The Circus Is In Town, So Head On Down!

So a while ago at mail4rosey's show, she was going on about the circus and the scary things that can happen. Of course I helped out there with my yappin. But the cat had to share with all what can happen when you visit a circus hall.

Clowns, elephants, and rigged games, oh my!
It is clear somebody is going to die.
I mean the elephant could stomp you to death.
A clown could use a balloon to suck out all your breath.

The ringmaster could choke you with his whip.
A monkey could punch you and break your hip.
Those things are stronger than they look,
But if you had one at least you could stop a crook.

Like the rigged carnival games.
You may as well put your money up in flames.
Of course actually making it burn might take time,
So you may as well fall for their crime.

But of course when you play,
You could put an eye out at your bay.
I mean the ball could bounce back in your face,
Or go through the cardboard and hit somebody in another place.

Let's just hope you don't aim low.
Was that a low blow?
Damn the cat is good.
Unlike the tigers at the circus hood.

They could get loose and eat you up,
To them you'd be like poop to a pup.
Quite the image there.
Don't you now want to visit a circus lair?

Pack your bags and get ready to go,
For a clown with a gun is about to show.
But will it really say bang?
Or will your bell the rang?

At least if it's the second you won't know,
Unless again you only get hit down below.
Or maybe the human cannonball,
Will have a rather bad fall.

Except you'll be there to break his landing.
After that you won't be standing.
I'm sure the lions will take action.
They will save you from being in traction.

And then you could walk past the clown,
That had great big frown.
So his flowers  spray you in the face,
Except instead of water it could be mace.

All of that and more can happen when you visit a circus at your shore. Aren't you glad I told you everything about it? Now won't the circus be such hit? Also watch where you step along the grass. What is left there is much bigger than what comes out of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. 33 minutes too late
      I think that was your shortest response ever too at my gate hahaha

    2. I will be back later
      don't eat a gator
      when I have more time
      will drop some more lines

    3. Too busy at work
      So not a perk

    4. clowns are suppose to be happy
      so why do they look sad & sappy
      often wonder who is behind the mask
      as they perform their circus tasks
      riding around in tiny cars honking away
      juggling and playing for a day's pay

      I feel sorry for the animals at their zoo
      as they are kept in tiny cages traveling
      from show to show..just so the circus
      can grow and grow..rolling in the dough
      with their rigged games it's always the same

      But, many like the circus it's true..there
      is something alluring about it I guess
      so off they see the big top show
      as who knows what will flow or glow...

      have a good night...

    5. Yeah I avoid it
      As it doesn't come to my pit
      Rigged games and all
      Can stay away from my hall
      And life in a cage
      Must really fill the poor guys with rage

  2. Number 3 number 3
    Says me says me
    Snowcones are my favorite thing
    About the circus, not the rings
    Those lions and tigers sure do roar
    Who can blame them, exhibited like in a store

    1. Yeah I'd be pissed too
      And want to turn those humans to goo

  3. Like poop to a pup - funny.
    Sounds safer to just stay home and watch Madagascar III.

    1. Yeah the better course of action
      You won't end up in traction

  4. ha getting eaten then processed to poop
    now thats the scoop, at least i imagine that
    is what the circus hand would use, i hope not
    a real hand, that would take a real man,
    ouch on the mace face, might need a neck brace
    jerking your head back to fast, that gas will mess
    you up, when at the circus, DUCK!

    1. Duck every second of the day
      Of course you could get kicked in the head at their bay
      Then land in the stuff on has to scoop
      All kinds of nasty goop

  5. Better go to the ATM first and prepare to bend over and take it up the butt. Last time I went to the circus everything from a teeny tiny bag of popcorn to a bag of cotton candy cost 10 bucks. I felt raped with my pants on. The ringmaster didn't even give me a smack of his whip. Total rip off I'm tellin' ya!!!!

    1. hahaha wow what a rip off a their pad
      Or would that be rip on? Either way it's bad

  6. Ha, I never would play those rigged games
    with the germy prizes that travel from place to place
    dust and dirt and bacteria of all types
    from these stuffed things I'll always give chase!

    1. hahaha oh I agree with thee
      No germy prizes for me
      Rather go buy one at the store
      Probably cleaner to eat off the floor

  7. What is it about the Circus?
    We know the tricks.
    Yet, we seem to like the fun,the games,the wonder of the dream and enchantment under the Big Tent?

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. yeah same with magic shows I suppose
      Just want to pretend such mystic stuff flows

  8. Whatever a circus at its behest
    One's got to savor at its best
    Not that many
    One can see
    A show not comparable to the rest


    1. Yeah different indeed
      But one takes heed
      As with each throw
      The money will go
      And you'll be drained at top speed

  9. I am so glad I don't have young kids and have to go to the circus!!!!!

    1. They never come here
      So no need to go with none near

  10. Why should I go to the circus, when I live at the zoo? ha.

    1. hmmmm to get acts for your zoo
      And recruit to your ever growing crew

  11. Many things can happen at the circus

  12. "Water for Elephants" was a good book
    Seamy side of a circus , come hook or crook
    Other than circus I'll take all my money
    Throw a party for Cody on a day that is sunny

    1. That is the way to be
      Let the mutt have it at your sea
      And then the kitty
      Will steal the glory with glee haha

  13. Haha, you know I opted out and didn't go. :) Just call me chicken (not found in the circus, lol). ;)

    1. hahaha what a chicken you were
      Afraid of lion fur

  14. the last circus I was at had no games

    just random junk to buy so lame

  15. "Poop to a pup"
    That made me hiccup
    my coffee this morn
    Another negative option born
    But not to worry
    My little furry
    Black Jack
    Will bring the rose-coloured glasses back.

