A Little Nothing Today At My Bay!

This post will be about nothing at all today at my hall. That is what Betsy called for way back when at my den. So nothing is going to come due for all of you to view.


Do nothing day.
There at your bay.
Holiday for the rest of us.
Won't get hit by a bus.


Be a book thief.
Cause librarians grief.
Fun to do.
Unless they find you.


Wag your tongue,
Like your bell is rung.
Or call Jimmy too.
I hear Jimmy likes to talk to you.


Or take up the whole dance floor.
As you flail about and explore.
Others will move aside,
As you flail with pride.


Get a nifty suit.
Walk and toot.
All will smile,
Or run a mile.


This is what the Grammar Nazi strives to be.
Better watch out or he'll get thee.
No soup for you,
May also come due.


You are styling now.
People will go wow.
Or cringe a bit,
Thinking you are a twit.


You are so cool,
Could jump in the pool.
But it my shrink,
And won't get you a wink.


Who doesn't like a good shower?
Especially one with power.
Multi task as you clean.
That is oh so serene.


But do not jump down the rabbit hole.
That is not a lofty goal.
You may get stuck.
Or maybe you just need to up chuck.

How was that for a post about nothing today, here at my bay? Wait, isn't it always that way? I guess I have a random display. But if the blog is a rockin it is okay to come a knockin. For a snip snip has come to pass to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. is he washing the salad in the shower....?
    that's not such a bad idea me thinks...smiles

    1. Seems like an idea to be had
      As he seems rather glad

  2. I'm not doing much today either... It's the weekend and time for a couple days of rest. Have a wonderful weekend Pat!

    1. That is the way to be
      Nothing at all for a few days at your sea

  3. WOW A potpourri of nothings
    Could fill a room with cussings
    It's hard to tell which way to go
    In or out high or low
    This or that them or those
    Wishful thinking strike a pose
    You're better off with nothing to say
    To go back to bed and forget the day

    1. Gets lots of sleep
      That way at your keep
      Unless two have nothings to say
      Or whisper them at their bay
      Then you may not get any sleep
      The poor bed may end up in a heap lol

  4. ha. i have a book called the art of doing nothing, its not so easy to do as you have demonstrated at your zoo, or combine a few, like grate the cheese while you use the loo...make salad dressing while having a boil lanced

    1. Cheese on the loo
      What a thing to do
      The art of doing nothing would be quite the art
      Nothing is always something, even a fart

    2. remind me never to eat cheese at Brian's house...

    3. haha okay unless they are brown
      Then you know he didn't flush it down

  5. Only a crook
    Would steal a library book
    Always take a warm shower
    George knows a cold one will make you, um, lose power

  6. My husband loves Seinfeld and it is too sad that I know all those shows.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Not sad at all
      Now if you know all the shows to 50 different shows then give sad a call

  7. Is it nothingness with the Seinfeld gang?
    One is engrossed not wanting it to end
    It's heady
    Light comedy
    Most entertaining episodes all the time


    1. Yeah entertain
      Doing nothing at their lane
      As away they go
      To and fro
      Being rather vain

  8. I would love to do nothing today
    but have lots of errands to do today

    Have a lovely weekend Pat ~

  9. You said Jimmy too, and I thought of Jimmy Choo!! Anything that gets me thinking of shoe shopping is alright by me. ;)

    1. haha oh the shoes
      Bet you have enough to fill a cruise

    2. I'm not a Palm Beach girl anymore. Jimmy Choo's are frowned upon in Michigan (GASP, it took a lot of years for me to come to grips with such things). I now wear sweatpants and blue jeans most of the time, and have come to like it. :) Must be the old age thing creeping up on me (that savage knows no boundaries). ;)

    3. haha old age
      Must be all the rage
      Lazy clothes
      And nothing fancy on your toes

  10. Sometimes nothing is a darn good option!

    1. that it surely is
      Nothing would be a great biz

  11. One task done...another task...Bing!
    Stop it all for once...I wish I could do that...sigh!
    But somehow I think
    Just to watch and do nothing
    you should be sitting real high

    1. Yeah i wish too
      Could stop and do nothing at my zoo
      But plenty to be had
      Here at my pad
      Sitting upon high
      With a gawker eye

  12. That was quite a post about nothing today! Kinda like pulling a rabbit out of a hat?

    1. Yeah that it kinda was indeed
      Did it at super speed

  13. Ha, I like that nifty suit
    and bet it cost lots of loot!!

    1. Bet it does indeed
      Never pay that or wear it at my feed

  14. Doing nothing
    keep on flushing
    also brushing
    and no think!

    Thanks for little,
    thanks for nothing
    for today
    at your display!

