Insecure What? Not This Nut!

So the cat thought he would take a stab at this today. But unlike Old One Eye he has nothing to whine about at his bay. So we will go a different way, come what may.

Insecure? What is that?
It is a mystery to the cat.
Insecurity means your beat.
That little voice can't take the heat.

So take up a seat.
For it is easy to defeat.
No one likes me boo hoo,
What am I to do?

Like what you do first.
Then their bubble will burst.
If the bubble is still there and they don't get a rise.
They will ignore you and avert their eyes.

Plus you can please up the wazoo.
But that will never help you.
The worst thing ever,
Some will still find clever.

And the best thing to come to pass,
Some will still find it crass.
Opinions are like assholes they say.
Mine is more a rhyming ass at my bay.

Is the effort worth it?
Depends on why at your desk you sit.
Finding it hard to get through a single page.
Then no, it probably isn't worth the rage.

Enjoy doing it at your sea.
Then go ahead and kill a tree.
Will my dreams come true?
Maybe at your zoo.

But if you want a billion dollar deal,
Better off spinning a roulette wheel.
Just stepping forth opens up much.
You'd be surprised who reaches out to touch.

Things may go a different way.
But you may find that is more than okay.
What if people hate me?
Back on this, poor poor pitiful thee.

The moment you care what the masses think,
In the quicksand you begin to sink.
The cat will be here whether they boo or cheer,
For he likes being a little rhyming rear.

So how was that ninja wannabe? Good enough advice for the insecure and thee? Not that one can stop the cat. He will say what he wants to stay at his mat. PC and TMI be damned at my grass, from my not so insecure little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all the summer.


  1. Replies
    1. 21 in a row
      Henceforth will monitor
      Save Pat the bother


    2. You saying I can't count
      To such a high amount? lol

  2. Replies
    1. Closest you've been in a while
      For the 1st mile

  3. You can just do your own thing
    Don't bother what others think
    But don't antagonize
    That will be wise
    Stay on your own side and sing


    1. Yeah antagonizing isn't the way to go
      But then It can be done at ones show
      And if done right
      Could see the light
      And away the words will flow

  4. The Cat
    is stirring
    a pot today
    rhyming away
    at his bay.

    For he cares not
    what others think
    and loves to
    kick up a stink.

    1. haha yep, so fun
      Here under my sun
      To stir the pot
      As I sit and plot

  5. i like this very much, maybe i should print this and stick it on my wall...what if yourself is your worst critic?

    1. haha stick it to the wall
      A rhyme forever at your hall
      Own worst critic you say?
      That is an easy one at your bay
      Get something that is in the same class as what you do
      But make sure it is the equivalent of poo
      Then when you compare
      You'll always be better than one at least at your lair

  6. People need company no matter what they do
    Feeling out of sorts? be sure others feel it too
    But what if you can't write
    On that dark and stormy night
    Join a group and all commiserate
    Must be the answer to one's fate

    1. Yeah they feel the need
      To join at ones feed
      Pfft to that
      I'm a loner cat
      No commiserating for me
      Causes no glee

  7. Great advice Pat! I always figure there's too many more important thangs to worry about in life than what other people think, like whether I should take the pick up truck or the redneck mustang to haul my latest purchases home from WalMart.

    1. hahaha either way sure you get there and back
      That is all the matters at ones shack
      Unless you go there like the scary ones
      Half naked with bare buns haha

  8. The cat is wise today at his bay
    strutting about in his own special way
    traveling here and there with his words
    others can be so rude and absurd..
    but, he speaks his mind which is fine
    as I like to read his daily chimes

    now, about that roulette wheel
    that sound like a new

    Have a great day!

    1. My crazy mind is always spoken
      Don't even have to pop in a token
      You'll get what comes out for free
      Whether or not it causes glee
      Roulette sounds like a plan
      That one I am a fan

    2. Well, you know I rather like this line

      The moment you care what the masses think,
      In the quicksand you begin to sink.

      deeper and deeper into that pit..
      this is true and the cat said it

      A crazy mind in my kind of of mind

    3. haha of of mind
      Stutter of some kind? lol
      that would seemed to appeal to all
      Maybe I should coin the phrase at my hall

    4. lol..what happened you have
      me stuttering..too funny..damn cat
      has made me crazy..oh wait I already
      was crazy...mad hatter on the run..and
      Alice just fell in the hole...

