The View Isn't Always True!

Ever think at your rink about a different way of ones display, sometimes an ass is an ass as away they pass, but sometimes not. There could be a whole other plot.

Away they fly,
You curse the guy,
Or the girl,
Driving like they are trying to curl.

But you never know,
Maybe a baby is about to show.
Would no want it to drop,
In the car with a plop.

Could have to get home,
For a fire is starting to roam.
Or could just have to go,
Been there at our show.

Except the cat sorta went,
Making Pat vent.
And crack a window or three,
Even got some on poor Cassie.

Someone is running away,
Could be getting exercise at their bay.
Or could be late,
For a very important date.

That is just habit,
I hate quoting that rabbit.
Catch on there,
As you sit and stare?

If not that is okay,
You are not in the know at your bay.
Or maybe just tired.
See what happens when a new view is hired?

Like a stinky drunk,
Who gives your nose a funk.
Maybe the drunk was out to lunch,
And met up with a bunch.

Or maybe just a cheap drunk,
Or was celebrating a slamdunk.
Just never truly know,
Unless of course some show and tell is giving a go.

But then as said,
Sometimes things need not be read,
And an ass is an ass,
As away they pass.

Went there as I was thinking the other day at my lair as an ass passed me squirming by like a flea. But never fear for the words he couldn't hear so I simply let the finger go up and linger. Hey, I said things could come to pass doesn't mean the new view still can't piss off my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Chased by the wind and they zoomed pass
    Got us wondering why the need to be fast
    We might just meet them
    At the very next turn
    Curled and smashed for they just don't last


    1. Nope, one day
      They will pay
      For their speed
      And not taking heed
      No longer able to play

  2. The drivers who carelesly weave in an out only for the sake of being first in line...ugh.

    I once cut a really, really old guy off in a parking lot(totally by accident). He zoomed up beside me, put down his window and gave me a deliberate bird. I still laugh if I think about it. ;)

    1. hahahaha how mean of you
      Cutting an old guy off at your zoo
      He really wanted to give you the finger
      I bet he even let it linger

  3. They weave in they weave out
    No one ever gives a shout
    There's a light up ahead
    Soon it's sure to turn red
    As I approach and have to wait
    The weavers at the other gate
    Neck in neck what did he gain
    All his weaving was in vain

    1. Gained a whole 15 feet
      Weaved must think it is neat
      To be the first in a row
      So off he can go

  4. If someone wants to get by that much, I let him go
    Not going to argue with someone who wants to head the flow
    If someone drives a car like a weapon
    I won't be the one to step on
    but wil hope the cop around the next corner
    will get his priorities in order
    and I will just speed limit drive past
    the one who drove too fast!

    1. Yeah so fun when the cop catches those ones
      That try their speed runs
      I know where most sit
      So at those spots I definitely avoid it

  5. This is exactly why I never assume I know someone's situation
    Heck for all I know they're on a mental vacation
    What's that old saying about assuming at the sea?
    Makes an Ass out of U and Me

    1. haha no need to be an ass
      Eating grass
      And giving rides
      So have to remember there are two sides

  6. ah there are plenty of asses out there
    and sometimes the number 1 slips up at my lair
    why they rush to get everywhere you may never know
    but better to keep you self safe and let them go....

    1. Yeah let them go on by
      Unless you wish to sue under your sky
      then lots of woes may come due
      So better the avoid their view

  7. Yeahhhhh... I tend to flip the finger, in traffic situations too. Gray hair and all. lol...

    1. LOL that must be fun to see
      The finger flipped from thee

  8. When I'm on the road
    and roar by me they pass.
    I don't think they're a toad
    or even an ass.
    To be a reckless guy
    is much more fun
    so they can all fly by.
    Why not? They have a gun.

