The Voices Are Here, Have No Fear!

So for promotion stuff the cat figured it wouldn't be tough, to show all the stuff in Pat's head. But that just ended up causing dread. There is too much up there and it made the cat swear. So I had to pick and choose as I went on a brain cruise.

First there was the Happy Hooker,
He was not a looker.
Don't ask.
Pat got into a flask.

Then that Beyonder nut.
But he isn't welcome at my hut.
Gunafu of Color too.
Can you even say that at your zoo?

The peacock and that other bird.
No better than a turd.
But then they are real.
So I guess no deal.

Tarsier Man of course,
I added him, but still hold remorse.
That nut and his tune,
Annoys this rhyming loon.

Gung and Ho,
Who are oh so slow.
In the brain category,
Are not shown off in all their glory.

Zombie Man had them for lunch.
I heard their bones crunch.
He wanted that spot.
Such and evil plot.

And of course Drazin came due.
He has been here the longest at our zoo.
Annoying the cat.
But we always crush him flat.

Zagonk as well.
We find him swell.
And a little dino.
Who is he? Don't know.

The rest lost their spot.
I couldn't handle the whole lot.
They can stay in Pat's head.
For they just cause me dread.

He is there too,
But the best at our zoo,
Like little old me and Cassie,
Are front and center for all to view.

So what do you think? Did the cat get everything in but the kitchen sink? I smell a new header coming due. Just will have to adjust its view. My head needs to be bigger though. For it can float at my show. But I would not want to over shadow Cass with my little rhyming ass.

Fill you rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. That's a lot for one brain
    I hope it causes no drain
    But gives you much gain
    As you rhyme
    All the time
    Just to entertain

    1. Nah no drain at all
      As away the ideas fall
      Bringing forth a rhyme each day
      Here at my bay

  2. Like the wheels on the bus going round and round
    Ideas in Pat's head freely abound
    A brand new header for all the gang
    Looks like it's going over with a bang
    The new dwelling must be a like a muse
    From many ideas must be hard to refuse

    1. Hope I don't annoy as much as that song
      That would just be wrong
      Then again it would be fun to the cat
      And yeah, ideas run deep at my mat

  3. Your imagination works overtime
    Always thinking of new ways to rhyme
    It has sprouted many wonderful creations
    The only thing missing is a rabid dalmatian

    1. Got a dalmation or some sort
      Here at my court
      Rabid though you can keep
      No need for rabies to run deep

  4. Just think what the brain will come up with next. Hopefully not something the cat yacks up.

    1. haha yeah been there done that
      One hairball per year shown at my mat

  5. Maybe the new little dino will appear
    in a post or book to give cheer.
    Still just a fragment of your imagination
    that you didn't even know was waiting for creation!

    1. haha maybe it will
      Here at my hill
      Yep never even knew
      Until started rhyming away at my zoo

  6. A new header? I really like the one you have BUT I am anticipating something just as fun.
    You definitely filled this post with all your great Characters but soon it will be hard to do as you reach that goal of 50, wait, knowing you, that will be nothing to get in one rhyming gig :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha oh it can be done
      and there will be something just as fun
      As more always come due
      Ever changing at my zoo

  7. dude you got too watch too much flask you never know who you might have to ask their name in the morning after...i am sure those characters will find their way to make the day in what you say...your head it a crammed full place, no wonder you keep such a pace.

    1. LOL yeah that is true
      No need to go all coyote ugly at ones zoo
      And crammed full indeed
      Goes where ever it may lead

  8. Look at you on top of the world. You know what they say about dudes with big feet? You may want to adjust somethin' else in the pic to match. Just sayin'.

    1. haha of course you'd notice that
      I'll have to adjust Pat lol

  9. There's sure too much that rests in your brain
    Might seem difficult to keep sane lol

    1. Which is why crazy I am indeed
      Here at my feed

  10. I see you standing there in the center of the world. It reminds me of the game we used to play... KING on the Mountain.

    1. haha got pushed down
      Quite a few times playing that at my town

  11. Awesome, artist did a great job. Don't doubt what is in your head

  12. Ha, you have a lot in your head!! But in your new header, I hope you will keep the two dogs that are in your present header too. They seem to be missing in what will become the new view!

