A Little Dirty And Flirty

So dVerse wants us to go all slogan today at our bay. What can I say? These things are kinda dirty with their display. Or maybe my mind is in the gutter. Either way, your heart may flutter.

Whether you stand or sit,
Just do it.
Try not to be fast.
Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

There will be no sorrow,
When there is no tomorrow.
And for your flute,
There is no substitute.

Much could give birth.
The happiest place on earth.
Adding to your range,
For the men in charge of change.

Or you could be like rover,
Pleasing people the world over.
And prove as your flirt,
Stronger than dirt.

Come, don't be coy.
Pleasure is the path to joy.
And forget the pillow talking,
Let your fingers do the walking.

Just strut your stuff,
Because life is complicated enough.
May not be for one with a wife.
Share moments. Share life.

You may hear if really fit,
I'm lovin it.
Then you could have many a guest,
When you care enough to send the very best.

But watch the goalie in your endeavor.
A diamond is forever.
Just wait for that smile.
Quality never goes out of style.

Forget the mesh,
Eat fresh.
And never ever stop.
Good to the last drop.

It must be a lofty goal.
Power, beauty, and soul.
And best of all at your bay,
Have it your way.

Could also be a hit.
Buy it. Sell it. Love it.
But don't wait and pout.
Get N or get out.

In case you misunderstood.
Finger lickin' good.
Just remember the best showing,
Keeps going and going and going.

Damn, the cat stayed in the gutter the whole time and the slogans were real he gave a chime. Such dirty advertisers out there. I will just stick to my lair. For the one that always come to pass is simply my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Corporate guys do not depend on luck
    They spend but wait for the big bucks
    Songs they sing
    Just to hoodwink
    Knowing the games they play it sucks


    1. yeah they do suck
      As they press their luck
      Using each one
      To make dough by the ton
      From shoe to truck

  2. Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Sounds like a line from the show Survivor!

  3. I had an International Business class once that required a book of translation mishaps for advertising. Some of the interpretations of slogans around the world are hilarious. I imagine it's hard to know where a mishap will show up until it's too late. :)

    1. Yeah until it is out there
      of all the mishaps it is hard to be aware

  4. Those slogans can get you every time
    Even a source for Cat to rhyme
    You're damned if you don't and damned if you do
    It's money they want, they don't care about you
    Just sign on the line we're all out of time
    A big contract included but don't read the fine

    1. They sure go go go
      After ones dough
      With a little shine
      Thinking all is divine
      Then you sign on the line
      And take it up the rear right to your spine

  5. Cool wordplay with slogans today! But I keep thinking it would be a pretty slow walk if we had to depend on our FINGERS to do the walking. Smiles.

  6. I like to eat fresh but there's a limit to all the eating ~ Good to see you Pat ~ Enjoy our long weekend ~

    1. haha yeah has to be
      Or one will float in the sea

  7. oh goodness you went to the next level with this, there are def some i had not thought of in some time...sex sells man, so in the gutter will def butter us the buyer and grease the pocket of the wallet to buy it and use it....

    1. haha just used what popped in
      Even if it was a sin
      Sex does sell a ton
      They will use anything under the sun

  8. diamonds are forever

    but rubies just last the weekend

  9. You're such
    a dirty Cat
    seeing sex
    in this and that.

  10. Some of these slogans seriously suck but I guess they stick in the mind and these businesses are more than happy if they do because I guess that's the end game. Great post though buddy, made me laugh a lot man.

  11. The cat is in the gutter
    melting words like butter
    on the slogan trail
    he hit it on the nail
    all these lines sell
    & products do swell
    once again the rhyming king
    delivering with zesty zing
    only the cat could weave such a tale
    as he swaggers about wagging his tail
    now, I'm thinking of a ship & sail
    Florida Keys "Come as you are"

    1. Come as you are
      From land afar
      Then go home with a sun burn
      That is what one gets in return haha

  12. "I'm lovin' it." It works. I love the slogan as a McDonald's fan, I stick to the brand.

  13. well, look at you
    viewing through sex-colored glasses, too!

  14. Nicely done! They're all stuck in our heads,
    Whether we're eating breakfast or making our beds.

  15. haha...laughing at betsy's sex-colored glasses comment...sex def. sells

  16. ... always fun to visit here...

    Cause we're connecting people
    even those on highest steeple
    when nothing can prevent
    a salesman's crass event

    1. As the spurn
      Wrap their head in a fern
      Then with a clang
      They can hang

  17. Go play with your flute
    A one hand salute
    Finger lickin' good
    I understood
    Mind the cream
    It aint a dream

  18. So funny how we can make things sound dirty even when they are meant that way.

    1. haha yeah anything can go that way
      if we try at our bay

  19. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  20. I can eat
    fresh at home
    when I know
    what is from

    Slogans trigger senses,
    Love and consequences.

    1. Best way to be
      And yeah that is what they do when you hear or sea

  21. I can't keep up with the cat. His mind must be working all the time.

  22. We have a sports store called "Dicks"
    which may strike some as odd.
    But it's really not sleazy or sick
    'cept when selling fishing rods.

  23. Hahaha - you have so many double endentres I think increase geometrically. Oh, hope you don't think 'math' is a dirty word!

    1. Nope, math is find by me
      Can do it with ease at my sea

  24. Have it your way
    Is what I always say.
    And tastes great, less filling
    Is my motto when I'm chilling.

  25. "The happiest place on earth."
    Well, that depends upon the girth
    And stamina too
    And hopefully things won't go blue.


  26. It's okay with the slogan
    As to an otherwise boring stuff it could add some fun
    So if you haven't done it yet,you should
    As they say 'Life's good'

  27. So never give up and always be ambitious.

    Got it.

  28. I like the last line. Too bad summer is over here. But, there is always next year! Get it? Ha Ha.

    1. haha yeah next year there will be
      Can get drunk will glee

  29. I'll never think of KFC the same way again.



    1. LOL that isn't so bad
      Not exactly good for ones pad

  30. Just do it, rhyme away
    All day long at your bay

    Good to the last drop
    The fun here will never stop

    I'm lovin' it :)

  31. I don't know who has the dirty mind
    The advertisers, Pat, or the cat?
    All that's needed for this post is Blurred Lines playing in the background and Miley running around molesting a foam finger lol.

    1. hahaha I think I'd draw the line there
      No crazy Miley at my lair


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