Fashion Sense On My Side Of The Fence!

You know at one point or another at my sea someone said I should go on a fashion spree. Well I did not want to share my great fashion sense. But I guess just for you I will give my ten cents.

If you really want to impress,
Don't just wear a pink dress,
Go all jungle like.
I bet no one will tell you to take a hike.

Or forget the shirt,
Forget the skirt.
Just wear a fish net.
It is always a safe bet.

And don't forget the hair.
It has to have flair.
Make it look like a bird's nest.
Then you will be at your best.

And if you want to rock the suit.
Just give off a little toot.
Then hop into this great one.
I bet each and everyone you will stun.

But if it is cold,
You have to dress more bold.
At least you can wish upon a rainbow,
Still making all around you go, Whoa!

Now you can really impress,
forget any kind of dress.
You can show off your bikini wax.
I hear they sell these with no tax.

And cute animals always work.
The ladies consider them such a perk.
It will be a safe bet,
That they will want to pet.

And don't forget the nifty shoes.
Without them you'll have the blues.
With these you will surely stun.
Just do not try to run.

And simply dress like a queen,
If you really want to make a scene.
All regal from had to feet,
Thinking your fashion is oh so neat.

But if you want to do no wrong,
Simply slap on the zebra thong.
You will never get told to go away,
I bet it will even make one's day.

So what do you think? Do you think the cat can quit his day job at his rink? I could become the biggest fashion mogul around and leave the rhyming to a hound. Yeah, that probably would not do. Those things are too busy eating their own poo. But there is no need to thank me each lad and lass. Just go strike a pose with the fashion tips from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Some of these outfits are just vile and more than worthy of your derision Pat haha, especially the chequered shirt suit! I don't need to say much about Gaga's meat outfit either, just awful!

    1. haha what? No checkered suit for you?
      Could wear it and go to the zoo

  2. I am sure happy I don't have a lick of fashion sense.

  3. Good Morning,

    These are some bad fashion rules
    what were they thinking that day
    now, they are dressed like fools
    think I'll create my own style
    here at my all I can say
    as people smirk and smile
    laughing all the while...

    funny, what people will wear
    as they try to create flair...
    at least you didn't show them bare..haha

    Have a great day Pat and Cats...
    talk soon

    1. haha most I'd ever show as an ass
      Particularity of some lass
      Nothing bare as that would scare
      What to remain a pg13 lair haha
      But what do you have to worry anyway?
      You jump on here bare to chat before going to your work bay lol
      Such a style
      Have fun turning the work dial

    2. When it comes to fashion
      each has their passion
      dressing is a personal affair
      but, beware some might stare..
      need to keep it clean for PG13

      Hope you had a good day!

    3. Yeah I try
      Sometimes I go 14 under my sky
      But to each their own
      Unless their head dons a cone

  4. disturbed for sure, cant keep my thoughts pure
    no men with g-strings please, esp not with a walkman that
    pulls it down to the backs of your knees--saw that once almost stabbed my eyes out....on no dont doubt..i am all for to each their own but have some respect---for yourself first---i'm gone

    1. hahaha with your gawk
      Must have been quite the walk
      As he went down the street
      To his walkman beat

  5. I didn't need to see that last one.
    Is that bikini outfit legal in public? If my wife wore that, I wouldn't let her out of the house. And for more than one reason...

    1. haha wouldn't wear it very long?
      No love for the zebra thong

  6. My fashion sense is enough to get arrested
    Hopefully the fashion police are never tested
    My middle school pics would put these others to shame
    I wish I had some alcohol to blame

    1. Put them to shame?
      Did you play the Steve Urekel game?

    2. I did yes very much
      But I burned the pictures so there would be no evidence of such

    3. hahahaha oh that would be funny
      Maybe some are still around thanks to the Easter Bunny

  7. Oh, my,they did look in a mirror,you would think?
    Wondering why someone wouldn't put up a stink.
    Hey, wondering if that bikini comes in pink?
    If I wore that thing I would be found in the clink!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha arrested on sight?
      I'm sure with that you could make things right

  8. I looked at all your fashion pics
    you won't find any of these around my stix
    but I don't really want to judge what others wear
    except if certain body parts make us all stare
    I believe there are parts that humans should cover
    to avoid having others' eyes tempted to hover!!

    (That woman in the white attire is something else! Yikes.)

    1. hahaha yikes I would not say
      May stare at my bay
      But yeah to each their own
      Unless you want to throw one a bone

  9. It's good to wake up in the morning to a post that isn't boring. Bikini girl caught my eye, chick sure isn't shy.


  10. Some really weird fashion sense
    Not to be caught in such bland
    Being conservative
    Is an alternative
    Plain and simple shirt and pants


    1. The way to be
      At my sea
      Simple does it
      Bit by bit
      Easier to take off and pee

  11. I love it cat, you caught the flair
    With pride you will make others stare
    I love your bold unfettered style
    Sipping martinis all the while
    Down the runway, turn and pose
    Praise to the noble arteest who sews
    In my fish net I hope I'll find
    A hunk like that, I wouldn't mind

    1. haha he may crush
      When really flush
      The cat will run
      Down the way for fun
      But to stop and pose
      We'll see how that goes

  12. The clothes, they are bad
    and way frightful, dude.
    But, hey, just be glad
    they aren't in the nude.

    1. At least not most
      One shows her coast
      Or the beach
      Nude just outta reach

  13. Those people could be in Walmart!

  14. oh my....I will save the pictures so i can look at them at days when I am not happy with myself. Because at least I am not photographed on these days for all the world to see...forever and ever.

