Time To Hit The Trail, Just Watch Out For The Third Rail!

So with gas, as always, high the cat thought he would help out under his sky. I mean now people go to and fro as they leave their show. All have to enjoy the sun so away they run. But no need to run, screw that exercise a ton. Hmmm won't go there, but sure some are aware. No need to drive, for the cat has much better things to use at your hive.

Stick your feet in a water case,
Then get ready for a cold embrace.
Put the case with your feet still inside,
In the freezer and away you'll glide.

Feet frozen in ice.
At a cheap price.
You can slide all the way to the store,
Or out and about to explore.

Can take your wheely chair,
And bring it out side of your lair.
Sit in it and push yourself out in front of a car,
You may get dead or go far.

Odds are 50/50 I suppose.
Be sure you bring in your fingers and toes.
No limbs should be harmed,
But if you die you won't be alarmed.

Get a big fan blade,
So big it will never fade,
And tape it to your head,
That is what I said.

Use duct tape too.
Then add a power pack to you.
And plug it in,
Away you'll fly for the win.

Want to go to the park?
You like hearing the dogs bark?
While step in cement at your sea,
Some that is drying preferably.

Cover yourself from head to toe,
And then away you will go.
You are now a statue in the park.
Don't frown, at least you'll have left your mark.

Could even ride a snake,
If they don't make you shake.
They slither along with glee,
Hissing at everyone they see.

No one will mess with your anaconda.
Doesn't that sound better than a Honda?
Oh what thoughts could come to mind,
As you go down that gutter grind.

And there we go, hope I have helped out at my show. Now you can travel the map and hopefully not catch the clap. Or bed bugs too. Those are just ewww. At least either way when you go from bay to bay, you can now save gas. All thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I think I'll stick to walking. Beat Hank too!

  2. Just go do your own thing
    And not without a blink
    Just do so
    For the show
    If not just for a fling


    1. That we do
      At our zoo
      Each day
      Every way
      It is true

  3. Does the cat know how to make a teleporter? Because I really want one.

  4. I'll skip the ice
    and walk upright
    as surely on my bum
    I would fall.

    No snake I will ride
    for they slip
    and they slide
    when one sits astride.

    To the clap
    I say "No"
    "Hell, hell No"

  5. I don't think that I'd be comfortable doing the whole ice thing myself to be honest haha, although now I think about it it would be interesting and even fun! Just a big block that you watch ever so slowly melt, the only problem is your feet would get frostbite!

    1. Put some shoes on first
      And then there would be no frost bite burst

  6. Wonder if those statues in the park are folks who pissed off the Mob? Those dudes are fond of cement ya know.

    1. Hmmm they very well could be
      Smash one and see

  7. Ugh, those motorized wheelchairs crossing the street make me crazy. I always worry about the person riding in them darting out in traffic when they do... eee-oy. I guess it's better than the non-motorized version though. Chances are certainly better, I suppose. :)

    1. Well if someone has good are strength as they go
      Could be the same chances at their show

  8. haha imagining myself looking pretty funny with frozen feet and a blade on my head to beat the air for propulsion....riding the snake...you know there are other interpretations there...oh my how provocative at your lair...smiles.

    1. hahaha yeah I did that one
      On purpose under my sun
      Blade on the hawk
      That would make all gawk

  9. Bed Bugs are one thing I am so afraid of getting. I hear they are really hard to get rid of.... you almost have to burn your house down. We travel so much that I have a huge chance of running into them.

    1. Yeah those suckers are hard to get away
      Burn down the house is the only sure fire way

    2. Where Terry and I live, we don't have to worry about burning the houses down, just wait till winter, turn off the heat and they'll freeze their butts off.

    3. I could do that too
      Here at my zoo

  10. Walking will suffice, except you get nowhere fast when you live rural.

    Oil companies rule the world - just when you think it is safe to plan that trip, don't! Everyone is upset with Snowdon, but marketers follow the trends, have followed our surfing, know when folks think it's safe for that trip.

    Sorry, you write humor and I go all conspiracy theory. :)

    1. No problem at all
      I am always up for a conspiracy theory at my hall
      Never heard that one
      Have to give it a run

  11. I try to stay away from places that have ice
    I just never could get into the Honda Craze
    I prefer to drive and something super duper nice.
    I really could enjoy a Mercedes phase
    But for some reason my husband refuses to pay that price!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha with him I agree
      They are far too pricey

  12. Ya, bed bugs would be the pits
    But a Honda is my choice
    I will stay clear of ice
    as I take my dogs to the park to bark!

    1. And bark they will
      Everything gives them a thrill

  13. Those are mighty handy tips
    For going on some summer trips
    Gasoline price is now so high
    Maybe I'll give the snake a try
    (And maybe not) Hahaha

    1. hahaha taking the anaconda
      Over a honda
      Oh what thoughts could arise
      From such cries

  14. My dogs bark at my bay
    No need for me to go away
    and deal with cold and ice
    I'll stay here where it's nice
    Then I won't risk getting bed bugs
    and I'll only get lots of doggy hugs!

