A Little Care At My Lair!

You know it is noticed by the cat so many like to be nosy at their mat. And they blame curiosity on the cat. I think we should dispute that. For many busybodies buzz about and they have to give a little shout.

That guy over there has no money.
Did you hear he likes to dress as a bunny?
It also has four toes.
I think he only has one pair of clothes.

That one over there is shacked up,
With some young pup.
He also has a lazy eye.
I think he also has a thing for pie.

Then he likes to warm the bench.
I hear he has a shiny wrench.
He also makes art out of sticks.
His house is made of bricks.

He always looks rather lost.
I hear out of his house he was tossed.
Simply because he couldn't see clearer,
When he went to look in the mirror.

That one over there has a dog.
He lets it sit all day like a log.
It sits on his own little grass.
That guy really has no class.

That one over there,
Never does her hair.
I hear she also wears no underwear.
That has to mean she is having an affair.

That one likes to bite her nails.
She also collects dead snails.
She has tons of dolls on the wall.
She even has pink wallpaper down the hall.

She never watches reality TV.
That just confuses me.
She must really have no taste.
I hear she even recycles her waste.

She is always so very clean.
It is almost so serene.
She has to be a cheat.
I bet she sleeps in concrete.

That one has a case of gas.
She also likes to roll in the grass.
I hear she has a singing bass.
That is just one screwed up lass.

The cat could go on forever with this little endeavor. But I think you get the point as many people get their nose out of joint, worried about what others do. While most have their head in the sand at their zoo. But then I may worry about getting to close to a lass who has a bad case of gas. Then again maybe she will just feel right at home with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. The busybodies having their fun
    For them it is just some big run
    They're just creeps
    Better off asleep
    But they're a bother with their rants


    1. Yep that is true
      Will send out a gossip to you
      Or about you
      At your zoo
      Thinking they really have a clue

  2. Hank

    You are on a roll keeping to the beat of number one.
    I was up early and thought I'd give it a run. I think
    next time I'll wear my running shoes..haha

    1. Truedessa was not even close
      Needs to get up much earlier at her house haha

    2. That is true so I went back to bed
      and rested my weary head..leave number
      one to Hank who is on the run..lol..

    3. Yeah don't mess with Hank
      Seems to make all walk the plank

    4. Truedessa Ma'am,
      Everyone has an even chance
      Only lurking,no reason to run!


  3. I hope that girl is washing her hands before biting her nails after handling those snails. eww Escargot anyone?

    1. haha worms for her in the inside
      That could give her pride

  4. Gossiping takes a lot of time
    Much more than my morning rhyme
    I just don't care what others do
    Unless their interests match mine too
    Your header changed with the season
    Cat sits on top of the world with good reason

    1. Yep, waste of time and breath
      Unless your neighbor cooks meth
      Then you may want to run away
      Before the criminals come to have their say lol
      Header change you say?
      Hmmm which one at my bay?

  5. Hank is not only declaring #1, he's also counting the number of times he gets the spot in a row. I think he has a thing for numbers (and high five to him for the big run). :)

    We all know people who get their noses out of joint over silly stuff they have no business even paying attention to...my grandfather was like that. He used to get worked up over the silliest things (the way someone parked their car in front of his house, for instance, lol). I still loved him so. :)

    1. Yeah he has quite the run
      May get 50 before he is done
      LOL car parking made him mad?
      Hopefully a dumptruck never parked near his pad

    2. Rosie Ma'am,
      Lucky I can count
      Makes it a lot easier
      It's fun
      That's for sure!


    3. As long as its fun
      Must be done

  6. Ah, the world would be a better place
    if nosiness would not be the case
    It doesn't matter what others do
    each should look at his own shoe
    that might be filled with its own poo
    and one's own demons to subdue!

    1. Ewww filled with poo
      That shoe would never be worn again at my zoo
      I guess gossiping about others is a better fate
      Then looking inward and opening such a gate

  7. not wearing underwear could be just a way of saving money!

    1. LOL that is true
      Plus it is more freeing between me and you

  8. There's always a lot of gossip & nosiness here at my job
    Some people are just rumor-spreading snobs
    Other people's business is just that - it's theirs
    Who cares if they have the world's longest nose hairs?

    1. Yeah same at my place
      One who truly does the gossip race

  9. i think we just have it turned around a bit, if we stopped and gave a shit about the man with no clothes instead of raising our nose it might be the world becomes a better place, but on and on we race around our own track ready to go on the gossip attack

    1. Brian,

      I agree with you..turn it around and care about housing the people on the street instead of gossiping about their dirty feet...

