Another Run In At The Trash Bin!

The cat had some crap to get rid of and off the balcony he gave it a shove. He heard a yell and looked down below, finding those idiots, Gung and Ho. They were digging through the trash and it seems they were having a bash.

"Gung, did I just get hit with dung?"

"Yes. Ho. It sure wasn't from a crow."

"At least it matches in with all this other stuff. Do you think we have enough?"

The two mooks looked over their stash. Yep, they had filled their grocery cart with trash. Clearly not in need. But brain cells in those two never fire off at high speed. They had cans and other odds and ends. I guess collecting trash was one of their latest trends.

"We are rhyming again, Ho. That cat is around so we must go."

"We would not want him to steal our treasure. This stuff you really can't measure."

"Yeah we are going to be rich. Ho, I think I'm getting a stitch."

The two tried to yank their cart up a hill. They both turned red looking rather ill. Then they had the bright idea of using a rope. They attached it to the front and began dragging it up the slope. And of course their rope was from the trash, so seconds later there was a loud crash.

"No! Ho!"

"That stung, Gung!"

"Now we can't make a phone,
With each can and get a ring tone.
We can't build a heater,
Out of sparklers for an old beater."

"We can't build a kite,
Out of tarp and watch it take flight.
We can't make a cup,
Out of stryofoam for a pup."

"Our treasure is gone.
Sprawled across that guys lawn.
At least it looks great.
Maybe he'll pay us a rate?"

"What really is trash anyway, Ho?"

"Gung, I don't think such a thing will show."

"Trash is really treasure. It can always bring pleasure."

Then out came an old coot. He looked over his lawn and began to hoot. He stomped back inside and pulled out a shotgun and away the two of them did run.

"Do you think that was his trash, Gung?"

"I think he got mad that we tried to steal it and it got flung."

The two were finally out of sight. I don't think they will ever see the light. now they are trash pickers as well. Every time they are around things go to hell. But at least the old coot won't have to mow his grass. Still that much trash would annoy even my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. This post is hilarious Pat, to be honest with you Gung and Ho heartily deserved getting the trash thrown on them, they shouldn't be bin hoking as we call it in Northern Ireland, dirty buggers, loved this!

    1. Bin hoking they surely tried
      As they gave the trash quite the ride

  2. Trash is treasure what a measure
    They can well take them for sure
    Things they can make
    From trash they take
    They can survive at their leisure


    1. Yeah to survive like that
      Would scare the cat
      But can be done
      Under the sun
      And one may be a pack rat

  3. I don't know if this applies
    Trash bin people telling lies
    A big trash bin is on my grass
    I share with others, can be crass
    The thing that drives me up a wall
    Are those who don't bag trash at all
    One fella dumps his shredded paper
    Thinks he's sneaking quite a caper
    The bin gets dumped, the paper blows
    Consider your neighbors, don't make foes

    1. hahaha if i had to share
      I would sure be aware
      And get the sneaky foe
      But stepping on his toe

  4. you'd be surprised at the treasure you'd find, and the food in case your in a bind, so much we waste in our daily haste,and once gone we can not rewind....

    1. Yeah waste is there
      At many a lair
      And not just the kind
      From ones behind

  5. People collect the strangest things. Like some of the guys the American Pickers visit, hoarding their stash. All I can think of is that when they die, their kids will have an estate sale and it will all be gone for next to nothing.

    1. Yeah I think of that too
      What is the point at their zoo
      Other things to use money for
      Then picking up and through trash at ones shore

  6. Ah yes, one person's trash can be another person's treasure indeed.
    And often the trash has value indeed if somebody takes the time to figure it.

    1. Yeah that is true
      Except for maybe trash you flush down the loo

  7. If I leave the lid open the Raccoons think my trash is treasure. Those little...

    1. haha they sure love such treasure
      Brings them plenty of pleasure

  8. Our neighbours are always in out trash along with the fecking foxes, I sometimes make sure there's a little extra in the mix!

    1. haha a little extra you say
      I wonder what that could be at your bay

  9. trash can be a trash-ure for sure if so.'s a little inventive....ha...