    1. haha we shall see
      What becomes of them at my tree
      Sure one time or another they will show
      Change them often at my show

  13. Sounds like a crowded place, your inner head-space!

  14. Watch those zombies. Bone cracking. Ouch!

    Love the pictures.

  15. Should have the Dettol vid up soon on my blog sir!

    1. hahaha should be fun to see
      When shown by thee

  16. Bone crunching zombies?! I thought they liked flesh?? Is this a new scarier breed?!?

  17. Your head may explode if you get too big a load. No zombies, please, I beg of you!

    1. haha zombie man is already here
      And yep, will never clear

  18. Fun post, Pat! I think everyone has stuff in their heads that would cause dread! By the way, I really like your present header! Haven't gotten your latest book yet ~ still looking for my Amazon gift card! :( Too much stuff in my head with important things falling out! LOL! But when my card surfaces I'm going to get your book. Take care.

    1. Yeah there is always something up there
      Sure you'll find it soon at your lair

  19. oh! there is Tarsier man!! you said he was bury but is not:))

  20. I think I just saw a zombie peacock in my backyard!

  21. Can't imagine cat swear
    or it looks rather dear...
    Too many characters
    for one head,
    hope they're not cause a dread
    to Cat and Pat!
    Put biggest in the middle (MHO)

    1. hahaha oh to the gutter I go
      With your little flow

  22. That's a cool new graphic at your zoo.
    I'd say that header has come due.
    As for the size of your head, I'm kinda at a loss.
    Um, size doesn't matter - said with a smirk and fingers crossed.


    1. haha not what I hear
      When you give a chear
      But with all the commotion
      Could be the motion of the ocean lol

  23. orlin N cassie...leest yur dad haz stuff IN hiz head....we can look inta de food servizz purrsons rite ear N see R way kleer thru N bak out de left.. thiz pick sure rocks N wood make a grate banner :)

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end ; eat plentee oh SOLE :)!!!

    1. haha lights on but no one is home
      They under her dome?

  24. There sure are a lot of characters in Pat's head. Do all the voices make him crazy?

  25. You've definitely included all the lads here, so long as the lad Tarsier Man is included it's all good, Sherry's right, you sure do have a whole lot of characters!

    1. Lots up there
      And more will probably come to my lair

  26. Good work, I think they're all there.

  27. All those characters in your head, but I have a feeling there are bound to be more popping in there, waiting for a chance to have Pat put them on paper.

    1. Yeah I bet you are right
      More will probably take flight

  28. The voices in my head,
    Like to come out when I'm in bed. (bastards)
    Little sleep do I get,
    With all the chatter and wild silhouettes.
    Sometimes I manage to shut them out,
    This makes them groan and pout.
    But soon they're back making brain noise,
    Like cattle playing banjos to tap dancing cowboys.

    1. haha wow that is a crew
      That I'd want to shoo
      And yeah at night
      They do come causing quite the plight

  29. I love the new illustration
    what an imagination!
    you're on top of the world, too
    with the cute cats at your zoo
    but the others just float around
    will they ever fall on the ground? :)

    1. haha nope, there they stay
      Floating on display
      Forever more
      At least they can soar

  30. All the gang in your head
    Apologies for being late
    Some errands
    Out of town
    Back a moment ago doing updates


    1. Had to run
      Out into the sun
      But still #1
      What fun
      Hope everything got done

  31. The magical world of Pat & Cats
    always like to visit and chat
    standing on top of the world
    imagination twists and twirls
    would love to join the party
    that's rockin' your head
    dancing to the crazy beat
    welcoming guests so hearty
    never know who you'll meet
    dreaming in your sleep in bed..
    between the sheets...

    Good Night!

    1. Oh if you took a stroll in my head
      You may regret what you sad
      As there you would be trapped within
      Forever wandering from bin to bin
      With so much to explore
      Will never get to bora bora's shore

  32. Oh, Cat, how you abuse your poor Pat. But you are entertaining, even though you are brain-draining. I must get these books, or at least take a few looks...

  33. Wonderful cast of characters in your head
    Awesome your creativity can tread
    Back and forth across the sky
    Keeping track of every guy
    Love the new artwork too
    A version as header would certainly do

    1. May have to see
      If it will dawn at my tree
      As header above
      As they float like a dove

  34. Another book coming ~ Another blogger header change ~

    Cool, just waiting for the view ~


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