Too Bad It Is A Must To Trust!

Don't trust anybody has been said. But that makes one stupid in the head. At least to the cat, never mind that he is weary of such things at his mat. Although when you take it literally at your sea, you became rather crazy.

Out for a drive,
Trust gets you out alive.
For you go on your way,
People turn after you go by their display.

They wait for the light,
Keep you in sight.
Don't ram your rearend,
Except if they are around the bend.

Go out to eat,
That yummy treat,
Which will curl the cat's toes,
Bringing such germ woes.

But we won't go there,
For that you are aware.
But you trust no spit,
Comes with what you consider a hit.

Also no need to call,
Poison control at your hall.
Trusting there is nothing to make you sick,
Unless of course you are served by a dick.

Which brings us back around,
To when idiots are found.
You trust them too.
You know it to be true.

You trust them to be a complete and utter fool,
Sawing their hand off with a power tool,
Crashing into your car,
Or poisoning you at the bar.

So you use that to stay away,
From their crazy ass display.
Such trust is best,
Keeps one from becoming a crash dummy test.

Trust the tax man to screw you over,
Trust a butt will get sniffed by rover.
Trust the cat will always rhyme.
Trust a criminal comitted a crime.

Trust the government is full of shit.
Trust other so called officials have even more of it.
So there you are today,
You do trust at your bay.

Now you just realize it a bit more,
As do I at my shore.
I just trust not to trust under my sun,
Keeping ahead of the nuts a ton.

That just popped in as a thought and the cat went all hot to trot. For it is a round and round type of thing and some kind of trust does come from your wing. But mostly have to trust ourselves first and that leads to a better burst. Now off to eat some bass, which trust me, tastes good to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Waffles was stopped once more
      With is one try at my shore

  2. This has made me realise that life basically is a series of situations that you have to decide that you're going to suck up and just put trust into somebody for. Great post buddy, makes me realise a whole lot actually, good stuff.

    1. A realization or two
      Comes to pass some days at my zoo

  3. You don't have to trust them 100%
    You'll be dead happy in the end
    Hustlers abound
    They're around
    They'll be lurking as a good friend


    1. Yeah come up to you
      With a how do you do
      Then away they go
      Ducks all in a row
      Stealing while you have no clue

  4. interesting post who to trust
    we take much for granted in life
    but, watch out for that knife
    even your best friend will stab
    you in the back, taking a slice
    sometimes, we trust too much
    with matters of the heart
    giving of yourself only to find
    the other was stealing a piece
    of you day to day..the ultimate
    betrayal, leaving you to fall apart
    so, I say trust but, trust with
    an open eye..then you won't cry
    but, you might sigh and wonder why

    1. Wow aren't you violent today
      With the knives at play
      My back doesn't need any more grief
      I trust the masseuse will bring it relief haha
      As for the heart though
      Trust an animal at your show
      Humans are out to lunch
      Found that out dating a while friggin bunch
      Avoiding that crap
      At my place on the map

    2. Hi,

      Excuse the rant today
      I guess I was feeling
      blue at my bay..
      it's not directed at you
      I guess I came undun
      under my sun...

      My motto is to trust
      until the trust is broken
      with matters of the heart
      I always forgive

      Anyway, wishing you a fun
      day and I hope that masseuse
      brought some relief..teehee

      Avoiding dating at your map
      you might be a lonely chap
      let's think about that as
      we swim a lap...(lol)

      You see I'm already feeling better...

    3. Well you are better than me
      Once trust is gone they can go jump in the sea
      For that is that
      For Pat and the cat
      And with all the voices in my head
      And the cat jumping across the bed
      Lonely never comes due
      See rhyming can cheer things up at your zoo

    4. I know what you mean once trust
      is broken how do you trust again
      I mean one can forgive, but does
      one truly forget??? just pondering

      My grandmother used to say fool me once
      shame on you..fool me twice shame on me

      I am glad you have company in
      your head & cats jumping on your bed???
      well, at least you're not in the hay
      all itchy at your

      Rhyming does cheer me up
      thanks for all you do...

