Can't Grow? Sure You can At Your Show!

So many people including Pat, jump around to each blog mat, watching others with a green thumb, knowing they suck and then some. But you just have to have your eyes clear and I will help you do that with my little rhyming rear.

Can't grow a thing,
There at your wing?
Don't be such a liar.
You have so much to aspire.

For you can grow much.
You don't even have to reach out and touch.
Let's not get dirty.
I don't want some search engine nut getting flirty.

For you may not be able to grow a pretty flower.
But you can go for something in the shower.
Just look at that hair monster in the drain.
See, all you needed to do was let the hair rain.

But you can also grow weeds.
You don't even have the plant any seeds.
Just spread some ground,
And pretty soon they will be found.

That makes two.
See how I am helping you?
You want another?
So you can impress your mother?

My, aren't you greedy.
But I guess I can help the needy.
Quickly spread some water on your counter top.
Not too much, you'll know when to stop.

Then stick something on top of it.
A few weeks later your third hit.
You have a brand new batch of mold.
You can make penicillin and trade it for gold.

See you don't need a green thumb.
You can still sit on your bum.
Or you can just stand around and hum.
So there is no need to be glum.

But if this is still too much for you.
There is still one more thing you can do.
I warn you it is so very hard.
Simply, stop mowing the yard.

In your grass will grow.
Now you have lots to show.
Of course you may get plenty of grass stains.
But you'll save some clogged drains.

You can never say never again. For you can grow much at your den. It may not give those with a green thumb thrills and it could send them heading for the hills. But at least you can grow something at your sea. No need to thank little old me. Can you grow more than grass? You can confess to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer


  1. With today's No.#1
    Made it a perfect 10
    From July 25 - Aug 03
    That's counting ten


    1. Congrats to Hank it's party time
      To be a 10 it is no crime
      Balloons and cake and pink ice cream
      Is it for real or just a dream????

    2. Congrats indeed
      always lurking at my feed

    3. Thanks Manzi
      For real certainly!


    4. A cheer squad
      As all applaud

  2. To having green fingers
    Can be quite some bother
    It is not so
    as Pat shows
    If only one cares to know


    1. Yeah can grow
      Even stoop low
      And watch the mold
      Turn it to gold
      For those in the know

  3. Fun grows every single day
    at Pat's bay :)

    Have a nice weekend Pat !!

  4. I've never had much of a green thumb
    Maybe I'm just a little dumb
    What does Cassie think of your ability to grow
    There at your show?

    1. Cassie is not impressed one bit
      She'd rather I grow grass so she can eat it

  5. Ha ha you're right we all can grow mold
    in corners of the refrigerator I've been told
    or check those strawberries from the store
    you can find not-so-hidden mold & more
    and if you don't tightly wrap your cheese
    you'll grow enough mold to make you wheeze
    or leftovers left along too long
    will soon start smelling pretty strong.

    1. The smell sure is hell
      Nothing about it is swell
      And plenty of ways to do it too
      As pointed out by you

  6. ha. yes i can grow mold...and now hair in weird places cause i am getting old, or just leave the fridge for a month or three you might be surprised what you see or it might grow legs and walk itself depending on what is on your shelf...

    1. You telling me weird places it will grow
      The older I get at my show? lol
      be fun to see
      What walked off as long as it didn't touch me

  7. Never been able to grow a thing
    Its not for want or trying
    Everything I bring in to this house
    Lands up yellow and dying.

    1. Maybe leave it outside
      Then it will grow with pride

  8. We don't have a garden but our weeds are going gangbusters!

    1. See, can grow things with ease
      Even weeds that can house fleas

  9. Icy chills up and down my spine
    Grow green fingers like a climbing vine
    There's another song to fit the day
    To make great mulch get a bale of hay
    Cat covered the gambit the alphabet long
    Some mow their grass when wearing a thong
    My thumb is purple and no longer green
    It got in a scuffle with the back yard door screen

    1. haha so the door screen won the day?
      Go door at your bay
      Have to get the mutt to tackle it
      She'll make that door have a fit
      Mow the grass wearing a thong
      For some that isn't wrong haha

  10. Just leave the dishes sit
    an give your nose a fit
    Stack those wet clothes
    another assault for the nose
    Yes, you are right
    mold grows out of sight
    and the smell
    worse than hell!

