Where Oh Where At My Lair!

So out and about at random times of the day as much comes about at my bay. We have to annoy Drazin and such for that is enjoyed very much. But no matter the time of day there is always lots of traffic on display.

Where the heck do the come from,
As their engine gives a hum?
The normal 9 or 5,
I can guess at my hive.

Even a dog can guess that.
Whoops, was that an insult from the cat?
Anyway, even at 10am say,
There are many cars on display.

Don't you humans work?
You aren't supposed to have such a perk.
Where the heck are you all going?
As each day you are showing.

Where does it come from?
No wonder so many people drink rum.
You drive them right up the wall,
Thinking about this at their hall.

So you aren't at work.
Aren't at school avoiding a jerk.
All hundreds upon hundreds of you,
Don't all need to go get a shot in the gazoo.

So I guess I will have to find,
Why there is always such a traffic grind.
Sale on some type of crop?
Practicing to be a cop?

Wait! You'd have to park at a donut shop to relate.
Practicing driving straight?
Obviously not,
As that pedestrian hates you a lot.

Why do they call it flipping the bird?
That is also just absurd.
Maybe you just drive to confuse all,
Or you need something to do at your hall.

So why not drive around and pollute,
Giving your horn a toot.
Plus waste tons of gas,
Lowering your bank account in mass.

You humans are just confusing,
But ever so amusing.
I guess there is always some place to go,
When skipping work and school at your show.

Any better answers from you? Do you like getting a shot in the gazoo? Is that the big secret all you humans hide? Maybe you just line up side by side. Either way, always many out and about no matter the time of day. Clearly many should not have passed drivers ed class. Another observation from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. No takers for 3 minutes
      Was held up but made it!


    2. haha kept your new streak alive
      What is it now, five?

    3. From 'fetish'
      Now it's six


    4. Six you say
      to 10 you are over half way

  2. "Don't you humans work?"/No, Mr Cat, life's a lark we live perennially in the park/You're not the only animal in town/to lick your (bleep!) and have a frown! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha pffft I'd like to see you humans do that
      Actually scratch that, be scary to the cat

  3. Some have different work hours
    or some are meeting clients from ten to four
    I guess, but I am stuck at work cube
    But I do wish I can sometimes the train or tube ~

    1. Stuck in a cube too
      Would rather visit the zoo

  4. This hasn't shown up on my blogging feed but I'm still near to two hours late so pay no heed! This post is an interesting one, would I be right in saying it's about lazy people? Love it regardless buddy, there's some people who live very meaningless existences, I don't know how they do it either, it eats me up inside when I'm unemployed and hence poor.

    1. They seem to go to and fro
      No matter the time of day at my show
      Late showing up you say?
      Blogger is shunning my bay

  5. Now it can be said in rhyme
    Work hours cut to twenty-nine
    Humans now have time to roam
    Have no health care in their home
    For the truth, to come clean
    All wages spent on gas-o-leen

    1. Thankfully we have it here
      The health care I fear
      But the gas
      Still costs way more than what comes out my little rhyming ass lol

  6. That all could explain why I am not a fan of cars...and car rides!

  7. Yeah, love the time,
    when instead of cars
    on the street-
    pedestrians' line

    1. Yeah so much better for all
      No horn gave a call

  8. So many going from here to there
    at their lair..as they pay
    the thruway fare...making
    the state rich with each click
    if you want to keep with the flow
    E-Z pass is the way to go

    I'm not sure where everyone goes
    filling in the gaps with their maps
    I just worry about the commute
    to and from work..

    Perhaps, some are seeking jobs
    as they drive about or just
    have too much time on their
    hands so they travel the land..
    while they try to figure out a plan

    who knows..
    hoping you have good day at your show...

    1. Maybe they are
      Searching in their car
      Making the commute worse for all
      Causing one big stall
      And pfffft to some places I have seen with the fare
      I'll take the whole dollar it costs to cross at my lair haha
      No need for an easypass
      Just need to pull a loonie out of my little rhyming ass
      a magic trick
      Aren't i slick?
      day is much cooler inside here
      But outside still awful i fear
      hope no traffic causes you woes
      Or runs over your toes haha

    2. If you were here you would
      want that pass, then you
      could step on the gas and
      go fast. (lol)

      It is still hot here as
      well, another 90's day
      at my bay...we must
      have the same weather

      Hey Cat is it ok to
      donate one of the books
      I bought to the library?
      I searched and they
      don't have you and
      thought it might be
      fun to introduce your
      work to them...

    3. Well if you are where I deduced you are
      Then I do have the same weather pattern as your bar
      We just get it a little after you
      Here at our zoo
      Donate away
      At your bay
      Could make the cat a millionaire
      He'll send a kickback to your lair lol

    4. Hi Pat,

      Thanks I am keeping Tune At High Noon
      as that makes me laugh so many characters
      from you zoo...what a crew..

