A Musical Day At My Bay!

It is always fun to take a look and have some musical fun at my nook. So with each and every title the cat could not sit and be idle.

So you were Thunderstruck?
My, you must have such luck.
I didn't even know thunder could strike.
Did it happen on a hike?

Did Jeremiah the bullfrog tell you that?
Bullfrogs can talk, just like the cat.
I hope Johnny can B Good.
It beats being bad in one's hood.

Why Should I Worry you ask?
Maybe it's because you're drunk with a flask.
Saying see you later alligator.
Are you just a gator hater?

Would you Get Off My Back?
How did you really get on it at my shack?
Don't worry, you've got a friend in me.
Can I reach in and yank it out of thee?

Gimme Three Steps to get away.
Can they be big steps at my bay?
It's the End of the World you say?
How are you able of it ended the other day?

You are an American Idiot you say?
Aren't there lots of those at the US bay?
It's a Hand Me Down World?
So that is where that stuff came from when I hurled.

So there are Cats in the Cradle?
Are you going to hit us with a ladle?
Next up is Tiny Teddy.
If he is that tiny and you can see him he must be quite heady.

Now It's Hip To Be Square?
I guess it is not hip to have a circle affair.
Great Balls of Fire.
Don't play with them or things could get dire.

While all are Rocking All Over The World once more.
Those rocking chairs must cost a ton to take to each shore.
Never fear, I Won't Back Down.
Not even if being attacked by a Devil Town?

You want to Keep Me In Your Heart?
I would rather not go into that part.
I still Can't Stop Rocking.
My, those rocking chairs are sure a knocking.

Did any songs get stuck in your head? Yes, you can sing them all the way to bed. That could be quite a while and then they may become vile. Fun to do titles in mass and go all literal with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Lots of fun with this as and yes, I am now stuck with an ear worm "rocking all over the world" Thanks

    1. Hopefully the ear worm
      Doesn't get in there and really squirm

  2. Hip to be Square is on my MP3 music mix
    I listen to it whenever I need a mucis fix
    Yes I like Huey Lewis and the News - don't judge
    Now my reputation has been smudged

  3. I gotta admit when I read "Great Balls of Fire" I definitely heard it in my head in that distinctive voice of his!

    1. Yeah it can instantly play
      When the title is heard at ones bay

  4. With all the great song titles
    One can get seemingly muddled
    When Johnny B Good
    Gets into the mood
    One gets all rockingly unsettled


    1. That they do
      Without a clue
      Just rock away
      Night and day
      It is true

  5. Rocking chairs are really fun
    On Wal-mart they must make a run
    Around the clock I rocked one day
    Clock on the floor as I rocked away
    Around and around the clock I coiled
    Till Time Stood Still and cried to be oiled

    1. Rocking around the clock
      Happy days could get a shock
      on sunday monday or the like
      That is the match that did strike

  6. You defiitely found a lot of obscure as well as interesting songs, Wouldn't it be a cool show if it included Miley Cyrus' rendention of "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" and Lady GaGa's "Great Balls of Fire," followed by Madonna bringing the house down with the ever-popular "It's Hip to Be Square." I betcha that would capture the highest ratings for the week!! Smiles.

    1. hahaha oh the ratings would be high
      But any artist that is alive who has done those songs before will probably die

  7. Lots of great music at your bay today.... Not the remakes though, you can keep those.

  8. oh i got a radio flashback reading your words, opening with ACDC as well...i can feel the bass, jeremiah as well...ha. i could just sit on the corner and sing at your bay, def cool music today, and i know quite a few you have played at your zoo

    1. Knew you'd get much
      As the songs reach out and touch
      down on the corner
      You could rock with little Jack Horner

  9. Maybe I'm Amazed
    at what
    you wrote here
    as The Sounds Of Silence
    rings through my ear.

    One Of These Days
    you'll go too far
    and Miss Misery
    will arrive at
    your bar.

    Who will call
    you then
    when Supper's Ready
    abandoned alone
    you'll be already.

    And in The End
    the last words
    you'll speak
    Be Careful With That Axe, Eugene!

    1. haha I'll run from him
      That would be grim
      Tiny Teddy I'd employ
      To bring no joy
      Then he'd be climbing the Stairway to Heaven
      A little after seven

    2. You better Run Like Hell Cat.

    3. will you Rescue Me?
      I'll give you a flea

    4. No, but I'll Be Watching You!

      Hey, R commented on me today Woot woot!!

