Myths Told Ever So Bold!

So today dVerse wants us to go all peace at our sea. Peace and quiet can sometimes come to me. Pieces of this or that can also come to the cat. But peace as a whole, where the whole world takes a peaceful stroll? Nothing but a myth I'm sorry to say, as long as you got the bankers making the power play.

Peace will come due.
It will come to me and you.
You just wait and see.
After all we are already so free.

Have to keep it that way.
So come and join the fray.
Help the bankers out.
Go to war and scream and shout.

What? No villian has come to pass?
What about that dog with weapons of mass destruction up its ass?
Yeah, that is one evil sight.
Ready your guns, we have to fight.

Oopsy! It was just shit.
But our head isn't full of it.
There are still such weapons here.
That cactus and its sharp thorns is something to fear.

Bow down fluoride heads.
Hide under your beds.
Evil lurks in every other place.
Just look at that head case.

He disagrees with our way.
He won't sell oil to our bay.
He raises his fist to the sky.
They all have to die.

We need oil by the tankers.
That has to appease the bankers.
Voting makes a difference you say?
Sure, if you have the money to pay.

Then we'll come to your aid.
Otherwise your cares will fade.
If they are even heard at all.
Corrupt? Nah, its called standing tall.

Something is needed to keep our spine straight.
After all, without the money we'd deflate.
So bring on the great fake war.
Those cactus's are scary at that other shore.

I think one gave me the evil eye.
Believe each and every media girl or guy.
We don't have them under our thumb.
Peace, a myth, just stay dumb.

Sad but true. Peace will never come due. At least as long as the world is run by bankers and other corrupt greedy ass bloody wankers. You can stick your head in the sand and pretend its not there, thinking governments really care. But it still is a load of crap that comes to pass. I'll bet peace will never be seen by you or my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Peace had never been given the chance
    Instead peace had been made to plunge
    Down in the abyss
    Just pseudo bliss
    Security is similar to being in the dumps


    1. That is true
      Never given a chance to come due
      As those above
      Spread the love
      For oil at their zoo

  2. Sometimes you'd have to wonder when it comes to that weapons of mass destruction malarky, a big myth for sure, great post buddy.

    1. Yeah a bunch of crap
      They try and spread across the map

  3. I agree. There won't be peace when a whole culture has its mind set on war. We just don't have to play in the game.
    I like sticking my head in the sand. It's relaxing in there, quiet. I see and hear nothing, and no one can see me. Or that's what I tell myself, anyway.

    1. Yeah I don't play
      They can shove it at their bay
      Never will go to war for the rich
      Rather see them in a ditch
      I suppose it is safe
      Sand must chafe

  4. Don't drink the water is the phrase
    When in Mexico you spend some days
    In North America if you care
    Don't drink the water anywhere
    It zonks one out like a piece of lead
    Become fluoride heads and stay in bed
    Take your life and take your money
    You'll just think they're being funny

    1. Yeah but they don't tell you that
      At their oh so great mat
      Drink away they say
      And be more polluted than a NY bay

  5. ah, i have to say i agree, but then where do you flee? a deserted island---then again we'd still see the end in the nuclear wind or sarin sunrise, now wont that be a surprise to wake up to, the rich get richer at the zoo, manufacturing the things that keep the world moving, including pictures to justify their war mongering it seems...

    1. Yeah we can't really flee
      The fallout will get us with its spree
      Best we can do is all start to avoid
      And realize it is good to be paranoid

  6. Well, perhaps peace will not ever totally come; but we still can continue to work for the small 'peaces' that ARE attainable. I don't think we can just give up hope. I will hang on to hope as long as I can.

    1. Yeah there are some we can attain
      But doubt we will ever fully board the peace train

  7. Humans...can't live with them, can't live without them.

    1. haha hmmm may be able to go the later though
      As long as birds and mice still show

  8. Peace is an allusion, so sad to say
    Wars fill the coffers at the bankers bay
    Death, disease or famine come our way
    While celebration happens at the bankers bay
    Planning their next conquest
    Are what bankers do the best
    Thinking we can change things
    is an allusion for which we cling!

