Today We Bake Another Take!

So after our fashion endeavor the cat knew he was oh so clever. Plus since Glory Dear is buried in the sand. I thought the cat would pitch in and lend a baking hand. That is right one and all. The cat is going to share his favorite recipe at our hall.

By the time our baking is through,
You will be drooling like this is what the cat made for you.
But trust me it is better than that.
For I am such a chef at my mat.

First you need to find a place,
That will be good for a cooking embrace.
Then you need to lick your paw,
Make sure you don't lick it raw.

For you have to let things cook a while.
Or it will turn out rather vile.
And that just will not do.
We have to make this tasty dish for each of you.

Now you need some juices as well.
Or it could cause the digestion hell.
Add a cup of water or two,
Depending on the size of your stomach at your zoo.

Next it takes a bit of me,
To make this oh so special recipe.
I can't divulge the special part.
For it is near and dear to my heart.

I'm not sure it can be done by all of you.
For you have to be flexible through and through.
But maybe Brian with his long tongue,
Can make such a bell be rung.

Never fear you can't stretch.
You will not have to go out and play fetch.
I can ship you express,
My wonderful cooking mess.

I think by now we have stirred the pot,
And we don't want it to get any rot.
So it is now time to see your feast.
I know they are loved by one butt sniffing beast.

I have watched them eat one or two,
At that other overloaded zoo.
And here it comes are you ready?
Excuse me, while I cough steady.

I almost have it, just wait.
I know the anticipation you must hate.
So pull out your favorite plate,
To dinner we would not want you to be late.

Are you not oh so hungry now? Finally I can once again meow. It is hard work cooking up that hairball. Plus I have to make sure I don't aim for the wall. So enjoy the cats dish to you, I know I put Glory Dear's recipes to shame at my zoo. Now I have to go eat some cat grass to ease the stomach of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. I received this notation from Pat yesterday

      Pat Hatt August 14, 2013 at 8:53 AM
      FYI your streak is now 35 in a row. I checked my spam today and you were there. That one on the 24th puts you in front of John.

      Reply Delete

      On July 24, Hank's bid at 7.00am went to spam and John who came in at 7.02 was on top. Pat had it corrected and reinstated Hank at #1. This means Hank was on a winning streak unbroken from July 10 till Aug 13 for 35 days. Hank had a rest yesterday. Not a shout-out but just straitening the records


    2. Congrats Hank, I don't know how you do it each and
      every day..makes you number one many days at the
      cat's bay.

    3. Hank is on top
      Of the crop
      Most every day
      With mostly John and Waffles in his way
      Just saw it in spam
      And thought damn
      Now 35 in a row
      Streak at my show

    4. To Pat and Truedessa,
      Thanks a lot!
      Lurking is the trick
      To maintain the streak!


  2. Just so long as you don't step on it first thing in the morning.
    Crap, thought I was getting cake. When I got to secret ingredient, I knew things were about to go south...

    1. I have been there
      Stepped in one or two at my lair
      But it beats crap I guess
      Still a nasty mess

  3. Yucks! The Cat can sure cook up something
    Would here rather not put in much thinking
    Just think of something nice
    Forget what the Cat had spiced
    Nothing to worry, just one of those things


    1. Well, you had me with this delicious treat
      rich chocolate cake just can't be beat
      had my mouth watering for that sweet
      until, the twist of an ingredient it might consist
      a coughing hairball, flying across the hall
      watch out it might even land on the wall
      I think I'll pass on this if i want my stomach
      to still exist...

      May have to visit Gloria as I heard she
      has what it takes to bake a great cake...

      hope you have fun making your way through the day!

    2. The cat can cook
      Get a look
      But in the end
      He's around the bend
      So a bit of a crook

    3. Yuck to that
      Says the cat
      And even Pat
      Here at our mat
      We'd rather eat a bat
      Or step in it and make it flat
      Than every eat that
      Plus it just makes one fat
      Gloria is buried in the big litterbox though
      So you may not see her at her show

    4. haha just realized I posted in a reply
      I should have known the day would go astray
      especially with hairballs on the floor
      think I'll stay away from that cake
      & would not even think of asking for more
      as then I would have to go to the gym
      or maybe, take a long swim...

      I would not eat a bat..that is a fact
      I'll leave that to Pat & the cat

      Have fun cleaning up that mess
      now, I have to go get dressed..

    5. A flabbergasted by the hairball
      What would you do if you seen one down the hall? lol
      Have to stay trim
      So need the gym or a swim
      Trick is to eat before you already go
      Then there she will blow lol
      Pat would curl his nose at a bat
      But I bet it would be eaten by the cat
      Here naked again?
      You like doing that at my den haha

  4. dude i just threw up in my mouth a bit, esp at the thought of stepping in that before the lights are on in the morning and the surprising slippery feeling of it between my toes...chocolate cake blechhhh there is goes...

    1. hahaha I gross you out
      That is worth today's shout
      As that is a hard one to do
      The cat is now proud at his zoo

  5. Sent shivers down my spine
    That was quite a task by the feline
    Why don't you let Pat interfere
    Hell of a mess today at your layer

    1. haha a mess Pat doesn`t like
      But the hairball has to spike

  6. Pat!! You keep posting pictures like that and I will think I am on my own blog.
    My daughter has a cat and when she coughs up a hairball... it makes even me want to gag.

    1. hahaha no worms there
      Yeah they are nasty as you stop and stare

  7. haha...dinner cooked hairballs for me please...smiles

  8. all of my cats must do that outside
    cuz I never see one where I reside.
    Not that I'm complaining of course
    and certainly don't have remorse.

