Danny Boy Wants Blogland Joy!

So after yesterday's guest I bet you thought it would be another strange one, as you know I like those the best. They let me watch you all cringe at my bay, which is fun to do for me at least every day. But not today. Instead of a typical whoopdi friggin doo display, you will all be sung about. This should be a mighty fine shout.

The cat wrote the tale,
But he was not about to wail.
I am too busy exploring my new shore.
Plus that is such a chore.

So I contracted out to an Irish lass.
She was happy to help out my little rhyming ass.
She thought it was fun to make fun of you to.
Oh the things the cat can get people to do.

Give a human a nudge in the right place.
They will surely break and off they'll race.
Doing what you want them to.
They won't even have a clue.

But now it is time for you to listen to a little ditty.
That delights this spotted kitty.
Should be interesting to see,
What retorts are left for me.

Sadly, Danny boy could not rhyme, that is the only crime with my time. But oh well, I got to cause all of you a little hell. Or maybe it backfired and you could be flattered by it. It could be a top ten hit. Sorry, no royalties will come to pass. All money goes to my little rhyming ass.

Fill you rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Getting close to ten and ten
      Going for 20 at my den

  2. Hahahahahaha... That was so cool Pat!!! Kudos to Irish Lass!!

    1. Yeah she did a great job indeed
      Glad it was enjoyed at my feed

  3. Was just listening to your video by the ear
    'Hank the top spot' at the beginning I hear
    Thanks Pat for the play
    It certainly made my day
    Now going slowly for 20, perfect 10 twice over


    1. Yeah had to have you one
      As the sung was done
      As there you are
      Each day at my bar
      Unless John or waffles ruins your fun

  4. right out of a horror feature
    heh, when the lone bloodshot eye
    rises over the horizon like a sun you better
    run for cover---seriously, you are funny
    when you are addressing your readers
    that last one with the bloggers
    is still my fav...

    1. Haha I will run
      Or just flick litter by the ton
      Blinded by scat
      So the way of the cat
      Fav was the convention one?
      You do like the hicks under you sun hahaha

  5. Definite Grammy material!!!! She's givin' Adele a run for her money!!! Oh and "hand up my ass" is sure to be a turn on for some pervs.

    1. Yipeee, here comes a grammy
      Maybe that will get me on Whammy?
      That is tomorrows run
      And yeah the pervs will have fun

  6. I loved this
    Nothing was amiss
    Yes I go have a huge name
    I have only myself to blame
    That Irish lass has an amazing voice
    To praise her I have no choice

    1. haha yeah long arse name
      But it still brings fame

  7. An Irish tune to jar your senses
    Wake up dudes and mend your fences
    You are immortalized in song
    Embolden much like ole King Kong
    Cat always seems to know your foibles
    Swear to that on a stack of boibles

    Love the new vid. Nice voice. Hope the move is going well and the cats came out of the cupboard. Unpacking is a pain in your little rhyming ass.

    1. Cat knows all
      As he catches on at every hall
      Keeping things in his mind
      To make fun off with his rhyming behind
      And yeah unpacking sucks a ton
      But we are all done
      Just relax away
      Until work on Manday

  8. well I see I'm caught at about 1:18
    Truedessa with her steamy poetry
    perhaps, a verse or two for the cat
    to make him flip at his mat...
    thanks for the smile this morning
    the song came with no forewarning
    this cat is a rare breed a leader
    when addressing his many readers
    so creative at your zoo, all the
    wonderful things this cat can do
    his mind races through the night
    one never knows what he will write
    so we just wait until the light
    to see what will take flight on
    the magic mat of Pat & his cats..
    the lass did well holding a tune
    so much fun to listen to..

    So, today I will not pout and perhaps
    I will send you a trout..while I'm
    out and about..have a good day!

    1. Had to come back for a second spin..watched
      the rest of the video's with a grin
      tipping my hat to the cat..hope I don't
      go splat as I fall laughing on the mat
      Pat Hatt & the cats reaching for the sky
      keep reaching you will get there for sure..