  10. One man's trash is another man's treasure though
    I'm sure this scene made for quite a show

    1. must explain why all the times I dig for treasure at the beach all I end up with is trash.

      Darn litter bugs...

    2. Yeah some can't measure
      their trashy pleasure treasure

    3. haha need to dig deeper
      To find a keeper

  11. I think if I got hit with dung, I wouldn't have to ask someone if I did. lol....

    1. LOL but you never know
      Could just be melted chocolate at your show

    2. Remind me never to eat any chocolate at your place.

    3. One way to make it all for the cat
      Here at his mat

  12. Forget the cats and the 'coons,
    In our complex it's the teens
    Who leave poo on the stairs like loons,
    I have no idea what it means.

    1. haha been there done that
      At the university mat
      They peed in the elevator too
      One nasty view

  13. Cat is sure one smart ass
    With his rhymes he makes people obsess
    Another chapter from cat's life
    All rhymed up with a little less strife
    As when Gung and Ho went to and fro
    He relaxed in the balcony enjoying the show

    1. He enjoyed indeed
      Rhyming at his feed
      Watching gung and ho
      Both of whom are rather slow

  14. Hey Cat. Fran posted Dettol Wars! I've heard from the committee at BAFTA, Cannes and the Oscars-we're being talked about! And Seth Greene just called-he wants us to work for him!!!

    1. Damn, we can get some money with all of that
      The cat will have to wear his top hat

  15. People throw away some funny things. Great fun post.

  16. Reminds me of the old saying one man's garbage
    is another man's does one measure
    its's all in the eye of the beholder
    but, I wouldn't want to get hit with any dung
    that was flung...the cat certainly had an interesting
    show as he watched the trash flow...

    Hope you are having a great day...

    1. haha yeah not a hit
      To be hit by shit haha
      And you just never know
      What may show
      But my ocd
      Will not let me
      Go near that
      Blah to Pat haha

  17. I don't like trash day and here's the scoop,
    that garbage bin smells like week old poop.
    I can't open the windows.
    I can't sit in the yard.
    I'm a prisoner in my house
    and that's really hard.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Damn that must suck
      So outta luck
      Here we actually have poop
      Litterbox can throw one for a loop

  18. Well rhymed tail...err tale.
    I went in to get Catality and ended up with Cassie instead:)


    1. haha cassie will like that
      and so does the cat

  19. You were sure doing your partmwith the recycling!

    1. haha that is the way of the cat
      Going green at his mat

  20. I love when Gung and Ho
    visit at your show
    but rooting through the trash
    I never thought would pass
    then again with these two
    you never know what they'll do!

    1. Yeah they go at it
      Even when hit with shit
      They just find something to do
      That shows they have a lose screw

  21. wow... it waS
    the cat
    changed his style
    just like so
    with Gung and Ho
    very sharp, very smart
    with no doubt
    like a pro!

    1. The cat can do much
      Wait until Tuesday and such

  22. Gung and Ho are my kind of peeps! Trash diggers unite!

    1. haha you are a trash digger you say
      Oh yeah stealing things and making them at your bay

  23. So Gung sung, "Go, Ho!"
    That's kinda funny, dontcha know.

  24. We hope that wasn't night soil the cat pushed off the balcony! That would be taking us back a few centuries.

  25. In the city we live in, the Peeps is always putting stuff out on the street for other Peeps to come along and pick up. Sometimes the Human picks up some crazy random thing and says, Look what i found Spitty? Can you believe somebody just left it out on the street??? And I say, Um, yes, I can.

    I think the same stuff has been maing the rounds here for 100 years, just being passed from house to house.

    1. LOL be interesting to know
      Who have had what at your show
      Some of it must stink
      Having come from the other rink

  26. Hey! I remember viewing this blog ages ago,

    Loved reading your epic rhymes. Hope you stop by my blog too!

    Thanks for all the laughs. :)

  27. Hmmm... If they can take my "treasure" and take it away without strewing it all over my lawn they're more than welcome to it.

  28. One mans trash is another mans treasure.. or so they say.


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