In And Out As We Move About!

Get your mind from the gutter, I am snip snip so there is nothing to do with an utter. Oh that sounds like redneck speak. It could leave me up the creek. So what is the meaning today? Yes, it actually has one at my bay. A change of pace with my title embrace.

The meaning is we have to run.
Cassie and I think this is no fun.
But of course she sucks up a ton,
So isn't too bad under our sun.

But me, no way.
I want to stay.
No cage for me.
I don't want a new sea.

Catch me if you can, Pat.
I am one fast cat.
Damn it, you closed every door.
This is something of lore.

I can't even blog stuck in a cage.
That is not all the rage.
So I'll let this guy sing about my woes.
As I sit in a cage and pick my toes.

That is right! Finally moving to a new site. Moving on up I suppose. No east side so can't have that theme song in lyric rows. Instead I made my own above. Did it get any love? The cat will be in and out this week as we move to a new creek. But don't worry at all as there are some very special guests coming to my hall. Some better be afraid such images will never fade. Don't worry, the cat won't have any more class. I'll still be the same little rhyming ass.

Fill you rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Keeping the streak
      While John is at the la creek

  2. I'm checking in early as I head out the door
    the video is cute,watching kitties on the loose
    as I drink my morning orange juice
    can't wait to see all you have in store
    the video is cute, always creative at your zoo
    would that be you singing at your shore
    trying to catch the cats as you sweetly seduce..

    Have a good day at your bay!

    1. An early check in at my bay
      Full clothed today? lol
      They were not happy to go
      From their old show
      Yanked her out just fine
      But the rhyming feline
      Knocked me on my butt
      And nope, Pat is a nut
      But can't carry a tune in a bucket
      So he contracted out and told his voice to suck it

    2. today, early check in
      fully clothed at my inn
      but, the vid gave me a grin
      the cats gave you a run
      and that was rather fun
      hope the new place has sun
      & a giant window for a nap
      hey, that cat still has my map
      but, does he have the treasure
      is he keeping it for his own

      Pat is a nut at his hut
      think he likes cashews
      as the cat shakes his butt
      while he struts..
      singing the new theme song
      all day

    3. haha glad it was worth a grin
      Tomorrows may be a flip at your inn
      You may cringe indeed
      hahaha gonna be fun at my feed
      And yep still has your map
      And that missing piece you gave a lap
      He is a hoarder I guess
      But where it is he'll never confess

      Pat is a nut
      And good call at your hut
      As cashews are right beside him now
      Eats them each day as we meow

    4. haha I knew the cat was a horder
      hiding my stuff across the border
      first, he took my missing piece
      and now, he's taken my treasure map
      perhaps, he hid it with a trap
      I will be caught as I snatch it back
      eating cashews at his shack..
      and then I will take a nap..zzzzzzzzzz

    5. Caught in a trap
      But then you'd get a slap
      Raiding Pat's cashew jar
      That may not go far haha

  3. At its new place the Cat Orlin
    Appeared somewhat out of sync
    It jumped about
    Without a shout
    But didn't look like quitting


    1. Nope never wanted to quit
      He gave pat some spit
      And then some
      With his rhyming bum
      But now it is a hit

  4. Orlin, Orlin, on a shelf
    Looking like a little elf
    He's way up in the cupboard now
    Thinks prying eyes just won't allow
    Pat must be crazy wanting to move
    Cat's all happy in his groove
    This is all the final proof
    Who will set the rules under Pat's new roof

    1. Yep, where I go he goes
      Even if it causes him woes
      And he throws up for nerves
      He can handle the swerves
      and is fine and dandy now
      After he for hours gave a meow

  5. Cats usually go crazy during a move
    Trying to find their new groove
    I hope the move goes well
    And the new place is swell

    1. New place is better than before
      At the crummy shore
      And yeah they don't like it
      Not one bit

  6. Poor Orlin showing his little fangs in that cupboard. He looked quite confused. At least he had some cat food.

    1. Can use those fangs to open them up too
      Should he had to stay at the other zoo

  7. Hiding in the cupboard. Smart cats. That's where the food is.
    Good luck with the move!

    1. Yeah can hide and eat
      as they go to their own beat

  8. Orlin is looking mighty pissed, Pat! Even I'm feeling sorry for the poor fella. Good luck with the move. Having done it so many times myself, I know it sucks. I hope you have help with your banged up self!!