      The other to the library it will go
      where it can circulated at their show
      I will have them put it on display
      then who knows how far it will grow...

      Yes, we are in the same weather pattern
      but, tell me can you see Saturn (lol)

      Hope you are enjoying your day...

    5. Nope can't see Saturn at all
      here at my hall
      Could make a Uranus joke though
      But that I will forgo lol
      So many got in that one
      Under my sun
      Was fun to do
      Was started before you found my zoo
      Or a blabbermouth of some sort
      Would have been in it at my court lol

  9. What is it with traffic during the day? If I have to be out in it during the afternoon I always wonder "Don't you people work? Where is everybody going?"

    1. Yeah wonder that too
      Especially when school is out and still so many in view

  10. Mystefying show of traffic on the crawl
    Normal working days if one can recall
    Where are they from
    Running on errands?
    Or they just don't need to work at all!


    1. be so nice
      To not pay the price
      Avoiding work
      Such a perk
      Could sit and eat mice

  11. My husband says everyone has somewhere to go right when it's time to pull out of our driveway. Those two cars he has to wait on must be so annoying, bwuahahhhaa

    1. LOL a whole 2 cars you say
      My that must not make his day

  12. drivers on the interstate here are madmen

    I hate going on the highway again.

    1. I'd want to avoid that too
      Thankfully no interstate at our zoo

  13. Hi Y'all!

    I think it was an insult from the Cat...yes I do!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. In the city that I work in
    10 am & 2pm are the times on the road where you can barely hear a pin

    1. Not here
      They are all around no matter the time I fear

  15. i used to love taking public transport
    when i lived in the city, so many to gawk in my porximity, ha,
    i have to wonder where everyone is going though at times, but then figure i am out there as well to even notice it so i am part of it....always somewhere to go you know...

    1. True I suppose
      you are in the rows
      So I guess there is somewhere
      To go at each lair
      And you gawk?
      I never would have guessed such a thing, such a shock lol

  16. They should all be hermits like me
    and stay home happily! :)

  17. "Don't you humans work?"

    That's the same question I always ask!

    1. Yep and it is usually no
      As they lounge about their show

  18. One does wonder why it's called 'flipping the bird'
    I do like to do it, though its name is absurd
    Cuz birds are nice creatures
    Except when they turd
    And make loud squawking sounds
    That from miles, can be heard
    And the most monstrous of all is that big yellow bird
    When Big Bird does a back flip
    Is he flipping the bird?


    1. Went all bird today
      Got you thinking at my bay
      I suppose it would be a flipping bird
      Losing a word
      Or he could be flipping his ass
      That could be more crass

  19. Ya, I agree....no matter when one is out and about there are cars going somewhere. I always wonder where everyone is going. Perhaps working another shift, I don't know. Or on vacation. Or unemployed. Or retired. Or just plain tired.

    1. Well if the are tired
      Then they should be fired
      For driving like that
      Could run over a cat

  20. They could all be going around just to make us ask why

    1. One big conspiracy you say
      I suppose that could work at my bay

  21. Seriously, where do they all come from?
    Shouldn't they be at work on their bum(s)?

    1. That they should
      But out and about at every hood

  22. My gazoo is unmarred
    though frayed nerves are jarred
    for on this lazy day
    I was caught in traffic's fray.

    I survived with my mood intact,
    a truly weird and puzzling fact
    though I wish I had a plane
    to get off of that six-lane.

    1. haha a plane would be grand
      Fly across the land
      Until you had to stop
      Then you may land on a rooftop

  23. I live in Vegas Baby! It's a 24/7 town. Cars are out all day and night.

    1. Well that is at least common I suppose
      As the gambling flows

  24. Hmm, yup flipping the bird must have a completely different connotation for a cat than it does for a human:)

  25. Being in the land of CA freeways, I wonder where they are all going? What are they planning? Where am I? I am in the slow lane, going to the store.

    1. haha well t least you know
      Where you are going oh so slow

  26. I always wonder this too! We live off a main road and when I have to leave at an odd hour of the day, it's still a pain to exit onto that road. I wonder why all these people aren't at work? Where are they going? Maybe to some secret place that I am clearly not invited to?

    1. We all aren't invited it seems
      As we see them in streams

  27. In the summer, the Human always wonders how there can be SO much traffic and so many crowds everywhere, ALL the time!! They can't ALL be teachers, can they? Even though she is!

    1. Maybe they are fake teachers for the summer
      Or just drunk from their rummer

  28. I gave up wondering about it long ago

  29. Lots of cars moving in one direction? Could be the start of the zombie apocolypse, though if you want cold blooded parasites feeding on us tax payers just watch the house of commons live broadcasts.

    1. haha that is quite the comparison there
      and spot on too at my lair

  30. I don't wonder about things too far... I might get lost.

    1. Yeah we wouldn't want that
      A car could squash you flat


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