Sucking More Dough From Your Show!

So this is probably old news by the time it comes but it still deserves a few hums. For even if the cat is so far ahead he will still rant about such dread. As video games are heading down the crapper I will be a little yapper.

So come the next generation games,
Sharing was going to go up in flames.
For a friend could not play your game,
Unless you follow all kinds of rules that are lame.

No longer could you just give one.
Instead they had to get their own under their sun.
Nothing but greed.
Thankfully people made them change their tune at their feed.

Either way they are as lame as can be.
But we will forget about that for now at my sea.
For let's suppose one day this really catches on,
Things would really go to shit at your lawn.

For say you buy some chips,
That are likely to widen those hips.
Sharing them with another,
Whether friend or brother,

Will be against the law.
You are the only one allowed to gnaw.
But first will come music for this,
Meaning you will be the only one able to listen to such bliss.

For only your player will play it.
So no trading CDs or songs of any kind at your pit.
That includes the digital stuff,
And all they will say is tough.

Oh wait they won't just say that,
They will allow it if you pay a fee at your mat.
So not only do you have to buy the thing,
Plus whatever to play it and let it sing,

But now you have to pay more to share.
And next up will be movies at your lair.
Because God only knows they don't make enough money already,
With billions of dollars coming in steady.

Now they want to suck another dime,
Because you giving a DVD to a friend is a crime.
They will get you in every way,
From chips to whatever you want to play.

All they have to do,
Is put a little code into whatever you use at your zoo,
And welcome to one step closer to 1984.
Aren't you ready to take the tour?

The sad part is this is not far from the truth for if they one ever gets away with it at their booth, it won't be long before everybody tries to screw you over in every way, all for a little more pay. Everything from clothes to light bulbs to ketchup, oh my. Don't you just love the greed cry? Hopefully it will never come to pass as it surely would not impress my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Waffles lied
      Said he was going to stop your 1st with pride

  2. Greed of the traders knows no bounds
    They bid to suck from everyone around
    All ways they sieve
    Lots up their sleeve
    One is left sad with lots of frowns


    1. You summed it up well
      As they cause hell
      To all around
      With more fine print found
      Even after they sell

  3. It must be piracy is so rampant
    sellers are not particularly gallant
    in trying to hurt the little guy
    who inadvertently does not comply!

    1. Pfft piracy helps them out too
      Some even release it to torrent sites for all to view
      Then bitch and whine
      There will be no complying by this feline

  4. Nineteen eighty four is here
    Or didn't we know it was so near?
    Half the world has been asleep
    Wake up now and feel the deep
    Hand Victrolas aren't so bad
    Although the tunes are rather sad
    The mysterious letter I expound
    By old typewriter the truth be found

    1. Yeah in the sand
      The head of many across the land
      Letting greedy bums get away with such crap
      All across the map
      Hmm not sure I'd want to go that far back
      Here at my shack

  5. This is sad indeed.
    The mighty dollar and greed.
    But as consumers we allow it.
    Our only recourse is to not purchase the shit.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. And not I will
      They can find a great big sand hill
      and proceed to pound
      Right up their ass the whole mound

  6. it is pretty crappy what they are doing, bend on over here comes the screwing, and disguise it as convenience, no more discs to keep up with, but riff you, leave your friends feeling blue when they cant get it from you...and there goes all the yard sale fodder, all for their almighty dollar...

    1. LOL good first line
      And yeah so true as you can feel it right up your spine
      No more yard sales will be had indeed
      If one starts to plant such a seed

  7. Green with envy takes on a whole new meaning!!!

    1. Yeah and one not so wood
      Whack them with wood

  8. Greed is everywhere and it's only going to get worst in my opinion.

    1. Yeah worse and worse
      Until all you want to do is curse

  9. Surprised by this greed, I am not.

    Many grinches thrown in this lot.

    Solution, if multiples can't be bought,

    Just stop everything, a whole life boycott.

    1. Yeah not surprising at all
      Here at my hall
      And ignore them I will
      Better things to do at my hill
      Like clean the loo
      That has to come due

  10. Replies
    1. Grumpster 21 is a lucky number to be..yes siree..

    2. Well there is a one in there
      So I suppose you can say it with flair

    3. haha 22 for me and that is definitely lucky for me..