    1. Nothing is fine
      But he feline
      Away be dine
      And cross the line

  15. That's exactly how I dance - a flail about! :)

    Love the post about nothing!

  16. No rhyming today because I have to say:
    The humor of Seinfeld is pretty much my humor.
    That is why it was one of my favorite, and oft-quoted, shows.

    1. Yeah it was a great show indeed
      Enjoyed it to at my feed

  17. A day of nothing at your zoo
    really amounts to something
    just look at the Seinfeld crew
    a show about nothing really
    became a big hit, who knew

    One is always doing something
    like, breathing, dreaming, sleeping
    even when they think they are doing
    nothing..lol..so always something
    to do at one's zoo...

    Hope you enjoy your day doing something...

    1. Yeah nothing is something indeed
      At each an every feed
      Always working one way or another too
      As you body works to rid things from you
      So can't really say that
      but it will be said any way by the cat

  18. Good memories of Seinfeld
    Much ado about everyday,
    shrinkage, pimp hats and lettuce in the shower
    Elaine's jerky dance and the cafe before empowers
    was a word...

    1. Much indeed
      As they planted the nothing seed

  19. This post ever so slightly devolved from nothingness to actually something but I still liked it all the same time Pat haha, it's funny the things that you can get up to when you're really doing nothing!

    1. Nothing at all
      Can turn into much at my hall

  20. The funny thing is I only watched 3 episodes of that show and the soup Nazi episode was one of them. That was funny.

    1. Yeah the soup nazi was great
      He sure had hate

  21. Nothing like a little Seinfield. Soup Nazi is a classic. Although glad I didn't see a couple images of those while I was eating.

    1. Yeah probably for the better I'd say
      May ruin your appetite at your bay

  22. Awesome post today! Ah, the Elaine dance...don't you just wish you can dance like that?


    1. Right
      I got two left feet anyway at my site haha

  23. no soup for you

    but luckily it was poo stew

  24. Don't remember such a request
    but you scored with the Seinfeld best!
    Knew every single one
    and the pool shrinkage has won.

    1. hahaha that was great
      As was each trait
      About nothing at all
      They gave a call

  25. Good advice. You never know what might be in a rabbit hole!

    1. Yeah the rabbit hole
      May really house a troll

  26. Is it sad that I know every single one of these episodes? I can quote from each one! I even have the Seinfeld DVD game ha ha

    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Not sad at all
      Know many at my hall
      But don't have the board game
      I guess you are more lame

  27. A little nothing
    turned into something
    but nothing to do
    with Seinfeld's shoo.
    I'm a rare bird
    and missed the hullabaloo.
    Must have been on another planet
    caught up in stuff.. just stuff, damn it.
    All the more pleasure today
    Great jokes held at bay
    For a very long time.
    Now discovered in your gut-tickling rhymes.

    Thanks, Pat Hatt! Really must pop over here more often. Always a laugh and some thoughts to be had too :)

    1. It was fun
      I watched it after it was done
      So missed it too
      Had other things to do
      glad it is grand
      To visit my land
      No pictures like you
      But I make due

  28. When Seinfeld went off the air,
    TW's faculty partied with flair:
    They served Yoo-Hoo and Junior mints
    Big salad, Snickers and Twix!
    They had soup and marble rye and Pez
    And it was a real blow-out, so she says!

    1. Damn that was grand
      There at your land
      Didn't get to join in?
      That is just a sin

  29. I have learned nothing from this post. Mission accomplished.

  30. Oh, I love Seinfeld, too
    A funny post at your zoo
    A puffy shirt, yeah styling
    Nothing like Elaine dancing :)

  31. My husband got me started on Seinfeld. I never watched it when it aired, but have caught up with the dvd sets. Seriously one of the best shows about nothing ever!

  32. That it is indeed
    Also watched it after it aired at my feed


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