What's In A Number? Ponder That While You Slumber!

So dVerse has numerology on the Brian. Hmm that must leave your brain fryin. But no matter how you go about the number you can surely slice it more ways than a cucumber. It all depends on how you look at what you want at your nook.

Numerology is the name.
Numbers is the game.
Could your 1 to 6 bring fame?
Maybe you can match it to a porn voiced dame?

Had to drop that in.
I will never let that one go at my bin.
Would that make that number 50,
Of things I repeat that I find nifty?

But if you are a six in the first part,
You may rip out someone's heart.
If you are three in the third part,
You made get filled with gas and fart.

Oh but you are a five now.
That means you are determined, wow!
Wait! You are really a nine.
That means everything will turn out just fine.

These things are really oh so clever.
Being all vague with their endeavor.
So it can apply to one and all.
As you read the numerology writing on the wall.

It can't hurt to think though.
Well for some the hurt may grow.
Don't strain your brain,
You may go insane.

Mine said I would not be married until after 29.
I was also a creative feline.
I was determined too,
And always see things through.

Oh and that I would succeed,
And not have to make anyone bleed.
It even said there would come a time,
Where I'd be more screwed up than a mime.

And of course I mean that in a physical way.
Oh, bad choice of words today.
Porn, screwed and physical in one rhyme,
I think all I need to add now is a little lime.

See this number thing can be fun.
Let the vagueness flow under your sun.
Maybe you will crack a smile,
Or be able to avoid something vile.

Yeah, can you tell the cat puts about as much stock in numbers as he does magic cucumbers? For with numbers all you have to do is gawk and you can make them go your way with how you talk. And as far as numerology goes being vague lets you count the crows. For anyone can relate it to their life. It doesn't impress the cat that it says Pat will get a wife. I don't want any B&C to come to pass. But I suppose it would lead to plenty more rhymes from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. This made me smile, for I feel the same way. A wise cat indeed

    1. Glad i can get a smile
      As I go the rhyming mile

  2. It is not insane
    Not a zero-sum game
    Being here
    Must adhere
    It is numbers in name


    1. Some bring fame
      Some make a claim
      But in the end
      The # trend
      Is kinda lame

  3. number games..
    they just add complexity nothin else..

  4. Thought not number one, but five/I'll invite the cat to a jive/moving wildly across the floor/we'll go from number five to four! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  5. You might actually learn something from magic cucumbers.

    1. They could be turned into a flute
      Or just make one toot

  6. at nine everything turns out fine, no wonder that is a good age to wander,i can add that means fingers, but division takes more than digits, maybe widgets or a calculator, sometimes with numbers the elevator doesnt seem to go all the way up, like add up to what...nice take, jake...smiles

    1. haha yeah those elevators numbers can confuse
      as 13 they abuse
      And a few others as well
      As using them makes people think they are going to hell

  7. Wise cat...
    I'll leave it at that!

  8. Some people like to sound their drum
    Others pass and say "ho-hum"
    Believe in numbers, that's the game
    Be impressed it's all the same
    If I had to choose a mystery
    To me the numbers would be history

    1. Yeah back in the day
      Where aliens roamed our bay
      And the dinos crapped all over
      That would even be too much for rover

  9. Sounds like Orlin's a pragmatist;)

  10. ya know...i wonder how that 9 to 5 game plays into this...smiles...ha... yeah... sure fun to play with numbers but don't take them too seriously at your shore

    1. Yeah they are fun to play
      But never seriously take their display

  11. If number games it is.... count me OUT!! I am horrible at numbers and I blame it all on my first grade teacher for smacking my knuckles with a ruler during math class.

    1. Did you get your knuckles smacked with a ruler too? Me too. In typing class. We had unmarked keys and if the fingers were wrong.... whoppp with the ruler and we were in the 7th grade. It made me learn my keys.... REAl FAST.

    2. haha that would hurt indeed
      Especially as a kid at your feed
      I'd smack back
      Then get kicked from the school shack

  12. The cat need not fear about a wife, it would only mean more good things for his life (we gals are good about spoiling the pets in our lives). :)

    1. Hmmmmm the cat doesn't believe you
      Other people are scary when they enter our zoo

  13. Oh kitty you are rather witty
    would you like some cat nip
    I know you will never let this
    go, as it amuses you so..
    so, I will just go with the flow
    it was rather funny, at your show

    The number game is always in play
    as I count them each and every day
    they show their face every where
    but, can we get a discount...
    as we try to build our savings account
    then away we can go to Bora Bora (lol)
    I had to throw that in you know

    Wishing you a great day at your bay..
    pet the kitty for me...meow..meow..

    1. Maybe if you deliver some catnip to the cat
      He'll let it go at his mat
      Yeah, not gonna happen
      Away he'll always be flappin

      I count crap numbers every day
      Also at my work bay
      Play with enough dough
      To live at the Bora Bora show haha
      Moving back and forth some stuff today
      Stupid heat needs to go away

    2. Hello,

      Deliver cat nip to the cat
      I thought he was cat-nip free
      as he chases away the fleas...