    1. haha a dig at coppers today
      Or just the many rednecks down your way

  9. Road rage use to drive me crazy
    Now I sit back and watch the nuts
    The line can get rather hazy
    And no way do I want more than a small cut

    1. yeah no way at all
      At any hall
      That would not be good
      Watch the crazies you should

  10. Replies
    1. Then you could get hit by a car
      Plus takes longer to go far

  11. Don't get me started on driving
    nuts as I see them everyday on the freeway-

    Enjoy your weekend Pat ~

    1. haha bet you have a ton
      Up under your Ontario sun

  12. I love it when they just about kill you and themselves getting around you and then you both end up at a stop light, nose to tail. haha.

    1. haha yeah makes you go what is the point
      After they got your nose out of joint

    2. Do you miss me yet?
      Yes, you do, I'll bet.

    3. Miss that you are away
      I never noticed at my bay lol

    4. lol...
      have a winning streak to protect
      so you I will not neglect. ha.

    5. haha longest one on record at my sea
      Beating Brian and Mary

    6. You might not have missed any at my show..
      I just don't have any records to know!

    7. I haven't missed one since I came over there
      Just like Brian's lair
      Going on 2 and a half years now
      With my daily meow
      Got most others too
      But with them when I was in ny may have missed one or two

  13. ha - you never really know why they drive or run like mad - as long as they still stick to the rules i'm fine with it...almost got knocked over on my bike today by a $§&$§&$"$/ car driver....ha

    1. hahaha I wonder what is behind the dollar signs there
      could it be you actually swear haha

  14. Got a new car
    and it gets
    me quite far
    and fast it
    does too as
    I race from
    my zoo.

    A demon of speed
    am I and time
    it does fly by
    when racing
    the road real
    fast and slowbies
    I like to pass.

    They clog up
    the road
    and stink like
    a toad
    always in my
    way fecking up
    my day.

    Just kidding Cat, in traffic I drive very tame. The only time I dive fast is if I can find a straight road out in the country. Then I floor it. Got my new Thunderbird up to 105 mph and she got there quick. Jaysus, she's a fast beast. I really do like her.

    1. haha glad you enjoy
      And were just being coy
      As lanes like that
      Could squash you flat
      The country roads I speed a bit
      But when i get on the open highway with no one in my way the pedal and the floor tend to hit

  15. This post is hilarious Pat, though a little hard to follow at time haha, is the bit about drop and plop about a woman about to give birth? I'm so confused haha, great stuff all the time though my man.

    1. Wow you really are confused
      Although the drop and plop was used lol

  16. Normally I walk , almost all the times, I dont like cars so much!
    so you dont like fish, tell me what you love to ate when you was a child??

    1. not even birthday cake since he was five!
      what a good memory I have, sakes alive!

    2. chicken nuggets, corn, carrots, bacon and apple juice.
      The corn is canned.
      The carrots are crunchy.
      The bacon is turkey.
      The nuggets are microwaved.
      The juice is in a jug.
      None of that rhymed
      so don't even try.

    3. hahaha didn't even try
      Oh me oh my
      and you forgot one
      Pringles were also eaten under my sun
      Now none of the above except carrots at my sea
      Fun times going all healthy

    4. how did I forget pringles? hahaha

    5. Yeah they are even in the video right at the top of the page
      you see every day at my cage haha

  17. Or I just like to drive really, really fast. (I think sports cars actually cry if forced to go under the speed limit.) I try not to be a jerk though.

    1. haha well at least you admit to it
      And yeah sports cars the pedal you have to hit

  18. People have their reasons to rush
    Some meeting or maybe some important talk...shush
    Some make it real bad as they takeover
    And it feels like crushing them with some huge rover
    But life never gets stuck
    Though it can't go much without luck
    As for the finger
    In our land...we can't linger

    1. Can't linger the finger at your land
      You have to go out and make a stand lol

    2. haha I might you bet
      They'd take me as some potential threat
      Pat won't be there to help out with that
      Neither would be the cat :D:P

    3. haha too far away
      Could blame it on us anyway

  19. Hiya Pat, Hate the ass that goes fast, heading nowhere, maybe home to cut some grass. Many an ass should be fast behind bars watching time pass.