      You're a fun cat..and I rather like that..

    5. Yeah I can forgive and let go
      Of most anything at my show
      But will never forget one bit
      Once the trust is gone that is it
      They can take a hike
      Or go ride a bike
      In traffic if they like
      What? I didn't say put their head on a

      Yep been fooled a time or two
      But always on the first go and never on the second at my zoo
      Wise words indeed
      For every feed

      I can be itchy without hay
      If some fleas come out to play
      Or the excema crap decides to bother me
      No need for hay at my sea lol

  5. choosing not to trust seems like it would lead to a rather manic life, feeling life everyone was out to get you...i def dont trust the gov't but with no one to trust is it not all just rust?

    1. Be kind of like that Hackman movie I suppose
      Hiding in a dark room with your windows pulled to a close

  6. Trust in the people you know
    Won't betray you at your show
    If someone lets you down
    Let them go with a frown
    Trust that all is well, too
    Thinking positive at your zoo :)

    1. Yep ditch the non trustworthy ones
      As they can really give one the runs

  7. Yeah, there's not much, to trust, these days.....

    1. No not in those upon high
      Who just continue to lie

  8. A lot of life is built on trust
    we truly have to trust as we must
    can't survive ourselves alone
    have to have someone else to phone.

    Life is not an island we share our space
    with the rest of animals and human race
    we can't distrust all those in our midst
    or we'd walk around with clenched fist.

    1. Well we can survive alone
      Know a few who ditched the ring tone
      Living off the land
      They think it is grand

  9. Interesting thoughts, as we do have to trust some

    1. Yep, have to trust the nitwit
      Won't run you over lickity split

  10. I trust you will say 'hot to trot' at least once every few months! lol...

    1. haha was not hot to trot today
      When the stupid internet did not work when we returned to our crap hole of a bay

    2. Our internet was down, too!
      And blogger says my home page is unavailable..
      and yours, too!
      Had to hit the post name on your sidebar
      to get this far! ha.

    3. haha maybe blogland is the cause of it all
      It even puts me in spam at my very own hall

  11. As a child you have to trust
    Or life is nothing but a bust
    But something happens along the way
    You don't believe what others say
    Trust maybe someone, maybe none
    Trust yourself, the only one.

    Cat was right the other day
    SPAM reigned supreme at your stay
    You must have said the forbidden word
    Things can often get most absurd.

    1. Yep at least one
      trust should be given a run
      Spam I knew I was at
      For even at my own place it spams the cat

  12. You need to trust a little but not a lot

  13. Trust the cat will always rhyme
    for he's hiding rhyming chime,
    for the rest - just trust your heart,
    it's your trustworthy guard.

  14. I've never had patience, but trust - way to much!
    Gets me in trouble all the time, and will most likely will for a very long time. Although now I'm in analysis mode and may finally be able to change that old toad!

    1. Change the old toad
      Is a good mode
      Too much and advantage some will take
      As they turn out to be fake

  15. Trust is a tricky thing and you've embodied that well in your rhyme. :)

    1. Have to see through the trick
      As some can be rather slick

  16. Ahhhhh so true!!!! In my old age I've learned to manage my expectations. That way I'm rarely disappointed.

    1. A good way to be
      Keeps you positive in the negative at your sea

  17. waiting for the light

    the long red light is something to smite

  18. I don't trust you,
    you're full of poo
    but Pat is fine
    Cause he can rhyme
    Now I'm off to my own bay
    I've got a very busy day!

    1. Pfft busy you say
      Gawking at your one eye in a mirror display
      It is not going to go away
      Give it up and live with your scary self at your bay

  19. Discernment is the word
    you do it when
    you stalk a bird.

    Its moves you gauge
    the time it takes
    may seem to you
    like an age.

    Then calculate what
    comes next
    you pounce
    tearing feathers, bones and flesh.

