Now I Really Hate The Other Sea When This Thing Greets Me!

So when we see the cage come out we run away not wanting to go out and about. But once a month or so Pat catches us and takes us to that other show. I hate those other cats but it is fun walking around and giving them bats. I get them right upside the head. They usually just go stay in bed.

And as far this dope goes,
I can also cause him woes.
I just grab his tail.
He can give off quite the wail.

Hey, they called them wieners for a reason.
So it is not that much of a treason.
He keeps coming back for more.
That is a mutt for you at your shore.

By now we have to deal with this.
This is not pure bliss.
She thinks she's a bat dog.
I hope she goes and gets lost in a bog.
Of course she tries to look cute.
But she is not fooling this brute.
I will have my day,
And make this new mutt go away.

Cassie just hid under the bed.
Yes, the prissy one thought it was something to dread.
But I knew I would beat it.
After all it eats its own umm spit.

What? I was not hiding with her.
The thing drooled on my fur.
I was just biding my time.
Cleaning myself and thinking of a rhyme.

The win was mine.
Nothing can stop the feline.
The mutt never knew I know how to use the door.
I like that the doors have handles and not knobs at the other shore.

Yes, if your door has a handle and not a knob or some guard named Bob, I can easily open it if I stretch up. I am so much brighter than a pup. Of course that doesn't take much with what they eat and such. So while I explored the house she stood in the grass. All thanks to my ever so clever little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. For the Cat it was such fun
    Getting the doggies on the run
    The dogs were overwhelmed
    Wondering what hit them
    Too clever by half, the reason


    1. Yeah they got their due
      The cat can take on two
      With ease
      Lets them play with fleas
      And go outside at the other zoo

  2. Good Morning to you
    and the zany crew
    cats being cats
    dogs being dogs
    all so very cute
    in their own pursuits

    The cat is smart
    opening doors
    sets him apart
    prowling new shores
    does he listen to Mozart

    Have a good day at your bay!

    1. haha listens to whatever is on the radio
      When we go to the other show
      Not a happy camper though
      As he squawks like a crow
      And yep he can open doors too
      Got stuck in the fridge once at our zoo

  3. A homebody is a cat
    They love the diggings at their mat
    To travel they will just say "no"
    Unless they choose, open door they go
    Show the leash, the dog will dance
    Jump around and wet his pants
    Cat thinks the dog is being crazy
    "Go outside, give me my lazy."

    1. haha that sums it up
      Such a prancing pup
      As the cat stays in
      Not wanting to go to another bin
      Unless thrown in a cage
      Then comes some rage

  4. What a crew
    At your zoo!
    I do love me a wiener dog
    Much cuter than a bump on a log.
    Can't imagine how much you spend in animal food.
    Gotta keep on pluggin' those rhymes dude!

    1. Thankfully just the two
      I have to feed at my zoo
      The rest can get fed at the other shore
      We just visit once a month to explore

  5. The cats don't looks too perky.
    The puppy makes me all sappy.
    Give the cats their nip;the dogs some beef jerky.
    And soon again you will have animals happy.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    P.S. I was loving all those photos, so cute :)

    1. haha yeah not sure all will be perky
      As long as the pups are umm lurky
      But after a while
      I'm sure they wouldn't find them so vile

  6. But the new mutt is cute. And look at that tail go - blurry even in the photo.

    1. Yeah the thing never stops
      Even when she hops

  7. are you trying to keep up with the jones'?
    betsy expands her zoo so you do too?
    i think you both need ostriches
    that would keep us in stitches
    cute pups though at your show
    the cat though with the door trick
    now that is really slick

    1. Ostriches....oh my.
      A one egg omelette would feed the whole family.

      Trying to keep up with me.
      I like that, Bri...but he'll probably kill thee....hahaha

    2. haha no way I'd keep up with Betsy
      15 will never grace my sea
      Too much litter for my ocd
      An ostrich though might be fun to watch flee

    3. Since the pet door went in
      I haven't had to clean the litter bin!
      What a wonderful thing
      makes me sing!

    4. That must be nice
      But have they brought home any dead mice?
      Wait until the snow
      Then inside they will go

    5. Whisker brought in a bird
      I told her she was absurd
      and shooed her back out that door,
      the little one close to the floor.

    6. haha wanted to snack inside
      Bet she felt such pride

  8. Awww, what a cute pup! (sorry cat) :)

  9. Dogs are whacky
    Dogs are nuts
    But that must come from
    sniffing butts.

  10. ha smiles.... like cats and dogs... and that mutt looks super cute...the cats should give it a try, don't ya think...? smiles

    1. haha never the felines say
      She slobbers all about the bay

  11. Cute as they may be, I have no doubt the cat is smarter. I think mine's smarter than all 4 dogs combined.

    Also, I assume as a wiener dog owner you have one of these, right?

    The Wiener Dog Costume

    1. Yeah cats are smarter than them all
      At each hall
      Not one of those there
      But i may have to get it for their lair

    2. I need pictures of dogs in Wiener dog costumes!!

      It is so funny that they are called wiener dog in English, cue the giggle!

    3. haha put the costume on
      Then give them some spotted dick as they go across the lawn

  12. Love that the cat can open his own doors!

    1. Yeah knobs he can't do
      But handles are easy at each zoo

    2. By the way, at the Silver Fox Lair I'm the host
      But it's Orson who's starring today at my post!

    3. About time you let him back
      At your shack

  13. My dog used to know how to open the back door. It used to have a loose lock and she figured out that if you ran and pushed with her paws it would open. So after letting outside we'd hear BOOM when she came back in.

