The True Story No Matter How Gory!

So over at Trudessa's sea, she included little old me, in a story that showed the cat and even Pat off in all their glory. The blue guy was in it too, but sadly she was too nice to grumpy goo. She sugar coated his part not wanting to break his grumpy heart. The cat has no problem doing that. So he will show you the true story of Grumpy Goo at his mat.

And when I say show,
I mean very much so.
For doing videos for John, HGW and others at their sea,
Made me think it was about time I did one for me.

What better way,
To give you the true story today.
Then to have a little show and tell.
Grumpy Goo sure went through hell.

But what can you expect from a blue guy,
Who continues to lie.
First Bora Bora was a no go,
Now he's talking mutiny at his show.

So he brought on his own fate.
Now he is shark bate.
A fate I'd hate,
Rather have shark on my plate.

So enjoy the true story,
In all its glory.
I never hold back the truth,
Here at my booth.

Was that not fitting for Grumpy Goo? Trudessa talks like a porn star, who knew? The cat suddenly looks more feminine too.  I wonder how a litter could even come due? And what an accent on Grumpy Goo. Where he picked that up, I have no clue. But at least the true story has now come to pass, all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. No competition today
      got a big streak at my bay

  2. For all the glory
    On the seven seas
    A pirate?
    The Cat?
    Can't quite see!


    1. Need that gold
      to join the fold
      Just dig
      A hole that's big
      In some place hot not cold

  3. Good Morning Captain Pat Hatt
    and his little rhyming cat
    if you could see me right now
    filled with laughter & smiles
    think I may be speechless
    have to gather my thoughts
    aboard the ship of Captain Pat Hatt
    who would've knew I would become
    part of a video plot with the
    true story in all it's glory
    and a bit gory..poor Blue
    I didn't have a clue
    until I saw and heard the
    clang, clang of swords what
    a duel..Blue walking the plank
    Oh, Captain what a prank

    You always amaze me and look I'm
    talking so
    gee..really this was too funny
    made my day at your bay..Now,
    what can I say..Grumpy Blue
    will be coming after you..heehee

    PS..the cat has transformed..oh and
    loved the superpower thing..and what
    is with Blue's accent..heehee

    Now hoist the sails and away we go
    to claim our gold on the shores
    of bora bora beach...

    (hugs) loved the display...

    1. Well you weren't speechless for long
      As you blabbered on strong haha
      Glad it was grand
      Fun to do in my land
      And cause you to lose your train of thought
      as you laughed a lot
      I consider that a win
      Here at my bin
      As your seductive talk gives way
      To a bora bora display
      Pat has powers too
      Who knew?
      But that was a bad fake representation of the rhyming cat
      A monkey could rhyme better than that
      But I'll take the cat nip you offered it
      Blue really thought spain was a hit
      He brought his own accent back
      And pffft the cat can handle his flack
      For he is now eaten by a shark
      Sure it left a mark
      Lets hope we find the gold
      Then never have to deal again with the cold

    2. Well I'm not smiling, I can tell you that
      Stabbed in the back by 'Captain' Pat
      If I weren't a pirate, I would be crying
      Accused of Bora tales and lying
      He even made you feel sorry for a shark
      He may be a Catman but I'll make him bark
      I will hunt him down from afar
      His stinky feet make me say HAR!!!

    3. I'm still smiling ear to ear
      As the shark chowed down on your rear
      The accusation can be seen
      At her scene where your guilt does preen
      So don't try and deny
      your great big lie
      But if you prove to make me bark
      I'll make like a mutt and be sure to leave my mark

    4. I had to come back now no work
      can I do thinking about this wild
      trip at your zoo. I loved the voices
      A French accent ooh la la

      "Truedessa come over here" but what did I do
      still laughing this story has certainly taken
      on a life of it's own..making me want to
      moan out another poem..seems your cat
      is rather fond of

      I will get nothing done this day see what you
      have done..I've come un-done..

      Thanks Pat for making this blue lady smile..

    5. hahaha the day is a write off at your shore
      As you know we need to go to bora bora and explore
      the voices were ass preset ones i used
      Picked ones that left me rather amused
      The cat is fond of many at his shore
      But when you wrote your poem he had to add to its lore
      Especially with old Grumpy Goo in toe
      Could not let him get ahead at any show
      And to any that can blabber on in rhyme like you
      Do bring such fun to my rhyming zoo
      As it provides me with much ammo to use
      Should one day i want to confuse and abuse haha
      Hope you don't get fired at your work place
      For the cat's story embrace
      and yes i noticed i spelled your name wrong too
      But it is a fake one anyway, so what can you do
      Enjoy your smile all day long
      and let the blue go and not bounce back like ping pong

    6. Pat it is a grand display
      always enjoy the banter of
      you too at your zoo..
      so clever of you to do
      no worries about the name
      it's just a pen name
      one dear to me and my

      and yes let's get to bora bora
      so we can explore even if it's
      just a dream and I silently scream

      Now I feel like writing...still
      curious about what else you
      have up your sleeve...