    5. Well a mad hatter beats the rabbit
      With is annoy I'm late habit
      Made you stutter
      And there wasn't even any gutter haha

  9. The Insecure Writer's Group posts are everywhere
    I see them whether I look here or whether I look there
    I thought about joining in hopes that there was free cake
    But I was told that was a poor assumption to make

    1. Yeah they are all over
      Like a butt sniffing rover
      Running from tree to tree
      Letting things fly free

  10. I think the junior Ninja did great!
    Is it worth the effort? Absolutely, but only if you know what you are trying to accomplish in the first place.
    Welcome to the IWSG!

    1. Yeah if you don't know
      Then in blinded you will go
      Not getting anywhere
      Stuck and left to stare

  11. The cat insecure? He's too smart
    To give a bubbly bathtub fart
    About what others do or say,
    He's going to have fun anyway!

    Very very good advice, and thanks so much for your kind words.

    1. Yeah I fart with the bubbles each day
      No need to be insecure at my bay
      Just let it fly
      Allows me to remain spry

  12. ah you def can not live in attempt to please others as you'll surely discover its impossible and will wear you out and make you shout. if they dont like me, oh well, find another to make your head swell...smiles.

    1. Yeah you'll be worn out and they'll walk away
      Having a grand old day
      So screw that I say
      Find another or take a long walk off a short pier at the bay

  13. Look at you, busting my chops
    lucky for you, your IWSG wasn't a flop.
    It's great to have you as part of the group
    I expect you'll throw us for quite a loop
    from time to time
    with your crazy rhyme!

    1. Well I have to get you once in a while
      Your one eye is so vile
      Plus you hide away
      Fighting with Canadians at your bay
      Plenty a loop will come due
      Wait until you see in the future what I do to you haha

    2. Because now you know I'm back
      your first instinct is to attack
      It's okay, I'm ready for your ass
      Your beatings will come in mass!

    3. haha attack I will
      you will get your fill

  14. Next time I'm feeling fear
    I'll have to pretend I'm a cat, I hear
    Cats never feel shame
    It's us humans that are just so lame
    Plus, I will divulge to thee
    My cat, Bubba, helps just by sitting next to me
    When my writing is a messy blur
    I just reach over and hear him purr
    Then everything is cool
    I'm back to writing fool

    1. Cats trot away
      Like they own the day
      The way to be
      At any sea

  15. Looks like I've been in the quicksand far too long,
    Time to change my tune and sing a new song.

    1. At least there you don't have to bury anything
      Self burying as you sing haha

  16. Just so you don't hurt your old wazoo!

  17. Great reminders from your lips!
    I am hoping no one flips.
    And just enjoy the tips :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  18. Failure is tough,
    success is a high,
    but dreams can't fly
    unless you're willing to try.

    VR Barkowski

  19. Not all insecurity is negative. Well done!

    1. No negative nelly here
      But the cat may have a smelly rear

  20. Look at wise ol' you
    giving advise to a few.
    Great thoughts from you
    and a reminder I needed, too!
    Trying to please others will make you insane
    and in the end you have nothing to gain.

    1. Advice I can do
      Something crazy at my zoo
      Other times it makes sense
      Depends on which side of the fence
      Yep, can't please all
      Try and they'll drive you up the wall

  21. Haha! I loved this line: "Back on this, poor poor pitiful thee" ... because that's SOoooo how we are. I also loved the masses line connected with the quicksand. Wise words.

    Such talent, Pat. Really. This is such a fun gift you have!

    1. haha yep, always go back to poor pitiful me
      If no quicksand is wanted have to set the masses free

  22. Cat earned a little ninja outfit after that rhyme!

  23. The older I get
    The less I give a shit
    About what others think of me.
    And that keeps my mind clutter free.

  24. Who Cares..
    Cat is way above all this drams :D

    The moment you care what the masses think,
    In the quicksand you begin to sink...

    loved these lines !!

    1. They just popped in
      But true enough for the win

  25. Yo Pat in da Hatt and da cat
    Where you at?
    At your sea?
    "I Was Seeking Gary"
    To you and me
    Insecure they need a cure
    This is fur sure
    We do as we please
    With the greatest of ease
    In fact to hell with the groups
    Don't need no troops.

    Stay chillin',

    Snoop Bloggy Dog in da Gangsta's Pawadise!

