Back We Go With The Two Light Hearted Fools Putting On A Show!

So as it will say below, I guess that guy is really in the know, the cat wants to go take a nap. So I figured it was time we check in with the two nuts, one of whom spilled Grumpy Goo's guts. (P.S. Big fluke today never even meant to post it on talk like a pirate day.)

They try to get to a Bora Bora beach,
But it always seems so out of reach.
First the blue guy got in the way.
Now something else is on display.

But I really have to say.
I am glad they use a fake representation of the rhyming cat today.
You will soon see why.
Damn, those things in the sky.

But someone who says he cannot rhyme,
Comes in and gives off a little chime.
Yes, it is Jackie Chan.
Wait! It's just Alex the ninja wannabe man.

It seems he wants everyone to look,
Even when aliens are attacking at your nook,
To his brand new book.
So he hopped the spaceship like a crook.

Have I confused you yet?
I bet that is a safe bet.
So just go and click play.
Once more having Truedessa, Pat, The Fake Representation of The Rhyming Cat and now Alex on display.

The cat is much more original than just doing this, but here are the links anyway so none hiss.

I do not know which is worse about that, watching an alien take delight in probing a cat, or the vision I just got of grannies in panties at my hut. Excuse me while I go bleach my brain mass. I feel like such a dirty little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Record-beaking #36
      Gone with a quick fix!


    2. 40 would be a record

      which would last longer than a ford

    3. Anything lasts longer than that
      At ones mat

    4. Thanks Adam,
      Hopefully it does
      Hopefully it lasts!


    5. Waffles is the only one
      Who recently came close under my sun

  2. Pat, that trailer is just all kinds of awesome! Thanks my friend for such an awesome spotlight. The support for CassaStorm has been mind blowing and I appreciate it!

    1. And for the record, I really don't sing that bad...

    2. No problem at all
      Was fun to do at my hall

      LOL well singing good didn't work
      So I made it bad with a smirk

  3. Very cool trailer! I blinked and there was a ninja, I blinked again and there was a book in space. LOL.
    Adding it to wishlist now... :)

    1. LOL don't blink too much though
      May miss much at my show

  4. Good Morning,

    WOW, that certainly has caught my attention
    as we continue our journey to Bora Bora
    by land, sea and apparently the galaxy
    supporting CassaStorm just had to mention
    amazing trailer for an amazing story
    I could feel the hidden ninja's aura
    rockin' save the world in space
    that certainly seems to be the case
    So, Pat and Truedessa & the rhyming cat
    had quite the adventure at your mat...

    This is just awesome..made my day I must say
    as I look to that beautiful sky..just want to
    say hi..and oh smiling wide...

    Very cool show for two light hearted fools...
    now, you know what this means???? More adventure
    at my sea...the story continues

    1. AHOY- Forgot since it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day..
      Sailin' th' bounty sea wit' thee
      seekin' treasures n pleasure
      We've got th' map 'n compass
      An azure sky lead th' way
      Adventure waits under th' sails
      Sharin' th' loot do we have an accord
      Makin' our way to th' bora bora shore
      HAR!!! HAR!!! HAR!!!

    2. LOL look at you go
      With the pirate show
      Have to use that when we rob a bank
      Making all walk the plank
      That is what pirates do you know
      Rob to get treasure that can glow
      Then that brings pleasure too
      Along with other acts of the crew lol
      And it is the fake representation of the rhyming cat
      Here at my mat
      Yours is the real one
      As you bring him to life under your sun
      Sure many more adventures are in store
      As we go for that bora bora shore

  5. Awesome trailer!!! I especially liked granny panties or grannies in panties. Those are two very different and unique phenomena ya know.

    1. Yeah two different ones indeed
      One would surely make the cat run at super speed
      Yours is next up at my sea
      So the cat can make fun of thee

  6. That's a great trailer, and the book popping up like that in the video is perfect because it makes you lean in hoping to get a better look at what it is, then it's showcased at the end. Love it!

    1. See that cat is good
      Doing things in his hood
      Making you squint
      Maybe you'll pick off lint

  7. Awesome trailer on display here
    Just might be the book of the year

    1. Book of the year
      Sure the ninja wannabe would give a cheer

  8. That was funny but also scary.
    May I borrow your bleach for a couple images I now carry?

    1. haha I'll ship it to you
      It takes a lot to come due

  9. What a nice
    display today
    here at your bay.

    A fellow blogger
    you have helped,
    Holy Christ
    I just might melt.

    An alien probe
    you worked in
    as you went
    about your
    horrible din.

