Nothing To Say On This dVerse Day!

You see it time and time again at a many a bloggers den. So the cat just has to join in on the I have nothing to say today at my bin. That is right. I'm just posting to post at my site, for there is nothing to say at my hall. Nothing at all. Can't you see there is nothing on this wall?

Here's my update for today.
I simply have nothing to say.
Life is this the same.
Is this really lame?

Here's my thought for today.
I simply have nothing to say.
Why are you even here,
When no words even come near?

Here is my reaction to that today.
I simply have nothing to say.
Oh that person won some dough.
I still have nothing to say at my show.

Here's my exercise for today.
I simply have nothing to say.
I need a little R&R.
So I might buy a brand new car.

I just want to say I'm alive today.
But I still have nothing to say.
After all is been 24 hours,
Since you saw my rhyming powers.

I had to just update you for today.
I really had nothing else to say.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Haven't you ever seen a rhyming cat?

Lots of history I bet within today.
But I still have nothing to say.
Were you expecting some kind of fact?
I guess you will have to move on to another act.

Because I really have nothing to say.
Did you get that yet at my bay?
Or are you stuck in a rut?
At least it's better than being buried with King Tut.

Just like him I have nothing to say.
For I am dead tired at my bay.
But I will still show a post.
While I relax at the coast.

And I still have nothing to say.
See you are out of luck today.
Nothing at all is on my wall.
See you tomorrow at my hall.

The cat is of course as mouthy as ever. Isn't having nothing to say oh so dVerse and clever? At my bay that will happen never. But of course the cat had to endeavor. There are just so many out there with nothing to say the cat felt lonely not doing it today. So today I had nothing to say to each lad and lass as I wiggle off with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Excuses today for why I am late to your bay.

    1. Excuses are bad
      Shouldn't have those at your pad

  2. Some days it's just a fact that you genuinely have nothing to say and that's perfectly understandable. You still managed to make a beautiful rhyme out of it, I guess it proves that Pat never has exactly NOTHING to say haha, great post buddy.

    1. I will never have nothing to say
      If I do no post will show at my bay

  3. I have nothing to say about that poem.
    Except maybe that it's time for a nap.

    1. Well that is a good place to begin
      Rest up at your bin

  4. for someone who has nothing to say
    you've said a lot today at your bay
    showing a post as you relax on the coast
    tell me will you go out on a boat
    hunting for treasure, maybe finding a ghost

    listening to the waves, moans of the brave
    who sailed the seas, in a summer breeze
    making a pirates living, hunting in graves
    captain at the helm, navigating the water caves
    swaying on the shoreline whispering trees...

    there is always something to say just
    let your imagination be your guide
    as you glide under a 1000 stars
    maybe, even glimpsing mars
    have a good day at your bay..
    get some R&R, just saying HAR!!!

    1. You are one in the know
      That I can blabber away at my show
      Nothing at all
      Pfft can beat such a call
      Those martians better stay away
      No probing at my bay
      And geez all of that sounds taxing
      A Bora Bora beach sounds way more relaxing

    2. Bora bora beach
      seems out of reach
      but, relaxing under the sun
      can still be done...
      close your eyes & dream
      white sand & palm trees
      aqua water as far as you see
      sleeping in a hut is a must
      lots of rest is best...

    3. Still not real
      Want the real deal
      But yeah far off
      I won't scoff
      Just relax under the sun
      As a new tale is spun

    4. Yeah, know what you mean
      want the real deal too
      so that would make two
      I guess we just dream
      of the bora bora scene
      while the sun beams

    5. And become more depressed
      When white stuff becomes a pest
      And it is cold
      As we stare off at the sands of gold

    6. Let's not think of that white pest
      let's enjoy our summer fest
      try to do our best to not be depressed
      I think we need a new plan, to get
      to the golden sands..

    7. Rob a bank is still my top choice
      Then off to Bora bora we go to rejoice

  5. I have never known you to have nothing to say
    words always abound at your cheerful bay
    You can rhyme on an subjects by the score
    when I think you've run dry, you think of some more.
    For you there are more subjects than stars in the sky
    and all of them catch so many an eye!
    So continue to rhyme your heart away
    to broaden and enliven our minds each day.

    1. That I surely will
      Here at my rhyming hill
      Whether traffic or work
      Or something that makes me smirk
      A post will come about
      At least until I run out

  6. You've nothing to say?
    But come what may
    Some little
    Some trifles
    You've still made it a day


    1. No matter what
      Here at my hut
      Something to say
      Will come to play
      For the cat is a nut

  7. I often have nothing to say
    Which is why I can't post every day
    For my brain is not as creative as some others
    So instead I read fellow bloggers to get my druthers

    1. Well that is the way to be
      Don't post if you have nothing to say at your sea

  8. if truly dead tired, i wish you some rest,
    for speaking of nothing you are truly best
    still dancing in rhyme like a wizbakaboodle
    words doing tango through our thought a ma noodles

    1. The best at nothing you say
      Damn I'm good at my bay
      What were you watching at your den
      Wizbakaboodle deserves a ten

  9. Nothing.... and yet your mind is still churning.

  10. You said one worthy thing:
    'I'm alive' - go flink

  11. Words are strung together like a bauble on a tree
    If you're very clever it makes a good stor-ee
    Here's a coin for the boat ride across the River Styx
    Don't be a smarty, add it to your bag of tricks
    People there are silent they have nothing more to say
    They're dead but you are living so say it while you may

    1. And say it all day long
      Come on rather strong
      Unless the dead rise
      And eat more than pies
      Then stay on the river
      To protect your liver

  12. I hate it when people post and say
    they have nothing to say at their bay!
    Oh how boring
    everyone will be snoring!
    Just don't post until you have a thought!
    Posting every day, a rule, is not!

