Damn Snip Snip, I Can't Get A Good Grip!

So first work showed Pat that hump day video as all huddled in a row. Then Al had it at his show. Next Truedessa showed it too the cat. I think I have to do something on that. Either that or someone is really trying to send a sign, saying one needs to get more lucky than avoiding get jumped on by the feline.

Hump day.
Camels at play.
Filled to the brim,
With enough water to swim.

But does that hold water?
Are you a six day squatter?
One whole day.
You come out to play.

And with a camel too.
That is rather eww.
Your spirit is lighted.
Hump day is sighted.

It comes and it goes.
Don't curl your nose.
It is very true.
Maybe in multiple ways for you.

Have to keep you on your toes,
While all workers hump in rows.
They hump it to work.
Must really be a perk.

They hump it home.
Boy, do workers roam.
Why does Pat complain,
About the 9 to 5 lane?

Hump it all day long.
How can that be wrong?
Unless you are over the hump.
Then you might be a grump.

Nothing can tickle your fancy.
That is why you are so chancy.
Camels and all.
Have yourself a ball.

I bet his name,
Truly brings fame.
Hump day for Humphrey.
A bump for you and a bump for me.

Humpty Dumpty might get mad.
A hump fight could be had.
Damn, that sounds bad.
Have a happy humping day at your pad.

So in case you aren't in the know. Geico did the whole camel hump day commercial for all to give a go. But then you would have to live under a rock to not have seen that at your dock. The cat's humping of hump day has come to pass. Now I will go hump along with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Straight with #42
      Early morning dew!


    2. Waffles is after you
      Better watch out at my zoo

  2. First comment disappointment aside I really loved this post Pat, Hump Day sounds like my kind of day haha! Great rhyming as usual.

  3. Humping lavishly on a good song
    With friends on with a sing-along
    Should make it fun
    For in the long run
    Everyone's tasting all the humps


  4. Anne said nice things about you today!
    That commercial always makes me smile. I just find it amusing. Something about the word hump that brings out the ten year old in me...

    1. Is the world going to end?
      Nice things she does send?
      Yeah the ten year old sure comes out
      Amuses with its shout

    2. It's only temporary Cat. Don't get used to it:)

    3. Not gonna be nice every day
      Here at my bay

  5. I live under a rock. I don't watch TV! LOL I just googled the commercial and watched it. It's Hump Day!

    1. haha now you are out from under the rock
      So hump day won't shock

  6. LOVE that commercial!!! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike.........

    1. haha yep a fun one
      Among the many crap ones they run

  7. Seen that commercial many times
    But is still doesn't being as much laughter as your rhymes

  8. Good Morning and Happy Hump Day
    to each and everyone at their bay
    working hard just for the day's pay
    half way through, a camel's hump
    hopefully, you won't hit any rough bump
    maybe, at lunch you could sit on stump
    or just sit back in your chair and slump
    perhaps, you need gas visit the pump
    watch how high the prices may jump
    hopefully, it won't turn you into a grump
    you'd be better off watching Forrest Gump
    that one I like would get me over the hump
    the ending is sad & it might build a lump
    holding back tears as I slump...

    All I can say is have a happy humpidy hump day..

    just had to share it with the cat
    as I knew he would like that
    bringing smiles to Pat's mat

    1. A fun share
      From your lair
      As we hump along
      To the work day song
      A slump could do wrong
      When back isn't strong
      So a stump would be a better way to go
      Forrest Gump was a great movie show
      Technically though thereis no hump day for me
      Since I only work 4 days at my sea

    2. No hump day for thee
      I'll give you mine and
      I'll work the four with glee
      then a 3 day weekend for me
      I would be singing happily

    3. So great to have indeed
      At ones feed
      But I don't want to share
      My no hump day at my lair

    4. No sharing you say
      with your hump day
      enjoy it at your bay..

    5. haha I'll share a hump
      With one that has a nice rump lol

  9. A happy hump day
    I am here to say
    You brought lots of joy
    To one I love to annoy
    Stopping by here
    From Anne O'Lear...y
    She spoke of your generosity
    So the least that could be asked of me
    Is to stop by
    and say to you, "Hi!"