    1. haha that is a good way to look at it
      Can be the only one to see your fit

  15. Oh my goodness, not fashion sense and no sense at all!

  16. Ahh, the return of the dreaded zebra thong!

    And that "bird's nest" hairdo makes its wearer look like a Dr. Seuss character!

    1. Can't hit delete
      Just like zombie feet
      I guess the hairdo fits in
      Then at my bin

  17. People will wear anything,
    even stuff only fit for the bin!

  18. If you ask me, for cat
    rhyme is what suits the best
    Don't know much about cat's taste
    But fashion as he states er seems to be a total waste

    1. Yeah he has no taste
      Stick to picking out toothpaste

  19. Haha, you're the fashion police, too
    These people should be arrested, true
    One outfit uglier than the other
    They should not dress, why bother
    Or send them to that show on the air
    Here called "What Not To Wear" !!! :)

    1. They would make it a hit
      At least most fit
      One plus I suppose
      As they strike a pose

  20. The celebs must be desperate for notoriety.

    1. That or their brain cells went out the window
      Probably the size of their little toe

  21. It looks like a day at the beach! Like something we'd see from all the tourists parading around here, cat. The season is almost coming to an end. Boo Hoo!! They're heading back to your land.

    1. You can keep them all
      With your one eye you must be the star attraction at your hall lol

  22. Ah you love these things Pat I know you enjoy all these:)

  23. orlin N cassie...if we haz said it onze we haz said it onze again....
    thiz iz why... ewe will never catch uz.... wearin...shirts....shooz...ore pants !!
    late again two day...hope yur day iz good !!!!!!~

  24. I always wonder why celebs dress like homeless people. All that money to look trashy. Good grief. The pink hair lady rocks though! Must be in style. I saw a granny at my daughter's high school today with hot pink hair. I was quite impressed with it!

    1. Have a thing for pink hair?
      I'll remember that at my lair

  25. That Dawg, Randy Jackson is the only person on earth who can get away with that jacket. However, that dude in the plaid suit is gonna get his ass beat!!!!

    1. haha yeah he looks like a nerd
      Ready to get squashed by the herd

  26. holy brainlesses batman! protect my wittle eyes!

  27. i was so flabberghasted, i misspelled brainlessness!!
    wow, thats a lot of $5 words!

    1. And you win $1 Canadian for those words
      Could feed the birds haha

  28. I was ready to say the shoes were the worst...until I saw the zebra thong. Oh my.

    1. haha zebra thong wins
      Pat likes to commit sins

  29. Those are some real winners! I want a plaid suit like that. Not!

  30. This was great! Loved the plaid suit. The bikini was kinda scary.

    1. yeah scary I suppose
      But that is how it goes

  31. Hideous is the perfect word
    For the outfits so absurd
    Indeed you probably could be
    A fashionista reporter at your sea
    But would it bring as much praise
    As your wild rhyming craze

    1. Nah rhyming brings more
      Here at my shore
      So I'll stick with that
      Here at my mat

  32. fashion always reminds me of the movie Zoolander

  33. Man, you unearthed some super scary pics. Did I see Zandra Rhodes flash by?

  34. Fashion scenes come and go.
    Even celebrities will tell you so.
    The Fashion Police
    with money to fleece...
    Love to deride and scorn,
    those that may wish they were never born
    when they see their pictures on TV
    for all the masses drooling with despicable glee.
    Oh, how I wish they would listen to me.
    I've got the fashion flair for everyone to see.
    Best of all--it's here for free!

    1. haha maybe one day
      They will hit play
      And see you on the screen
      Oh so serene
      Then away you go
      Fashion guru at your show

  35. ew. just ew. bikini wax? Either it's a month old or she needs to get her money back! lol...

    1. LOL maybe it was a rush job
      By What about Bob

  36. Your fashion sense gave me quite a shock
    On none of their doors do I hope to knock
    That plaid suit sure was scary
    But we're all glad that bikini girl was not hairy.

    1. haha yeah indeed
      At my feed
      I have such great sense
      I make all hide behind their fence

  37. Fashion sense among the rich and famous is sometimes severely lacking. ;)

    I suppose w/all that money you've tried just about everything though, and get sick of playing it safe. :)

    1. Yeah that could be true
      Or they just want people to talk about their view

  38. The birds next and the shoes were my favs! But note to self: probably shouldn't head to the office looking like that :)

    1. Yeah probably not a good plan
      A weirdo though may be a fan


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