So Far Off The Edge, Come Back From The Ledge!

So now for all the masses they target glasses. Saw this the other day and yes, much is corrupt to those that have their head out of the sand at their bay, but this is just off the deep end. I so hope it doesn't start a new trend.

At your computer screen,
Your eyes become less serene.
Did you know radiation is at fault?
It seeps from your screens vault.

That is right!
Day and night,
It seeps into your eyes.
We are so wise.

Get a pair of glasses.
We have enough for the masses.
Even if you are not in need.
They will save you from radiation as you read.

They are radiation proof.
So don't be a goof.
Order right now.
So your eyes won't have a cow.

No no no!
We have our ducks in a row.
Forget what you know,
There at your show.

It is not because you spend hours focusing on the screen,
Instead of taking breaks and looking off into the distance at your seen.
That is just too wordy.
So flip that logic the birdy.

It is all due to that radiation stuff.
On your eyes it is so tough.
Buy our glasses now.
Then you will be safe as you bow.

We are not full of crap.
We will spread our word across the map.
Saving eyes for one and all,
At each and every hall.

Radition is a killer.
Don't look like a thing out of Thriller.
You want to see that curvy behind,
So don't risk going blind.

Order you pair today.
Keep the radiation away.
Don't believe what others say.
Save your eyes as you play.

Pfffffffffffffft now there is a huge load. Believe that and you may be in brains fall out mode. Theoretically it is possible for radiation to leak from the screen and hit you like a jumping bean. But the screen would have to be broken much. Even then it probably wouldn't turn on and such.  The heat from the laptop can kill sperm and such if sat on your lap. But this is nothing but a money trap. Eyesight gets worse because you look up close and not far away for so long, not because of this so called radiation song. More radiation, literally, comes to pass from what comes out your and my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I did a check of the recent responses
    to Pat’s postings. This is what I got:

    Jul 25 – Aug 03 Hank 10#1
    Jul 24 John
    Jul 10- Jul 23 Hank 14#1
    July 09 John
    July 02 Jul 08 Hank 7#1

    I was on the way to perfect 10 twice over
    ie 20#1 but scuttled by John on July 24.
    For a period of one month (Jul 02 till Aug 03)
    however I managed to get first place a
    total of 31 times.


    1. Damn you keep track better than me
      You have the #1 down at my sea
      Have to tell John to stop ruining your streak
      Send him up the creek

  2. I wonder if I can get a refund for all of these spectacles?!? Kidding. :)

    1. haha one for each day of the week?
      Did you see any brains leak?

  3. Been many years I'm bespectacled
    Rightly or wrongly not an obstacle
    Even though 'less serene'
    Looking at the screen
    It's lot better than being befuddled


    1. Yeah that is true
      A lot better to view
      Then to whack your knee
      Not see when you pee
      And miss the loo

  4. What a scare tactic using to sale a product?I am shocked,shocked, so shocked. (Hear all the sarcasm)Oh, I am so sick of the tricks.Anymore, I tune it all out. ALL OUT. It is to the point of not trusting anything anymore,which is getting frustrating too, I don't like being so cynical. I wasn't always that way.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yeah just one big trick
      They think they are slick
      Glasses can stop it no more than a paper bag
      Or some old rag
      Can't trust any of them any more
      The true things they just cover up at their shore

  5. I remember when my dad started wearing bits of tinfoil while he was on his computer (no joke) in an effort to avoid radiation so I can relate haha, great post buddy, even though it's funny it does make you think at the same time!

    1. hahaha oh that is strange
      Did the aliens visit your range

    2. oh we know what's really wrong with Matt's

    3. Yep the probe
      Got him across the globe

  6. Radiation in the home is an ever-present fact
    Little information on cleaning up one's act
    Zippidy pop and poppidy crack
    Turn on the computer and run for a snack

    1. Yeah it is everywhere
      Microwave, cell phone, computer itself, and wireless crap at ones lair
      But no way in hell glasses are going to stop it
      That is just a bunch of umm shit

  7. i wonder if the same radiation could give me super powers, like gamma did the hulk, instead of turning me into bulk not moving only looking at the computer glasses for me yet, though i think my day is coming soon enough...

