A dVerse Game Not So Tame!

So for dVerse we are going to play a game. Warning, it may not turn out so tame. Now we go to all of you where only a few lines can come due. That is right. Only allowed for two lines to come to light.

There we were in the dead of night.
I saw some bats take flight.
Hank: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Don't interrupt or I will show you the claw.

As I was saying, there I was in the dark.
Not even a dog out to bark....
Terry: "What happens if I press that?"
You people are really annoying the cat.

Brian: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
I think it is time I lay down the law.
Folklore: "What happens if I press that?"
You will put your finger in scat.

It will turn very brown.
Now all of you leave my crazy town.
Keith: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Do you want me to smack you in the jaw?

Manzanita: "What happens if I press that?"
An anvil will drop on your head and squash you flat.
Truedessa: "What happens if I press that?"
Your lips will be stapled shut and you can't blabber at any mat.

Alex: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Quiet ninja wannabe or on your guitar strings I'll gnaw.
Mary: "What happens if I press that?"
I'll send you a nice dead rat.

Lucy: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Yes, it was a grocery store so you can now pick up your jaw.
Yolanda: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Only if you like cowboys that give a yee haw!

The Silver Fox: "What happens if I press that?"
Orson will sit on your head like a hat.
Anne: "Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Was it a rabbit eating your gardens raw?

Adam:"Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Yes, that guy really can't draw.
Rosey:"What happens if I press that?"
You will wind up with a permanent tat.

Klahanie:"Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Maybe Penny will whack you with her paw.
Susan:"What happens if I press that?"
You will get swarmed by a gnat.

Waffles:"Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Does whining count as breaking the law?
Farawayeyes:"Did I see what I think I just saw?"
Sadly, having no shoes on your feet is a flaw.

Betsy:"What happens if I press that?"
All your cats will call you fat.
Al:"What happens if I press that?"
Nothing, a sidewalk loo is rather flat.

Elsie:"What happens if I press that?"
You get a nice present on your doorstep from the cat.
Damn, this really went to hell.
Next time be nice and at least ring the doorbell.

Could you guys not think of any other lines? You have less of a vocabulary than monkeys swinging from vines. I guess I'll have to put some traps in the grass. That will keep your two lines away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Wow, you'd think your follows could say more than two lines

  2. Yikes, a nice dead rat would not be something for me
    I'd throw it out in the deep blue sea
    or onto a branch of the highest tree
    or give it to some cats for company.

    (Did you see my interview over at dVerse
    It was an honor, not at all perverse!)

    1. Have not saw that
      Will have a look at the dVerse mat
      And I'm sure you'd give glee
      Too many a kitty

  3. ha we will always be full of questions and randomly mention them and curiousity, you know what that does to the cat but we do similar where we are at a curious lot indeed...

  4. Don't touch the guitar strings!
    Only two lines? That's about all I say anyway.

    1. The cat would like to chew
      At least I got two out of you

  5. What happens if I press that?
    my lips will be stapled shut
    no blabbering thanks to the cat
    have no fear, I will blabber this day
    my mind you cannot close at my hut
    resourceful, I will find another way
    haha a handy dandy staple remover
    and this I know how to maneuver
    now, I am free to blabber away
    as you wiggle your butt & do your strut
    now, cat here I am for another say
    my lips are free to sing & shout
    as my wagging tongue blabbers about...

    lol..oh I will blabber some more today
    you can count on that at your bay..

    1. LOL damn staple remover
      Letting you flap like a hoover
      Oh that just fit
      The cat has such wit
      Just when you wag your tongue
      Don't pop a lung
      Or drool at all
      Of course if you stick it out long enough you may get a cat call haha

    2. I told you I would find a way to blabber
      check out my bay as I blabber away...lol..

    3. Will go there
      And have a stare

  6. Sometimes I struggle to come up with more than two lines
    In the writing world that is punishable by several fines

    1. They can be made out to the cat
      If you can spell that use Pat

  7. Did you see what I think I just saw
    I just couldn't believe my eyes
    It's already 7.21am
    and still no takers
    the winning streak
    without a break
    Made it by the skin of my teeth


    1. In by two minutes today
      Could have gone a different way

  8. Don't press that Pat!! You never know what might come out of there.

  9. Never turn your back on a cat, ask the rat.


    1. The rat can't answer though
      It no longer is around to show

  10. Press that? We're all wishing for an 'easy button' to press... to make you shut up. lol....

    fat? seriously? geesh.

