And That Makes Two At My Zoo!

So I hope I have gotten better with age as each day a post graces my page. Don't get confused as we are still in season three of little old me. But this post is to celebrate two. Two of what you ask at my zoo? I guess you just will have to be patient that is all. And just read the writing on the wall.

I bet that at least one knows.
Hit every post even when the cat watched crows.
At least with the longest run,
At the moment under my sun.

But now back on to the two,
That could be confusing many of you.
Don't look down at your shoes.
Having to have those should not be news.

Same goes for your socks.
Brian, even mismatched ones won't get any head cocks.
At least not here.
Yes, you humans have two buns on your rear.

But I really don't want to go there.
That is the last thing I want to see bare.
Enough with the two body parts.
You aren't going to get anywhere at your carts.

What was that you say?
You need something on display?
That I guess I can do.
It may even give you a clue.

Does that help you some?
Or are you still playing dumb?
Nope, wrong once more.
It isn't two cats at my shore.

I just put that there to get some attention.
Plus the cat's ego likes to get a mention.
It has gotten pretty big, I know.
But today makes it really grow.

Very few have done this task.
What is it I hear you ask?
I guess I can tell you now.
I know it will truly wow.

Today marks the two year mark,
Of when I started posting every day at my park.
Have not missed a day in two whole years.
I think that deserves my rhyming cheers.

Yep, two whole years and I have not missed a single day. Not many can say that at their bay. Who knows if I'll keep it up for another year or maybe will be here after eight more when I give ten a cheer. I guess we will have to wait and see what comes to pass from my every day little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. At #35 equaled the record!
      Let's see the accord

      July 10-Aug 13: Hank (35 #1)
      Aug 14 : Yeamie
      Aug 15-Sept 18: Hank (35 #1)


    2. Need 50 to come to pass
      That will be one huge mass

  2. Congratulations on two years of blogging every day,
    Time for a celebration at your bay.
    Hip hip hooray is all I can say.

    1. and at almost one million views

      always good news

    2. Celebration is fun
      But it can get loud and the cat will run haha

    3. Yep 1,000,000 has almost come due
      That will be more fun at my zoo

  3. Wow, an awesome feat
    rhyming 365 x 2 without defeat
    celebrate you should
    entertaining as you would
    happy day at your bay
    congratulations today
    tomorrow and everyday!

    1. Fun to have done
      Under my sun
      See how long it will last
      Always a blast

  4. Two years straight - that is really impressive!! Congratulations, Pat.

    1. May as well go for 1000 straight
      That would be a nice fate

  5. For 2 years every day without a miss
    There's none here to equal such bliss
    Rhyming of a kind
    Of all so sublime
    Great talents and energy expended,this!


    1. Energy comes from somewhere
      Here at my lair
      So does the rhyme
      With each chime
      Doing them by the pair

  6. 'Tis no mean
    feat that you
    did complete
    all these days
    with your little
    rhyming ways.

    Of zombies feet
    there were some,
    oh those I remember
    well, but try
    hard not to dwell
    on the zebra thong
    and probes gone wrong.

    Tarsier man
    checked in,
    his big eyes
    made me grin.

    There were
    Pringle cans
    of poo and
    even a golden loo.

    Some stories
    were told whose
    events did unfold
    to reveal
    the fates of
    those you hold.

    A man in a tin foil hat
    now who could
    forget that?

    Or the movies
    you know
    whose names
    you let flow.

    You gave Drazin
    his day and
    in more than one
    way was he
    evil and mean
    with Cat slippers
    on his feet.

    So good for you
    Cat and whoopdi friggin do
    for that!

    Happy blog birthday Cat!

    1. Anne remembers all
      Here at my hall
      From the zombie feet
      To her pringle can defeat
      Drazin will be back soon
      Haven't seen the last of that loon
      Tarsier man is in books now
      Next month he'll take a bow
      And who knows what is to come
      Well I do for the next 2 months or so from my rhyming bum lol

    2. It's the psychological trauma that I've endured here that has etched these memories into my brain :)

    3. Those zombie feet and Pringles cans of poo will do that, Anne!

    4. haha will have it with you to the end of your days
      Beats being left in a daze

  7. Wow! That is awesome! I'm truly impressed... Wow!

  8. Congrats on the 2 years of daily blogging Pat ~ And I see that Hank is on the winning streak too ~

  9. WOW, I can't do anything every single day for two years. Way to go!!!

  10. Not missing a day in two years
    Certainly calls for a cheer
    Not even a sick day?
    Must be healthy at your bay
    Not even a vacation?
    For a little relaxation
    Here's to hoping the streak goes on
    And doesn't end until there's a revolution

    1. Oh if I wasn't so far ahead
      Some days nothing would have been said
      With my screwed up crap
      A vacation did come at my map
      But the cat can still blog away
      and relax at his bay

  11. From your corner of the world
    Rhymes that daily came unfurled
    And on your birthday added more
    Rhymes came alive by the score
    Add the vids and writing books
    Comments to those giving looks
    A great golfer you must be
    Keep your eye on the ball as it leaves the tee

    Congratulations and we salute you for the daily fun found on Its
    Rhyme Time.

