Such Strife Probably Means They Need A Wife!

The cat was out and about the other day, standing in line at some Costco bay. Of course I was bored standing there. So I gawked around the Costco lair. And there were two guys, who were acting oh so wise. Their conversation was truly heated. Some how after hearing their conversation for those few minutes I feel cheated.

That rabbit one wins hands down.
There is no better in toon town.
Don't tell me you never whack off to her.
She may be called a rabbit but she has no fur.

I was always partial to Misty myself,
She got the engines going at my shelf.
Just something about her charm,
That raises my alarm.

Misty ewww.
Why would you....
How could you....
I wish I never knew.

Says the guy who thought Gadget was hot,
And drooled over her a whole lot.
At least at your house,
We know what happens if you find a mouse.

Well you said Lara Croft wasn't smoking.
You must really be joking.
How could you not want to bang her?
She really makes me purr.

Says the guy who doesn't like the little mermaid.
Could rest with her in the shade.
That red head is on fire.
I bet she would never expire.

You are such a liar.
I said I liked her fire,
But that seashell bra I liked more,
I'd sure go with her to the sea and explore.

You'd take her after Marge at your site.
That is just gross,
You'd have to be comatose.

That blue hair just does it for me.
Unlike thee.
Who would rather take Betty Boop for a loop.
She looks worse than pigeon poop.

Wonder Woman or She-Ra,
Which would you take to the spa?

Ha! I'd take both.
Neither could handle my growth.

Yep, the cat actually stood there and had to listen to such stuff. My, their love life must truly be rough. I mean they are in love with a piece of paper. I suppose it would be quite the caper, if they went for a ride and a paper cut snip snipped them with pride. Ahh what things come to pass when I'm out and about with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer..


  1. Somebody looking like pigeon poop might be the nastiest insult I've ever heard Pat haha, absolutely incredible. Crazy things go through your head at this Cosco place, I think I'll stay away, maybe these people need a life without strife on top of that as well.

    1. haha oh I'm sure there are worse
      But yeah they surely need to find a real woman with a purse

  2. A little mermaid is something challenging
    But they ought to learn to stop arguing
    Give way a little
    When it's bearable
    They can pool resources and end up winning


    1. Good way to look at most things
      In ones wings
      But not sure any win
      With such a conversation at their bin
      Especially if to such animations one clings

  3. Jailbait...The Little Mermaid is jailbait. I'd say she doesn't even clear 15. Best to move on to Lara Croft, she's def. past the drinking age.

    1. hahaha do mermaid's count as jailbait?
      I'm sure some lawyer will open up that gate

  4. Ha, some conversations are best unheard!

    1. Yes, yes they are
      Couldn't get away or move very far

  5. I got reminded of the little mermaid after at least 14-15 years. You sure know how to get stuff from anywhere and get it together and make it sound great!

    1. You just never know what I will say
      From day to day

  6. Wow, actually not that wow-ing as sadly I've heard such conversations before as well

    1. Yeah they seem more common than one would guess
      Crazy their cartoon mess

  7. Sounds like these guys need to get out more
    Talking of such things in the store

    1. Well they were out
      As such things they talked about haha

  8. Replies
    1. A cartoon one maybe?
      Or could go all virtual reality

  9. Replies
    1. Yeah she would scare all
      With her puppy fetish at her hall

  10. Dream on guys, you win the prize
    In the category of most told lies
    If a real woman would give you the eye
    You'd stammer on words and wish you could die

    1. Yeah that is true
      They'd act like they got into some strange brew

  11. this is more than slightly disturbing you know
    masturbating to toons at your show
    at least you were gawking
    its easy as walking
    hmm...makes sense it was at cosco just saying
    ha. imagine what you'd hear at a Walmart

    1. Yep gawking away
      Channeling you at my bay
      Disturbing in every way
      God knows, walmart they'd probably talk about humping clay

  12. I remember the days
    when boys would talk
    'bout which cartoon girl
    was really hot.

    "No, Veronica"
    they would shout
    each choosing
    without a doubt.

    But those were boys
    way back then
    not surprised to
    hear that these are men.

    Actually my brothers-in-law still have these discussions about which toon girl is the hottest. It's one of those hanging out in the garage whilst drinking a beer while the wives are in the kitchen cooking dinner.

    1. Yeah boys you expect it from
      But grown arse men giving it a hum
      Especially in the middle of a store
      I guess to each their own as they explore

  13. Homer would so beat that dude's ass for disrespecting his blue haired Marge!

  14. Oh, the conversations that we overhear
    That is why I am always saying, "Shut up dear!"

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. But do they listen to you
      Or continue to spew

    2. No they continue to chew
      And louder to boot

  15. betty boop does look like pigeon poop

    I don't see everyone's fascination (many female friends that love her) with her incarnation.

    1. Yeah I don't get it either at hall
      Here at my hall

  16. Conversations in public should never be listened to. I either get grossed out, angry, or get too much info to juggle in my brain.

    1. Some should not even be said
      What goes on in ones head

  17. As if they know
    For what they'll finally go

  18. Never listen to random conversations, to pass the time in queue. you will lose more cool, than you gain. lol

    1. haha that sure seems to be the way
      Need earplugs at my bay

  19. Costco has some darn good boxes though!

  20. I've been fortunate to have missed out on hearing toon girl discussions,
    sounds like their chalk full of delusions.