    1. LOL not gonna happen at my sea
      Done through november with glee
      Hey, it wasn't this cat
      It will be all the ones at your mat

    2. done through november you say?
      quality is better than quantity any day.
      and you're putting words in my cats' mouths
      they would never say I was fat down south.

    3. Don't worry some big ones will come
      And nothing about your bum haha

    4. LOL well there are a few about you
      One is a video too

  11. Press a button watch things go
    Drop an anvil from head to toe
    Squish me flat like a mat
    I'll come back and haunt the Cat
    I've got powers, scooby doo
    I'll be back when you hear BOO
    Hahaha Another great, creative post

    1. Then I will have to get the mutt
      Some scooby snacks at my hut
      He'll come and scare you away
      If not, the cat will just stink up his bay

  12. Two lines sounds a lot to me.

    It sounded like they were all in the back-seat of the car and you are driving somewhere.

    "Are we there yet?"

    1. haha yeah that it does indeed
      Can annoy and be fun to do at ones feed

  13. "Did I see what I think just saw?"

    The cat trying to swipe me with his paw?

    "What happens if I press that?"

    I make the cat use my name instead of 'one eye' at his mat!


    1. That is what you get old one eye
      For stealing an eyeball under your sky haha

    2. I may do a post just for you
      and use that avatar at my zoo!

    3. haha be fun to see
      And give more ammo to me

  14. "The Silver Fox: "What happens if I press that?"
    Orson will sit on your head like a hat."

    I'm laughing because you wrote that and I'm sure could write more than two lines, but that's OK because you have some many saying so much.

    1. Orson's my cat, in case you're wondering.

    2. Can write more each day
      At my bay
      As can the fox
      And yes Orson resides at his docks

  15. You really must learn to curb these violent tendencies... Scat! Claw! Staple! Tat! Swarm! Rat!

    Sounds like the Cell Block Tango, but with cats...

    1. Bah let the loose
      Take them out on a goose
      Can ring its neck
      They aren't playing with a full deck

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if Orson did sit on my head. He's been sitting everywhere else he's not supposed to sit!

    And... Only two lines? Me? Ha!

    1. haha counter and what have you
      Is so much fun to do
      Yes, long winded at your zoo
      Can come into view haha

  17. Oh, how I try to avoid the grocery shopping.
    Yesterday, I ate Peanut Butter and Honey
    But today I must go isle hopping.
    Oh, goodness I hope it turns out sunny :)

    1. haha in and out is the way to be
      Push by them or hit them and go weee

  18. How appropriate that you've put Hank first! :)

  19. HA! Too funny Pat. Maybe I need to have a Press Conference!

    1. haha could really get press happy
      They may get flappy

  20. The last time I pressed that...I lost a barrier and the bet!

    1. Damn, might want to be paranoid
      And from now on avoid

  21. If the button
    is pressed,
    you better run
    for nothing will
    be left
    under your sun.

    The bombs will
    fly from the
    sky and to Canada
    we'll all say
    "bye, bye".

    "Not here!"
    you say
    from the mat
    at your bay.
    "We've done
    nothing wrong.
    We're just
    singing our song."

    It could happen
    to anyone
    WWIII here we come!

    1. Pfft the cat will catch it in his ass
      Then blow it out like nothing but gas
      No WWIII for me
      I'll pitch those suckers in the sea

    2. I didn't know you could do that Cat. I'll ring up Putin directly and make a deal. You'll be mass produced in no time and I'll be rich. Rich I tell you!

    3. I'll sue
      And take every penny from your zoo

  22. "Don't touch that button!" you yell in a rant?
    Maybe I'll press it just 'cause you say we can't!
    You can't tell old ladies what not to do;
    We reserve the right to be foolish, too.