      Have a great day there at your bay!

    2. Make sure it is fresh
      And covered in mesh
      So the trout survives the trip
      Or the cat may give you lip
      You just never know
      How I'll address all at my show
      But at 1:18 you say
      Hmmmm you may have confused the array
      I got my dig in there
      As you blabber at my lair lol

      Listened to them all?
      You must have had a ball
      Those were done up months/years ago
      and shown at my show
      Before your time
      But now you are caught up and all is sublime

    3. lol..yeah confusion but be from a contussion
      Grace is the steamy poet, I'm just a blabbermouth.

    4. "must" lol can't even type at my bay..
      still funny stuff for the day...

    5. haha got you all kerfluffled today
      You are steamy too just blabbermouth fit better I say

    6. ahh you are sweet..but, I like to blabber and you
      know that in fact will do some later..

    7. haha and as you do it later
      Don't fall in a crater
      Stole that from you
      Just had to

  9. Little rhyming ass sounds so poetic when sung! That was awesome. No hell here.

    1. haha who knew
      Rhyming ass could be poetic at my zoo

  10. those devilish cats can really make you do crazy stuff, met by sum with a loud "huff." but it's all good, as long as it's cat approved,

    1. The cat approved it all
      As he brings forth the writing on the wall

    2. it's good to know, maybe I'll ask the cat an interview for my show.

    3. The cat could have fun with that
      Wouldn't be as boring as Pat

  11. Oh, I love this one!!! One truly doesn't ever know what one will find at your bay. Very very clever. I am glad I didn't turn it off after the FIRST song...the second was well worth a listen. Only at Pat's Bay!!!!! And it didn't end there, there was still more. Now I have been entertained for the morning!!

    1. haha yeah I mistakenly put it so
      A playlist did show
      As the ass one was for tomorrow
      But oh well it will still show
      And you never know indeed
      Except for rhyme of course at my feed

  12. Just adding to my bliss :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Unless at the grocery store
      Then you may roar

  13. Bush with a Tush!
    Too funny!

    Loved the ad for your books though!

    1. Yeah those ones were grand
      Glad you like the ad at my land

  14. Damn. Can't play the video at the library.

    1. How rude
      But have to remain quiet or they'll give attitude

  15. Funny it was
    but she butchered
    the song with
    notes so bad
    it made me sad.

    I don't think there will be any royalties on that one Cat, but she may well go to Hell for missing all those notes. I hope she knows a good priest who will absolve her of the sin of it.

    Now Hand Up My Ass, that one is a hit. That was so funny. Then I just let the video run and listened to your ads. I know I haven't seen the Scrabble one. I liked that one really well too. You are a master of self promotion Cat!

    1. haha ever the critic in you
      But you can duke it out with your irish crew
      And yeah Hand up my ass
      Is for tomorrow's post that comes to pass
      Didn't mean to play them all
      and yeah I have self promotion down at my hall

  16. What a fun treat,
    The Irish lass sounds so sweet,
    As she helps you poke fun,
    At all your blogging loved ones.

    1. Yeah poking fun
      Is always swell under my sun

  17. is it sad that I found my picture in like 2 seconds in that big picture?

    1. Just means you have keen eye sight
      Or maybe a bit sad in a different light

  18. I couldn't get the picture (or maybe it was a video), to load :(
    I'm so sad I might implode.
    Maybe I can try again tomorrow.
    Until then I might take your summer drinking advice and drown in my sorrow.

    1. haha that sucks a ton
      Maybe in certain places it is unable to run

  19. I take it you were the lyricist for the first song? LOLOL

    The puppet afterwards rhymes suspiciously like you do...related? :)

    1. Yeah that is a good guess
      The puppet is repeating me I confess

  20. Oh Danny Boy
    Not much joy
    That singing hurt my ears
    I fears
    The dog
    Is agog
    Hid under the bed
    At such dread
    With a hand up your ass
    It's time to pass
    A generous fart
    That's a start
    Argggghhhh the A to Zed
    Rings in my head!