    1. haha yeah he was pissed off indeed
      Even made me bleed
      But I shoved him in the cage
      As he continued to let loose his rage
      and yeah hired movers to do it
      No way I was putting my broke self through that shit
      This is the 14th time to
      I moved at my zoo

    2. Wait, what? 14th?? I think you may have me tied...let me think...nope...quick count gave me 17 moves so far. Glad you hired some movers. He made you bleed? I knew he was a wretched cat!! ha ha - no, poor guy. I don't blame him. It's tough to move. I'll feel sad for just a moment. Okay, I'm over it.

    3. Yeah scratched me when I yanked him out
      Didn't mean to with his shout
      But then knocked me from the chair
      And took of around the bare lair
      Cassie scratched me too
      I think she meant for it to come due
      Beat me by three
      Sure another few will come due at my sea

  9. ha. cute will take a bit of time but i bet he finds his rhyme again with the new beginning, sometimes i can feel the same, starting over where no one knows you name, but its def part of the game, hope your new place isnt lame...

    1. Way less lame than the other one
      And going all not Cheers under my sun? lol
      A little in reverse
      But yeah no one knows your name so they can use it in a curse

  10. Love the song, Pat. I am sure you came up with the lyrics, but was that also you singing?? Good luck on the move!

    1. First you are right on
      Second, no way hose at my lawn haha

    2. Wow, are multi talented. I am wondering who it was singing, if not you.

    3. i contracted out as I do with each theme
      I make here at my stream

  11. Ah, the poor cats, they don't like upsetting their routine anymore than we do. Good Luck with moving, oh, it is no fun but typically worth it in the end.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yeah it sucks indeed
      But a pro at it at my feed
      Way better in the end
      Worth the dough I had to spend

  12. Yes, Pat, who is singing?
    you - musician-poet-cat? confused :)
    wish you to make this move
    as cruise!

    have fun
    on the run!

    1. Not me
      Singing at my sea
      I just write
      Let another voice have the spotlight

  13. Yay for a new place
    where you three can run and race.
    Glad it's new and germ free.
    That should fill you will glee!
    Loved the video
    but it filled your cats with woe.
    Lots of hissing could be seen
    as they wanted to rip out your spleen.

    1. Yeah no germs but mine
      And that of each feline
      They already race around
      Liking the big window that is found
      And yeah he knocked me on my ass
      With his cupboard sass haha

    2. So, aren't we getting this post a week late?
      Or are you moving at the turtle's rate?

    3. haha you know I set many ahead
      Plus lazy week is what I said

    4. well, lazy would be the hare
      and not the tortoise, so rare. :)

    5. I'd rather be the hare this week
      Lazing about my creek

  14. Cute video Pat, did you write the lyrics ~

    Good thing the cats were good natured about it ~

    Good luck on the move ~

    1. They were as good as can be expected
      Singing I neglected
      But writing I did
      That is a safe bid

  15. If I ever need a theme song, I know the first person I'm going to hit up. Nicely done.

    Good luck with the move! Don't forget to poke air holes in the packing boxes when you get around to packing up Orlin. I made that mistake the hard way...

    1. got the theme songs down
      Here at my town
      Geez no air holes for the cat?
      Bad mistake at your mat haha

    2. wait...what??? who suffocated???? bleh!
      maybe that's from too many beers in the shower? ha.

    3. Think the cat got out
      If not need a smack with a trout lol

  16. cute little video

    I wonder if Orlin found a cheerio

    1. Nope all nice and clean
      Ocd works at my scene

  17. Replies
    1. Yep moved a little down the way
      To a new bay

  18. Too bad Orlin has not figured out can openers. It looked like some promising cans in the shelf above.

    1. haha he can yank on the tab thing
      But barely ever gets them open at our wing

  19. Moving? I hope there are boxes, lots and lots of boxes!

    1. Yeah there are a ton
      But Pat only left us one

  20. Congrats on the move. I like the song and the cats are b-e-a-u-t-i-e-s!

    1. They sure think they are too
      Here at our zoo

  21. That Orlin's a card, he works very hard
    to keep his old home and not have to roam.

    It's really quite strange how cats don't like change,
    when they don't fear mange or a even a lit range.
    Why is it change that gets them deranged?

    Best of luck with your move, hope you soon find your groove.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Don't sure why
      Guess they like the same sky
      But after all the fuss
      And their little cuss
      They are fine and dandy
      Thinking the new place is handy

  22. Moving just sucks! I've done it a million times and I'm sure a million more are to come soon. I've lived in the same spot for the last 8 years, which would be longest I have ever lived in one place my entire life. But as my family grows the house does not. Getting too small for my fat ass so the time is nigh to move along!