    5. Wow you go visited by R
      He/she/it never did like your bar

  10. it's hip to be square

    the same way sitting down makes you a chair.

  11. Rock around the clock tonight
    till we are all outta sight
    I think I'll sleep

    1. hahaha sleeping is good too
      So you can go to the giant litterbox at your zoo

  12. You have so many songs running through my head AND to top it off I hummed the tune as I read the line, so sad how these songs stick with you that you can't read the line without the tune coming straight to your mind.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha yeah love the ones that stick
      They are rather slick
      As they just click
      So those I had to pick

  13. How do you do it, Pat!
    Such a variety of rhyming posts at your mat!
    I have to admit,
    broccoli stuffed toes creep me out a bit!
    What the hell?
    Here I ordered Cassie's book,
    and the cat's life she nearly took!
    She looks so cute,
    then sent a closet door en route!
    Sept. 5th is the day
    when your books are supposed to arrive at my bay!
    Have some fun
    under the sun,
    before you're shoveling the white
    and wishing for a tropical bight!

    1. Can do anything at all
      Here at my hall
      Broccoli toes are yummy
      They may go down slick in the tummy lol
      Thanks for the order too
      And yeah when that white comes I'll want a new zoo

  14. Oh what musical fun under your sun
    now see what you've done..a BC melody mix in my head..lol

    don't give me no hand me down world
    I've got one already...
    break it to them gently
    She's come undone
    she found a mountain that was far too high
    oooooh, stand tall don't you fall
    yes, you know it all comes together
    So, I'll sing about you in the morning sun
    and I'll sing about you when my music's all done
    clap for the wolfman, gonna rate your record high
    For I.... Will play a rhapsody
    Cleverly disguise it, so it's not been heard before

    lol - love the musical fun thanks a ton..

    1. You sure lapped up the fun
      And gave it a run
      Side by Side we could go
      With the musical flow
      Saying what comes to ear
      Even Santa got run over by a reindeer
      No idea why that popped in my head
      I'll blame it on a voice that needs to be put to bed
      No moneys though
      Slowly this is going to hell at my show
      I guess the highway to hell
      May bring some jailhouse rock to my stuck cell

    2. she works hard for the money
      so hard for it honey
      with folks like me on the job from nine to five.
      money for nothing
      And if your train’s on time
      You can get to work by nine
      And start your slaving job to get your pay
      I don't care too much for money,
      money can't buy me love
      Life in the fast lane
      Surely make you lose your mind
      Well, baby, what I couldn’t do
      With plenty of money and you.
      you know we all live in a material world
      You’ve got the brawn, I’ve got the brains
      Let’s make lots of money
      I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford it
      Tell me the truth sir, someone just bought it
      All the honeys who makin’ money
      Money, you’ve got lots of friends
      Crowding round the door
      When you’re gone, spending ends
      They don’t come no more
      If you got the money, honey
      I’ve got The Time
      We’ll go honky-tonkin’
      Money, get away.
      Get a good job with good pay and youre okay.
      Money, its a gas.
      Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
      The pusher push, the fixer fix
      The judge acquits
      The junkie leads his life
      For the dollar bill
      Funky dollar bill
      Then the poor man’s roses
      And the thrill when we kiss
      Will be memories of paradise
      That I’ll never miss
      Now, if you’re blue
      And you don’t know where to go to
      Why don’t you go where fashion sits
      Puttin’ on the Ritz
      Every night before I go to sleep
      Find a ticket, win a lottery,
      Scoop the pearls up from the sea
      Cash them in and buy you all the things you need.
      (if you drive a car, car;) – I’ll tax the street;
      (if you try to sit, sit;) – I’ll tax your seat;
      (if you get too cold, cold;) – I’ll tax the heat;
      (if you take a walk, walk;) – I’ll tax your feet.