    1. LMAO got you with the a to z
      Oh that is far to funny
      I'll have to make that play auto matic
      So there is no static

  21. You were so blessed to have an Irish lass who could sing so beautifully! I did't catch my name; I was too busy listening to the lovely lass. Creative, one again.

    1. Hmm may have been a most you missed
      As I just go down a post and add all who were there that day to my list

  22. orlin N cassie...

    well, thanx....knot... ta de human ...noize...comin frum R momz werk, we dinna get
    ta full lee enjoy de mewsic... but seer ee iz lee.....bee those all yur followerz on de pik sure?

    ~~~~ say noe... ore R mom will spend de day tryin ta find uz...then de ...noize......frum de bozz.... will bee @&^%$# up :)

    1. haha you all ran away
      So noisey at your bay

  23. I love this Pat, a good way of paying tribute to your awesome followers, really like this and the Irish Lass does a good job!

    1. haha and even with your whine
      It was divine lol

  24. At visiting your space I've been remiss
    But today I'm so glad I saw this
    Took a while to reply in this comment box
    Because I laughed so hard it knocked off my socks.

    1. haha hopefully your feet are okay
      Or they don't smell and scare people away

  25. Oh this was clever, so much fun under your sun!

  26. That wonderful. Clever, too. *sigh* I wish I was clever like this. I guess that's why we hire others, huh? The ones who are. lol

    1. haha yeah can hire out
      If one needs a clever shout

  27. That made Irish eyes smile everywhere!

    1. That is good
      Wouldn't want the irish after me in my hood

  28. Here's to a cat with talent! Great to meet you and thanks for stopping in to say hi at The Write Game today. I'll be back to read your rhymes.

  29. Now I want to hear you sing this.

  30. Grin. Always something fun and exciting going on here.

  31. Your Irish Lassie sings quite classy. I loved your song as I hummed along. Though, the ninja may come after thee for calling him a wanna be.

    1. haha done it before and will do it again
      Not afraid of him at my den lol

  32. Dangit, I'll have to listen to this tomorrow when the hubby isn't watching television. I'll be back!!

  33. Another song for you to write and sing. We're waiting!

    1. haha may have to wait a while
      As Pat's singing is vile

  34. Haha, that's so great! Unfortunately a fan was not my mate. WTF are you listening to? Guess Irish lasses make him blue.

    1. hahahaha too funny indeed
      Guess no tip will come from his feed

  35. My little nettie can't handle videos! Grump! Grump!

  36. Something about her Irish accent made this song seem ultra-sophisticated, like bagpipes would start at any moment. She has a very nice voice, and this was a silly one. I hope you're enjoying your new whereabouts.


    1. Even made ass sound that way
      Takes a lot at ones bay

  37. Ha, ha! Love it. I can't deny that Irish lass sings some sass.

    VR Barkowski

  38. How did you get all your followers onto a screen like that?

    1. Took some doing with cut and paste
      Had some time to waste

  39. awesome..
    Irish lash voice is a treat... :)

    having fun :)

  40. So was it, or was it not our Anne?
    I'm thinking not, but maybe she sang across her land?

  41. Ha Ha Ha!!! LMAO!! I had to listen to it twice because I wasn't listening for "old one eyed the cyclops"...I should have known better, cat! Silly me to think you'd use my name. Hope you're enjoying your time in the cage!!

    Pat, I hope your move is going well.

    1. hahaha old one eye has to come due
      and yep, move is all done at our zoo

  42. HAHAHAHAHAHA SO GLAD I DIDN'T MISS THIS!!! oops, yelling? Me. So dotty of me!!!
    I wanna be one of the hotties!!! :)

    jean xox

  43. Glad you enjoyed it
    Shouting is okay for a bit

  44. Couldn't hear it on the train
    Had to listen to it all over again
    And in the rain!!!
    What a hoot, humor does not wane!


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