Lost In The Lights? Here Are Your Rights!

This day and age all seem to have more rights than what they tell you before they put you in a cage. At least on the outside looking in or some other view at one's bin. Sorry there creepers, I still don't think you have the right to be peepers.

We are at the age,
Where you have the right to road rage.
Honk your horn, flip them off,
Then wish they were never born and continue to scoff.

Have the right to be a grocery nazi.
That is really something to see.
As women bicker over the last item on sale.
Ripping it from each others hands and giving a wail.

You have the right,
To barricade your site.
And even wear a tinfoil hat.
In case of an alien brat.

Speaking of which,
You have the right to do nothing but twitch.
Never say no to a child,
Just letting them go run wild.

You have the right to just give up,
Any long standing cat or pup.
Because poor little old you,
Just don't have time at your zoo.

You have the right to pick your nose.
While we all know how that goes.
Brian can squash all flat.
He just uses his tongue for that.

You have the right to be a fluoride head.
Can you digest what I just said?
See, these things happen when you are spoon fed.
Maybe you are even seeing red.

There is also the right,
To not do out of spite.
Even if it is better for you,
Give them the big screw you.

Also the right to your own show.
Where your face can glow.
You can show the world your shine.
Even tell how you like to hump a bovine.

Rights are confusing.
But oh so amusing.
Now I am done abusing.
You have to right to go cruising.

I think I like the others ones better though. They are easier to remember and say in one go. Although that silent part doesn't work for me. I always like to have my say at my sea. Sure plenty more rights could come to pass from my righting each wrong little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "Never say no to a child,
    Just letting them go run wild."
    This is the norm, I think
    From what I see every time I blink.

  2. Last year at Thanksgiving I was the grocery store Nazi when some bitch tried to take the last can of creamed corn from the shelf before me. It almost came to hair pullin'!!!

    1. hahahaha hmmmmm corn you say?
      I'll have to use that one day
      Don't take my corn
      Or you'll wish you were never born

  3. I think that some of these aren't rights...you have freedom to be an idiot to treat yourself however you want, but when your kids or pets are involved, your freedom is gone.
    What's a fluoride head?

    1. Yep, idiots abound
      As they surround
      Each having the right
      To stay out of my sight
      A fluoride head is those that drink the water and think it is okay
      Meanwhile they screw their insides up and for more drugs they have to pay

  4. Hold on tight to your rights
    It's certainly not a blight
    Others go wild
    With their wiles
    Maintain yours sunny and bright


    1. That is the way
      At ones bay
      Stay on the train
      And come what may

  5. you got the right.... to partyyyy..unz unz unz...

    As long as we can keep our right to complain, I will be ok!

  6. Yes these are all rights given to us
    Even though they cause a fuss
    Just cause you have the right, doesn't mean you should do
    Because some of these things will land you in the zoo

    1. And there they should stay
      Or they have the right to go jump in a bay

  7. In other words you have the right to remain silence but what you lack is the capacity? Fair enough.

    1. That is pretty much on the head
      Some should just stay in bed

  8. Rights within a box are fine
    Don't step over the big red line
    Drink, eat and breath as you please
    But let your music be the right keys
    Go to the polls and pick any lever
    It's OK as long as you think you're clever

    1. That thinking may not be right
      There at ones site
      But away it will go
      As they crow

  9. rights are confusing considering they are often taken at the expense of others, and is that freedom or are we in the business of just oppressing others?

    1. That is very true
      And oppression seems to be that name of the game at each rich zoo

  10. I agree with Brian here
    claiming our 'rights' isn't freedom, I fear,
    but oppressing others with our greed and crudeness
    and it all boils down to just plain rudeness!

    1. All a money game
      Which is a shame
      Don't want all to have equal rights
      Rather treat most like dust mites

  11. I just keep thinking about the old saying:

    "Your rights end where mine begin."

    1. A political saying can sum it up
      Better of giving rights to a pup

    2. First I heard it in a long time
      But it is a good chime

  12. Yeah, we all have our rights but we love to forget that others have their rights too, so it gets all complicated. As I have gotten older I am getting a tad better at picking my battles and taking a breath about things, trying to put it in perspective before it gets me all riled up BUT the grocery store, ugh, it is a killer. I need to invest in delivery :)

    1. haha delivery could cure your woes
      And stop you from coming to blows
      Punching a nose
      Or stepping on someones toes

  13. Lots of these rights certainly seem like wrongs to me :


    1. haha for any sane brain
      Wrong would be the lane

  14. This whole post makes me think those moronic Black Friday shoppers. What other day of the year can you experience road rage, fist fights, and big fat cry babies all wrestling over a $1.50 bath towel at Walmart that is certainly going to fall apart after a few washes anyway?