    3. Wow, look at that lyric blabber today
      Quite the display
      Was money on the brain?
      I can board that train
      But i can't be out done
      So time for some fun haha

      If money you lack
      Get back in black
      Even if itty bitty
      It isn't a pity
      Forget the summertime blues
      They are old news
      get right back where you started from
      Go grope a bum
      If i had a million bucks
      My life would have no ducks
      I fought the law and the law won
      That was no fun
      Let's hit the open road
      Beat the bullfrog and toad
      No workin for the weekend
      Here i am, just hit send
      Could be a bad moon rising tonight
      Better take flight
      Avoid the voodoo thing
      Superman may sing
      Stop leading me on
      Lets pull a con
      Or i'll call run around sue
      Hakuna matata just won't do
      Gimme three steps to the door
      I'll neutron dance across the floor
      Time after time
      The tables are turned from a crime
      And rolling on the river we will go
      Now I am done with my show

    4. haha very good and quite fun under your sun

      They got the money, hey
      You know they got away

      Go on take the money and run

      lol..ok, thanks for humoring me today...
      but, you know money would buy us a one
      way ticket to bora bora bay..(laughing)

    5. We'd be leaving on a jetplane
      Doing it our way in the bora bora rain

    6. All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
      I'm standin' here outside your door

    7. Farewell to nova scotia I will say
      Running free to such a bay

  15. Such musical fun Pat ~ I like hip to be square
    but not rocking chairs or I'll turn into a hare

    Happy weekend ~

  16. ...sitting close
    to cat's open claws
    cat in the cradle

    1. Cats in the cradle can make it rock
      Claws may be in for a shock

  17. I saw The Ballbreaker tour in '96, Lynyrd Skynrd years later, and 3 Dog Night w/my SIL at SunFest (so long ago I can't remember the year for the last two). All good shows. :)

    Thanks for your support today regarding my mess-up. I hate when I do things like that, ughhhhhhh. And such is life. ;)

    1. haha showing your age once more
      But I bet they were a fun encore
      Bah it has been done by all
      Still fun to pick at your hall

    2. My first concert was The Glenn Miller Orchestra with my grandmother. That one REALLY shows my age. :)

    3. Wow never even heard of them at my sea
      Ancient are thee haha

  18. This part is my favorite: "Now It's Hip To Be Square?
    I guess it is not hip to have a circle affair.
    Great Balls of Fire.
    Don't play with them or things could get dire." Hahahaha.

    These songs are now playing in my head like those commercials for compilations where they run together in jubilations.

    1. haha damn the cat is good
      Doing compilations now in his hood

  19. Replies
    1. And I buried him in the litter
      He is kinda bitter

  20. ha - Rocking All Over The World will stick in my head until bed - oy - those earworms...

  21. So funny how we associate some of those songs with times in our lives..at least I did as I was ready them.

    1. Yeah they can all bring back times
      Even when done in rhymes

  22. Keep Me In Your Heart is such a beautiful song but so sad it usually makes me cry.

    I loved this!

  23. nothing stuck in my head
    that would fill me with dread.
    Amused to see R again
    as he's started another trend!

    1. haha have to go all everyone sing this song
      R is back and with two words going strong

  24. Ear worm alert, ear worm alert!!!

    1. haha no pills for those
      Have to get through the woes

  25. Definitely brought back some memories - I can't think of anything to rhyme with that, sorry Pat ;)

    1. Emery's is all I can think of at my sea
      Or could always cheat and just say memory

  26. Don't worry, you've got a friend in me.
    Can I reach in and yank it out of thee?

    Oh, I have one of these friends.
    Who sees me on facebook and then his conversation never ends.
    If I didn't run into him all around town,
    I would certainly delete him, without giving a frown.

    1. haha one of those we all know
      Too bad they wouldn't befriend a crow

  27. I wish I had those songs in my head. Unfortunately, I get stuck with Disney tunes.

    1. haha well some Disney is not bad
      But yeah overload is a tad

  28. But as I'm getting ready to nap,
    The flashy box starts to tap....

    Bang! Bang! Spitty's silver hammer
    Came down upon that thing.
    Bang! Bang! Spitty's silver hammer
    Made sure it respected the King!

  29. I'd say that the one who responds with "Not if I see you first!" is the hater. =)

    1. haha through them in a crater
      For being such a hater

  30. I'm quite pleased with myself considering the sheer amount of music I recognise here, although there are some that I don't. I guess that's just the kind of guy that I am, a fan of the classics, Hip To Be Square is one of my favourite songs of all time as well haha.

    Originally I thought this post was going to be about actual musicals which I know nothing off, there is a musical called Cats though right?

    1. haha yeah there is one called cats indeed
      glad you knew many at your feed

  31. Here at my turf, as I surf
    Going all musical
    Counts most for survival
    Pardon for my update
    As it came a little late


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