      Might email you promise not to be
      a stalker just a talker..

      Thanks for being such a great guy!!!!
      Now I think I may cry so will say good bye..

      Still smiling

    7. Oh there is plenty more
      In store at my shore
      I did this in an hour last night
      Just winged it at my site
      The other 5 I planned out
      For the week i move out and about
      Can a scream be silent though?
      would be a tricky thing to do at my show
      And the email is there
      For one and all at my lair
      And no worries at all
      Sure you're not a spammer or stalker or hater at my hall
      Although I do admit the haters are fun
      Just makes me grin under my sun
      But the email retort probably won't rhyme
      the cat pays Pat a nifty dime
      To answer all of those
      And he sucks at prose lol
      Keep on smiling away
      There at your bay
      No tears are had
      unless overly glad

    8. Thought I would drop by to say good night
      that was some display with a sword fight
      really my voice is too much.. lol a porn
      star voice well that's just not right... Lol
      Oh dear what will be my plight
      I long to see the bora shore... I wish I may
      I wish I might dream of it this night
      by the sword of my word ..I will find my
      phantom lover..he whispers in my ears
      holds me captive in opaque arms full of
      mystery and charm.. I am drifting into
      a dream so I bid you peaceful sleep
      In the hours of the deep as the ocean
      sings us a lullabye..while I softly cry...

      Thanks again for the spin on the pirates tale
      made me smile for a while as I sailed on the
      ship of Captain Pat Hatt... feel bad for blue
      cut in two and has the flu.. the Spanish flu

      You truly are amazing and so talented..I am
      proud to call you my friend... hope the new
      place brings a smile to your place..I am blabbing tomorrow..

      Now what can I get you as a house warming gift

    9. LOL well you are turning people on
      As your porn star voice shouts out at my lawn
      Something fun about not right
      Hope you slept good last night
      And no scary phantoms came due
      Or the ghostbusters would need to be called by you
      If your fridge starts speaking as well
      Your city may be going to hell
      Oh went off there
      And glad I can amaze at my lair
      Fun to do
      For you and others at my zoo
      Bah blue will get over it
      Typo there at the end
      But I won't point it out, friend
      Oops maybe the cat did indeed
      and what did I find at my feed
      No blabber email from you
      Just some spam and a big blabber one from manzi came due hahaha
      Afraid of revealing your real name?
      Think the cat will bring it fame? haha

    10. Saying good night
      To him who spit my butt in two
      That can't be right
      What am I supposed to do
      Swimming inside a shark too
      Say this story wasn't true :(

    11. haha jealous at my sea?
      Oh poor poor eaten grumpy

    12. haha, I saw the typo but, you know I do that
      sometimes, as I write out a long chime..
      Blue don't be sad..I still think of you
      even when you went to Spain on a jet plane..

    13. Blue is just an attention seeker is all
      and yeah do typos too at my hall

  4. Trudessa's dream led to pirate funny.
    Captain Patt Hatt the Hero.
    Trudessa a sexy honey.
    Oh, and Grumpy Goo 'ewww'.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha he could eaten up
      Like poo to a pup
      Shark bait
      What a sad fate

    2. Oh the love
      Will send a dove

    3. You said it not me
      Don't pass under a tree

  5. Oh I love how he says, "Damn You". So sexy!!!!

    1. haha with that accent on board
      He may bring forth a horde

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love grumpy's accent! The best part was the cat tho...meow meow

      oh well wrong account-....le sigh

    2. So you gave up your alter ego to me
      And yeah that cat can't rhyme like little old me

  7. impressive rhyme kitty, want some cat nip...haha
    nice...i hope the shark doesnt choke, ha
    truedessa has the best lines in the show,
    speaking of shows, he-man/thor mix in your fix,
    what a trip to ride your ship

    1. Yeah mixed them both in
      To go for the win
      She had some good lines
      Never knew though she was into felines

  8. The pirate Pat Hatt
    and his mighty rhyming cat
    With that mighty power clue
    He took over the Grumpy Goo
    The story was sure new...much off the trend
    But I wish you best, go ahead enjoy the sun at the Bora Bora land!

    1. haha yeah off the trend
      And around the bend

    2. That story was new?
      He stole it from Captain Blue.

    3. Pfft it was just about you
      Here at my zoo

  9. Whoa what a story
    and a little gory. ha.
    about to leave on my trip
    but have to stop here and be hip
    keeping my streak alive
    from days one to five.