    1. haha well that could certainly be
      As they are all of the above as to walmart they flee

  15. Rights is an issue that's frightening if you look at it too closely, or see who's really benefiting from so-called blanket rights. It's not always the people who should be...or is that even my right to say? ;)

    1. haha it may not be your right to say
      If they get wind of it at my bay
      But correct indeed
      All ruled by greed

  16. orlin N cassie....ya noe....peepulz iz crazed..... trooly.....

    THEY wantz rites... N coz THEY can haz sum, then THEM wants em two,,,,N when THEM getz ritez, THOZE say hay, we wanna haz ritez az well, by de time THOZE getz THER rites, THEY iz bitchin THEM shulda never had rites N who in de hell did THOZE think THEM iz tellin THEY what ta due...

    yea....we iz glad we haz de rites ta bee..... cats....

    hay, hope ya haza grate week oh end, seer up sum flounder and enjoy !!

    1. the right to be a cat
      Is so much easier at our mat
      Then those who want and want more
      At each and every shore

  17. I think if somebody is an idiot then you're more than within your rights to lose your temper. Sometimes you have to be careful though, sometimes anger can be disproportionate, when you freak out over something minor but in a big way. Interesting post Pat.

    1. Yeah out i do not freak
      Just tell them to go up a creek

  18. Rights and fairness. That's all we hear at our shore. Trouble is people have no common sense, and they don't want to work. So pftt on all that! ;)

  19. Many have scrambled to earn our rights,
    But claims of rights now lead to fights.
    True, some rights are worth dying for,
    But not the right-of-way
    Or a pork chop from the store.

    1. haha nope the rights of pork chops
      Are sure flops

  20. I am glad to know there are so many rights left MOL!

  21. Good thing I have the right to wear a tinfoil hat, although hubby keeps telling me that it's not called tinfoil anymore...it's aluminum foil now.

    1. haha well that is too much to say
      I'll go with tinfoil at my bay

  22. I value my rights, but don't forget about my lefts...and my wrongs. ;-)

    1. haha the lefts may get jealous too
      So have to even them out at ones zoo

  23. I have the right to turn right if another car is at the stop sign and I was at the oposite one first. But if he decides not to stop... I could be DEAD RIGHT

    1. Yes, that could be a mess
      Better to wait than second guess

  24. I often wonder what rights we really do possess
    in a world of chaos, who holds the final say
    thinking about it might make you depressed
    everyone wants to have it their own way

    There are so many rights that can surely amuse
    as we watch people use them everyday in their
    own special way..but, don't turn on the news
    for then you will see a world without rights

    1. No cable for me
      So the news can flee
      Since I can't watch
      No need for the scotch
      We really don't possess a ton
      But the illusion makes things fun

  25. Im agree with Mary! " your rights end where mine begin"
    we usually use this quote here too:)

    1. Used all around
      I barely ever hear it though at my ground

    2. Yes But Im sure you dont have idea we use the same in this lair:)

    3. nope never would have guessed that
      there at your mat

  26. Someone sent me a four paragraph tirade telling me how I had no creativity. I ignored her, but her sour words did their damage. What gave her the right to ruin or at least try to ruin my day?

    I had my say, now I'm moving forward. Hoping karma will see to justice.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

    1. Wow hate mail you say
      Well you know you made it then at your bay
      Just think some idiot took the time out of their day
      To write such a display
      Try as we might
      They won't leave our sight

  27. You rock with this cakewalk
    you(r) right around the clock
    very painful theme
    you touched at your bin
    but better step forward and scream
    (about your rights) than
    later be hit by screen

    1. That is true
      No whack coming due
      Can be an interesting balance though
      With what rights show

  28. You have the right to give up your cat,
    Watch it get gassed.
    Too bad you're not tossed on your ass.

    I truly wish some folks didn't consider animals disposable commodities.

    1. Yep, agreed indeed
      Some people deserves an ass beating to take seed

  29. You have the right to NOT step on my toes
    Else you might find yourself in the middle of woes
    Interesting post you have there my friendly cat
    Unfortunately the right people don't know where you're at.

    1. The right people i like
      Are here to take a hike
      The rest can bite me
      Then I have the right to kick them in the knee lol

  30. The tinfoil hat blocks the brainwashing waves

    tinfoil has more magic than a Harry Potter cave

  31. I found this post so funny ~ one of the funniest since I started reading your rhymes! How about the right to be a victim when you hit a little adversity? I hesitate to flip off any crazy drivers on the road though ~ after all, I live in a place where everyone has the right to carry a gun, and many, many do. Have a great Saturday!

    1. haha yeah I'd hesitate too
      Like my canadian zoo
      Can flip away
      And won't get shot at my way

  32. The right not to be offended at all
    That one really hits the wall
    But you've mentioned quite a few
    That also irk me at my zoo


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