    1. LMAO i couldn't get the ball in the hole
      If I took a stroll
      And tried to drop it in
      No golf at my bin

  12. wow that is some kind of commitment man...i did it the first couple years but it wore our my rears, since we are onto two at your zoo, some say i wear one on my shoulders some days...

    1. haha hmm might want to knock that off
      Or your shoulders may scoff
      Yeah it can wear one out
      But that is why you get far ahead with each shout
      Then can take a break
      Go sit by the lake

  13. Happy Anniversary Pat! Hopefully you are blogging for many years to come!

  14. Happy blogiversary!
    Happy blogiversary!
    Happy blogiversary!
    Haaaaaappy Blog-i-versary!

    Two years is awesome, congrats and here's to many more!

    1. Not blogiversary
      Wrong are thee
      Just 2 years in a row
      Without missing a day at my show haha

    2. I came to take back my song. -_-

      And wish you happy 2 years in a row instead. The Tweet will hopefully go unread (never thought I'd say such a thing). :)

    3. haha oh well
      Tweet was still swell

  15. Congratulations, what a feat, two years of blogging every day! Here is hoping for many more of these celebrations to come :)

  16. That's amazing. Do you plan to continue this? Shooting for 1000 consecutive posts?

    1. Well at 730 now
      So I am sure I'll reach 1000 in a row somehow
      Will continue as long as the ideas flow
      And time allows at myshow

    2. 731 from my rear
      Forgot leap year

  17. Replies
    1. Not blogoversary
      But I'll take it anyway at my sea

  18. Congratulations on your 2 year mark!
    Your brain has definitely got a spark.
    To keep churning out such entertaining posts!
    To you my friend, I give a toast!

  19. Seriously, that's pretty impressive. I know you prepare some posts ahead -- quite a few, I believe -- but never getting slapped down by writer's block is kind of amazing. Congratulations... and I wish I could remember how I found your blog to begin with.

    1. Yeah I try to stay 50 ahead roughly at my sea
      Then behind the 8 ball you never find me
      Writer's block hasn't hit me in almost three years doing this
      Maybe it skipped over me and will be forever a miss
      Hmmm you were like the 4th person here
      So had to be from Betsy, Brian or Natasha's place or some other one that was near

  20. Wow, your blog
    Is a full-time job
    How do you find the time
    Each single day to rhyme?
    Answer comments at your zoo
    Plus visit others, too!
    You must do this all day
    Do you ever get out and play? :)

    1. I can do it at work
      Which is a perk
      Helps a ton
      So I can still enjoy the sun
      But as for fun and play
      Kinda restricted there at my bay

  21. Two years, already? Wow! Impressive! And quite a following you have amassed!

    1. Yeah many have come and gone
      But tons remain come each dawn

  22. Two years of rhyming! I'm definitely amazed at this accomplishment!

  23. Way to go, Pat! Two whole years! The only thing I've done consistently is breathe! And you write books too! Pretty kitty in the photo!

  24. Forgot to say your wildcat is so cute. Looking forward to #3.

  25. Disciplined. Focused. Talented.

  26. I admit, I'm impressed this day
    with all you've accomplished at your bay
    you've been around for quite some time
    entertaining us with your rhymes
    never missing a single day
    and not once getting any pay
    putting up with people like us
    and still you don't put up much of a fuss
    so congrats to you on year number two
    for posting daily at your zoo

    1. Damn, I wish I got pay
      Then I'd post 3 a day lol
      But the cat is hear
      With his rhyming rear
      And will go for three
      With many to torture thee

  27. Congratulations, that's quite the accomplishment.

  28. Congrats and happy two year,
    This is cause for drinks and good cheer!

  29. orlin N cassie...conga ratz on yur two yeer post annie fursary....heerz ta two hundred mor then yur dad will be like 873 :) !!! ore sum wear ~~~~~~~

    1. haha math not so correct
      But yeah he wouldn't stand erect

  30. I really don't know how you do it Pat, especially since I've been flaking out of writing recently since things got busy, an incredible achievement buddy.

    1. Busy life can be
      Helps when you can go on about anything at your sea

  31. Two years of blogging each day
    we all enjoy what your posts say
    I haven't been here that long
    but, have enjoyed your witty songs
    always, quick with clever quips
    you make us laugh with all your sass
    funny stories, some are gory
    zombie feet and zombie toes
    maybe, something in your nose
    you are the cat in the know
    with all those movies clips
    that came in view at your show
    enjoy the posts about music
    they are always a ton of fun
    you do give them a great run
    entertaining mayhem with your fans
    as you include them in your plans
    while you tease, we smile with glee
    Congrats Pat and the rhyming cat
    sure do enjoy your crazy mat...