  21. Probably one of those things
    I would rather cover my ears & sing ~

    Happy day Pat ~

    1. haha then they'd stare at you
      Might not be the best thing to do

  22. She-Ra is great! She wins hands down...she had a unicorn!

    1. haha okay I'll agree
      No argument over that stuff at my sea

  23. Good example of how we can find interesting material for blogging even out shopping and people watching. Currently, the little daughter likes the classic Wonder Woman tv show. Unfortunately, she makes me be the bad dudes and practices throwing me around the living room. And I thought professional wrestling was the worst influence on young kids.

    1. haha getting beat up at your sea
      What wonder woman can do when she comes on tv

  24. I am so glad I am not a male so I don't have to ponder the tough decisions on which cartoon chick I'd like to bang.

    1. haha can't say I've pondered that one
      Paper just doesn't seem fun

  25. LOL! Don't you love hearing conversations about this stuff?! Once I heard two girls (GIRLS--can you believe it) in highschool talking about Superman vs. the Invisible Man. When asked, "Why the Invisible Man?" the other girl said, "Because you can imagine him to look like anyone."

    1. hahaha I guess it is not just males
      That give such wails

  26. orlin N cassie......iz it just uz... ore R we once again.... glad we iz all catz...knot ta menshun no one understands a thing we say N we talk...!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Yeah the best way to be
      Then we can talk in secrecy

  27. I bet they don't even know about Japanese anime tentacle porn. Amateurs.

    Really, though, you meet the most interesting people at Costco. But what do you expect from a place where you can buy a 10 gallon drum of mayonnaise?

    1. Yeah there was no japanese porn talk
      I guess they can't walk the walk

  28. I must admit I am partial to some Power Girl art shenanigans!

    1. Well at least you can admit it
      A little bit

  29. Wonder Woman or She-Ra
    Which one would you take to a spa?
    Short, tall, yellow, even blue
    why, any woman will do!

    Reminds me of a saying in my head
    that has some teenaged backers.
    Would you throw her out of bed
    for eating crackers?

    1. After the deed was done
      Unless there was more fun
      Those crackers gotta go
      So go to her place then out you can flow

  30. Dear Pat, up in Minnesota where I lived for 38 years there was no Costco. (There is now though.)
    But when I moved to Missouri my sister-in-law introduced me to it and I go there about every six weeks to stock up and indeed one can hear all kinds of conversations! Peace.

    1. Yeah there is a ton going on there
      As I too stock up at my lair

  31. Gee, I like cartoon and comic book characters, too, but there's a limit! (And I'm saying that regardless of my Wonder Woman fixation. Ha!)

    1. haha yeah a limit there must be
      At least after puberty lol

  32. Seriously, these guys were discussing fictitious women? They do need to get a life or a wife or something. It's amazing the things you can hear at Costco!

    1. Yeah you can hear a lot
      Rather watch a robot

  33. If I was going to fancy a cartoon lass it would have to be Daphne from Scooby Doo. Or Thelma Flintstone. Mind you I wouldn't want to get into a fight with Fred, he looks a bit handy.

    1. Fred and those feet
      Running up and down the street
      May give you the boot
      Or squash you like a root

  34. Gag! Such buffoons!
    Tripping on cartoons!
    So glad I've got a life
    As a wife
    No fantasy for me
    Is the best it could be!

    1. haha no fantasy of a cartoon
      Is the way to be at any sand dune

  35. I was reading about something called the westermark effect, which is when animals imprint on their mothers. It explains the odd adoptions we see with cats nursing puppies. A lot of psychologists think a similar event occurs in the development of fetish. Fetish being separate from libido, in that the fetish is not necessary reproduction but a separate sexual kink, though its a sliding scale. I think these nerds are just in extended adolescence however.

    1. I guess there are all sorts
      at certain courts
      But yeah i think these guys were just that
      Adolescence wannabes at their mat

  36. People - always complaining-
    when in cars- that no time
    to communicate,
    when in store - we're not happy
    accidentally overheard
    each other stuff-
    so-o-o crappy!

    1. haha one way to look at it
      But I don't complain at my pit

  37. hmmm..I think the blabbermouth is
    at a loss for words this day
    one never knows at your bay
    what one will hear..I have
    the perfect woman for the cat
    do you want to take a guess
    she doesn't wear a dress
    she wears black tights..

    Hope you are having a good
    laugh at your show..

    1. I made you at a loss for words
      I'll have to tell it to the birds
      But then again you did still blabber on
      Here at my lawn
      at least a bit
      And cat woman would be a hit
      at least for Pat
      Since snip snip is the cat

    2. lol - I knew you would guess that
      because you are a cat...
      perhaps, Pat would like
      to chat with cat woman but,
      which one, from which movie
      I think she has a thing for
      batman..too funny...well
      cat didn't our friend Blue
      turn you into a bat cat...

      Actually, I like to watch
      those action packed Batman

      Okay saying good night..sleep tight..
      don't let the fleas bite...

    3. Either catwoman is fine
      Except that atrocious Halley Berry feline
      Worst movie ever
      Nothing about it was clever
      And yeah the batman movies are great
      No fleas were my fate

  38. Which Lara Croft are we talking about? Polygon? Angelina Jolie? Or the remake? Because the remake one is quite nice.

    1. haha never knew which one
      As away I did run

  39. Hot babes - all Tits 'n Ass
    It all seems a little crass.
    To only think of them this way
    As long as it's not all day.

    1. I bet it would be an all day embrace
      In their case

  40. LOL Sometimes it's better not to know what others are thinking and when they verbalize their thoughts they make you wish you hadn't gone out that day.

    1. Yeah best to stay in
      Then hear such crap at a costco bin

  41. Your subject Such Strife Probably Means They Need A Wife! Makes me wonder if maybe having a wife might cause more strife.

    1. Hmmmm depends on the wife I suppose
      Many can cause woes


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