    1. Yep see it all the time
      So had to make fun in rhyme
      Having nothing to say
      Then shut the heck up at your bay
      Wait until you do
      Helps though when you have a loose screw

  13. I have nothing to add,so sad
    No comment to leave,I do believe
    I should just skip,and leave without a blip.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. But you had an ego trip
      And just had to blip lol

  14. I just don't want to say anything

  15. It will be a cold day in Hell when you have NOTHING to say. I don't even want to talk about it.

    1. hahaha maybe some will like a cold hell
      Cold be too warm where they dwell

  16. life is lame

    especially the board game

    1. Don't want kids in a car
      And drive really far

  17. oh! so you dont have nothing to say! lol

  18. Replies
    1. That was almost nothing to say
      But said our name at our bay

  19. Funny how nothing turned into something!

    1. Well with this ring
      I prove nothing is something

  20. You always have something to say
    That's why you post every day
    Don't know how you find the time
    To keep up with all this rhyme
    Hope you get some R&R at your bay :)

    1. R&R is the deal
      As I spin the wheel
      But will still post away
      As guests show at my bay
      Some will delight
      And some will be a fright

    2. Oh I hope I'm delightful
      And not frightful !!! :)

    3. You are the former indeed
      There at your feed

  21. I have to pick up my jaw! Your nothing had plenty.

    1. Plenty in nothing at all
      My I'm good at my hall

  22. Plenty of people have nothing to say and talk anyway. Why should Orlin be any different?

    1. That is very true
      At least he isn't a politician at his zoo

  23. had a damn lot to say!

  24. will there be a day when you don't put out a rhyme?

    1. Oh there will come a day
      Who knows when at my bay

  25. Hi Y'all,

    I have nothing to add to what you said.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  26. it sucks when all is the same and lame. nothing to tell, no good stories, but then again, at least things aren't bad

    Fancy HOV Ridin’

  27. Dang, I guess I should say no comment!

  28. ha smiles..sometimes it's just good to have a bit of blog relationship even if there's not much to say...

    1. Yeah that is a good way
      To look at it at your bay

  29. Just 'cause a person has nothing to say,
    Won't keep him from yapping the whole darned day.
    He has no idea what to say on his blog?
    He'll keep writing his nothing like a hard-working dog.

    1. haha the writing will come due
      No matter the species at my zoo
      Dog or cat
      Even boring old Pat

  30. I have not known you to have nothing to say :) and yet you manage it again. ;)

  31. Susan says it all. Still much to say when you have nothing to say. I like that.

  32. When I came to call
    and check out your rhyme
    you claimed you said nothing at all -
    but still you took a long time.

    1. And forever more
      I could go at my shore
      But figured I'd spare
      All such a scare

  33. My family loves the moments when I have nothing to say... those are rare, rare moments. ;)

  34. Pat, You're the only person I know that can turn nothing to say into long rhyming verse. kudos:)

  35. first time here
    I'm greeted with cheer
    and a Cat who chimes
    with all rhymes.

  36. Ha, ha, ha! Sounds likes Wordless Wednesday to us! So visit our blog for another example.

  37. Wow Pat, you say nothing better then anyone else I know. I confess that I just look for a pic to post and designate the day Wordless MON, TUE, WED, THU, or FRI--whichever is applicable

    1. haha that works too
      Easy enough at ones zoo

  38. Hi ! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss , and The Cat...
    Oh ! my, for someone who had nothing to say... you had a mouth-full Of thoughts and words today.
    I must admit if you ever "do" have anything important to " say " at your bay...I plan to stay away...Because I could be here...ALL DAY !!!!... lol
    deedee :)

    1. And I can pull Drazin out
      And that will end any shout haha

  39. I love the care free attitude of your cat; my cat is way too serious sometimes and the other one never pays attention. The third one skates around the house every night at 5 am like a helium balloon that has escaped. The yellow one is a little strange like me... Love ya friend! nice to see your wonderful Leopard kitty again on the Egyptian throne fantasy kitties are the best I think. :)!

    1. Wow sounds like a bunch
      The cat is rather out to lunch
      Cassie is more prissy though
      But both run high and low

  40. The verses of nothing has turned into irony! Lol

  41. Mostly, we have nuffing to say
    On any given day
    But we post anyway
    In the City by the Bay

    1. At least you show off
      At your bay with the big trough

  42. I think I'm with Spitty the Kitty
    I mostly have nothing to say
    But take pictures that look pretty
    Of all the places I like to play

    1. haha you have plenty to say
      Every once in a while at your bay

  43. Did this suddenly become my blog? I'm usually the one with not much to say.

    1. haha yes that is usually the case
      As nothing you embrace

  44. Well you sure had a hell of a lot to say

  45. You can even rhyme
    when you have nothing :P

    Haha.. that's fun :D


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