    1. They don't want to give you a mess
      Then you might think less
      And kick them out
      Making the pout

  9. The picture is a nice touch and I absolutely love it.

    BTW, maybe it's just the perspective but that thing looks like it's a foot long. You don't need paper towels; you need an emergency room and an exorcist, stat.

    1. haha had to be done
      Yeah it was a big one
      I use tp though
      Then I can flush it and away it will go
      Seen many that size
      Maybe an exorcist would be wise

  10. Yuk, I am so glad I have dogs and don't have to deal with the likes of that.

    1. They just pee on a tree
      And eat anything they see

  11. Granted I don't have a cat,
    but that thang on that mat
    don't look like no hair
    not that I really care.
    It looks like a yellow dick
    And yes, I know my mind is sick!!!

    1. haha yeah not sure why
      They give hairball a cry
      As there is never any hair
      At least that I'm aware
      I can see it too
      So I may be a tad sick at my zoo

  12. The cake was pretty and then you had to end with that? I know you were just trying to help me stay on my diet lol. Oh, that thing was disgusting.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. hahaha come to my place
      If a diet you ever want to embrace

  13. the only thing I can cook is something you can just put on a pan

    never mixing a thing I can't stand

    1. Yeah I don't even use a pan
      Of cooking I'm not a fan

  14. Looks familiar through and through
    Always find them at my zoo
    When I got the Little Puss
    I thought she was a short-hair wuss
    She was bony, sickly too
    But I fixed her with my stew
    Now she has long gorgeous hair
    And displays it with a flair
    The only down-side of this tale
    Are hairballs like the Holy Grail

    1. haha thankfully the cat hasn't had a one
      Orlin is short enough not to enjoy the hairball fun
      But Cassie with her cleaning ocd
      Joins puss and gives a big one occasionally
      But never just one
      She has to do 3 or 4 before she is done

    2. I just told Terry her photos of ginger looked like hairballs. I was afraid she'd be mad at me but she called and laughed.

      Puss and Cassie what a shame
      They're known by their hairball fame

    3. hahahaha hairballs on the brain
      All thanks to my lane

  15. Dear Pat, I was thinking all along of hairballs! I certainly have seen plenty of them in living for forty years with cats. Right now I'm living with three of them--Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew--and they do a bit of "cooking" pretty often. Peace.

    1. haha knew you'd catch on
      With having many at your lawn

  16. So gross,
    So glad now I don't have cats,
    Though with our Maltese
    Getting skunked
    That myth is debunked
    (I know that's not quite right but it rhymed)

  17. We were at a hotel in July
    When something similar caught my eye
    A dog show was going on in town
    And one of the pooches made his owners frown
    Messed up the lobby for eye and nose
    Aaah, to experience the champion's woes

    1. haha even the mutt
      Goes upchuck at their hut
      But they may eat it down
      So no one will frown

  18. Just as I was about to eat cake
    I see that picture of a fecal snake
    It's really gross but thank you, cat
    You've jump-started my diet stat.


    1. Damn I should be a couch
      Rid all of their candy pouch
      Win the day
      Get some pay

  19. If I'm ever in Canada I'm staying away from Pat's house. He'd claim to feed me hot dog when I'd really get a cooked mouse! Great post buddy, even if I'm a little grossed out which is understandable haha!

    1. hahaha but it will taste like chicken though
      You won't tell the difference in its glow

  20. Maybe I'll pass on the cake this time!

    1. haha just this once you say
      Didn't like the display?

  21. Well, I doubt I'll eat anything for the rest of the night...

    1. Saving you some calories at my sea
      No need to thank me

  22. Oh, man! And I was so looking forward to a tasty chocolate cake recipe!

    1. Well it could be tasty for some
      Like Schultz who sniffs a bum

  23. orlin....way awesum lee way awesum....we see bout 5 weeks werth oh furz anda couple oh kibblez it bee cassie's turn...tell her ta try N aim for a diffrunt spot; shooz R good if pat haz one close bye....high paws N headbonks...ouch....GRATE JOB !!!

    1. haha yeah a ton in that one
      Cassie gives many at a time a run

  24. Pat, its a good thing I already finished my snacks ~
    (I have learned to read your blog after my meals)

    Give me chocolate cake anytime ~

    Happy day to you ~

  25. Was that supposed to be a hair ball at the end there? Definitely looked like a dump...either way- way to kill my appetite right before dinner.

    1. It is a hairball
      But could be a dump to I suppose on the wall

  26. I'll take the cake, Orlin can keep the hairball.

    1. Don't want to mix and match
      Could make quite the batch

  27. I really wanted that cake...until I saw the hairball. I've never seen a hairball in person so when I first saw it I was getting closer to the screen thinking, what is that? Some new fancy pastry? LOL

    1. hahaha hmmmm well at least now you know
      And won't eat a hairball at your show

  28. Well the cake looked good...initially. Now I may never want cake again. :)

  29. Dude you got my hopes up for cake
    But instead fooled me and caused me to do a double-take
    Cruel and unusual, this is for sure
    But I'll still visit many times more

    1. haha cruel is fun at my sea
      Especially when I can go all scary

  30. Hairballs, the gift that keeps on giving

  31. And then you flush
    And away they mush

  32. First you show cake to make me salivate.
    But, oh how rude, to turn around and ruin my appetite with something so crude :(

    1. haha save you some calories at your sea
      Should thank me

  33. i had cats before but i've never seen hairballs.

    1. They are nasty indeed
      But easily gotten rid if at my feed


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