A dVerse World Is Seen On My Screen!

So today for dVerse we delve into the unknown. But never fear you can do it over the telephone. So if you are interested I'm sure you can find these great people that are one-of-a-kind. But Pat was oh so lucky the other day as he strolled about the street away from our bay.

Pat was out and about,
As we were home stretched out.
When he walked past a guy,
Like he was giving him the stink eye.

Of course Pat tried to walk away,
Especially after the nuts on the beach that one day.
But he followed along,
And then began his familiar song.

I have this power I want to share.
I can show it off with flair.
Just stand right there,
And let me become aware.

Actually, he almost rhymed to.
Makes my work easier at my zoo.
And then came the rest of his crap,
As he gave his head a slap.

Yep, just like Larry, Curly and Moe.
Next he pretended he could glow.
Then he gave off a hum.
He was obviously on the rum.

Pat turned to walk away.
He then said he had something to say.
He knew he was going to walk away.
My, that was a hard guess with two eyes on display.

He told Pat that he had the power.
He had just had a psychic shower.
And then his eyebrows begin to squirm.
He told Pat it would be next year before he got anything long-term.

And that he saw 10 and 14,
On his great psychic screen.
So within that many months at my sea,
I would be a huge hit and dance with glee.

Then of course he stuck out his hand.
Looking kind of drunk and barely able to stand.
Pat would have gave him a high five,
But with such germs he probably would never get out alive.

But he knew it would make for a good blog post.
And the cats would agree at our coast.
So he gave him a few buck and off he went.
Surprisingly, it was to Tim Hortons and not a beer tent.

Why these people keep finding Pat, sure beats the hell out of the cat. But it gives me another rhyme to use for a dVerse time. As for psychics I think there are some that may have some sort of gift or power. But most of them are just weeds and will never be a flower. Or maybe they just really have a bad case of gas. If that were the case, I would sure be a great psychic little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. What do you know!
      Perfect 10 twice over
      From July 25 to Aug(03)three
      And from Aug 04 to Aug 13
      As can be seen
      Without a break
      Chalked up 20 straights!
      Just a little outburst
      For the many firsts

      Will now take a rest!


    2. Congratulations Hank... enjoy it while you can .. John will be back and raring to go soon.

    3. Thanks Ma'am
      It's a relief
      I really belief!


    4. Hank you're even keeping score
      Scared the others out the door
      Far ahead of those other blokes
      As in golf you've really earned your strokes

    5. haha 20 in a row
      Streak t beat at my show
      Will never be done
      Such a great run

    6. Thanks a lot Manzi
      It wears off my energy
      Will not pursue further
      A rest is in order


    7. Need to sleep
      Count some sheep

  2. Why do the weirdos keep finding you? Smart not to touch him. You don't know where he's been.

    1. I'm a magnet for them I suppose
      Or when you live in my part of town that is just how it goes

  3. If they have a bad case of gas... run the other way, they are probably full of worms.

    1. haha don't need those
      I'll wait until they smell like a rose

  4. Yep, just like Larry, Curly and Moe
    Many such jokers along the sea-shore
    As one can obviously see
    Takes little to make them happy
    Distance them before they ask for more


    1. Yeah distance was put between
      After his scene
      And never again
      Have I seen him at my den
      Maybe the aliens found him serene

  5. Well Cat, perhaps your little rhyming ass
    Can make you a psychic with it's gas
    You could fill any helium balloon
    May even take you to the moon
    The future there you may foresee
    And bounce little moon babies on your knee
    From there to Venus you could fly
    And give Venutians some psychic pie
    Then fly back home quick as a fox
    That's where you find your own sandbox

    1. That will be great
      Here at my gate
      Give the man in the moon a break
      Here at my lake
      Then make to my box
      Where I'll put holes in socks

  6. I don't know if I believe in psychic power
    I change my mind from hour to hour
    Friends of mine swear they told them things only they knew
    So perhaps there are some real ones at some people's zoo

    1. I think it is there
      Just most are frauds with their blare
      Intuition is easy to guess if you are good
      Which is all they are at their hood

    2. haha i like this - i change my mind from hour to hour as well....oy...smiles..i'm a woman... i'm allowed to right - i'm expected to...LOL

    3. Yes that is expected
      And easily detected haha

  7. I'm so glad we know you now because in 10-14 months you are gonna blow us all off for the big time.

    1. Yeah the cat will go away
      And never again have his say
      Riight to that
      Too much of a mouthy cat

  8. ha these are my fav people, the ones that cause a ripple, and hum and glow, keeping the lights on at your show, so interesting, even better than wrestling

    1. Better than Hulk Hogan you say
      He might not like that at his bay haha

  9. Pat-magnet
    for sure
    He attracts
    and allure
    us to come
    to his blog
    for talk.
    Is to say so-

    Date 10 14?
    who knows?
    maybe it's
    your win! ;)

    1. haha you never know
      Could be a win at my show
      We shall see
      Crap though is what is thought by me

  10. Ha, psychics are very smart in getting other people's money.
    That is their talent, and if it's YOURS, it ain't so funny!