    1. That right is fine
      By this feline
      Then the ammo I can use
      Nutty old ladies make the news

  23. My kids don't ask. They just press.

    1. haha better to ask forgiveness than permission I suppose
      Even if it causes woes

  24. Oh my, Cat! What did you do with your finger?
    Not just that, but why did you let it linger...?

    It's not always good to put it in scat,
    to turn it brown , tan or all that....

    I'm sorry I passed the two line limit,
    I pressed the doorbell but there was nothing in it...

    1. You had a lot to say
      More than two lines today
      And at least you know about the scat
      That will keep you clean at your mat

  25. Even if I knew it was wrong, I'd still press it. Can't resist temptation, even if it's going to burn my ass later.

    1. haha I may have to use that
      Here at my mat

    2. That you did, my friend. That you did lol.

    3. haha shhh can't tell
      Have to wait a spell

  26. If whining breaks the law Pat then I am in big trouble, probably looking at a couple of consecutive life sentences! This was just hilarious Pat, loved it.

    1. At least you'll have a nice cell forever
      Maybe you want to push the button or pull a lever

  27. Nothing good comes outta pressing that
    No flowers or rainbows at your mat
    So I say, I've gotta run
    There are others things to touch
    That are lots more fun.


    1. haha oh to the gutter I go
      Are the things high or low

  28. some buttons would stay better un-pressed...yet...who really could resist...ahem..smiles

    1. haha yeah have to give it a go
      With their red glow

  29. lol - What can I say? So glad to visit the cat today:)

  30. I heard an explosion down by your mat,
    Guess they pressed that button in no time flat.
    Will they ever learn not to do that?
    Messing things up on your vat.

    1. Nope, away the go
      Letting it flow
      As they search high and low
      At least there is no lawn to mow

  31. orlin N cassie

    sum times pull iz just az bad
    R two line verse iz trooly sad


    hay, enjoy yur twoozday !!!!!!!

  32. No way I will press my finger on that
    and get strangled with my cravat
    now let's sit down and chat
    I know you can be cuddly, dear cat

    Fun read Pat :-)

    1. haha try to cuddle the cat
      And you may turn flat

  33. This is so funny Pat ~ I think I will just ahead & press that ~

  34. Did I see what you saw? A star, a star, shining in the night! It will bring us goodness and light....

    1. Let's hope so
      And not a plight decides to show

  35. How about Cat and Pat?
    Will they press that?
    Did they see what I saw?
    Or they just back and fro?


  36. You label your poems as fun & games
    Funny, because I'd label them the same way

  37. Dear Pat, you are one talented rhymer and one talented thinker as well! Peace.

  38. There are lots of possibilities to find words that rhyme with that, but saw is a bit harder right from the bat; still I admire your attempt to give it a try, even if it did go a little bit awry.


    1. haha yeah can be a pain
      As saw only has so many at ones lane

  39. Uh, we think we won't be touching anything!

  40. I always thought those films stretched credulity.Didn't he die of cancer in the first one?
    Law of diminishing returns, it descends in to cartoon.

    Talking of cat though, did you see the cat twerking vid?

    1. Yeah it is quite a stretch
      Them I do not want to fetch
      LOL look at that cat go
      Quite the flow

  41. you are incorrigible at your sea
    i liked the shit line too
    three lines is all ur getting out of me:)

  42. Fill your rummer,
    Last night was the first time
    Some Kiwi friends ordered rum and coke
    I said to them I didn't know Kiwi blokes
    drank rum and coke
    They said it was America's Cup
    and without a hiccup
    they were drinking the sailors muck

    1. Wow going all out
      Well out and about
      Before the end of summer
      Filling that rummer

  43. Rhyme sublime this is not
    but loads of fun: it is hot.
    I see friends from the pub -
    but here's the rub -
    they're answering back in droves!

    1. Yeah they talk back
      At my shack
      Who knew?
      I guess a few

  44. Loving the rhyme! Keep it up and great looking site.

  45. They say curiosity kills the cat :)

    1. That is fine at my bay
      As satisfaction brings me back the next day


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