    1. No we are not seeking him
      Things could get grim
      Tht they do
      At their zoo
      A slap to the head
      As they get out of bed
      As we go on our merry way
      Secure in what we say

  26. Great advice today.
    Thank you for sharing.
    It is important to do write for the love of it. :)

  27. Never Heard about this support group before Lol
    But Im sure you dont need nothing like this shore

    1. haha nope not needed for me
      Crazy as can be

    2. you are crazy alone
      dont need this song :)

    3. haha nope not at all
      Crazy always at my stall

  28. Well you have seen some of the stuff I put on my blog... so as you know I don't give a rats arse. Great tips though.

  29. I thought the typical profile of a true writer was a nice fella, sort of a loner, and definitely one who marches to his own beat.

    In the old days throwing in a drink or twenty was part of the stereotype too. ;)

    1. haha my own beat I go to
      But no liquor at my zoo

  30. Wise words here:

    "The moment you care what the masses think,
    In the quicksand you begin to sink.
    The cat will be here whether they boo or cheer,
    For he likes being a little rhyming rear."

    My thought is there is no room for insecurity if one is blogging,
    as once in a while there will be a poster who will give you a flogging!
    I think a person has to post for the fun of it
    and if someone doesn't like it, tough s--t.
    A blogger can't be worried about a periodic nut
    if anyone is nasty, I'll just sic my mutt!!

    1. haha and they will pee
      On them with glee
      Bite them too
      Works for my zoo
      Haters will come and go
      But can't worry about that at any show

  31. I'm not insecure, I say what I want and don't care. lol Time to forget all this PC cr*p.

    1. Yep forget that indeed
      Just makes my ears bleed

  32. orlin N cassie.....we wood like ta post a poem bout in see cur a teez ta day... but sum inn securez azz holes keep walkin past de desk oh R momz place inn see curez place oh employ N herz findin it hard ta focus


    1. sew much sew her canna even be a smart azz with her own commint... sinz we wuz tryin ta type

      ..past de desk oh R momz inn see curez place oh employ....


    2. haha those ass holes are all around
      Thankfully around me they are quiet as long as i don't make a sound

  33. with a little dish soap and corn syrup you can make bubbles that refuse to burst

    ones that pop too soon are the worst.

  34. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  35. Hahaha I love the way you basically buried the concept, personally I think the group's amazing but you're definitely not one for insecurities haha, then again Alex is a great writer but even he gets insecure at times.

    1. haha yeah they do amaze
      But with my rhyming craze
      No insecurities here
      From my little rhyming rear

  36. "The moment you care what the masses think,
    In the quicksand you begin to sink."

    True words in two rhyming lines. Now if I could figure out the not caring part! LOL

    1. haha it is easy as can be
      Get earplugs at your sea

    2. I'm gonna start carrying earplugs around! LOL!

  37. There is nothing more secure in self than a cat.

    1. That is true
      They think everyone else has no clue

  38. You said it. I agree.
    Enjoy what you do. That is the key.
    'Cuz this gig ain't going to land me a mansion
    Or even a roll of t.p.


    1. Yeah not a chance
      The words may dance
      But you're lucky to get a buck
      Better off looking for a golden duck

  39. Very good advice!
    Yet I still hate when I open my mouth and the wrong words come out...

    1. haha that happens to us all
      But oh well, just give a cat a call

  40. I try not to be affected by what others say,
    always good to see things clearly at your bay
    But blogging should be fun, if not, it weighs
    like a ton of bricks ~ Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Yep, fun has to be had
      Or it will just drive you mad
      And not in a good way
      So just sit and play

  41. Love it! Well said in rhyming verse. :)

    1. All this love and well said
      May go to my head lol

  42. Support group - oh,all we're looking for
    We need the witnesses of our lives
    this's why we're not secure
    inquired for approve.
    And cat is kind.
    And cat is cool. :)

    1. Cool and kind
      Works for my behind
      Secure I can be
      alone at my sea

  43. We have a feeling Pat isn't insecure at all! If he was, he wouldn't do all that rhyming!

    1. haha and why is that?
      But he does blame the cat

  44. like what you do
    what you say is so true
    pleasing up the wazoo is something you'll rue
    lots to learn from your good clues

    1. Who knew
      At my zoo
      I could teach
      From my litter beach

  45. Haha. Keep em' coming!

    Your blog really is unique. :-D

  46. I agree with your point about how self-acceptance is more important than what others think.

  47. Welcome to the IWSG Cat :)


  48. Unfortunately, not everyone is as secure in their writing abilities as you are. :P

    1. Some are not
      Some just like to whine a lot lol

  49. The cat is not a people pleaser
    He does everything at his leisure
    We can all learn from the cat
    To be confident, what a brat :)


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