    1. haha not afraid of a little gore
      Here at my shore
      Enjoy your trip
      When dancing don't throw out a hip lol

  10. How nice - Bora Bora
    just go for it, go...
    in cartoons, stories at least
    you fulfill your dreams

    1. yeah that is true
      A cartoon or story helps it come due

  11. Although a bit gory
    What a story
    In all it's glory
    Watch, don't be sorry

    This you can take to the bank
    Sexy accent walks the plank
    Sharks await to eat his flank
    He's better off in the tank

    1. haha yeah the shark ate the wanker
      Like he was an evil banker
      Poor grumpy goo
      Stuck back together with kitty litter too

    2. You call that sexy?
      You should hear my real voice whispering HARRRRRR!!! ;)

    3. Hmmm that may be scary
      May sound kinda hairy

  12. Get drunk all summer? What a bummer.

  13. I hope the shark uses floss

    gotta make them teeth gloss

    1. haha having grumpy goo stuck in them
      May cause flem

    2. When he tried to bite Captain Blue
      He broke his teeth - no floss for you!

    3. haha that I would not doubt at all
      You are kinda rotten at your hall

  14. HAR!!! What is this! Mutiny, it's true!
    What say you... You'll split me in two?
    HARRRRR!!!!!! Like a superhero you talk too much
    The Blue One you will neeeeeever touch
    No shark can choke on me
    They kiss my blue butt for all to see
    For a friend of Red, I'm Captain Blue,
    You'd better get your story straight
    Or hell breaks loose and the heavens will fall upon you!
    And what's with the ridiculous French tongue?
    Don't you know how I sing my pirate song?
    I never lie, I merely bend the truth a bit
    So you won't cry when on your head the taxmen spit
    But now I know you wish me dead and gone
    But like a zombie pirate I just yawn
    For I'll be back with my crew of deadly thugs
    And I'll have you chewed at by a swarm of filthy bugs
    Then we'll tie you butt-naked to a very real Bora tree
    Where a hundred beautiful women will tickle thee
    Until you admit your mutiny was a fact and as true as gold
    And that it was you by whom this lie was told
    'HAR!!!' is all I have to say
    Better watch your back, 'Captain' Pat, and count each day!

    1. So you have shark kisses on your behind?
      my to sharks you are kind
      I hope Angie doesn't get jealous of that
      Then you won;t have to be stopped by the cat
      She'll poison you with beaver gland chocolate at your mat
      Or just whack you with a bat
      Maybe you tongue had trouble that day
      And french was on display
      the taxmen you say
      I'll toss them behind you into the bay
      You can't mess with the power of Odin I control
      but i will let you take me for a stroll
      Naked to a Bora tree
      Would sure not bother me
      As the women came
      I'd enjoy each dame
      So your threats are empty as can be
      While you swim in a sharks belly in the sea
      But you come back with red shoes
      And your zombie ship, you'll still lose
      For the fake representation of the rhyming cat
      Will sit back and watched you get sliced up by captain Pat Hatt

    2. Did someone say naked on bora bora
      where is Red Shoe he stole the rum and I
      think I shall like to drink some while you
      two duel it out..I will be searching the shores
      for that buried treasure and will soak in
      all the pleasure as the cat will dig in the sand
      for thee...

      The ebb and flow of the sea sings a song
      my heart aches to hear a lyric or two
      over the horizon an eerie moan, ..a phantom

    3. well I'm sure they have nude beaches there
      So naked is possible at their lair
      Although the bark on the tree
      Would probably scratch the arse of me
      The pleasure will come due
      As the treasure comes in view
      Sure that ebb and flow
      Will come soon enough to your show

    4. Oh my I'm feeling so much better now!
      Was feeling kinda a grumpy leaving Spain behind but this sure cracked me up haha

    5. See even when the cat kills you off
      You can't scoff

    6. That's because I'm one of the good guys
      And you eat flies. ;)

    7. haha well the cat does eat flies
      Even shark meat you are wise

  15. This was great! I have to give kudos to the cat today even though it pains me to do so. A verbal war between you and Blue is fun to watch!!

    1. Kudos to the cat
      My you must be on happy pills at your mat
      Fun to do though
      Can't always pick on one eye at my zoo

    2. The sunshine and the beach always makes me smile at my mat cat! Even you and your fleas can't bring me down. It's nice to catch a break from the cat every now and again.

    3. Every now and then
      Have to pick on others at my den
      But wait until a week or two
      It will be back to you

    4. haha it will be fun
      Under my sun

  16. This was hilarious. The monotone voices were awesome and my favorite part was the "three cheers" dance. This was the chuckle to start the weekend right!

    1. haha yeah the voices really made it fun
      Glad a good start was had under your sun

  17. Captain Pat..
    you were great :)

  18. Watch that sword...don't want to cut something important!

    1. Yeah a snip snip pat
      Would not go over well at our mat

  19. LOL! THAT was hilarious. I'm going to check out Trudessa's blog :)

    1. haha had fun doing it too
      Here at my zoo

    2. Just hers? Pat! Say something for crying out loud! Tell her about my Red Shoe Pirate Crew! Then she'll know what to do.