    1. Bark they do
      At your one eyed view
      The cat may even bark
      Should in his view you park
      Doggy slobber too
      Hope they don't mark you lol

    2. We might even welcome the cat at our display
      make him bark, run and even play
      then when he returns to pee
      he would lift with bended knee

    3. Well at least he'd pee
      And water a tree
      Not causing Pat vet bills
      They bring no thrills

  15. That fan club might be a good way to go!

  16. If you want to beat the heat
    the cat says freeze your feet
    then you can slip & slide
    to the summer beat..

    Ride a snake you say
    hmmm I would have to
    know the owner of that
    snake pretty well before
    I thought about that ride
    my cat you are sly

    seems you have an endless
    supply of duct tape at your place
    I better stop blabbering or you
    will tape my mouth to close that

    Have a great day at your bay!

    1. But if it is very hot
      May go to pot
      As it would melt fast
      Making it a thing of the past

      LOL who's in the gutter today?
      Bad influence on you at my bay haha

      Actually lots of packing tape around
      That is much stickier and will sure muffle any sound

    2. I don't know what came over me
      all this talk of snakes that shake
      I blame it on the cat as he likes
      the gutter close the shutters
      but, I like his company
      as he is rather funny

      Hope your day is going well

    3. In the gutter we can linger
      Just watch where you put that finger

  17. Your transportation suggestions are good reasons to stay home. Ha.

    1. Stay on in
      At your bin
      Easy win
      But no transportation pin

  18. I hope frostbite on the feet doesn't cost a cent

    charging for frozen burns would cause someone to repent

    1. Yeah they it would
      Maybe I should strike that from my hood

  19. Today its cold summer
    wind, yikes, what a bummer
    but i will go to the park
    to enjoy some downtown perk

    Happy day Pat

  20. Did this post come nigh
    back when the prices were sky high?
    Over $5 a gallon they were
    and it did cause a stir!
    I'm glad they are a less now
    but can still make you have a cow.

    1. No going up once more here
      Sadly I fear
      Quite a pain in the rump
      But still it was part of my draft lump haha

    2. So the draft mountain range
      has shrunk to a draft lump, small and plain?

    3. Yep only 23 ahead
      Oh the dread

  21. "You may get dead or go far."
    Man I'd be scared of getting hit by a car!
    And my toes in ice?
    Sounds like a role of the dice.
    Think I'll stick with warm alternatives,
    and enjoy comfort's incentives.


    1. May be a good plan
      Could roll down a hill in a trash can

  22. I wonder if duct tape and a power pack would be a good way to get to Georgia. ;0)

    1. It just may be
      Try it on schultz first and see

  23. orlin N cassie

    ta de price oh gas we haza sew lewshun
    tho trubull comes from de air poe lewshun
    just eat sum beanz then fartz in de tank
    de monee be saved can bee putz in de bank

    if everee one did it bee sew long gas station
    they wood bee closin frum nation ta nation
    hay...uz cats bee cuttin farts all oh de time
    trust uz peepulz itz knot considered a crime


    1. A toot
      To save loot
      We can get behind that
      Pun intended by the cat

  24. Or lose some weight and ride a bike
    Or see some flowers and take a hike
    Cars are nice once in a while
    But gas prices are making them out of style

  25. Nice suggestions Pat. Anything that includes duct tape will at least get the male population behind your recommendations.

    Enjoy your day.

    1. haha one half conquered by me
      Other one we'll have to wait and see

  26. Let's hope no one catches the clap or bed bugs I agree, eww

  27. Saving gas could be cheap
    but beg bugs ewww, come on my peep
    Give us solutions with out the creepy show
    Then I might be ready to give it a go.

    1. haha but creepy is grand
      Stirs stuff up in my land

  28. You can have the Anaconda,
    I'll take the Honda;)

  29. I think walking or rolling down a hill is safer

  30. The cost of gas
    Pains my ass
    At eleven bucks a gallon
    I'll ride a stallion
    You see in the UK
    The more you pay
    Twenty pounds it reads below the empty line
    Jogging will do me just fine..

    1. Sucks over there
      Now I'm aware
      I'll stay right here
      With my rhyming rear

  31. Our gramps listened to a song when he was a boy, and the words go like this: "When it gets too hot for comfort and you can't buy an ice cream cone, it ain't no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones." So there is another suggestion for you.

    (It has been re-recorded since the 20's)

    1. hahaha So a prancing naked Pat
      I'll blame you if we see that

    2. Hee, hee, hee! We wanna see!

    3. haha we don't at all
      Scary seeing him come down the hall

  32. Now here is my question- do I cover myself in cement before or after I take flight with the fan? I feel like before will hinder my take off but mid air cement bathing may prove to be difficult. Please help with this urgent debacle!

    1. You would be best to try before
      But if you got a huge fan you could do either or

  33. I better run in the sun,
    spark with Popsicle
    in the park...

  34. The silly Human went to the land of heat
    When she knows our fog just can't be beat
    She should have stayed at home with me
    She woulda remained cool & sweat-free!

    1. Instead she went into the sun
      And maybe got burned on a bun lol

  35. Or I can sit at home and never go anywhere. I am also ok with this.

    1. haha didn't you say
      You should get up and move around at ones bay

  36. I'll take the helicopter on the head deal. Would make me feel like Inspector Gadget with his little hat propeller!

  37. haha could even use your daughter and dog
    And do a remake, yuck, at your blog

  38. we do what we gotta do..
    we walk, we drive, we fly..

    1. and we go by sea
      But we can sit as we do that little spree


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