    1. The smell is bad
      Way more than a tad
      And can make one sick
      So no dishes pile up here like a wall of brick

  11. I could probably grow something in the back of the fridge. But if I stopped cutting my grass I'd have a jungle in about two weeks.

    1. Could get some animals and charge a fare
      Make some extra dough at your new jungle lair

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This blooper will remain
      Showing all how you screwed the pooch at my lane
      Weird saying
      but one worth displaying lol

  13. What the wham!?
    I was thinking
    about growing
    a poem...

  14. Sorry Cat, did a blooper at my show, so will give it

    I don't know it may just be me
    but, I think we all have room to grow
    from a seed to a beautiful flower
    with water & sunlight we will surely glow
    perhaps, on the scene a honey bee will be seen
    drinking the sweet nectar, after a summer shower

    if you grow too much grass then you will need
    to mow but, it is better than shoveling snow..haha
    lying in the grass, can be so nice on a summer night
    gazing at the stars, twinkling so bright,
    as my dreams take flight..

    PS I don't like mold so none of that can grow
    as I'm allergic to that you know..

    1. I just hope the bee
      Does not sting thee
      That can hurt
      Blood can spurt
      But with a little sun
      Much can grow and be spun
      And yes I so agree
      Mowing beats snow shoveling any day at my sea
      Well allergic to mold beats allergic to cats
      With Pat's ocd there is no mold at our mats

    2. swinging by to say hi
      saw a bumble bee today
      much better than a black fly
      saw a yellow butterfly as well
      watched it dance in the sky

      would rather have fun in the sun
      then shoveling snow by the
      hope you enjoyed the day at your bay
      did the cats run around and play
      to the sound of hot crossed buns

      no mold is good to hear let's
      give 3 cheers...heehee

    3. haha yeah no mold
      And even better no cold
      Saw all kinds of insects at your sea
      A fly buzzed around in front of me
      But it is kinda dead now
      Killed by those who go meow haha

  15. Weeds are my specialty.
    Mold dies on site.
    Stop mowing leads to a penalty.
    Therefore we mow away to stop nasty neighbors bite.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha you get a penalty for that?
      My that must suck at your mat

  16. You are just so helpful I can't stand it. ha.

    1. Next I'll show all how to cook
      To continue being helpful at my nook

  17. Hair monsters in the tub drain...yep I got that one. That's about all I can grow though.

    1. Well at least there is one
      You can give a run

  18. You ain't a kiddin', weeds grow with no talent whatsoever! And a big phooey to it too. ;)

    1. haha I'll raise your phooey
      As the cat likes to eat them chewy

  19. ha - i once put a pan away that wasn't cleaned properly...after a few weeks found can imagine what has grown there..

    1. Yeah nothing you'd want to see
      Pitch that pan up a tree

  20. I don't have a green thumb but I do try to clean
    and throw out my mess every week, urgh on those slimy stuff ~

    Happy weekend Pat ~

    1. Yeah one must surely clean
      Or it can get obscene

  21. My big problems are that I can't grow facial hair even after months of trying and that I'd love to put on an extra few inches in height but at 20 years old I'm running out of time, great post Pat!

    1. haha you aren't going to grow any more
      At that height forever at your shore

  22. That's some serious rhyming. Nice to meet you Pat Hatt! :D

  23. We has one plant;
    So far the Human can't
    Kill it though she tries--
    Now it's reached enormous size!
    I really love to eat it
    There's nothing that can beat it!

  24. Hi ! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and you green-thumb Cat...
    Hmm...Like Dr. Seuss let me see what I can pull Out Of my... hat !
    ...and give to you, Miss Priss, and Pat Hatt...Oh ! here it's a Barack Obama Chia pet...
    Ha ! ha !...
    By the way, I don't no if it will really "grow..." though !
    deedee :)

  25. Oops !...I meant to type:
    By the way, I don't know if it will really "grow..." though !

  26. Ugh, reminds me that mowing the lawn this week will be extra bad for me because my brother forgot to do it last week.

    1. Yeah that will be a pain
      Hire some kids from down the lane

  27. In my yard I have more weeds than grass.;; If I would use a weed killer on my lawn, I would have more brown than green.

    1. Advantage to have weeds
      Unless you want to plant grass seeds

  28. Those are not things I want to grow, but they seem to pop up at my show. Can't grow pretty things like flowers. Makes me weep like springtime showers.

    1. haha and you rhymed away
      I guess mold does that at your bay


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