You Never Know What Is Below!

So being summer and all, the cat is near water more at his hall. Unlike many a cat, water does not bother me at my mat. But by the look of that lake, in some water I don't want to partake.

The creature of the Black Lagoon,
Would be preferred by this loon.
To what is really in there.
All one has to do is stare.

It looks crystal clear on the top.
But that is really a flop.
If you go deeper,
You find the lake is quite the hoarding keeper.

There is an old tire,
Condoms that surely did expire,
An old rotten shoe,
Plus of course there is always fish poo.

Don't forget the leech.
But at least those are normal in reach.
Unlike an old book,
That looks like it has a picture of a crook.

There is also a construction sign,
I guess the detour was not divine.
Among the garbage dropped by the masses,
There is also a pair of glasses.

Maybe those dumpster divers should try a lake,
For down there, there was even an old rake.
There was a shovel too,
And a garden hoe in view.

I guess they could not get their garden to grow.
And they didn't want anybody to know.
Or they were chucking evidence into the lake,
Or maybe they just wanted to bake a cake.

There were a few bars,
And also some license plates off cars.
I guess they weren't cool,
So they got a personalized one like a fool.

But why all this stuff from a car?
It seems someone got really drunk at a bar.
And off the ridge they went,
The rusted old car had quite the dent.

So the next time you dive into a lake,
Make sure you don't get stabbed by a rake.
For the bottom could be closer than you know,
With all the crap people throw down below.

The cat did not want to swim in the rust plus the leftovers of peoples lake lust. But if you ever need some free tools you now know where to find them thanks to some litter bug fools. I suppose it is cheaper to chuck them in the lake in mass. But it is still nasty to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I wouldn't want to swim there either!

  2. Good thing I don't dive into water where I can't see the bottom.

  3. There are lots more than meet the eyes
    Ought to be careful when making dives
    It takes all within
    What others throw in
    Treasure trove of whatever therein lies


    1. Wonder and disgust
      As some things from lust
      You really don't want to see
      hanging from a tree
      But all is not bust

  4. ah so true...the bottom could be closer to you than you know what with them still throwing crap in at your show, you might even find a car, there is a whole house in the lake near here, i dont think anyone threw that in but

    1. hahaha wow atlantis is near?
      Show my rhyming rear
      We could find some gold
      The cat is sold

  5. So you live near the lake now?
    I think its scenic to live close to it, but darn on all the garbage being dumped there ~

    Happy weekend ~

    1. haha I visited one
      Sadly don't leave near one under my sun

    2. don't like near a lake?
      but there's the Atlantic, for heaven's sake!

    3. That is an ocean
      Has a different motion

  6. That is sad about the lakes
    junked up by some flakes
    so sad but, does ring true
    makes me feel rather blue
    as I like water you know
    it's good for the soul
    littering a big human mistake
    can you tell me are there snakes
    swimming about..perhaps an
    eel between a fish or two

    I think that is why I like
    the ocean sometimes...I never
    see anything in there but,
    natural creatures that should
    be there..speaking of which
    my last trip had a jellyfish
    or three, and crabs were
    biting people in the toes..
    oh that did cause some woes
    didn't bother me just kept
    my feet off the ground
    as I floated around..

    1. haha ouch to the crab bites
      That would cause some to take flights
      But beats a shark
      They'd sure leave a worse mark
      Not many snakes up here
      Eels could be near
      Jellyfish I have seen to
      Not gonna sting me at my zoo
      But yeah polluted up the ying yang
      As in goes a car with a clang

  7. Hampering nature...each day a bit more insane
    Sigh...humans do things that are less humane
    It's pretty much good for you cat
    You are far away atleast from such regret

    1. Yeah the cat stays away
      Near his bay
      While the humans play
      Making things worse day by day

  8. Well there is something to be said for chlorine filled pools. LOL.

    1. Yes, there is something to be said
      They keep away some dread

  9. It's sad how we pollute our lakes
    Causing us to do a double-take
    There are probably no "pure" lakes still around
    Ones where you don't hear a human sound
    But if they do exist I want to find one
    And sit by it under the sun

    1. Yeah I'd be with you
      Nice to find one near ones zoo
      But doubtful indeed
      As pollution takes seed

  10. Beside a lake I grew up too
    It gave me solace through and through
    I guess I thought I was a fish
    Into it's depths I'd swim and wish
    I never feared that I would drown
    I'd swim at least a mile from town
    The lake was long and all spring fed
    Pollution yet was not a dread