    1. Yeah that would be fun
      Same for the very very slow pokey under every sun

  20. Right. You just don't know what the rush is all about. Maybe they're trying to get away from the mimes. You never know!

    1. Yeah those mimes are pretty scary
      Things could surely get hairy

  21. I always wonder what freak-driving people do with that extra 15 minutes. I doubt that it is worth it all.

    1. Yeah 99% of the time
      I doubt it too and look who's back to chime

  22. People are always in such an all fired hurry. Makes for some scary driving on the roads at times.

    1. Yeah even worse with the snow
      Which you have none of at your show

  23. The need for speed
    at everyone's feed
    on the open highway
    and byways we go
    don't get in the way
    or the horn will blow
    & the faster some will go
    weaving in & out
    lane to lane
    seems so insane
    but, sometimes I am
    guilty of this game
    as I try to get from
    here to there with
    little time to spare
    but, I do try to drive
    with care...

    but, really a lot
    of highway driving
    for me at my sea
    and everyone drives
    fast & crazy...

    1. a lot you say
      And you are a speed demon at your bay
      See you break the law already
      Lets rob that bank and get ready
      To go to Bora Bora's sea
      Thankfully there aren't tons and tons of people driving in my city
      Some of the bigger places I have seen
      I'd go nuts and hit drivers in the head with a canteen lol

    2. keep up with the crowd
      or I might get plowed
      accidents everyday
      here at my bay
      it's bumper to bumper
      and that's a bummer
      especially in the summer
      when everyone heads north
      and the thruway is jammed
      because someone slammed
      I could use that canteen
      for a drink at these scenes..

      PS - How's the a/c working are you
      and the cats cooling's
      been in the 90's for days here
      ah, to Bora Bora sea where
      we could drink chablis

    3. Sounds like traffic I would not want
      My dreams it would haunt
      Was 93 in this crap hole
      The a/c got it down to a 70 goal
      Much better we are
      Except the cat is afraid of it at our bar

  24. Indeed, a way of life here in the south!

  25. We were in such a traffic jam heading south today... Tomorrow... hopefully things are better.

    1. traffic jams suck
      Makes you wanna go umm duck

  26. we are free wheeling here
    because our car has gone queer.
    we are not sure why
    but it sucks, Pat. --and Hi! :)

    1. haha you going queer
      And not wanting to steer
      Annoys my rear
      When such crap comes near

  27. It happens here
    I fear
    In reverse
    I curse
    Drive on the left
    Or be bereft
    Used to the right
    Now it's a plight
    Other side of the lane
    To my disdain
    Welcome to the UK
    I say, I say...

    1. haha I'd get so confused to that
      Be once roadkill cat

  28. you can crack a window but don't crack the glass

    windows should last

  29. No one on highway
    I speed up...
    and the ticket
    awaits :(

  30. Traffic jams are even worse when you're stuck in a bus with no air conditioning. I hate public transit sometimes. :(

    1. haha yeah that would be bad
      avoid those suckers at my pad

  31. I always think that maybe they have to poop, so I try not to get mad at the fast drives unless they are riding my ass. Then I like to slam on my brakes at an inconvenient time and watch them get pissed. However, I do get really angry at the people who go slower than the speed limit. There is no sense in that!

    1. Yeah those slow pokeys need to get off the road
      So funny to slam the brakes on too and get them into pissed off mode
      I do that to the cops
      As they follow trying to get the the donut shops

  32. Road rage is a deadly proposition now that guns are so common. Not long ago a guy shot up a car full of kids who had their music too loud, just because he didn't like it. Sad, sad state of affairs.

    1. Wow that is a sad state of affairs down there
      Will stay at my Canadian lair


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