  11. Nice people attract oddity like a magnet. :)

    I predict such acts are going to remain in your future. If I wiggle my eyebrows will you buy me coffee too? I love Tim Horton's. :) :) :)

    We donate sometimes, selectively, carefully (as can be). I've been fooled before, but it's okay if your heart's in the right place. :)

    1. Yes, I always get the crazy crowd
      Of that I am not proud
      Sure if you wiggle them well
      I'll buy you one at my cell
      Yeah fooled one can be
      Easily as they hang out by a tree

  12. A weirdo magnet you are
    I am not jealous by far
    you can have them all
    there at your canadian hall.
    If I see any down here
    I'll send them north with cheer
    and tell them to look for you.
    Yes, thank me..I know you want to!

    1. Can't you take the magnet away?
      I'd be willing to pay
      Then again you might give me the critter magnet at my sea
      No want for 15 kitties hanging from my tree haha

    2. Down to 14 now.
      Oreo is nowhere to be found. :(

      The magnet I cannot take away
      I'm afraid it is there to stay! hahaha.

    3. Maybe found a new home
      Where no other cats roam
      The only one
      Under the sun

      Hmph to that
      Pat will just have to be a hermit like the cat

  13. Another good rhyme. I enjoyed reading this one, the words and the way they flow,...

  14. So you encountered a nut while grabbing a donut?
    Anymore, it is either scary or fun to leave your hut.
    Between garbage and stinky butts? You should stay put!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha that I agree
      Better at my sea
      But have to go out some time
      At least he wasn't a mime

  15. At least he entertained you and "earned" the money you gave him!

    1. One way to look at it
      At least on me he didn't spit

  16. better to get the stink eye

    than a air-borne cow pie.

  17. I will tag along to Timmy's with you ~

    I too believe in those special gifts, not just weeds though ~

    Happy Tuesday ~

    1. Yeah they are out there
      But more weeds at each lair

  18. Dear Pat, I certainly hope that this psychic is right about 10/14, which is just a little more than a year away. That is, I'm hoping that great success comes to you next year, pressed down and overflowing. Peace.

    1. haha we shall find out soon enough I suppose
      But probably have better luck trusting a garden hose

  19. Street magicians=Devils in disguise!

  20. I love Tim Hortons, it's genuinely one of the best things to come out of Canada, definitely better than that Bieber bloke! Great post Pat, really made me laugh.

  21. So, Pat attracts the strange ones? We thought that only happened to us!

  22. I'd much rather get a street psychic hitting me up for money than the nasty druggies that tend to single me out for cash.

    1. Yeah a better case
      Then those druggies who are all over the place

  23. Maybe he wasn't going to psych you out...just take you back to the future!

    1. haha at 88 miles per hour
      Would be cool if he had that power

  24. I'm late Cat and I'm sorry. The Hubby had a heart attack today whilst at the doctors. Couldn't have happened at a better place and it appears to have been minor. I'll do a short post tomorrow, but I'm still painting your figure as it helps calm me.

    1. No need to apologize for that
      Come when you can at my mat
      Hope he is okay
      There at your bay

  25. orlin N cassie...if we wuz any later with stoppin bye two day it wood bee two morrow N all reddy iz sum places....bad sneekin round blog ville day...had ta say meowloz any way

    ta anne rite above; whoa....hope yur huzband iz aye oh kay

    1. haha late is an okay fate
      Can meow at any rate or date

  26. Sounds like this guy you've seen
    Is ready for Halloween
    Nice to glow
    Without spending any dough

    1. Yeah that is true
      Going all crazy at his zoo

  27. Sounds like Pat is a wingnut magnet, Cat. Or else he just looks nice, so they hope to share their lice. Reminds me of a joke, it will work if you're broke...

    What keeps (insert your city name here) from sliding into the ocean?

    The wingnuts on every corner.

    1. LOL and every corner they do grace
      With a weirdo smile on their face

  28. Attracting the strange one's at your bay
    well, I guess they have a lot to say
    I think some truly have the gift
    some just pretend to make some money
    but, your post is rather funny
    now, 10 & 14 sound like good numbers
    hope it doesn't turn out to be a bummer

    Tell me Pat & Cat how are you this day?

    1. Yes the strange come around
      Look, you are found.
      LOL had to go there
      Couldn't pass it up at my lair
      Some have it in a way
      All vibed up at their bay haha
      10 and 14 probably came out of a hat
      We are fine at our mat
      All traveled out are you?
      There at your zoo

    2. All this time I thought I was lost
      but, look I'm found, as strange
      came around, now I'm walking on
      solid ground..

      Yes, traveled out and ready for bed
      need to rest this weary head...

      Have a good night..sleep tight..

    3. Hope you got some sleep
      There at your keep

  29. We have more than our share
    in this city so fair
    of crazy peeps who, oh heck,
    aren't playing with a full deck.

    1. Yeah there are a few
      Here at our zoo
      Sure you have more
      At your shore

  30. Hey, you should give me some of those psychic powers. I could use them.

  31. With his psychic ways
    Though he made Pat feel like runaway
    But even if it was all fake
    He said something nice be it for his own sake
    That's what you should be happy about
    He talked to Pat nicely rather than shout
    At times things might remain unclear
    You see...it's not always about beer

    1. Yeah very true
      Wasn't a mean one that came in view
      Instead did his dance
      And away he did prance

  32. maybe you have kind undrstanding eyes? you should wear sunglasses so or uh maybe change your prfume in case that attracts these weirdos

  33. You certainly are meeting some interesting people.

  34. So funny! I love your rhyming. lol I rhymed. ;)


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