Saving A Tree At My Sea!

So today dVerse got it in their head that things needed to be said. A letter should be sent to someone. But of course have to be a tree hugger under their sun. So can't write things down on paper. Now instead we have this little caper.

Dear nursery rhyme land.
You really need a hand.
Can't keep cattle in a fence.
Are you that dense?

You let bears sleep in beds.
Eggs crack their heads.
Wolf's dress in women's clothes.
Even have some singing crows.

Wait! That was Disney land,
That had the crow band.
At least none have the last name Pooh.
That won't embarrass you.

But you got spiders at your feet.
Dishes in the street.
A cat with a fiddle,
I think someone did more than diddle.

Falling down hills.
A goose gives you thrills.
Houses get blown over.
Gingerbread men run around like rover.

Did someone give you a lobotomy?
Nurse Ratchet must not have been kind to thee.
Maybe you are in the cuckoos nest.
Unable to pass their insanity test.

How else can three blind mice survive?
An ugly duckling make it out alive?
A cat the came back.
I'd leave and not even pack.

Playing with fire,
Things can get dire.
Burn your butt rather slick,
Jumping over a candlestick.

Even pet sheep.
That like the cow creep.
Are fences not invented yet?
That could be a safe bet.

In closing I have to say.
Have a nice day.
Blow a house down for me.
Sure saves money on demolition at your sea.

How was that for a letter from the cat? Did you really want me to get all lovey dovey at my mat? We can't have that. I may attract a gnat. Worse than that a lass. That would surely annoy my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Nursery rhymes and all the fun
    Spell-bound for the young 'uns
    Formative years
    Without the tears
    Prepared them well in the long run!


    1. That they do
      With the nursery crew
      Even if some had
      Are rather bad
      And lost a screw

  2. I love this paradoxical look at nursery rhymes Pat, I hope paradoxical is a word or I'll look like a fool for that. Great post buddy, a good funny start to the morning which quite honestly I could do with.

    1. Glad it was fun
      Under my sun
      And we'll say it is a word
      If not, blame it on that mother goose bird

  3. Nursery rhyme
    Sure sublime
    As happiness hails
    From all those rhyming tales
    But why is the cat so much after fence
    Fences never make any sense
    As for going all lovey dovey
    Do what makes you happy, savvy?

    1. The cat does what he wants
      Even taunts
      And will do so
      Even hitting nursery rhyme land with a low blow

  4. Some of those nursery rhymes we used to read weren't so nice. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Jack And Jill, Peter Peter Pumpkin eater... Think about those.. Especially Peter who couldn't keep his wife so he locked her up... isn't that kidnapping?

    1. Yeah Jack and Jill end in traction
      And Peter goes to jail for such an action

  5. So many great points in your rhyme
    Tell them all, they do take time
    What is it with the name of Jack
    Jacks just might be under gross attack
    There is a Jack who ate no fat
    Though bony like a real old cat
    The Jack that liked to climb with Jill
    That hill could give a scenic thrill
    A Jack wore Nikis as he would jump
    So as to not burn his little rump

    1. Jack really has the name
      That brings nursery rhyme fame
      Even climbing beanstalks too
      He has so much to do

  6. ha. in nursery rhyme land you do what you can
    many have an edge its so easy to slip from
    and whats up with all the violence, its a way
    to encourage silence and keep you in line,
    a trick of the mind---

    1. A trick to the mind
      So one will be kind
      Wish it worked for all
      But into the depths some fall

  7. I once saved a tree

    felt pretty proud as it had four saplings to support and send to college.

  8. ha - some nursery rhymes are pretty cool... some i wonder how someone can sleep afterwards...smiles...not a bad idea to invent the own rhymes..

    1. Yeah that is true
      Some are scary and some just have no clue

  9. Ha, loved the journey through nursery rhymes. Your verse brought back a lot of memories for me.

    1. Memories are grand
      The older you get the more you have in your land LMAO

  10. I loved this one!! With a few exceptions (they all loved the 3 Little Pigs), I can't get my kids into the old nursery rhymes. I loved them when I was a kid. Ah well, things change. :) I love 'Goodnight Moon' these days too, and the tales today are certainly less sinister than some of the old school variety. ;)

    1. I guess they have no taste
      What a waste
      But then he likes Cassie and the wild cat
      So can't fault him for that

  11. Dear Pat & Cat

    Keep the rhyming words humming
    So all will go strumming
    A word, stanza, a verse
    at D'verse ~

    1. They will hum
      And them some
      once more 50 posts ahead
      So plenty left to be read

  12. Dear Rhyming Cat and his friend Pat,

    What a great display of rhyming fun
    some are scary may make some kids run
    imagine a cow jumping over the moon
    and a dish running a way with a spoon
    were they just a couple of loons

    here's one about a letter

    a tisket a tasket
    green & yellow basket
    wrote a letter to my love
    and on the way I dropped it..