    2. That is very true as well
      Instead of ringing the gossip bell
      Go the other way
      And have a brighter day

    3. Other way as in help
      Not run away and yelp lol

  10. the one with the dead snails must have an ugly mug

    worse than the guy with the dead slug

  11. ah - if we only would care for our own things and not so much about others the world would look different - and we had much more time - ha--

  12. I see your trip to Egypt has ended!
    Now you're in outer space, being long-winded!

    1. Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about
      The library is in and outer space is out

    2. So I see!
      Fickle today at your sea!

    3. LOL took you three
      To catch on to me

  13. your post is filled with layers of thought
    just look at all the gossiping it brought
    take your head out of the sand and see
    where you stand in your own land..

    gossiping is big you know esp in show biz
    media make millions on spilling the beans
    and people eat it up, like chocolate drops
    personal life is just that personal..unless
    you want to sell your story for the big dough

    1. PS like the header changes..haha..a nice touch indeed..

    2. LOL oh many have not a clue
      About the header changes at my zoo

      Yeah need to look at ones self
      There at their shelf
      Instead of all around
      Like a but sniffing hound
      But then in the media biz
      They sure quiz
      And the more juicy it is to read
      The more they get to hone their greed

  14. No underwear means having an affair? Thought it just mean you were an excellent driver. Or have I watched MST3K one too many times?
    The new header rocks! Like the science fiction look.

    1. Hmmm not the expert on either or
      So I'd vote for Mystery Theatre at my shore

  15. I like the new header, very colorful and smoking of action ~

    Never listen to gossip, you will end up a miserable miser ~

    Have a good weekend ~

    1. haha new header you say?
      Which one is that on display
      And that is true
      At every zoo

  16. I know nothing about my own neighbors. But on my mom's street, every knows every one else, because no one ever moves. So they watch out for people's houses...even when you're home. And come to ask about why a certain car was there...the concern is genuine, but so is the quest for info so it can be relayed to every home on the block.

    1. Well that can come in handy
      Stopping thieves is dandy
      But having a nose stuck in your door
      Can be a pain and so much more

  17. Hmmm. Header looks a bit familiar... Heh.

    1. LOL so funny to watch the header commotion
      Refresh and poof it changes like a magic potion

    2. and you used to tease me!
      You change as often as a cat has fleas.

    3. LOL tease I will still do
      As my change is auto at my zoo

  18. Hey, I've been know to warm a bench or two myself!

  19. I love how each verse makes it sound like it's not a good idea to judge that person then it just says something funny about them, made me laugh so much buddy haha, loved this!

  20. aahh I see the Tarsier Man there!!
    love the new header!

  21. I have to say I can be a bit nosy, but that's only because I'm wondering if others live a life of rosy, or if I'm the only one so smug in my life that has no strife (right, no strife here, that is something not true, don't fear)


    1. haha no strife you say
      I'd want to move to your bay

  22. omg...it's a rotating header!
    You got me good just now as I paged up to look better!

    1. LMAO took you all day to figure it out
      hahahaha was fun watching you give a shout
      Thinking i was changing it all day
      Took me months to find the right code to do it at my bay
      Now all can show
      Whether I have 5 or 100 to go

    2. yep...very cool! I think most just saw one and noticed it was different and commented. You don't see another unless you go back up! haha. But you know me...multiple visits produced multiple headers. lol.... And a new one in there, too...you have zombie eyes! ha.

    3. LOL yeah the zombie eyes
      Don't make me look very wise
      Oh well beats zombie feet
      And after a while people will figure it out at my street

  23. I love that quote:

    Small minds discuss people
    Average minds discuss events
    Great minds discuss ideas

    If more people would worry about stuff other than what someone else is doing, it would definitely be such a better place!

    1. Yeah much better place
      And great quote to embrace

  24. No time for gossip
    It aint so hip
    A nasty slip
    From an audacious quip
    Never have kept up with the Jones'
    Too busy chewing on tasty bones

    1. The way to be
      At your sea
      Chewing on bones is better too
      Than chewing on poo

  25. Frankly speaking this is the first time I enjoyed a poem.
    Laughed when I read:
    She never watches reality TV.
    That just confuses me.
    She must really have no taste.
    I hear she even recycles her waste.

  26. The Human and me
    On something agree:
    We are both so very nosy
    Our discretion's not so rosy
    We are always peepin' away
    At the neighbors across the way
    We look and we listen and snoop
    Cause we like to get the scoop!

    1. Well the human can blame you
      There at your zoo
      As you gawk away
      She has to see at what on display

  27. I wonder if these people who get their nose out of joint at what others do ever stop to think about what the others think of them. Probably not!

  28. hahah! yeah, i got gas
    hopefully this too shall pass

  29. What about the one near my lair/who is bald but thinks he's still got some hair/with a comb in his pocket I see him about/"Hey, mate, you ain't got no barnet* left", I want to shout.

    Greetings from London.

    *barnet: barnet fair=hair (Cockney rhyming slang)

    1. Slang you say
      at my bay
      Shout away
      About his display


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