    1. Anne is fun to annoy
      It does bring joy
      The cat can do
      That with ease at his zoo
      Thanks for stopping by
      Under my sky

    2. If I had a nickle
      For every pickle

  10. Happy Hump Day to you, Pat
    Happy Hump Day to you, Cat
    Wednesday is where it is at
    at everyone's flat!

    1. I guess I am now in the know
      With the wednesday humping show

  11. That is a funny commercial.
    We laugh til we're hysterical
    every time it comes on tv.
    Just have to let out a little 'tee hee'.

  12. I can't figure out whether camels are good at holding water

    or smoking

    because I haven't seen one hold any water nor an otter

    though ol' Joe knows I'm not joking

    1. haha well i guess have to put up some gold
      To see if water they can hold

    2. Pay the camel to hold the stuff
      Or else it just may get tough

    3. that was directed at Adam, not you.
      I can understand you, ...sad, but true.

    4. lol hmmm that is probably worse indeed
      Understanding my feed

    5. who is that bare-cheeked guy in the back
      on the new header here at your shack?

    6. and look...I have a front row seat!
      Isn't that neat! lol...

    7. That is just a scarecrow
      Different from a bush with a tush and its glow

  13. That sayings always been around
    Maybe workers like the sound
    It works OK for a five day week
    But what if six should in there sneak?

    1. Or four like my shore
      So much better to leave thursday and slam the door

  14. I'm rarely a grump
    On the day named the hump.

    Stopped by via Anne's blog.

  15. I came over to have a visit courtesy of Anne's blog. Very nice work

  16. Hump days arrive in Texas
    Slower than a train of molasses
    But after they're done
    With the hot Texas sun
    They leave us with tired, dragging asses.

    Sorry...wish I were a real poet.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog on Monday :)

    1. haha just don't drag them on the ground
      Or stains may be found
      Then you may not be a hit
      As it could resemble shit

  17. Ha! I have seen the Geico commercial, I'm so happy I 'get' a TV reference, woot. Yep, I'm easily amused.

    I like Wed., I think 'Hump Day' is an odd name for it though. :)

    1. Happy dance for thee
      Got one at my sea lol
      Odd name indeed
      Since it references another deed

  18. a hump battle...oh my...that tickled me to no end, you would not know where it would start or where it might end...and my students will remind me all day it is hump day, arent they cute eh?

    1. hahaha nope not at all
      Hump battle down the hall
      Would have a umm ball
      Cute to give it a call

  19. Blame Anne O'Leary for me just popping by to say hi! She speaks very highly of you and that is enough for me to leap energetically like a raging caterpillar and post something on this blog. Best Wishes Clint

  20. Yay a shameless hump day post! I respect you that much more!

    1. haha can't neglect the hump
      Whether small or plump

  21. I think i have something better to do n hump day

  22. Hahaha. End of the world. I like Anne chewing your head off. But she did a 180 at her runway and I had to see what the whole thing is about.

    I love Geico commercials. I hate those 1 model ads, they make commercials look like mega serials.
    Toyota Jane, progressive Flo, cricket greenshirt guy whereas geico ads are always cool and different and funny :)

    1. Look who is back
      At the cats shack
      A thinking cap
      Yep, she sure took a 180 lap

  23. Throughout this whole post I kept hearing that stupid camel saying "Huummppp Daaay!" gah! That's annoying lol

  24. My father was a bay gunner in B-29 during WW2. His captain was Hump Halsey, because he and his crew flew the "China Hump" to Japan.

    1. haha that is quite the nickname
      Hump with such fame

  25. Sadly, I have to admit that I stop and watch that commercial! That camel is funny! I'm fascinated with how its feet work. I'm hoping to ride a real camel in April! Sure hope one doesn't spit on me! Take care, Pat!

    1. LOL I have rode one before
      Didn't spit on me as we went to explore

  26. So the Cat
    goes humpity hump
    with his little rhyming rump.

    Sorry I'm late Cat. The Hubby had a doctors appointment.