    Now, if I only knew what a tisket

    This was a great post by the rhyming host
    glad there were no ghosts..

    I always felt bad for that lost dog
    with his ear cut short and his tail cut long
    he probably ran far away from that bay..just sayin'

    1. As we know
      Nothing wrong with being a loon at ones show
      Unless you are a loonie
      Then you pail to a toonie
      Sure be a sight
      Many a fright
      Not sure what a tisket is either though
      Maybe used just to make the rhyme flow
      No ghost at all
      They could scare one from my hall
      Yeah even the cat feels bad for that mutt
      Definitely needs to find a new hut

    2. A loon or two makes for fun
      as they run around in the sun
      found this out so thought I would
      let you know at your rhyming show

      Tisket= basket part
      tasket= handle part
      making for a green and yellow basket...

      who would've knew...laughing..

    3. haha well now a tisket and tasket
      Are known and I can take it to my casket
      Or win at jeopardy
      If ever asked to me haha

  13. I always loved nursery rhymes, my daughter didn't care for them though.

    1. The new age
      Don't think they are all the rage

  14. But you would like the dickery dock
    with mice running up the clock!
    As long as they came down again.
    You would have your dinner, then!

    1. That would be grand
      The cat would have so many he'd expand

  15. Though you are far more prolific than me you manage to keep it fresh your verse is always nicely crafted. Well done Monsieur Hatt.

  16. Love the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest references.

  17. There were lots of good ones in there Pat, you just need an app for that!

    1. An app you say
      Could make me some dough at my bay

  18. nursery rhymes are all very fine
    maturing like an ageing wine
    but you shouldn't thread very deep
    as they should send children to sleep

    Ha -- always a pleasure to rhyme a little.

    1. Yeah that they should
      Get them to sleep in ones hood

  19. The nursery is funny place,
    You hear many rhymes in that small space,
    You play with toys and other boys,
    you make loud noise that always annoys.
    When nap time comes and you curl on your mat,
    if you're really lucky, you can cuddle the cat.

    VR Barkowski

    1. The cat would not tolerate that
      He'd move to a new mat haha

  20. Hey diddle diddle
    the Cat with a fiddle,
    the cow jumped over
    the moon.

    Along came a spider
    climbed up the Cats
    bum making him run
    up a ladder and
    down a hill
    where a bucket of water
    he did spill.

    Breaking his head
    like a bad egg
    on the ground his
    brains did spill.

    But Jill beside
    him lived on
    smiling and
    frightened Miss Muffet

    That's the Tim Burton version with Johnny Depp starring as the Cat.

    1. Ugg if I sell out to those two
      Like the stupid Disney crew
      You have my permission to shoot me
      On most of their crap movies now a days I'd take a pee

  21. Nursery rhymes freak me out -- babies in trees, old women in shoes. Almost as horrifying as the evening news.

    1. Very true indeed
      But at least they are untrue as you read

  22. lol...reinvent classics? so easy at our crazy time...I'd give the choice to brave from cast of characters create their own story...will see who'd go for it and make it rare...

    1. Who would dare
      Without a care
      Easy as pie
      The muffin man guy

  23. Loved it! The cat did a great job.

  24. A college right across the Bay
    Demolished a building yesterday
    It really made a mighty sound
    And then it fell straight to the ground.

    1. Did they huff and puff
      And blow it down?
      Or used mechanical stuff
      They dragged across town

  25. We will worry if our kitties run away to sea with an owl!

    1. Yes that would be a worry indeed
      Better off not to read

  26. It always amazes me how morbid a lot of nursery rhymes are, or the meaning behind them. Definitely not something that should be said to children most times!

    1. Yeah but it goes over their head
      As they go to bed

  27. I can't even think of a happy, normal nursery rhyme.
    You'll have to make one up. Or I will. It's about time.


    1. haha yeah that the cat could do
      But he also has a loose screw

  28. I never had nursery rhymes read to me
    My father thought they were silly as can be

  29. Nursery rhymes can have a dark side, but still are delightful.

    1. Yeah they are fun
      And just like anything dark can be done


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