Another Stroll Through The Roll!

So the last time this was done was many moons ago under my sun, many have come and gone. Now let's see where it goes with the titles from all of you in the blogroll at my lawn.

Wordless Wednesday - Bee
Don't let it sting me.
A look into video games: Hardlight Shield
The light is so bright but I will never yield.

Lightning Speed and Lethal
I hope it has nothing to do with the word fecal.
A streaker in the library: Memory Monday
That must've been an interesting display.

Do they make those for cats?
At least you aren't a grocery store calf.

Do I have to give something away at my bay?
Bean Dip
That must make you go on a farting trip.

Opt to Adopt
Can't be topped.
Coming Up For Air
I guess that bean dip really isn't rare.

Happenings in my world this week
Well I never saw anyone streak.
What the Dickens?
Are you mad at chickens?

SBB: Bama Bride
You may have confused all with that title, take pride.
just landed or //how we coNNect across galaxies sometimes
You still have not given me your time travel device, what crimes.

How to cure a cold
Don't let germs take hold.
Sunday Afternoon Drive
With all that smog you made it out alive.

It's all about the sunshine
I agree, no snow is divine.
Tuesday's Tummy, Toes and Tail
If humans do that it'll be fail.

Make A Faux Stone Look Table From Torn Wall Paper
Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon caper.
migaloo, on 4th street
That type of igloo can't be beat.

Send me some gold for pleasures?
Three Tweets of Love
I hope nothing falls from above.

Dark chocolate Bombe shells
I bet that gives off quite the smells.
Step Right Up!
Are you confusing me with a pup?

Oh the ammo you give to me without even knowing it at your sea. Put a title up and you never know when at my place it will show. For today many are shown in mass. So fun to do by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. One is on a roll with titles galore
    But it's somthing one strung once more
    Get it right
    All so bright
    And find no reasons to go on forever


    1. On and on I can do
      But it is true
      Have to stop
      do a hop
      And make another come in view

  2. So it's titles you blame it upon
    When whipping up your wordy weapon.
    Hmm, wonder what you'll do with mine...
    Sure and it'll be mighty fine!

    1. haha if yours are there
      When these post are done at my lair
      Away they will show
      The cat may hit you high or low

  3. Plenty of titles sound bizarre
    If you're standing from afar
    Oh the satire it provides
    Could direct the morning tides
    Read the titles, nod and wink
    Next could be yours, what would you think?

    1. Making fun of mine
      Is fine by the feline
      Will do that with ease
      as it is a breeze
      Provides much indeed
      When such a post takes seed

  4. I don't have a time travel machine, and I'm still trying to locate a teleporter, but I will let you take a run through the cloning machine.

    1. Cloning would be fun
      Going all Multiplicity under my sun

  5. dark chocolate bombe shells, makes me feel like i am missing out you know. that sounds as if it could be yumm you know..tuesdays toes, tummy and tails sound like one tht might send me to jail.

    1. haha there could be something there
      I guess one just has to be aware
      Jail you say
      What? All three are that scary at your bay?

  6. You never know what you're getting
    When your mouse hovers over a title and "click"
    Even if you're betting
    You might see something that makes you go "ick!"

    1. Nope not at all
      When you give a call
      Could be slick
      Or something that makes you sick

  7. curing a cold is no trouble

    just live in a bubble

  8. I think I ate my body weight in sugar this week.
    Emotional Eating makes my diet look Bleak

    1. Could bring diabetes too
      Emotional eating can really screw you

  9. you can conjure up ammo out of anything Pat..
    loved it !!

  10. I agree with Jyoti ~ You dish it day after day after day ~ amazing! I don't know how you do it!

  11. Those are some crazy post titles ~ But I agree, no snow
    is divine ~ Happy weekend Pat ~

    1. Divine at every shore
      Hate when it comes to my door

  12. Oh, the things you can do with a title or two
    you are so clever in your endeavor to find ammo
    with a clickety-click you were able to find a few
    I guess that is what makes the cat a rhyming pro
    titles can be fun as they lure you in for a view
    and hopefully make your blog flower and grow
    but, watch the cat as he lurks around right on cue
    loading his cap gun and having fun, with a bang bang
    he'll let his rhymes fly, as he teases you ..
    then off he'll go, as the bells of adventure clang

    always fun at his bay..hope all have a great day

    1. Doesn't take much at all
      To get me going at my hall
      with a clang
      I'll go out with a bang
      And then back the next day
      To once more have my say
      titles can bring them in
      When used wisely at ones bin

  13. Oh, I forgot about my Half but knew it was mine with the grocery store reference, me and the darn grocery store, I swear I am looking into delivery or someday you might be reading a different story, like "Suburban woman snaps at local grocery store." lol

  14. I love these dark chocolate bombe shells were so good:)))
    and you always make a salad of all LOL

    1. haha a salad in easy for me
      Going all dark chocolate at your sea

    2. I know but others love chocolate LOL

    3. Can have my share
      I'll gladly give it away at my lair

  15. You had me at Opt to Adopt Pat!

  16. I think I will opt for Three Tweets of Love
    Who knows just who or what will fall from above?
    Combine that with Treasures
    for some more intereasting pleasures
    Add some Dark Chocolate Bombshells
    but who knows what that foretells?

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yeah be quite the adventure
      One might pop a denture
      That would be bad
      But they still could be glad

  17. I think there's two types of people in the world. People like you, who are so quick and witty, and can take an ordinary title and make it hilarious. And people like me, who are still standing on the road, blinking and saying, 'what just happened? What'd I miss?'
    I wanna be witty!!! LOL

    1. haha well at least if you can get out of the way of an incoming car
      That will prove you can go far

  18. There was no smog
    at my little bog!

  19. Well at least I didn't die with worms this time... Whew!!

    1. Nope not this time
      What until your next chime

  20. Hey, I know some of those! And StacheTats are cute. :)

  21. But isn't it all about the sunshine? :)
    I mean truthfully where would we be if not for the sun?
    Although I don't agree, snow and sunshine are really divine!

    1. Yep all about the sunshine
      Pfft snow can hang out on your clothesline
      And leave me be
      Here at my sea

  22. Oh this has been a long time, it's been ages since you've done this Pat but I really enjoyed it, you read some strange blogs, my own included.

    1. haha many are strange
      But that I wouldn't change

  23. Well shoot! Wouldn't you know you make this fun title post on a day when the Useless Human has not helped me blog. Sigh.

    The very next time
    I want to be
    Right in the rhyme!

    1. haha the human is at fault
      Lock her in a vault

  24. Thanks for linking to the SSS! Much appreciated to help ring in the 1-yr. :)

    1. No problem at all
      Hope I don't scare anyone at my hall

  25. Damn, all those titles to consider/it's like an empty net for the best striking bidder! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  26. Having grown up in the Midwest, I can't agree strongly enough about no snow being divine:)

    1. Yes, it is so great
      Wish I lived where it was my fate

  27. Ha ha, I recognize a couple of mine in there
    Had no idea you were collecting a share
    Titles sound funnier coming from you
    Always some giggles here at your zoo

    1. Yeah fun to give a go
      As I look high and low
      Grabbing a few
      From each zoo

  28. Looks like we run in a lot of the same circles. I recognize most of these titles!

    1. haha stalk the same people I guess
      It is alright to confess


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