    But then monsanto had it's way
    Put poison on the land they'd say
    It's tendrils in the water creep
    Killing fish in the deep
    Covering water with filthy scum
    Ruined my lake for eons to come

    1. Yuck to that
      Filled with scat
      Or something worse
      Sure to make one curse
      Was better when pollution was small
      Now it's at every hall

  11. never swim in a lake

    it's like taking a nap on a earthquake

    1. Can you take a nap on an earthquake?
      Maybe in one as it does shake

  12. Just sit by lake
    look at the fish play
    warm up the skin and bones
    inside? - not for any stones!

  13. Wow, that says a lot about people, doesn't it?

    1. Lazy comes to mind
      Among other words not so kind

  14. Our lake's gross. We used to love to go there anyway, just because there's no ocean around, but the little guy got ringworm early this summer, yuck, ew, ick, naaaaaaaawh!! I'm sure it had to have from the lake, so we haven't been back in since. Bummer.

    1. Yuck to that indeed
      All wormed up at your feed
      Polluted a ton
      I too would run

  15. I have never been fond of swimming in a lake.
    But, yours definitely takes the 'no swimming' cake.
    Hey, maybe you could start a clean up project?
    Call it"Reject and Eject"
    And,Be the hero of the lake.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. A hero of the lake
      May even get a hand shake
      Or just drowned there
      I'll hide in my lair

  16. I always wonder what is on the bottom, but I sure am not going near the water!

  17. ha - better just close your eyes and keep on swimming....there are things you don't wanna know...smiles

  18. I always get a little creeped out when in public water..even swimming pools. If I start thinking about all that could be in the water, I can't enjoy it any more! ha. Did you do that to me, Cat? Did you?

    1. haha have to turn your brain off I suppose
      I'll take the blame for such woes

  19. There's a lot at the bottom of a lake that might give you a double take. Fish, seaweed and even the Loch Ness monster, somebody I'd definitely stay well clear of, great post as usual buddy!

    1. Yeah Nessie may not be nice
      May eat you like rice

  20. Lake litter lust,
    What a bust.
    Rakes in the water
    The thought makes me totter.

  21. Im sure yiu can't take a nap in a earthquake, I had live 3 earthcakes in my yard and never, never taked a nap LOL
    Love lakes but not with pollution!

    1. Yeah pollution is crap
      I guess now I know if an earthquake appears I won't be taking a nap lol

  22. Yeah cats don't like a bath
    It seems to induce their wrath
    But from a faucet they drink
    They even sit in the sink!
    Don't jump in the lake
    For your own sake :)

    1. They will scratch the crap
      Out of some poor sap
      Except the cat as he is fine
      He thinks some water is divine

  23. there's all kinds of good stuff at the dump too, but the guys that work there have the first dibs and you'd have to be really sneaky to get away with anything form the dump while they are on the watch

    Midnight Cowboy — A Quick Review

    1. They could probably make quite a hefty sum
      If they sell stuff like others do a plum

  24. Think I'll take a break from a dip in this lake!

    1. Smart move I'd say
      May turn green in display

  25. Few horror references in this one, i used to love those 80's films but i think their mainly for teenagers, who are the main victims of these zombies anyway. Why don't they ever kill middle aged insurance salesmen or 45 year old high school teachers?

    I was just reading this news article in America that is relevant, this young girl did one of those rope swing jumps in to a lake. She cut her hand, it got infected with bacteria in the lake, she ended up losing both her legs, and her arm and most of the other one. Terrible stuff, i always wince when i see video of yanks throwing each other in to swimming pools, paraplegics in one...two..three.

    The leech reference made me feel ill, i hate those things, worse than spiders.Great post.

    1. haha yeah leeches are nasty buggers indeed
      Bacteria is nothing to mess with at ones feed
      Can sure screw you over
      Worse than a bite from rover
      I guess they don't kill the old farts
      Because the are too old to be tarts?

  26. When I was a kid, we always went swimming in a lake... now, I won't swim in anything but a pool. Lets hope no one pees in the pool I swim in.

    1. Well pee beats bacteria I'd say
      But still the chlorine is blah at ones bay

  27. I have a serious fear of getting stuck in seaweed, so I avoid any open water that isn't surrounded by a real pool!

    1. haha wow that is a fear
      I never expected to hear


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