    3. hahaha yes visit grumpy goo
      Before he cries a river at my zoo

    4. Too late for that
      I'm all upset
      Split in two
      At your zoo
      Eathen by a shark too

    5. haha bay there is extra kitty litter here
      So you can be clumped back together from head to rear

  20. That's wonderful! Swashbuckler Pat.

    1. Yeah who knew
      Pat did such things at his zoo

  21. Ha, one thing I have come to expect from you is DEFINITELY the truth!
    It definitely can always be found at your booth!!

    1. Yep the cat bares all
      TMI is never found at my hall

    2. That's definitely not true
      I, Captain Blue, assure you.

    3. When dogs agree with me
      You know all have forsaken thee

    4. I wanted to say I'm a cat person but then I thought, 'Wait a minute..'

    5. haha you know you like the cat
      Here at his mat

  22. Did you do John's interview videos? He comes across great in them, you can tell he's comfortable, they're nice!

    LOL at your video here, and the cat's eyes. It's a cute production.

    1. I did he cartoon ones at his sea
      I think that was before he was followed by thee

  23. A little typecasting with Grumpy Goo? And your cat might need therapy now.

    1. Yeah i typecasted a bit
      The cat will be satisfied with giving me umm spit

    2. Just a little bit
      Smidgen at my pit

  24. Trudessa is cracking me up. She does sound like a porn star!

    1. haha yep she does indeed
      That voice could make many want to do the deed

  25. We never know
    What we'll see at your show.
    You have too much fun!
    But my poem? It's done.

    1. haha fun is had
      At my pad
      Whether a passing fad
      Or a rant like mad

  26. Well Truedessa must be beating men off with a stick with that voice, lucky fake rhyming cat

    1. haha yeah she has it down
      Surely won't make men frown

  27. grate videe oh orlin, cassie, truedessa, pat & grumpy....

    N orlin...dood...can we get sum oh what ever ewe had !!! :) knead on !!!

    hay, heerez ta a grate week oh end two all

    1. haha the cat nip was great
      When I made this my fate

  28. You are so talented.

    That is all.

    Oh, and have a great weekend.


    1. haha that is all that I need
      Here at my feed

  29. Grumpy Goo with a sexy accent too
    Who ever knew
    And Captain Pat talks a little slow
    Kind of like he has to go.

    1. Yeah the robot voice was rather bad
      But it was that or something it another language at my pad

  30. Been away for a day but now I'm back with an end goal to make my friend Hank pay! I loved the video so much and it must have took an amazing amount of effort, I don't view you as a fake representation of a rhyming cat though haha, this stuff is amazing though, love things like that, such a great effort although I don't understand the concept, made me laugh so much all the same. I love the accent too haha.

    1. haha Hank has been on a roll
      May take much effort to reach such a goal
      The white fluffy thing was the fake one
      They had no good cats I could use under my sun

  31. Pat... you do such a great job on these little videos... I have seen the ones you did for John and also.. Holy Ghost Writer. Dang you're good!

    1. Like being good
      Here in my hood
      They are fun to do
      and make me a little dough too

  32. Well, while Grumpy Goo isn't my type, I am a sucker for an accent. I may end up on your list of folks lusting after a cartoon character ;)

    1. haha yeah don't think he is anyones type
      With his blue grumpy hype
      haha the list is getting long
      As the cat can do no wrong

  33. I shall keep this short
    A video you report
    Grumpy Goo
    I see you
    Yes sir
    I wont Bora Bora you
    This maybe true

    1. Well no Bora Bora is fine
      But that big litterbox is wanted by the feline

  34. Is it wrong that I played the video clip twice just to listen to Trudessa speak? If so, don't tell please.

    1. Not wrong at all
      I listened to it a few times at my hall

  35. After a fight like that, I think alcohol is order for everyone.

    1. But then one may get hungover at sea
      Not pretty

  36. I know you are really busy with Truedessa abd Grumpy;)
    Your new header is funny!! but this cat......

    1. What is wrong with this cat?
      He'll do anything at his mat

    2. Yeah... tell 'm Gloria! This cat....

    3. Pfft she is buried in the dirt at my sea
      So she won't help you grumpy

    4. OH Im with Tarsier man and we are really happy LOL

    5. haha glad you two are great
      I knew you could relate

  37. Poor shark probably got indigestion

    1. haha that is a safe bet
      With his grumpy goo set

  38. Hahahaha. That video is awesome. Wow meow, the rhyming cat needs some catnip so he can chill out and stop kneading.

    I like your new(ish) blog header, BTW.


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