    1. haha smart dog indeed
      Knowing how to get back in your feed

  14. We both know
    it's really Nana
    trying to keep up with my show.
    The roles used to be reversed
    and she had more cats, making me want to be like her!
    And you really do like dogs...
    that's why you visit that bog.

    My favorite line...

    I was not hiding with her.
    The thing drooled on my fur.
    I was just biding my time.
    Cleaning myself and thinking of a rhyme.


    1. haha well she is close
      To the amount at your house
      You still out number her by three
      Including nugget at your sea
      Pat may like the mutts
      But the cat thinks they are nuts
      Although when home last time
      He played a bit, is that a crime?
      Cassie though
      No way hosa does she like them at all when they show

    2. I haven't added to our number
      since the winter slumber.
      Must be a record here,
      and I like holding steady, I fear.
      Can't imagine my gang
      accepting a dog in their land.
      Can't imagine me like it either
      the barking alone would make my nerve teeter.

    3. haha after a while they would
      As the dog got put in its place in your hood
      With a doggie door
      Could easily get a small one at your shore haha

  15. Ha Ha Ha!!! The cat is getting what he deserves!! Torment from dogs!! There is justice in the world while Pat goes and plays!! Yay for Pat for enjoying some peace and quiet away from you!!

    Seriously though, enjoy your down time, Pat.

    1. Oh the cat can give as good as he gets at the other sea
      Swatting them upside the head with glee
      Chewing on the small ones tale
      And making the other afraid as he gives a wail

  16. Ah, too sweet!

    But bet you wouldn't pull the tale of that cat for it'd be more than a wail that'd greet your rhyming little . . .! :)

    1. Yeah a good smack upside the head
      And much more dread

  17. Well, as a cat, I must say the dog might not be a fault!

    1. Yeah they just can't help themselves I suppose
      And always cause woes

  18. Are all those animals yours or just visitors. The little puppy sure is cute!

    1. We were just visiting nanny's lair
      Only two at my fair

  19. I love Cassie under the bed LOL

    1. She was not impressed one bit
      Looked at the dog like it was umm spit

  20. My female boxer has learned the art of opening the sliding doors at our house. The male boxer will sit there and whine until she comes along to open it for him. Beats me why he hasn't figured it out too.

    1. haha let the female do all the work
      That can be a perk

  21. The cat rules the crew at my zoo!
    (love the pup too though!)

  22. Most people think dogs are smarter that cats
    Maybe technically true, but in cleverness the cats wins by a hat

    1. Yeah the cat wins by a ton
      When clever is given a run

  23. orlin N cassie

    Cat's motto: No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it." - Unknown

    just in case yur dad getz ....a call..... !!!

    hope everee ones bak home now N enjoyin life at ther own sea~~~~~~~~

    1. Back at our own sea
      And good motto given by thee

  24. These are great pictures!

  25. The arch enemy of Orlin and Pat is here for some tit for tat! Awesome post buddy, I agree with your cat's reaction, I'd hide too.

    1. haha yeah they did not like
      Wanted the mutt to take a hike

  26. Ah the rhyming cat
    Time you scat
    You know it's true
    That this dog do
    Be the one you adore
    From this distant shore
    Dogs are the best
    So don't you jest

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar
    Pawsitive pawetry from afar......

    1. Pfft the best
      You just jest
      Best at sniffing a butt
      At any hut

  27. Ah, Cassie's awfully cute.
    Keep those mutts in line, Orlin:)

    1. Orlin can do that
      But the mean one is Cassie cat

  28. I think my rats may be smarter than dogs and cats. lol

  29. Shocked I was to scroll down this page
    Seeing pooches looking all cute and sage
    Maybe cats are smarter than they are
    But dogs are more loving and cuter by far.

    1. Dogs have no shame
      But they always get the blame

  30. Ha, I thought I was at the wrong blog
    when I visited here and saw a cute dog.
    Instead of being near the beginning today
    I am bringing up the rear in comments at your bay!

    1. Bringing up the end
      That is a rare trend
      And yeah there was a mutt
      Damn thing tried to sniff my butt

  31. I think you have an Animal Planet Channel Reality show going there Pat. The cat hiding under the bed reminded me of the neighbors cats which my daughter helped care for while they were out of town. Not going to see any of those 5 unless you start crawling under beds--and we aren't even annoying dogs. Well at least the latter is 100% accurate.

    1. haha now if only I could get paid for it
      That would be a hit
      And yeah they treat humans like dirt too
      Hiding well out of view

  32. Rhyming cat-under bed-
    not hiding-
    creatively writing.
    Happy dreams, Orlin...

  33. Is there a new sheriff in town? This should be interesting!

    1. Pfft she'll never be sheriff at all
      I'll kick her down the hall

  34. Ughh... Makes me want my own corgi or munchkin.

  35. I'd send Pat right into a Bog
    If me made me hang out with some DOG!

    1. haha we were tempted to do that
      But then no one would feed the cat

  36. I'm a cat lover, and my cats don't like dogs. My sister comes over sometimes with her dog, and my cats show her who's boss, lol.


    1. haha oh yeah the cats put them in place
      with a smack to the face

  37. more animal pictures! I demand more pictures of cute 4 legged monsters!

    My cat was able to open doors...nightmare!

    1. haha yeah it is a nightmare
      When they can leave your lair
      You'll have to draw some up
      Like a poo eating pup

  38. Cats n Dogs..
    they all are so cute :)


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