    A toast to success & finding that treasure map
    as we sail about on our way to Bora Bora Beach

    1. haha need to find that map
      Then Drazin can no longer flap
      Zombie feet would go
      Movies would no longer show
      Tarsier Man would go away
      And the cat would not post a single day
      Yeah fat chance of that
      On the boat we'll get wifi for the cat

    2. The cat would always need his say
      even if he is sailing on the bay
      at least he's not rolling in hay
      feeling the fresh sea water spray
      no more 9 to 5 grind for the pay
      just sit around and play all day..

    3. Would that not be grand?
      No more 9 to 5 land
      Play all day I could do
      As I'm sure could you

    4. PS - Just wanted to say the picture of
      the cat is beautiful..yeah, playing all
      day sound like fun to me..

    5. Oh he thinks he is so
      And will surely let all know

  32. Not missing any posts in 2 years, that may be a record breaker.
    Good job.

    1. Not sure it is record breaker though
      Unless you discount ones who just post news at their show

  33. Head cock?
    Boy, let me tell ya brother.
    Would be a shock.
    Instead of a hat, a rubber.

    1. Would that be extra large
      and is there an added charge?

    2. "Lubricated for her enjoyment."
      What a clever employment!

    3. Only if deployed
      And for more than 10 seconds it stays employed

  34. Congratulations on 2 years nonstop
    So many posts, and not one a flop.
    How do you keep it up unended?
    No sexual innuendos are intended.
    I'm just perplexed
    Your energy is the best.
    Your stamina's pretty good too.
    There must be little sleep at your zoo.
    I better stop before I mention size
    The length of yours sure does surprise.
    You're never short of rhymes or fun
    Your prowess compares to no one.
    Before your ego gets extended
    Do note again: No sexual innuendos are intended.


    1. LOL thanks for the warning from thee
      Or it might have been the gutter for me
      The cat likes to go there
      Which all are well aware
      It just keeps coming out
      With my daily shout
      So until I run dry
      I'll remain rather post spry
      My ego is rather big now though
      Don't even need to deal with down below lol

  35. Two years of you
    What shall we do
    You and the cat
    At your habitat
    Yes, what shall we do
    Here's a clue
    The dog lets rip
    Makes a quip
    Just for you
    A celebration poo

    1. We shall just suffer
      The dog fluffer
      With her own crap
      In her yap lol

  36. Pretty good stat, I give you that, to daily post for 2 years, I could never do that I fear, especially in rhyme, but you seemed to handle it just fine!

    congrats on a worthy achievement!


    1. Yeah can handle it well
      It seems where I dwell
      at least so far
      At my sand bar

  37. Congratulations to Pat and Cat
    to happy 2 years blogging event!
    Let rhyming rag
    with Drazin, and Zombie,
    and Tarsier Man
    take you to 3rd amazing yet
    year of rhyme
    with no stop line!

    1. I will try for 3
      We shall see
      The crew will surely show
      Maybe even zoombie toe

  38. Happy day to you
    with your years that make two!
    That's a very nice long streak...
    I wonder when you'll peak. ha.
    I've never had writer's block at my bay
    like you, I always have something to say.
    I think people over think what to write.
    they should just talk and it would come out alright.
    Just about normal things
    and not try to come up with something earth shattering.
    Every day life is just as fun...
    at least it is under my sun. hahaha.

    Now...I love that photo of Orlin.
    He sure is looking darlin'
    I want to scoop him up and rub his ears
    but he'd probably hate that, I fear!

    1. That is true
      They get stuck on nothing at their zoo
      When really plenty is around
      And can easily be found
      Then some have a certain theme
      So they have a limited stream
      The cat can go anywhere at all
      Even go on about a hairball
      No need for earth shattering from me
      Just some fun at my sea
      And who knows when I'll peak
      Already been up shit creek
      And still here
      So maybe when I'm a dead little rhyming rear? haha

      oh he would have a fit
      Would not like that one bit

  39. Congrats Pat I know is a lot of work, and you work soo godd!!

    1. Yeah a lot of work indeed
      Glad I work so good at my feed lol

  40. Wow! 2 years and not missing a single day! We will never do that. A real testament to discipline and creativity. Congrats!

    1. Sure you could
      Slap tons of pics up in your hood haha

  41. 2 years!!! That's fantastic. Way to be, Pat!

  42. Only two years? How have I been blogging for longer than you?

    Then again, you do post everyday.

  43. A huge congrats on your two years!!

  44. Whooo Hoooo Pat!!! I don't have time to post daily... You should feel very proud of yourself. Many bloggers get bored and give up.

    1. Yeah I've seen many come and many go
      But still here with my flow


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