      I hope the moving is going well
      could be fun a new place to dwell
      I'd give you a hand if I was in your land
      but, since I'm not I'll work on my tan
      it is still hotter than hot here
      and I'm sure you have much the same
      don't try and do too much at once

    3. Pfft with Pat's issues that is no problem at all
      Will only do so much at our hall
      Then sit on here
      With the cat near
      And cat nip free?
      haha never for little old me

    4. Oh my little kitty
      I know you would
      like some cat nip..
      is this your secret
      to staying so witty

      So, did you get a lot
      done at your hall
      did you hang pictures
      on your wall..

    5. Being crazy is the secret of me
      That and maybe some nip at half passed three
      Yeah much is done
      Nope, walls are bare under our sun
      always have been at our sea
      Pat has no decorating bones in him you see

    6. haha - you revealed your secret to thee
      but, what can I say I'm as crazy
      as thee.. .I often wake up at the
      stroke of three..tick, tick, tick
      blinds of my mind pop open, on no
      hopping around on a pogo stick
      or maybe watch a movie flick
      sometimes, I watch the stars
      sparkling in the sky & simply cry

      No pictures at your place..you need
      to have one or two..something soothing
      for the eyes..speaking of eyes I need
      to try & shut mine..here is a wish
      for good dreams floating your way on
      a red balloon..just don't pop it with
      your kitty claws..have a purrfectly nice

    7. haha yep both crazy as can be
      But that is fun at our sea
      Toss and turn Pat does at that time
      The cat just runs around oh so sublime
      Movies that early probably wouldn't enjoy
      As be half a sleep while the cat plays with a toy
      Geez you cry a ton at your sea
      Are you hormonal and going through a pregnancy LOL
      Could not help myself there
      A blank wall is fun to stop and stare?

    8. Lol well I don't cry all the time
      just a bit when I am feeling blue
      I am a sentimental fool that is
      all when memories come to call
      then I usually pick up a pen
      and write a poem or song
      to get it said..

    9. Awwww feeling blue
      Can't have that come due
      Need to pretend it's always 22
      There at your zoo

  14. I've learned a lot about numerology today, at my favourite rhyming bay. Unfortunately some of it was bad news, while other bits makes me think that I may lose.

    1. Yeah just avoid it all together
      Better off believing a feather

  15. That's a sensible cat
    for him I lift my hat

    1. Can be sensible for a time
      At least with this chime

  16. I prefer to read tea leaves to predict my future. Another method you can try is to roll the leg bones of a chicken or even gut open a live chicken and read its innards. Or best of all call they Psychic Hotline-they're the real deal, truly they are.

    And I can teleport, read minds, fly and become invisible.

    1. WOW look at you
      So powerful at your zoo
      But oh the shame
      If only you had super speed you'd have such fame

  17. I don't prefer number games

    I can use my trivia skills for other games to put people to shame

    1. That I'm sure you could
      I'll stick with number in my hood

  18. ...remember number drills,
    when kids're marching
    on the streets...
    ...and it's not cool-y,
    when someone - bull-y...;)

  19. Nine is fine - it seems to be mine.
    Good luck with a wife. She'll change your life!

  20. Used to teach math,
    Now it's all English;
    Said goodbye to the numbers,
    Grammar's my dish!

    1. Grammar and math
      Together they can cause wrath

  21. that is such a sweet creation.. made me smile.. lovely rhymes.. :-)

  22. well, you know 5 is the number for me!
    Any more men would not bring me glee!

    happy moving!!!

    1. haha well who knows one day
      My have another man in the form of a grandson on display

  23. quite a wild ride
    on the por- errr poetry side
    and magic cucumbers
    mix with rhyming numbers
    now, before i blush
    i better rush
    out of here
    and leave a sincere
    for the Pat.

    thanks for the smiles...

    1. haha bah blush away
      Makes for fun at ones bay

  24. All that numerology blah blah never made much sense to me. Especially when these weirdo people start talking about how the numbers add up to the apocalypse..*eye roll*

    1. Yeah that is just dumb
      With their world ending hum

  25. One is the loneliest number I see
    Cause my Human has abandoned me
    I think a better number is two
    Cause my Aunties really came thru
    The days they've fed me number three
    When I see them I'm filled with glee
    On the day that's numbered four
    The Human should come thru the door.
    So, we'll see
    What will be

    1. haha poor you
      Have to get her back at your zoo
      Cough up a hairball or three
      That won't cause her glee


  26. My favorite number is eight.
    I think it's really great.
    When all else fails,
    and my peace of mind sails,
    I think of eight,
    its infinite shape,
    and suddenly my thoughts are on rails.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah having an infinity shape
      Can help cut through the red tape

  27. Porn and cucumbers...I can't wait to see the search results that come back from this post, cat!!

    1. hahaha never thought of that
      But yeah the crazies will bombard the cat

  28. ....after 29... at least you have quite some time to still be fine... hihi...smiles...

    1. haha actually less that as year
      As 29 draws near

  29. a little lime and this show was quite fine
    thanks for the rhymes and add this about numbers:
    they are needed details but too much causes slumbers
    best cure i've heard of is being vague
    or cross examination at the hague

    1. Yeah they are needed
      But too much in them can be seeded

  30. you only need to know basic math for numerology, so really i should look into it.

  31. The only numbers I care to see
    Are the winning numbers on my ticket to the lottery.

  32. Are you making fun of my numbers?!?

    Just teasing. :)


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