    4. 22 is lucky you say?
      24 is more my style at my bay

    5. I have a thing for the number 2 and multiples of
      that is all I have to say this day...

    6. 22 is 21 plus 1 so that is good
      And 24 is even more the way it should :)

    7. 24 works for me
      As it is the birthday of me
      And the cat and cassie
      Plus Jack Bauer you see haha
      but yeah numbers i can stand
      But be better if they were dollars in my hand

    8. As in July? I've had this 'lucky' dollar in my wallet for ages. I think I should burn it. Do you know what I mean? It's probably counterfit anyway.

    9. Yeah burn the thing
      Maybe better luck will come to your wing

  11. Good Morning Pat and his rhyming cat
    things are back to normal at your mat
    with a rant about those thieves
    stealing so more dough they can receive
    they cleverly disguise their agenda's
    I'm not believing..just propaganda
    prices soar at each and every store
    as the greedy make more and more
    not liking this vision, we need better
    decisions..jut my opinion..

    on the side: How is Pat and his rhyming cat
    doing is so darn hot here a heat
    wave that won't break..wish I had a cottage
    by a lake..that would be you
    still packing a man on the go..look at Pat
    go go..tee hee had to add that in with the flow..

    1. We are doing fine
      Nice and cool for Pat and the feline
      With the a/c on full blast
      The heat doesn't get past
      And yeah a cottage by the lake
      Would sure be a nice trip to take
      Still packing away
      For the upcoming moving day
      Cats know something is at play
      As they glare away

  12. Some things are so stupidly ridiculous you can't help but wonder why someone even deemed them acceptable ideas much less (in some cases) how they actually came to pass.

    1. haha yeah there is always someone on top
      Who thinks such crap is a good thing to let drop

  13. Games of money everywhere..
    these days everything begins and ends at money only..
    and rhyming cat is above all this money crap :P

    1. Yeah above it all
      Would still take it at my hall haha

  14. Scary scenario you lay out for us there!

    1. If one gets away with it
      Everything will go to shit

  15. The greed is never ending ~ Smiles from BC ~

    1. That it is indeed
      Hope you're enjoying BC's feed

  16. Sick what these billionaires do

  17. This is a bit out of date haha because a lot of this has changed but the point still stands, it's just greedy of what Microsoft have done, it's been done for the sake of making more and more money, it's just greed that they're trying to prevent people from borrowing games off their friends and I'm glad they've had to change or risk losing a lot of money.

    1. Yeah but it shows no matter the turn
      That such thoughts from greed ridden companies still burn

  18. So disappointing those humans are,
    Makes me wish they lived on a different planet very far,
    Or maybe aliens could stop by,
    Swipe them and probe them in the brown eye.

    1. haha that would be grand
      Although may be rated X across the land

    2. Forgot to say,
      When stopping by your bay,
      Love your new header,
      They keep getting better and better.

    3. Yeah they keep coming strong
      Glad they can do no wrong

  19. Greed is a human need
    And this is a line for you to keep
    For I think it's pretty deep
    Paying more so we can share...
    How do they um dare!

  20. I think south park did a great job poking fun of when it really started to "hurt" the music industry.

  21. Some people just feel the need for greed!! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend Pat.

  22. Oh my, imagine such crap, pat my sweet cat. It would be a horror to be robbed of our hard earned dollar.


    1. Yeah even more robbing going on
      At each and every lawn

  23. The wheel of fortune,-
    you forget about
    its alwaYS moves,
    so if someone - on the top-
    next move - to lower spot!

    1. That would serve em right
      To bad many need to take such a flight

  24. This digital gaming and such is super convenient, but I want a tangible product when I pay money. It's like downloading books for my Kindle. Pisses me off that I pay as much for a download as I do a hard copy, then I can't pass it along to a friend when I am done or resell it. I've since stuck with free downloads and will refuse to pay for games where I don't get a hard disc. It's up to us consumers to keep this from happening. We don't buy, they don't make. Easy as that.

    1. Yeah and that is what I plan to do
      Not buy the damn thing at my zoo

  25. This is all so confusing we don't quite understand. So maybe someday if a person buys a DVD he won't be able to give it to someone else to watch? Cause, you know, that's just INSANE. The Human's not a gaming aficianado (big word for a kitteh, huh?) so we don't quite get all this, but the principle's the same I suppose. Sigh.

    1. Yeah the same thing
      and such a big word you gave a ring haha

  26. i have heard about that - and find it terribly frightening....


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