it is all around,
So a verse can be found.

They make it seem like water is oh so good.
Time to correct them at my hood.
Don't believe me?
Just follow along at my sea.

I buzz like a bee,
Needing to pee.
Crap! Literally.
The water is plugged by too much dead tree.

Time for that thrill,
Take one last swill.
Damn! Spilled water on the laptop.
Now it sparks non stop.

Water on Mars!
Somewhere under its dune bars.
But it costs 10 Billion to get there.
While we're 10 trillion in debt to the Chinese lair.

It allows for skinny dipping,
Yeah not just for sipping.
That is okay for some at their lair,
But others should not be seen bare.

What did one ocean say to the other?
Feel free to stop and ask your mother.
Have you finally caved?
They said nothing and just waved.

Yes, I am shore.
There is no need to roar.
Or be a beach about it.
Doesn't water have such wit?

It also lets you spit.
When you have a fit.
Some talk and spit at the same time.
Wish they were a mime.

And then worst of all,
It doesn't have just one name at its hall.
It is waaay to greedy,
Or maybe just very needy.

Lake, swamp, ocean, pond, sparkling, pure, river, stream. Water thinks it is so great with its gleam. Sorry to rain on your water parade. But I had to point out this charade. Not to mention it makes up the likes of Honey Boo Boo. Water needs to get a clue. That is all today class from my ever so hydrated little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Yes, water, water everywhere
    Certainly we can take it bare
    Variously named
    At places of fame
    Bottled or a swig at any fare


    1. That we do
      At each zoo
      With a swig
      Small or big
      It comes due

  2. Water Water Everywhere, .. Did you know you could die from drinking to much water. It is called Hyponatremia, It means "insufficient salt in the blood." Symptoms include headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and mental disorientation.

    Have a great day Pat!

    1. Yeah I knew that
      Here at my mat
      2-3L a day
      Is the most I go at my bay

  3. Water is my thing/the only way this Scorpio can sing/to my heart's joy and delight/water is me the whole day and all of the night! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Water is you
      I hope you don't drip like a faucet at your zoo

  4. I'm a big water drinker but just like you Pat I see the negative sides to it that aren't promoted enough. Not only is needing to pee a bit of a bugger but too much of it can have some serious adverse health effects. I was drinking 4 litres of water a day at one point and was shocked to discover that it was actually doing me more harm than it was good, a scary thought! Now I'm more a two a day man.

    1. Yeah 2 a day is the best way to be
      Unless it is hot and you go all sweaty
      Then 3 is fine
      but I don't pass that line

  5. Life without water would be toast
    You'd wither and become a ghost
    You'd turn into a dried up shell
    If you've been bad, you'll visit hell

    Have a beautiful, wonderful week, everyone. LOL

    1. At least I'd be warm
      and there would be no storm
      How dreadful of you
      To scare all with hell at my zoo lol

  6. Water is great for drinking but otherwise I'd just as soon skip it!

    1. haha the cat likes to play
      But Cassie agrees with you any day

  7. ha, some nice commentary mixed in
    wonder when we'll go to yen, can you imagine
    the martians sun bathing, wonder if their legs they're shaving
    water is the most basic need, even if it makes us pee
    it gives life to all we see

    1. haha yeah if you go to yen
      I'd move far from your den
      martians at the shore
      Sure wouldn't make me want to explore

  8. Ha, water on the laptop isn't so funny. I've that that...along with coffee & wine. Not fun in the sun when the laptop doesn't run!!

    1. Yeah not at all
      I did it with water once at my hall

  9. Hey Pat - a lot of fun here -- I especially liked the sparking laptop and the spit of those who should be mimes! i am actually one of the skinny-dipping kind - lucky to have secret places! Thanks much for your fun poem. K. (

    1. haha having secret places to go
      Does allow one to put on a full moon show

  10. A lot to contemplate. I've always been a big water lover, but I think the promoters of water hae hidden these nasty aspects of it.

    1. Yeah they hide it away
      Wanting to pretend the bay is okay

  11. LOL at the 'waved' stanza! :)

    My kids spilled water on my laptop last summer. It dried out and worked fine for a few months but then croaked. I have to suspect the events were related. ;)

    1. Yeah I would suspect too
      Same thing happened at my zoo
      Except I'll blame the cat
      As it could never be Pat

  12. ugh...spilled water on the laptop is not good...i also try to keep my phone away from it...ugh... but then... with the temperatures we have at the moment, i'm def. a pro-water person...smiles

    1. Yeah pro water indeed
      With 93 degrees at ones feed
      And the phone too
      I am more likely to drop that at my zoo

  13. A splash, a dip, a swim, a float,
    along the shore or in a boat.
    Nothing could be hotter
    than a cool blue pool of water.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Can help out
      Swim like a trout
      Jump out of a boat
      Impress a goat

  14. Roars and Cheers for your ever hydrated rhyming rear. :D

  15. I swim in my pool.
    It's much better you see.
    The ocean's not cool.
    It's where all the fish pee.

    1. But then if near
      A kid is to peer
      #1 will come due
      Sometimes even #2

  16. Yes, some people should not be seen bare
    And they're usually the ones who don't care
    To wear a bra, man-bro, or underwear.
    One thing about them, to be fair
    They sure make you not want to stare.


    1. haha that is always the way
      With their scary display
      but make you quickly move by
      Or stare up into the sky

  17. It said nothing and just waved?
    lol....oh, that was funny!

  18. nobody will care about water on mars until they sell it in a bottle

    1. That is true
      then it will be sold up the ying yang to me and you

  19. "They said nothing and just waved."

    Ha! I'm telling my daughter that one.

    1. haha that one was a hit
      Just popped in as I wrote it

  20. Oh that ocean joke is sooooo bad! Lol, so you know I'll be repeating it!

    1. hahaha yep so bad it deserves repeating
      Although after a while the waves may end up depleting

  21. Water everywhere but not at the laptop ~

    But I can sure go to the beach and watch the waves ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  22. Your blog holds the water-
    the colder one or the hotter,
    sincerely I can wish:
    catch, Cat, golden fish!

  23. Hey love sandy water seekers
    no where to splash is best
    wherever there is salt water
    sometimes best swim
    alone love ya friend

  24. Wonderful rhymes.

  25. There is so much fun to be had with water, but it's a real bitch when you spill it on your laptop or drop your phone in the toilet!

    1. Can say I've done the second one
      But I have given the first a run

  26. We kitties don't care for water at all, except to drink or knock over, but the mom couldn't live with out it!

    1. Yeah Cassie is the same way
      Here at our bay

  27. Hmm prose for my reply - as I'm really very shy :-)
    You made me tee hee - till I wanted to p..
    oh my oh my oh my

    1. haha I hope you made it to the bathroom
      A pee puddle would bring doom

  28. A guy from my hometown has a chance of being on that Mars colonization mission. I wonder if he'll actually succeed.

    1. Yeah there is one here too
      They can keep mars at their zoo

  29. Even water was not spared at your bay :P
    you can make anything rhyme Pat :)

  30. Meh - I think you're all wet. ;-)

  31. Replies
    1. That it can indeed
      Especially if you can't swim at your feed


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