    And trust the bird
    will fly no more
    from its landing
    at your shore.

    1. Well the bird is toast
      Up for a roast?
      I'll even bring some mice
      Does it entice?

  20. Trust the good, trust the bad, and just have faith you get out of it alive.
    Trust no one - knew there was a reason I liked that X-Files slogan.

    1. haha not a bad way to be
      Hopefully faith will keep me from becoming a zombie
      The truth is out there
      I liked better at my lair

  21. hey it does look like we are trusting people overall

  22. orlin N cassie....

    we trust R litter box will bee kleen
    we trust R cat foodz iz knot spleen
    while all oh thiz could bee a bust
    one thingz for sure, pizza'z ona crust :)

    ~~~~~~ wee bee layin low & hidin…..til after de 4th…heerez hopin everee one haza grate week oh end; grill much trout !!

    1. haha have fun hiding away
      And yeah, would not want spleen either at our bay

  23. Replies
    1. At least you know
      And will never ever at your show

  24. I think never allowing ourself to trust is not healthy
    Definitely would not make us emotionally wealthy
    Sure there are untrustworthy people out there
    But they're in the minority in our lair

    1. That is true
      But those few
      Can sure screw over the rest
      By being a pest

  25. It's scary to think of the amount of stuff we have to trust complete strangers with each day. With the amount of morons out there, I'm surprised many of us are still here.

    1. yeah scary in every way
      The moron collective can get us any day

  26. You know I got scammed on craigslist so I am kind of iffy on trusting right now.

    1. Have a right to be in a tiffy
      And going all iffy

  27. Always expect the best, I say.
    Although we may not get it.
    Disappointment can't chase my trust away,
    Because I simply will not let it!

    1. Can't chase it away
      that is the way to be at your bay

  28. Trust, ha? It's so hard to earn/and difficult to learn/just when you've got it/down it goes and you get hit/probably by the same dick/who made you sick. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha that is true
      Those dicks need a good kick to the gazoo

  29. Trust those you know
    But don't give it to those
    who will screw you over & over again ~

    1. Yep, that is the way to be
      Break such a cycle at your sea

  30. I trust you are right about those!!!

    1. A good thing to trust
      We won't pelt you with litter dust

  31. To trust or bust
    The government's lust
    They take your money
    And go somewhere sunny

    1. That they do
      Giving all others a big screw you

  32. Do you remember the band Crash Test Dummies. One of your lines brought them back to mind. Cheesy song, but reminds me of the past, some good times. :D

    1. yeah I remember them at my sea
      They were a bit cheesy
      Glad it was a good memory
      Thanks to little old me

  33. Trust is a must. Trust or bust. I know there are fools everywhere today, but good vibes keep them at bay. Yay.

    I am trusting all the firework crazies to keep me up until 2am tomorrow and I shall be there for my cat, who is quite fat, but very scared of evil noise coming from insecure boys.

    1. haha yeah they are insecure indeed
      Blowing things off at their feed
      The cats here just look away
      Wondering what the hell the humans are doing today

  34. A few lines in your poem made me think of how we, as citizens, need to think carefully about how we cast our votes, even if we're not specifically voting for government officers.

    1. Yeah should put some thought
      Or get screwed over a lot

  35. I trust my Human
    Like Harry Truman
    Because the truth's bare:
    The buck stops right there
    So she wants to be good
    Right here in our hood
    So she doesn't get in trouble
    And have to beat it on the double

    1. You rule the roost
      If she steps out of line give her a boost

  36. To trust the government at all is a massive joke. At least, governments in recent times.

    1. yep, it has been years
      Since they deserved an ycheers

  37. Trust is a must
    without it we are bust!

  38. Whom to trust that you should know
    Some people take time...others simply don't grow
    It always feels better
    To have something that matters
    Coz life doesn't seem really just
    Without an apt tinge of trust

    1. Yeah you need a bit
      Just have to avoid putting it in a nitwit

  39. Uh, I work for the government. Shhhh....



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