Do All Go Slow At Every Show?

The cat has been noticing more and more people go very very slow at their shore. Except of course the wacko driving loons but we will leave them for Looney Tunes.

Order package for yourself,
Says it will come one week to your shelf.
Three weeks later it arrives.
I hope mailing anything live survives.

Get some movers to come,
To move you little rhyming bum.
Book a month in advance,
And still three hours late in they prance.

Waiting on a loon at work,
Which is so not a perk.
Want it here and now,
Sadly the loon is late, wow.

Says artwork will be done soon.
Sings the same old tune.
Still waiting weeks later.
Maybe he had to wrestle an alligator?

Or it could have been a crocodile.
I wonder which would be more vile?
Haven't got a clue.
I just avoid the two.

Of course with some it is expected,
They would be wrong not to leave you neglected.
We can't have the DMV getting a good rap.
Then people might not fall for their time wasting trap.

Waiting for the dam red light.
That they need to go out of sight.
But there it will make you sit,
Making you say things like umm spit.

This one is a real winner,
Have to go out to wait for your dinner.
Could have eaten by the time you got there.
Doesn't that make you want to swear?

And of course you got the real keeners,
Who take the slowpokes to the cleaners.
Instead of three hours late they show up three hours early.
At three in the morning one may get a little squirrely.

Maybe they should just come on time?
I bet that could even be learned by a mime.
Which makes it all the worse.
I even got through it without giving the curse.

Yes, things do obviously get in the way, but not each and every single day. Those slowpokes can just go piss up a rope or pound sand if that has no hope. Now my little rant is come to pass from my non-slowpoke little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. There's nothing more annoying than slowness, especially slow people walking in front of you. Sometimes it can be good to be slow but generally slowness is associated with frustration and annoyance, at least for me haha. Funny post Pat, at least your posts are always done quickly. Even if I'm slow to first comment!

    1. Yeah slow pokes can annoy
      And bring no joy
      But the feckers that come 3 hours late
      Are the ones I hate

  2. The slow coach will always be there
    Not that they care nor not being aware
    They really enjoy it
    making others wait
    Just sensing importance putting on airs


    1. That is true
      That make you wait at your zoo
      Thinking they are grand
      Across the land
      But really they are what is on the bottom of a shoe lol

  3. Wait in all day
    between eight and
    possibly eight
    they say

    1. hahaha so agree
      Wasting a day waiting at your sea

  4. Well, Cat, they all are true
    They'd get the bottom of my shoe
    For me there's one from all the rest
    Waiting for food, a boring test
    Or driving for miles to get a dinner
    I'd rather go to the gym and get slimmer

    1. That is where they need to be
      Or strung up in a tree
      I never wait for food
      Eating out is blah to my ocd and rude haha

  5. My husband is 15 minutes early for everything. I make fun of his exact punctuality often (like driving suuuuper slow for a few seconds until he catches on that I'm teasing).

    I used to wonder why people thought it was okay to chronically stroll into work, 15, 20, 30...minutes late. If everyone did that, it woulda' been ugly. ;)

    Things DO get mailed alive, lol. I know baby chicks get mailed. Crazy...

    1. I set the clock in the car ten minutes ahead
      So never late when I get out of bed
      Get there 15 minutes or so early too
      And yeah agreed on the work zoo

  6. I never understand slackers. If I'm not 15 minutes early, I'm late, hence my nickname "stickler".

    1. haha stickler too
      Giving me more ammo at my zoo
      And yeah 15 minutes early is the way to be
      With that I agree

  7. "At three in the morning one may get a little squirrely." - Hahaha. :D

    1. haha well it is true
      As they show up out of the blue

  8. Dealing with contractors drives me insane. We have a lot of work do on our home and my husband has been smart he schedules a lot of it while I am in Arizona. That way all goes well. I am not calling him losing it because the contractors are late and he gets a good price and since he his at work,my husband doesn't get as frustrated. I still tend to complain from Arizona but not nearly as much if I was living there daily. I just don't get how hard it is to be on time and schedule properly?

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yeah you think they would be able to do that
      Yet they can't grasp on time at their mat
      But they can grasp leaving early with ease
      I'd like to give them all fleas

  9. I don't wait at restaurants other than maybe five minutes. I'm not paying someone to make me wait to eat.
    As for late contractors and movers - you just described 'Southern time.'

    1. That is the way to be
      No paying to wait so may as well flee
      I think all are on southern time
      And they still charge more than a dime

  10. I'm an impatient person, I also like to be early, but my hubby runs late. If the appointment is at 2:00 I tell him it's for 1:30 - If I don't - we'll be late. But waiting on contractors can turn a very sweet individual into a real sourpuss quite quick!

    1. Yes, yes it can indeed
      As the putter around finally getting to your feed
      Want to take their hammer
      And do something that will end you up in the slammer

  11. When did the world get in such a big hurry?
    You'd think we were mice that needed to scurry
    A little patience goes a long way
    Keeps the jitters at bay

    1. That is true
      To an extent at ones zoo
      But when they say a time
      They better be their or I'll treat them like a mime

  12. if i ask someone for something i need a definitive deadline, i dont have time to be wasting waiting in line and if you cant honor it at least show some respect and dont wreck my stuff cause you cant get together your half the corner peanut puff

    1. haha sounds like you have been there
      At your lair
      And yeah they need some respect
      With no friggin neglect

  13. Waffles right, late come - frustration,
    but once you feel on right track,
    you won't be stuck

    1. Stuck is a way of life now
      But I still don't have a cow

  14. contractors always come whenever they feel like it. I feel that's the same for everyone who isn't punished by the all mighty timeclock.