    1. That would be fun
      Unless you hulk out and kill everyone
      My day is near too
      But they are cheap as can be if you know where to look at your zoo

  8. I love the way the cat got some inspiration/from all this kerfuffle with radiation/is it me or is the whole world in permanent contemplation/of a computer screen that gives validation?/Some humans have chucked away commiseration/and traded it for some lofty aspiration/that only comes from brain mutation/from a healthy, living, breathing thing to a victim of radiation! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Damn look at you go
      With the tion's at my show
      And yeah from health
      To crap through its stealth

  9. Good Sunday Morning... Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and the very informative Cat...
    Thanks, for letting me know that...
    [Our] "Eyesight gets worse because you[we] look up close and not far away for so long, not because of this so called radiation song."
    ...and that the glasses scare is a "crock..." and ...all i can say is thanks, for the "hat-tip" cat you... "rocks ! "

    I agree this is nothing but a "money trap." Which Of course give the company selling this to [gullible] consumers a "bad rap !"
    deedee :)

    1. Trying to get a leg up on the rest
      By creating some radiation test

  10. Makes me pleased I wear glasses as I spend far too much time at the computer screen. I remember at work years ago I had this computer with a clip over thing which was supposed to stop you getting zapped.

    1. Can help you out to see
      But they stop radiation about as much as a bucket of pee lol

  11. what happens if your ducks aren't in a row

    is it quaking chaos?

  12. I'm a square eyed, radiation infected computer whore.....I think?

    1. Damn, could market yourself
      Or become a santa elf

  13. My bloodshot eyes can't twitch away from the screen,
    So I think I know exactly what you mean.

    1. Yeah that is what happens here to
      Our own fault at each zoo

  14. I wouldn't buy them ~ I would rather get
    off from the screen & read a nice book ~

    Have a good weekend Pat ~

  15. Good Morning,

    Radiation they say is everywhere
    from your microwave to your telephone
    traveling at high speed freely in the air
    to buy these spectacles you may need a loan
    perhaps, they sell them on the payment plan
    do they have a stylish design to wear
    radiation zapping you from zone to zone
    maybe, you should create your own
    who knows could make you 100 grand

    haha that is a new plan to get us to
    the bora shore, ship ahoy we sail
    following the tail of a whale..two
    spirits free in a blue sea..hmmm..
    we may need to bring sunscreen don't
    want to burn from ultraviolet rays
    hope you have a great day..

    1. haha want me to scam all to get there
      Geez you are a bit vile at your lair
      But if the buy what I'm selling
      Then there should be no yelling
      And watch out with that sun screen crap too
      Most of it is worse than the sun for you
      Causes cancer all by itself
      So watch which one you take from the shelf

    2. well, the cat wanted me to be a thief hehe
      a cat burglar on the prowl..meow..
      Yeah, I know about the sun screen crap
      but, really I don't burn, just brown away
      at my bay..hope you are enjoying your day..

    3. I don't even turn brown
      As you saw from the chicken legs at my town lol
      days in the sun
      And nothing is done

    4. Sometimes it is fun to get nothing done
      just relax under the sun, get undone..
      so tell me what did you get done this day
      at your you were

    5. haha caught up on tv
      Now at my sea
      And back over 30 posts ahead now
      I know that is so wow

    6. Ah you were busy at your bay
      now, what can I've
      out done
      can't wait to read each one
      under your sun..

      Have a good night..dream something
      sweet tonight..

