The Cowboy Way Here Today!

So dVerse wants me to go all movie remake today here at my bay. But pfffft to that. Remakes are hated by the cat. So I won't go The Cowboy Way with Jack Bauer on display. I will go the other way. Yep, it's The Other Cowboy Way here today.

The cowboy is rough, gruff and yet clean,
As you see him on your screen.
But we already went there,
With why they all look pretty at the movie lair.

They have a horse, boots and some rope.
Some don't even know how to use soap.
So why would I want to stir up my OCD,
Rhyming about such a display at my sea?

Instead we will go the other way.
The other cowboys that you see at your bay.
You see them all the time.
But you ignore their chime.

They look at you with big eyes,
That make them seem oh so wise.
Then go back to munching down,
What they have scavenged across town.

They even go to great cost,
To make sure you never get lost.
Leaving you a trail to follow.
But it is stuff you never want to swallow.

Yes, they spit as well.
This doesn't seem any more swell.
But the unsung cowboy has to be heard.
Or they may flip the the bird.

If only they could.
You see it would be misunderstood.
For they have no finger,
That is able to linger.

Even get a fancy bell.
So you can tell if they fell.
They will never be doing any flipping.
But I hear they detest tipping.

I guess they aren't ones for dough.
They do like to stand in a row.
And each day you meet and greet,
In one end and out the other at your street.

Have you caught on to the unsung cowboy?
That gives you so much joy.
Even vegetarians like their eyes.
I bet they tell no lies.

So don't have a cow.
Boy, that was just wow.
I think I gave it away.
But if you don't get it that's okay.

Just don't cow-er in front of me.
I will not tell thee.
Not even if you are a duck named Howard.
For you are no cowboy, just a cow-ard.

Did you get the unsung cowboy? Dropping patties and eating grass for joy? They never seem to make it into a song. Isn't that just oh so wrong? But just in case a cow girl gets jealous to. She can join the cow boy in the same stew. That was a cowboy of a whole different class. Don't worry I don't think there is any in the cat food of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank Hank turn the crank go to the bank
      Put your #1's in a tank
      When John returns from his vacation
      He's sure to give you some frustration. (LOL)

    2. John is the only one
      That seems to ruin his fun
      As with summer around
      Many are late bloomers that are found

  2. a different class, you're right,
    but I think the cat would take him in a fight!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. The Last Cowboy in Jack Bauer
    To retain his prowess as in 24
    Can still make do
    With what have you
    Remake or not one can expect more


    1. More to come
      From my bum
      Bauer still there
      At each lair
      Cowboy or rum

  4. Great post Pat, I love all the old Western films, oddly I was listening to an old country song last night about how cowboys are the singer's weakness called "Cowboys Are My Weakness," strangely enough haha. I wonder what you think of the Lone Ranger remake, I've heard it's flopped big time and rightfully so as well.

    1. Never watched the flop yet
      But maybe one day by the pet

  5. haha spit and swallow, geez, cat, that is not cowboying
    lol, cowboy way, was a great movie though, heh, on cow tipping,
    just dont be tripping when you piss them off and they chase you south

    1. haha well maybe to some
      When drunk on rum
      Yeah run very fast
      Or they'll make you a thing of the past

  6. Ha, I would say most cowboys are unsung
    with their horses, boots, and rope
    but they are fun to think about nonetheless
    giving many cowgirls some hope!!

    Have a great day at your bay
    and use your lasso today!

    1. The lasso the cat would eat
      As a nice treat
      And yeah many unsung
      So none will pop a lung

  7. I like the unsung cowboys
    that you writing at your bay
    If indeed they tell no lies
    they don't have to wear ties

    Happy Sunday ~

  8. No love for rodeo clowns

    them and their comical frowns

    1. Rodeo clowns are better than mimes
      But they still have clown crimes

  9. the unsung cowboys have no horse
    no they use another force
    of grass and molars patiently
    as they go complacently


    1. One force they can keep
      Hope they don't go too deep

  10. Ha! Very well done and a fun addition to the cowboy poetry list. Thanks for joining in.

  11. Going by the Lone Ranger and Tonto movie there time has past but I still want them to last.

  12. Cat you are dang clever
    Making cows the literal lever
    When all the fancy credit
    Goes to the one who fed it
    Cows are the reason humans ride and rope
    Minus their cows they'd be just another dope