    1. Yep, they way of the world
      Leaves ones toes kinda curled
      But only way to ever find it
      Is to get rid of the bankers bit by bit

  9. "Myths Told Ever So Bold" reminded me of a witticism from my youth:
    In days of old
    when knights were bold
    and toilet paper wasn't invented.
    They left their load
    upon the road
    and went away, contented.

    Who says we were creative?

    1. LOL first time I heard that one
      May not be creative, but fun

  10. "We need oil by the tankers.
    That has to appease the bankers."

    Bwahaha! True dat.

  11. Peace on a world scale I don't see
    perhaps we can find a small piece
    in our own corners of the globe
    war is big money, but at what cost
    so many many lives are lost
    for the cause..just because...
    of greed and power...

    1. Yep, but they don't care
      Sitting in their golden lair
      Just wanting more and more
      Polluting every far off shore

  12. Some people just aren't happy unless they are causing someone else grief.

  13. You used 'wankers' in your post and I laughed. A favorite word of my little and I have NO IDEA (*cough* his dad *cough*) where he heard it.

    Too bad you're right on the chronic absence of peace, but it would be hard to argue otherwise.

    Happy Sunday to you, Pat.

    1. LOL wanker is fun to use indeed
      Must be fun as he uses it at your feed
      Chronic it is
      Thanks to the greed biz

  14. Sadly, cat is right. I don't think we'll ever see a day where there's absolute peace in the world.

    1. Always be something around
      To make sure it isn't found

  15. i have given up the hope for world peace long ago but i still believe in those peace that we make where we are with what we got.. ha... we're voting today by the way our new chancellor

    1. haha vote away at your bay
      And yeah at home we can have peace on display

  16. the tankers and the bankers are indeed wankers
    they cause the meltdown and take more public money amid ranker
    war's good business for all the right people
    it won't ever stop if all we do is pray in a steeple
    i think people prefer not to see
    they talk a good game with salutes but don't know what it really means to be free
    love your stuff, pat
    it's good to come over and chew the fat

    1. Chew the fat we do
      Here at my zoo
      And yeah many refuse to see
      Thinking the government is out for thee

  17. Your writing always makes me smile, Pat. Love the dog with weapons of mass destruction up its ass. Cackle.

  18. peace is rarely here

    saying it's around the world is like saying there's no alcohol in beer.

  19. Damn, that was a fine rhyme/as usual the cat takes its time/to deliver class/I'm still thinking of the dog with weapons of mass destruction up its ass? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha that would be quite the mutt
      Could burn down a hut

  20. I like your new blog header; nicely done, I fear you are right though, no peace under our sun, but we can do what we can to have peace in our little part of the land.


  21. Peace is difficult to achieve on a grand scale but on a small scale, like ourselves, our home, I believe we can in our own small ways ~ Peace ~

  22. there will always be war
    on someone's shore.

  23. Sad, but true
    As Grace said, we have to start at home.
    Peace, brother! :-)

  24. The post is up Cat. Not showing up on blog rolls yet, but should do by 8:00 a.m. BST.

  25. I wish I had an answer for all the crap that goes on in the world today that we can do nothing about.

    1. Yeah don't we all
      Or at least us with our head out of the stall

  26. For Pat and the cat this is a different kind of post
    One I can't say that I like the most
    But the truth you tell
    wAnd the world goes on it's merry way
    While leaving peace in the distance for at least another day.

  27. Truth can be tough to swallow but you are right

  28. There are some truly horrid things that happen, and there isn't much we can do about it, sadly.

  29. Too bad Tarsier Man can't do a bit more with these problems. :(

    1. Yeah that nut should try
      Of course he'd scare all away with his popping eye

  30. Bring Peace
    when and where
    you breathe
    Good night, Pat :)

  31. I very strongly agree with the sentiments expressed in this post. The money people control everything, and it's foolish to believe otherwise.

    1. Strongly agree
      From the grammar nazi
      But yep so right
      They control what comes to light

  32. I love the post. Peace needs more discussion. Thank you.

  33. Sad, but true
    Wish there was more we could do
    But peace will never come due
    For me or you

    1. Nope not at all
      Have to make due with what we can at our hall


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