    Lastly I will say
    "Best wishes to Alex,
    may he sell and sell
    all day."

    1. haha melt because of the cat
      Damn, we can't have that
      I have to go back to being rude
      And giving you attitude
      But yeah worked in the probe
      can't be all nicey nice across the globe

    2. When the female character spoke, I kept seeing Ray Rousell as that's the girl who voiced him. She's now been type cast!

    3. hahaha yeah only so many voices I have to use
      Type cast as Ray, one may grab a stick of dynamite after that and light the fuse haha

  10. A fun trailer for CassaStorm
    Action leads the highest form
    Perception may be often wrong
    Grannies I know wear a thong

    1. Hmmm need to get the bleach
      Good thing it is in reach
      Thanks for the thought
      Now my brain may rot lol

  11. Hahahhaah... good one Pat! Poor kitty, I have felt the same way when going to the Dr sometimes.

    1. haha think we`ve all been there
      At some sort of lair

  12. I see we're not the only ones posting epic sci-fi stories today. Bravo, Pat. The cat face-molesting the alien with its tail is nothing short of amazing.

    1. haha poor alien gets the tail
      As another tale sets sail

  13. I hope his book does well
    and people think it's swell!

  14. I love how Alex was playing his guitar the whole time! What a great tribute to him...I could have done without the granny panties, but, well, what can we expect from you, Pat? ha ha

    1. haha have to get my digs in
      As always at my bin

    2. It just wouldn't be you
      without zings at your zoo

    3. And with old one eye
      I can sure remain spry

  15. Okay, Pat ~ Where you're at.
    I knew about Alex's book because I saw it on Trudessa's post.
    So I'm trying to figure out these connections among you all.
    And then there's Bora Bora on both your blogs!
    A fun puzzle!
    That book trailer is great ~ who made it?
    I'm continue to be amazed at all that people can create.
    I'm glad the cat was fake!
    Take care!

    1. Oh more of something that just started
      And away the ideas darted
      So bora bora is a running theme
      Between Pat and Truedessa's blog stream
      And I made the trailer at my sea
      And yep, good thing it was a fake kitty haha

  16. The voice of the female in the video cracks me up! Very creative way to give a shout-out for Alex!

  17. The video is brilliant! Her voice is funny/creepy. And congrats again to Alex!! :)

  18. I find these videos to be so much fun
    How nice to shout out Alex's book in one.

  19. Hey, Pat, your talent never ceases to amaze me!!
    You should be in Hollywood!! Truly, I am a fan.

    1. haha like to have their money
      And maybe live where its sunny

  20. oh wow pat - great job with the vid... so you're going all digital at your lair..ha...very cool

  21. orlin N cassie; avaste raise de spyglasss starboard …we bee see in a sutler o’er yonder N blimey …sink uz if hiz shopz knot fulla booty ~~~ him can bee pillaged N for we set sail ~~~ letz head off for a wee bit oh grub anda splice inn oh de mainbrace N sing a shanty ore two ~~~ fair winds ta ya

    1. But no burd grub right?
      On ships a parrot could take flight
      You might not want to stray
      As you could have a bad day

  22. Good for Alex -
    What a team!
    adds fun to theme
    on your screen.

    1. Yeah adds to the theme
      As away more will stream

  23. This is so fun Pat, really good way of promoting Alex's new book, so cool.

  24. I might come back aftwr the giggles leave!

    1. haha giggles are grand
      But if you tinkle use the sand

  25. A rhyme I can't make
    As I sit here and quake
    With laughter so loud
    And Granny panties...Huh?

    1. haha granny panties throws you for a loop
      What about grannies in panties with a hula hoop

  26. Fun trailer but the cutest is still the cat, ha ~ Alex the ninja looks like he is having too much fun with that guitar ~

    1. Yeah he looks to be having tons of fun
      Until boom he goes and then he is done

  27. Haha! We are gong to join you in a little bleaching too!

    1. Bleach will make a killing
      As granny panties aren't thrilling

    2. This made me laugh more than it should have.

    3. haha the small things
      At our wings

  28. If I could find my brain, I would bleach it.

    1. hahaha good luck
      At least a cup of bleach only costs a buck

  29. hahaha i know alex loved this.
    too funny. and way cool.

    on a bit of a break til saturday
    but will catch up with you then.

    1. A break you say
      Didn't you just take one of those at your bay? lol
      And yep seems he liked my ploy

  30. LOL you always do great with the videos

  31. Wow!!! You did that?!? The animations AND the voices!?! My gosh, why aren't you with Pixar???

    1. haha because I can't draw a lick
      Programs help to do the trick


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