    Thanks for the fun! You brought back a memory of my dad playing a rigged game at the county fair, spending far more than the two teddy bears could ever have cost, so that my sister and I could each have one. (I still have that teddy bear.)

    1. hahaha sorry for the hiccup
      and sure there is very little poop with your pup
      At least he won in the end
      Too bad all the money he had to spend

  16. A circus is a different universe
    Laws played out in reverse :)

    1. Yeah as they don't miss a trick
      Always rather slick

  17. Replies
    1. Think I was a long time ago
      Barely remember though

  18. I've never actually been to a circus. Looking at your post, I think I'm glad. :)

  19. I have been to circuses and they make me uneasy. The clowns are creepy and the animals look desperate.

    1. haha yeah the poor things in a cage
      One day they will let loose their rage

  20. I've read too many comic books where bizarre things happen at the circus to ever have full trust on them, especially traditional clowns that are more creepy than scary, great post Pat!

    1. yeah they are creepy
      Even the ones that pretend to be weepy

  21. Life is usually a circus around these parts!

    1. With all the kitties it must be
      As they run around with thee

  22. I haven't been to a circus in forever ~ except for cirque du soliel in Las Vegas. I love circuses! thanks for your funny take on this! Hope all is well with you!

    1. Don't think the cirque du soliel counts though
      But we can pretend at my show

  23. Of the circus I was already quite afraid
    All of those terrors getting highly paid
    Why do I want to see an acrobat break their bones
    Or a tiger bite maul someone and make them moan

    I think I'll take my entertainment in a different form
    Something that may be out of the norm
    Something that's safe from those scary things
    a day at the beach to me comfort would bring

    1. Might not be safe there
      Could get sand in your hair
      That has killer sand fleas
      And blow away your hair with the breeze lol

  24. Something tells me you won't ever get asked to promote the circus when it comes to town.

    1. Yeah I'm doomed now
      Thanks to my circus bow

  25. orlin N cassie...if we new how ta drive a bus, we wood go two de circus.... get all de animals...get de H and hell outta ther N take em ta....

    ther ore may bee even ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. That is the way
      But some may eat you at your bay

  26. There's a circus traveling show.
    And one in DC, you know.
    One causes smiles, one causes frowns.
    Which is strange.
    Both have clowns.

    1. At least no mimes
      They deserve a whack with the ny times

  27. You would love
    the circus of
    'Orlin and Cassy'!
    mouses' tracing,
    riding the horses
    in loops and cress-crosses...

    1. That we surely would
      All would come and pay a toll at our hood

  28. I just can't cozy up to circuses. I worry about the animals.

    1. Yeah they are not treated well
      In a cage they dwell

  29. Uh, we think we've seen our last circus, now that we know everything untoward that could happen!

    1. Yeah much can happen with ease
      Better of biting fleas

  30. I'm not much of a circus fan. They are a bit scary, but I more or so, I don't like the use of animals. Animals should be free in the wild. Those tigers and lions could do quite some damage if they got loose. :D

    1. Yeah they should be free
      But than again some poacher would probably go on a shooting spree

  31. Hi ! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...
    Come one...Come all...under the big tent ShOuT out the Ring Master as he let out his clarion call so under the magic spell he want [Men Women, little Boys and Girls] to enter and fall...
    Lion, Tigers, and Bears, [Oh ! my...]
    popcorn,peanuts,drinks and how dandy... Cotton Candy !

    Wow ! everything seems so..."swell," but who knew ?
    ...after reading your "tale" that going to the circus could probably morph into such a living "_ell ! ...LOL
    deedee :)

    1. The cat knew all
      As he said it on his wall
      You may get fun as you are fed
      But that cannon may take off your head

  32. No zoo for me
    I get enough for free
    Everyday on the train
    People so insane
    Just today a couple of jerks
    Were throwing fists berserks
    I'd rather see animals in the wild
    Then inside the big top be piled

    1. Yeah me too
      At my zoo
      And blah to that
      So glad no train is taken by Pat

  33. What's positive about the circus?
    It fails to serve any true purpose.

    I guess the cotton candy's fair
    'Til it gets twisted in your hair.

    Who needs to see clowns in a tent?
    I've dated many, and I'm spent.

    And when you try to leave the show
    Traffic's stilled. It doesn't flow.

    So I stay home, and home I stay.
    Who needs the circus anyway?


    1. Fair points indeed
      You leave at my feed
      But you forgot those in need
      Where else can the bearded woman make your eyes bleed

  34. Circus are fun..
    specially with friends :P
    but your circus was pretty scary :D

    1. haha I'm always original at my sea
      You can go and see it free


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