    7. Have to keep them going
      So some are always for showing
      May dream something sweet
      Or just something neat

  16. I live near Three Mile Island and already glow at night a little computer screen doesn't scare me - I scare you! :)

    1. haha the creature of the lagoon
      None will surely swoon

  17. That is EXACTLY why I keep my eyes closed for the biggest part of the day!

    1. The best thing to do
      Snooze away at your zoo

  18. I'm such a sucker, I put my glasses on while reading this post. You scared me. Then again, I can see better with them.

    Happy Sunday.

    1. haha well at least you can see
      Even if it is only little old me

  19. Well if you listen to the conspiracy theorists, radiation comes from the microwave, cell phones and computers. Oh and don't sit too close to the tv, who knows what will happen. lol

    1. haha old wives tale with the last one
      But cell phones do give such things a run

  20. If they made me more attractive to runway models, I just might spring for a pair. As far as saving my eyes, I'm probably going to go blind looking at a screen one day.

    1. How Truedessa say radiation is everywhere
      from your microwave and your cell phone and TV and what we can do is everywhere???

    2. haha blind because of the screen
      Could sue someone for some green

      And yeah it is everywhere
      Best you can do is tone it down the best you can at your lair

  21. Some people will believe anything. My mother told me all sorts of nonsense about reading in the dark, getting to close to the TV screen, not spending so many hours in front of the computer screen. Yep, I'm sure I'll also go blind sitting in front of my computer screen, trying to read one more funny post by Pat and his cats :) There are worse ways to go, I'm sure.


    1. haha yeah we are all told that
      At each and every mat
      Still have not gone blind
      But that would not be kind

  22. Well I am not going to worry about radiation.
    One can choose to worry about anything I think,
    but radiation is not my choice. But thanks
    for the heads up. LOL.

    1. Yeah can worry about whatever
      It is their own endeavor

  23. oh, now that is just weird. We can't even breathe without it being dangerous. ha.

    1. Well there in Ohio with smog and all
      You can't breathe at your hall hahaha

    2. silly...that's up by the great lakes...with Cleveland and their smoke stacks. I'm down south in the fresh country air. lol....

    3. The big cow pattie country air
      Nothing wrong with that at your lair

  24. Oh my gosh.... where will it come from next.... It is always something isn't it?

  25. I'm glad the specs are phony,
    because I don't want to pony
    anymore for specs than I already have.
    Near-sighted, far-sighted, astigmatic geek,
    radiation glasses would only add to my freak.

    VR Barkowski

    1. May make some shriek
      Or some go all geek
      Wanting to have a peek
      Or wonder if you leak

  26. Disney Channel has that show "Dog with a Blog" now so maybe I can train our dog here to type--I can dictate and avoid the harmful radiation. All I getting from him now are snores though.

    1. hahaha yeah good luck with that
      They aren't as careful as the cat

  27. Our mom's first job out of college was working with radioactive isotopes. That explains a lot, doesn't it? She worried more about leukemia than blindness though.

    1. haha yeah good thing to worry about
      Does explain a lot and hope she doesn't pout

  28. And radiation flowed...
    And neurons slowed...

  29. I don't care how much radiation my computer "leaks" out. I'm never leaving it alone or abandoning it.

    1. Well there has to be a point
      Or you'll be dead and surely abandon it then at your joint

  30. My eyes have really gotten worse due to looking at the screen
    But I had never considered radiation in my scene
    Sounds like just another way to scare
    And make me lose my hair

    1. Yeah mine have to
      Thanks to this zoo
      All because we look close up and not far away
      Like we should at our bay

  31. Must run and get some glasses, I also heard radiation messes with your imagination. I Will take advice just as I did when my friend told me to keep my cell phone out of my chest. Danger everywhere rises, must avoid a big, big. Crisis.

    1. haha yeah it is all around
      But the glasses thing is dumb and not profound

  32. Just got my first pair of glasses, but I'm pretty sure my sight issues have nothing to do with radiation. Like Robyn, I almost ran for my glasses when I started reading this lol.

    1. hahaha yeah nothing at all
      To do with radiation at your hall


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