    1. No problem at all
      As you send others from your hall

    2. So I'm sitting in my living room and I hear Fang at the door making weird noises. I go to the door and she's got a dead chipmunk in her mouth. She was yowling because she's brought me a gift and wanted to bring it inside for me to eat. Usually she's happy to just leave them in front of the door, for some reason she wanted me to have it right away.

    3. I hear they taste like chicken though
      So bottoms up at your show haha

  27. Humming still with no hump to thrill but electrical bill - for computer's heal
    hope you at better feel

    1. haha no better feel
      But at least I don't have that ordeal

  28. hahahah gotta love that stupid camel in the ad... You know, I never knew Wednesday was hump day until about a year ago.

    1. haha wow where were you?
      Under a rock at your zoo

  29. Hello Pat!

    (following the instructions of She Who Must Be Obeyed Or You'll Never Hear The End Of It, aka Anne!)

    1. haha yes she will never stop
      Should one not hop

    2. Now Tamisin, that's not true. Okay well it's true, but don't say it out loud!

    3. Whatever have you done Pat? Getting involved with that O'Leary women!!!

    4. haha just sort of happened at my show
      But I'll make her soon eat crow haha

  30. That silly camel always makes us smile, even on non-hump day!

  31. At training the last half of the week, so it's not so bad.

  32. Camels are the orneriest
    animals in the thorniest

  33. It's funny you talked about this today. It was on the Kelly & Michael (Strahan my soon-to-be-but-he-doesn't-know-it husband) show this morning. Kelly did the whole voice of the camel to Michael. Very entertaining here, cat. But, I'm only here because Anne made me be nice for one day. That's it. Tomorrow it's back to normal.

    1. That thing seems to be everywhere
      At every lair
      Don't worry old one eye
      So you'll be shown under my sky
      And it will be fun
      For all except for one haha

    2. Glad I came back and looked at this
      it better not be a dis!!

    3. haha oh it will be grand
      I'll let you know when it runs in my land

  34. orlin N cassie

    a veree happee hump day two ewe at yur zoo
    we iz glad we could post bee for it iz thru
    N iz it just crazed uz, ore two much sea bass
    wuz a pumpkin on yur header, showin hiz azz
    we scrolled bak up but now him iz gone
    therez a dood with bloo shorts, checkin out de lawn !!

    1. haha random as can be
      Here at my sea
      Fun for me
      As the headers show with glee

  35. Love camels. They are funny animals.

  36. call it hump day call it what you like
    If I didn't have a camel I'd be riding a bike

    jean ...ain't got no gas...got some to spare?
    I'm fraid to ask...cuz you might share !

    1. haha I'll share with glee
      But you might not want to stand down wind of me

  37. Hello Pat!

    Anne O'Leary suggested a visit, if only to say thanks for your support. Now I've visited, I'm glad I did. Great blog!

  38. Replies
    1. Here or hear?
      Hmm you are all flustered with the hum I fear lol

  39. Not really too sure where it all began, but then Geico took it and ran, with that silly advertisement about hump day today, such a sill way to think of Wednesday.


    1. Yeah they took it and ran with it
      Silly works at my pit

  40. Yay for Hump day! Cause its all down hill from there!

  41. Hump Day,
    Bump Day,
    Forrest Gump Day,
    Don't wanna get the Mump Day,
    Pleasingly Plump Day,
    Bite ya on the Rump Day,
    Play the Ace of Trump Day,
    Giants in a Slump Day,
    Take 'em to the Dump Day!

    1. haha many I could take to the dump
      Forgot pelt the grump day
      I will hide my rump
      On any biting day to avoid a bump

  42. And now I'm sitting here wondering what a camel steak would taste like.

    1. Maybe like chicken I suppose
      Or like zombie toes

  43. Hump Day/Groundhog Day/with the camel playing away/huffing and puffing, it all happened today... /and maybe yesterday! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  44. I thought something was wrong with me
    For not getting the hump day glee
    No TV at my zoo
    Now I know why the joke didn't come through
    We had jeans day for our work hump
    Covered with blue were almost every rump

    1. PS: Love the library header here
      New daily headers, for this let's cheer!

    2. haha a blue rump
      May need a hump


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