    1. Yeah sucks every time
      14 times I've given it a chime
      Sure many more will come to
      Hopefully you find one that fits your fat ass to call a new zoo lol

  23. Pat... is that you singing? Whoever it is ... they do a great job.

    1. I forgot to say.... I hope you have a Smooth Move!

    2. Nope not me
      Mostly smooth at my sea

  24. Moving is a pain. But movin' on up is a good thing, usually

  25. Moving is no fun, but the new place is always an adventure!

    1. That is true
      Onwards and upwards to a new zoo

    2. I hope you enjoy Sunshine at your zoo!

    3. Sunshine is had today
      But not yesterday at my bay

  26. Sometimes I get annoyed at you Pat, I should not be allowed to feel this overjoyed and cutsy wutsy at videos of cats, this is so adorable and the song is addictive, one of the best things I've heard in ages, have to bookmark this, so good! SO GOOD!

    1. LOL well it rhymed I suppose
      And don't worry, tomorrow's will cause woes
      As my guests are freaky deaky
      And maybe a little leaky lol

    2. oh..I think we've met him before
      someone none of us adore. lol....

    3. Nope not him
      It is 2 new ones to make all go grim

  27. Poor kitties. Hope we don't have to move. My two black goobers would freak. And I won't even tell you what Rocko does to walls when she gets stressed.

    1. haha pees up or down the wall?
      Have seen that, sadly, at the other hall

  28. orlin N cassie

    N when de kittehs got ther, de cupboards were bare; N sew
    de poor kittehs had none.....

    sum bodeez dad.. iz owin sum kittehs.... sum FOOD...big time

    hay, all de best on de mewve....they R all ways like de vacuum kleener...they suck ~~~~

    1. Yeah nothing there to eat
      Not even a treat
      He took the litterbox too
      So we couldn't even poo

  29. This is so funny - love the song. Sorry you're going thru the work involved in moving, but it sounds like a good move. Good luck to you and Orlin and the others.


    1. Yeah it went rather swell
      For the first time ever at my cell
      now I can just relax all week
      Here at my creek

  30. So we'll be getting used to a new Bush Number?

    1. Haven't had a bush with a tush in a while
      But 3 and 5 have gone the mile
      So this can be six
      As I take my licks

  31. Moving can be a pain, have fun with that.

    1. Pain it can be
      Just about every time at ones sea

  32. Picking your toes?
    A trick that is neat.
    And much better you know
    than picking your seat.

    1. Depends who you sit by
      If it is a 500 pound guy
      Or some girl
      That lets her hair twirl
      Okay all bad
      Back to picking my feet at my pad

  33. Oh my gosh, Pat, I love Orlin's theme song! Did you write and produce it?

    1. Just another theme i wrote
      Had another sing it to note

  34. Ha, I frigging love the tune! I tell ya Pat, Orlin is one lovable cat.


  35. Ha, I frigging love the tune! I tell ya Pat, Orlin is one lovable cat.


  36. Moving on and up! Concats! Did you write and sing that song? You are really talented! Good luck moving the cat, you might need it.

    1. yeah needed it indeed
      Only wrote it at my feed

  37. Congrats on your new place! Great job on the video! Orlin is definitely a star :)

  38. Wow, Patt, how wonderful! I love the video too! You always
    AMAZE ME!!!

  39. congratulations on the new site
    i thought there was gonna be a fight
    when the cat hissed from fright
    in the hideaway that's a challenge to height
    not to make light of the cute furry sight
    that made my day at your bay
    that song was a sun ray

    1. Made your day
      With a hiss on display
      The cat likes that
      As the tune flows at my mat

  40. O Mother Hubbard!
    There's no foods in that cupboard.
    They'll hate their new site
    If they can't have a bite!
    Where O where can the toonas be found?
    There's not a single one around!
    In the pantry they will linger
    Till they nibble off a finger.

    1. And nibble they will do
      If they don't like you
      But plenty of food is found
      It is now all around

  41. It's about time you got a step up from this place.

    1. A step in the right direction
      Is a nice detection

  42. new place..
    wow it's always good.. but, cat will be grumpy.. for a while :P
    Good luck with shifting Pat

    take care !!

    1. He got over it fast
      And now is having a blast

  43. Awwwwweww!!! So cute, I had to watch it three times! Congrats on the new digs!


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