At Deaths Door At My Shore!

The other day when the cat and Cassie were at that other bay, the cat was almost dead. Yep, Cassie tried to kill me while I slept in the bed. I knew she liked being the only cat but I never thought she would resort to that.

When I was all asleep,
Ignoring the sounds at that other keep.
Even though it's hard to ignore a mutt,
That constantly wants to sniff your butt.

I would really like to smack him in the face,
Or bite his tail giving him an embrace.
But I won't talk about that other one anymore.
Been there done that at my shore.

Anyway, there I was dreaming away,
While Cassie decided to run and play.
She did her usual jump and twirl,
Not acting like such a regal girl.

I rose my head and looked away,
And went back to dreaming at that other bay.
But then all went kind of quiet,
Like the calm before riot.

She went into the closet that had a door ajar,
You'd think she'd avoid small spaces after being in the car.
And that is when she did it,
She tried to kill me where I sit.

It wasn't a bowling ball.
It was something rather tall.
Wasn't some old toy,
She had a much nastier ploy.

Wasn't even some water balloon,
Hidden away by that Pat loon.
Or that super soaker thing,
That she decided to fling.

I had precious seconds to scatter,
As I stared at the incoming matter.
Even groggy I couldn't miss it,
Scurrying away just as it was about to hit.

Crashed into the bed,
Right where I rested my head.
And she just gave a "who me" look,
As she went to climb on some old textbook.

And there I was left on the floor.
Scoping out the closet door.
Yep, she somehow knocked it off the track,
And tried to kill me at that other shack.

I now have to sleep with one eye open every day just in case she tries again at our bay. So has anyone tried to kill you with a closet door at your shore? Thankfully the closet doors are now on good and tight, so hopefully no more will take flight. I would not want to be beneath the grass because a closet door fell on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Perfect #10!
      True in time!
      Aug 24th from Aug 15th
      Energy sapped wearing thin!


  2. oy he beat me-- AGAIN!! ha...smiles

  3. one tried to kill me with a closet door so husband though said this morning that i was trying to kill him tonight..had a really bad dream and jumped at him without realizing it was him of course....ha.. you better get a laser sword at your bay to keep the cat attacks away..just saying...smiles

    1. hahaha killed by a nightmare
      That would be quite the news story at ones lair
      Have to get that laser sword ready
      And watch cassie steady

  4. Sleeping with the one eye closed
    It's a hell way trying to doze
    Can't be helped
    Head will snap
    One can't be sure friends or foes


    1. Yeah just never know
      How it will go
      In or out
      Scream or shout
      There she will blow

  5. Never had a closet door fear
    But stupid noises I hear
    Will make me sleep tentatively
    Thinking I'm in the midst of a burglary.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha I just stick n a fan
      And away the noises ran
      Blocks them out quite well
      So no burglars at my cell

  6. Wow that's pretty vicious of Cassie
    That wouldn't have been done by Lassie
    Luckily you were spared
    In cassie's wrath you weren't ensnared

    1. yeah she was mean
      Didn't even have a screen
      That would have hurt a bit
      Good thing the cat escaped it

  7. Attacked by closets when you sleep
    Stuff like that is pretty deep
    Stars can fall right from the sky
    But doors were never meant to fly
    Cassie thinks she's dancing queen
    And cat gets hit right on the bean

    1. haha yeah she did not care
      Just went on a tear
      And explored some more
      After trying to kill the cat with the door

  8. ha, so what was it that she knocked over trying to assasinate the sleeper, i only know that is was larger and it wasnt done by rover, of course this could be a movie, and the tale would be rather groovy, now you must take some get back, better watch when you attack

    1. Movie of the week
      Killed by closet door, culprit they seek
      Might get a few views
      What have we got to lose

  9. Thinking of death
    do your best -
    wear the helmet
    and iron chest.

  10. The doors of night closed in a bit
    hopefully, you didn't take a big hit
    perhaps, the closet held the key
    to a secret doorway to another sea
    white sandy beaches, and coconut trees
    a whole island to explore..seeking
    hidden treasures galore..sneaking
    through the falling door as it hit the floor
    now, you sleep like a one eyed pirate
    in a half sleep state..thinking of fate
    and hidden gates to another world...

    have no fear I am always near..with light
    to lead the way..but, not today you have
    so much more to say and a life full of
    promises at your bay...

    1. Nope, the cat scattered just in time
      Before he was dealt such a crime
      Not going through the door today
      But one of his 9 lives may have been lost I say
      With that light
      I will watch for a fright
      And still keep an eye
      To the sky

  11. Ha, good one.
    No one has tried to kill me with a closet door
    but when I was a kid I sleep walked into a walk-in closet
    and could not find my way OUT & was scared to death.
    I woke myself up as I was flailing arms among the clothes!
    I wish the closet door HAD been closed.

    1. hahaha that would suck
      Thinking you were a trapped duck
      Bet you kept the door closed after that
      There at your mat

  12. Attacked you with a closet door?
    She might be feeling a little bored
    Perhaps with you she wished to play
    With no fine intentions to slay
    As she knows it's not really easy to win
    When it's comes to rhyming Orlin

    1. You never know
      Could have struck a low blow
      Intending to play
      But it went the other way
      And I was almost toast
      Here at my coast

  13. I once heard a song.. something like Sleep with one eye open, grip your pillow tight or something.

    1. Know there is a song like that
      Not sure who by at my mat

    2. Enter Sandman by Metallica, I think...

  14. It'd be a shame if we lost Orlin. I'll bet Pat could never keep up with all the rhyming, and keep the posts coming every day. ;-)

    1. Yeah without the cat
      All would leave hear as it would just be boring old Pat

  15. Oh my gosh, our stupid doors come off all of the time, it's a major pain in the keester to get the hinges back on tight too.

    Glad all's well and no one's smooshed by the closet door!!!

    1. Damn things won't stay on there at all
      She popped it off having a ball
      No smooshed cat came due
      That would have been rather eww

  16. Wow. She must be a big cat if she can manage that.

    1. Oh she has some weight
      To knock over the gate

  17. Maybe she was aiming for Pat
    or was he up at night, like a bat?

    1. Nope, he was farther off in the bed
      So he wouldn't end up dead

  18. Nobody tried to kill me with a closet door
    Although moved my bed and crashed on the floor
    How's "Hmm" the cat?
    Pat in the Hatt.

    1. Well that would suck too
      More work also at your zoo

  19. That's a terrible thing to do ~

    But mind you those closet doors can crash
    & cause a racket ~

    Happy weekend Pat ~

  20. Well now that could have ended badly...

  21. Oh, ya gotta watch those things that go bump in the night!

    1. They can sure leave a bump
      Making on a grump

  22. I bet Cassie was as surprised as everyone else when the door went flying.

    1. Probably was I guess
      But she just continued to make a mess

  23. a tall bowling ball

    could surely make all the pins fall

  24. I've had pictures drop off the wall, but never a closet door take a crashing fall. Craziness going on over there!

  25. Okay, little kitty, now listen--
    You'll be spending ten years in a prison.
    A door is one real deadly weapon
    Into that orange jumpsuit you'll be steppin'!

    1. haha Cassie may not like that
      She will squirm away like a rat

  26. Cassie tried to kill and that must have caused a thrill. A murderous dog I've heard of before but a killing cat would be a thing of lore.

    1. haha yeah cat on cat
      She tried to squash him flat


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