    1. haha first one to catch the truth
      Here at my booth
      I guess it went over somes head
      Oh the dread

  13. Oh good - unsung cowboys
    not in your food,
    nor in your hood,
    of course,
    they-different class
    according{ly}to cat's
    rhyming ass

  14. I love old cowboys style:))) Yes Im a romantic! sigh!

    1. Plenty to read in the dirt then
      There at your den lol

  15. My husband is taking a western movie class for an elective this summer. I've had my fill of 'em round these parts. ;)

    1. They actually have such a class?
      That would be fun to my little rhyming ass

  16. Replies
    1. haha works for me
      Going all die hard at my sea

  17. There have been many a movies
    about those cowboy men
    on the run with their guns
    sometimes, I like to watch
    an old one or two as they
    can be entertaining in a way

    have not seen the new Lone Ranger
    I think John Wayne was the cowboy
    on the silver screen that one and
    all knew at their hall..even today
    his movies get a play...

    So tell me Pat and Cat how is your day!
    "Go Ahead, make my day"

    1. Yeah, Wayne is the best known
      With his cowboy tone
      Seen a few
      Here at my zoo
      Silverado is tops for me
      Or at least up there at my sea
      Might see the new lone ranger at some point
      When out on blu ray at my joint
      And day as any other today
      Here at my bay

  18. A weird western flick starring a cow boy
    With a Han Solo action figure as his toy
    Now that would be some serious fun
    And would probably rake in a ton $

    1. Hasn't that been done?
      Cowboys and aliens wasn't very fun

  19. Differenet cowboy from another genre
    Seems like he shed away much honor
    Though never ran into an unsung cowboy
    Just hope he isn't much coy

    1. Maybe you could by the toy
      That could bring joy

  20. ha - there are all kind of different cowboys around... i'm just wondering if there are cowcats as well...ha..smiles

    1. hmmm there just may be
      Although sounds kinda scary

  21. Unsung cowboys
    Oh the joys
    Unsung cowgirls
    Give me thrills
    I'm a gardening cowboy
    Mowing's my ploy
    The lawn ranger rides again
    Too much grass in my den

    *cough!* *cough!*

    I'm off.....

    1. The lawns
      Whether nights or dawns
      Will never know
      What hit them at their show

  22. I saw some police on horses yesterday, they left a nice long trail of crap right by someones car door on the drivers side.The only think i know about Jack Baur is his right win neo con politics, Sutherland comes from a well known politically progressive family who brought in the Canadian version of the N.H.S.The series became incoherent as time went on, but there is always a few dirty foreigners up to no good they can kill for democracy.

    Your views from your window remind me of a series of essays by H.L.Mencken, he did similar, though he never did it in verse. Your one up on him.

    1. One up on him you say
      Works for my bay
      Yeah did get a bit convulted at the end
      With the dead coming back and mole trend
      LOL surprise for the driver
      A horse crap diver

  23. Good for the cat on not wanting remakes ... Remakes suck!

    1. Almost each and every one
      Under the movie sun

  24. cowgirls are better anyway
    just like with any display.

    1. haha I suppose they are
      No argument from my bar

  25. Why does a cow wear a bell?
    She's not being a jerk.
    She has to find some way to tell
    that her horns don't work.

  26. Cowboys are not my thing. Nothing is a bigger turnoff for me than a man who is wearing cowboy boots. I know there are plenty of women who dig them. Just not this chick.

    1. haha don't like the boots?
      Rather have barefoot brutes?

  27. i like joy and to say oh boy
    the tv is what i know about cowboys
    my favorite was a dark cowboy called the gunslinger
    one of steven king's best book dingers

    1. Yeah that was a good one
      TV is most I know under my sun

  28. Yes, there was a time when cowboys were my thing/they always made my heart sing/I used to play the baddie with two guns by my side/the tough, leather holsters I would never hide/that was until I found the Indian who took my scalp/and to this day I wonder why he called himself Walp! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha those indians you have to watch
      They get weird when in the scotch

  29. Not really a fan of remakes
    They seem so ingenuine and fake
    But there are a couple of exceptions
    That aren't so smiliar they could be a mirrored reflection

  30. Admin..
    Why you have deleted my comment where I have tried to throw dirt into the washed brains of those people?

    1. Want to spam
      Your comment gets put in toe jam


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