No Way Is What You Say!

So the cat is guilty of this too. I mean there are better ways to use the loo. The litterbox is such a mess. But I don't care I will confess. Pat won't let me use the big one anyway. He says I'll go on the seat and eat the TP on display. But that is neither here nor there, time to get to it at my lair.

Have you ever,
Thought you were clever?
Yes! I know many will say,
As you nod at your bay.

But then come to find out,
You start to pout.
For that guy or lass,
Made it come faster to pass.

Did it with less work,
Which is a perk.
Did it with less stress,
And also less mess.

How can this be?
Witchcraft from across the sea.
That is it,
A witch is behind this shit.

Yes, you actually swear,
Don't deny it at your lair.
Of course if you are old one eye,
You let something that rhymes with duck fly.

And then in the end,
You go right around the bend.
Pffft to their way,
Yours is the best at any bay.

But hmmm what if?
You suddenly give their way a sniff.
And wow look at that,
Saved tons of time at your mat.

It was a better way,
You now have more time to play.
Can even enjoy the day,
Go skinny dip in the bay.

Hey, it is summer after all.
Beats a polar bear dip at any hall.
And all because you gave in,
Figuring your way wasn't the only way to win.

If only all worked like that,
May get things done faster at ones mat.
But sadly so many have to stick to their ways,
Stuck in some rat like maze.

Change can be bad but then it could also help at ones pad. The cat thinks of the best way he knows and then let it flows. But if another one comes to light. He'll latch on and let it take flight. Except of course with gas and where I go to let loose the stuff from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Can you really believe it
    No takers for 6 minutes
    Hank fumbled
    and stumbled
    But still managed to make it


  2. The Cat at his litter box
    Is better off than loo locked
    It's fine tuned
    With sand dunes
    Rather than in the loo out-foxed


    1. haha yeah that is true
      Better than a locked loo
      Can't get in
      what a sin
      Pee on the floor comes due

  3. There is always a better way, just people do get set

    1. yeah can't get set in one ways
      Or same old same old bays

  4. Adapt and you will get things done faster

  5. Yes....after all it IS summer
    polar bear dips will come soon enough
    with all that white fluff
    it will again be a real bummer!

    1. Yeah big bummer indeed
      Maybe it will skip us this year at our feed

  6. Now, why won't you let him use the loo, Pat? There are kits for that. Lol

  7. I'm not adverse to trying it someone else's way. Sometimes it's amazing what you can learn. :)

    1. Yeah the best thing to do is try
      Under each and every sky

  8. If your head isn't too thick
    a new way could stick!

  9. So basically sometimes you think something is going to come up good and then things go horribly wrong. I guess it's just life which is filled with so much strife.

    1. Yeah sometimes such things
      Haunt you or give you wings

  10. Trying something new?
    The best way to get a clue!
    Whether it turns out a flop?
    Or you choose to adopt!
    How will you move forward?
    By not being a coward!!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yep let the fears go
      And try high and low
      Could be crap
      But then one can go take a nap

  11. Cat this is so true, I must confess
    The tried is better than the guess
    I get upset and in a fuddle
    If my world changes in a muddle
    But then a change may bring delight
    Whoever thought it would feel right

    1. Yeah at first may be strange
      At any range
      But then could delight
      Finding bark worse than bite

  12. realizing it does not have to be your way
    you are zenning at your bay
    we are all in this together
    thats what they say of birds of a feather
    and sometimes, the other is better

    1. haha in the zen today
      Here at my bay
      As having a look
      Could get you that rook

  13. story of my life I would say
    but sometimes i come away smarter than the rest
    you just have to be persistent like the pest...does that rhyme? hm oh well

    1. haha it works
      and yeah persistence has its perks

  14. Use all the brains you got
    and all that you can borrow...

    Oh wait, that's what the zombies say.

    1. haha zombies would sure like that
      Never catch the cat

  15. A new way for a new day
    new can be scary at any bay
    especially when you don't know
    what the outcome will be at your show
    a witch you say would that be a good
    witch or a bad witch follow the yellow
    brick road maybe kiss a friendly toad
    break the wicked spell & all will be well
    traving to the merry old land of oz
    a brain to think, courage to overcome
    and a heart to love and of course those
    ruby shoes to always bring you home

    Cat maybe it is more fun to play in the sand
    as you can build your own castle where
    knights rule the throne...

    Wishing you a great day at your bay!

    1. New can be scary depending on what it is
      With this new biz
      But can't live behind a wall
      Or hide in a bathroom stall
      The witch i would avoid
      Good or bad still paranoid
      She'd put a spell on me
      Wouldn't want to turn into a pea
      And ruby shoes
      Not special news
      But Pat wouldn't look good
      With those in his hood
      Yeah that would be fun
      Under the bora bora sun

    2. Good Evening Pat & Cat

      Hide in a bathroom stall
      yikes too many germs
      lurking in those walls
      I'm surprised you did not
      catch my blooper today
      should be traveling
      sorry about that what
      more can I say..
      hope you won't give
      me zombie toes
      as that would cause
      me some woes...
      I rather like red shoes
      but, I guess they would
      not look good on

      Hope your day went well
      and you are feeling swell..

      PS would be fun to make a castle
      in the sun on the bora bora shore

    3. Ahhh I see the blooper now
      That toad kiss must have been so wow haha
      Yeah a public loo
      Is best avoided by all at any zoo
      Germs abound
      In there I'm never found
      No zombies toes yet
      But an idea is had by the pet
      That may bring them to light
      At least in a sight that is less of a fright

  16. magic from the sea must be good aim

    maybe that was the source of Voldemort's fame?

    1. I guess you never know
      But he's as toast as a crow

  17. I'm generally snarky and full of quick wit.
    Some would say I'm a sarcastic old shit.
    But, jeepers good golly oh why
    can I not think of a rhyme with 'duck fly'?

    1. been called worse than that
      Here at my mat
      And as for the rhyme
      there is a dirty chime

  18. Saw a video one day
    Of a kitty flushing away
    Flushing, flushing, flushing to see
    Perhaps swirling water might bring fishie

    1. Yeah saw a few of those too
      No way the cats are using my loo

  19. Yep, I thought I had a clever, quit wit.
    Til I came over here, and now I'm over it.
    How do you do it, Pat?
    Cuz try as I might
    I can't move my braincells from sleep to high flight.


    1. refuse to sleep
      At your keep
      Then you go insane
      and board the crazy train

  20. Happens all the time. Such is life.

  21. Show the way
    and we convey...

  22. Hopefully the Klingons won't be invading soon!

  23. Um... there is a rumor the Klingons are so grumpy because they don't have restrooms on their ships.

  24. Thought we were clever
    That rhymes with never.

  25. I like to think that most of the time I just go with it.
    Unless I think someone else's idea is total shit.
    (Yes, I admit I swear, almost daily at my lair.)

    1. haha swearing is fine
      Unless f this f that is all you say down the line

  26. It's supposed to be summer, but I have to go back to teaching on Monday. What's wrong with that picture?

    1. A whole friggin lot
      But I work all summer so no sympathy for your plot lol

  27. I always have to try things my way first too. Then swear about it if it goes wrong :(


    1. Yes, the swearing comes due
      When all goes to pot at ones zoo

  28. Sort of reminds me of my ferrets, who would often poop in the wrong spot while we were watching whenever they were upset.

    1. haha at least they had a show
      Must have liked an audience when they go

  29. It's really tough to agree that you aren't clever :P
    who does that :D
    but those who do and learn things for better..
    they always go ahead in life :)

    Awesome read Pat !!

    1. Yeah is tough indeed
      But I can suck it up at my feed haha


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