    1. That is true
      If they can't be punished they get to you when the get to you

  15. Yep, it always seems to be hurry up and wait!

  16. I must admit I hate to wait
    But then there are those times when I am late
    I guess it is just my fate
    To sit around on an important date

    1. Such a fate
      At your gate
      Need a trait
      Take the bait

  17. Sometimes you have to be patient Pat but I understand is terrible have to wait a lot!

    1. Yes, sometimes it is fine
      But 3 hours late is not divine

    2. Step on their toes
      That will cause them woes

  18. I don't mind waiting a little bit for people, but some really abuse the privilege!

    1. Yeah a little bit is okay
      But not the idiots that drag it well into the day

  19. I hear you! Waiting drives me crazy!

    1. Yep, pain in the butt
      Want to get it done at my hut

  20. I hate to wait for someone in a restaurant especially if they have set the time.
    But I will wait and forget about the late if the dinner turns out to be fine......

    1. haha look at you being all nice
      I'd make them pay the pill fully with no slice

  21. Apparently none of these folks know that time is of the essence. I ordered a dining room set a few years back and 2 extra chairs. The chairs never showed after waiting and waiting. Finally a call to the owner telling him I would just have my family members bring their own chairs to Thanksgiving dinner would look bad for his business. What do you know, next day he personally drove over my 2 chairs. Amazing how quick wait times speed up when you complain.

    1. Yeah bitch at them and they get things done
      Amazing how fast they run

  22. orlin N cassie

    de food serviss purrsonz dad all ways said de food serviss purrsonz sister wuz gonna bee late for her own..... funeral.....

    1. haha well at least see can live longer
      And feed away making you stronger

  23. Not good if it slows down
    Or if it gets super fast around town
    There's a right time for each task to happen...perhaps
    At times you don't have an option, so you simply can't swap
    So one has to get along with what gets in their way
    It's always in one's hand to make their day

    1. Still having to wait
      Just brings hate
      So can't do much
      When waiting and such

  24. Waiting for others to get something for me just irritates me to no end.

    1. Yep, do it myself
      Whenever I can at my shelf

  25. My comments are great
    But I'm fashionably late
    Worth waiting for
    at your lair, haha :)

    1. haha I don't mind
      Waiting to find
      A comment from you
      At my zoo

  26. Today, I'm guilty of being late
    that's not an admirable trait
    running behind all day my fate
    playing catch up here and there
    not much time to spare

    I do agree with thee though
    when you're paying the dough
    they can at least show on time
    but, no late is their crime

    Seems ridiculous to wait
    two hours for dinner...
    but, many do it's true

    Cable guys are always late
    say they'll be there by eight
    lucky if you see them by noon
    you're left dreaming of Cancun..(lol)

    Catch you later gator...

    1. Yeah when you pay
      And they delay
      They can go
      Search far and low
      As they get no tip
      I'll just give them lip
      Or tell them not to eat yellow snow
      And off to Cancun we will go
      Wait! That is in mexico
      Hmmm Bora Bora would be safer you know

    2. then it's off to Bora Bora
      we go, as it is paradise you know
      set the sails, hold the ship steady
      traveling the seas, I'm
      Captain Pat Hatt, we need some dough
      as we glow in the magical aura...

    3. haha have to rob a bank
      And make all walk the plank
      Use our magic to break in
      Then we buy a plot for our money bin
      Spending each day
      By the bora bora bay

  27. My family tells me a party is starting at 1, when it really starts at 4, just to get me there on time.
    I don't try to be late, and I don't want to be hated universally...
    I just can't ever seem to get it together.

    It seems to be genetic, since my mother and daughter are similarly afflicted. I wonder if anyone has ever studied chronic lateness?

    1. Hmmm could be a study they could do
      Wonder if they'd pay you
      To join on in
      At your tardy bin hahaha
      Such a sin
      For lateness you win

  28. At the mall I used to get so mad
    At the super slow walking fad
    I wanted to get the chore quickly done
    Because I had thing to do that were more fun
    Now I get mad at work when I must stay late
    Because so many are so slow getting to the gate
    But mostly on those late nights I whine and complain
    When I can't make it on time to the train

    1. haha oh the train and bus
      Make me fuss
      As have to be on time
      To hear their chime
      Or stuck waiting
      Kinda like dating

  29. I have arrived
    I have strived
    To be on time
    Not such a crime
    I'm typing from the future
    A time to suit cha'
    I wait for the dude
    But he's just rude
    Ends up showing
    When out I'm a going..

    1. Always the way
      At each bay
      They come when you are done
      And ready to run

  30. The cat hasn't had the pleasure of seeing the mom behind the wheel, evidently. She's lucky she doesn't get a speeding ticket every time she hits the road.

    1. haha well that is better than slow
      As long as she watches where she does go

  31. The things that come out of your head man... Haha :)

  32. I went defo slow for a few days/the Shropshire countryside, that's where I lay my gaze/amongst the sheep, the cows and the horses/and devouring meat, fish and vegetarian courses! :-)

    Greetings from London.


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