Some Fun Facts Again Here At My Den!

So today away we will go with another little ditty of did you know. For there are plenty of weird and wacky facts out there. They provide plenty of ammo for my lair.

Bananas are more than just a toy.
They can cure stress and anxiety to bring joy.
In Japan most cell phones are waterproof.
So when they talk in the shower nothing will go poof.

Shower sexting the next rage?
I will move on at my page.
In 1939 the New York Times predicted TV would fail.
I wonder what they said about email?

In one day your heart beats 100,000 times.
No wonder heart aching is such crimes.
Everybody loses millions of skin cells every day.
So you are technically all over your bay.

The thigh bone is stronger than concrete.
So I am stronger than the street?
A chameleon's tongue is 1.5 times the length of itself.
I bet it could eat an elf.

Cows can sleep standing up.
That must make a jealous pup.
An adult African elephant eats 600 pounds of food a day.
Would not want to be behind him in the grocery store at any bay.

If you eat a polar bear liver you will die.
Yep, go to that place in the sky.
A male giraffe will headbutt the female in the bladder until she goes.
Then he gives it a taste, and if she's in heat, he strikes a humpty hump pose.

Abalones is a snail,
That can go without fail.
For it has five assholes.
How would you even decide on such goals?

The word facetiously contains all five vowels in order.
Did you know that across the border?
Honey and Twinkies are alike.
They never spoil and need to take a hike.

The average blue whale produces over 400 gallons of sperm when he goes.
Can you say there he blows?
Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.
At least we are never tired at our hives.

There is a so-called immortal jellyfish to.
It can go all fountain of youth at its zoo.
And one that you may not know.
A cat can rhyme on the go.

I bet you knew all but that last one right? Or should I reverse that at my site? So now more facts have come to pass. I have upped your knowledge but there is no need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Polar bears are right off the menu.
    I feel like I just turned on Animal Planet. Because every time I catch even a minute of that station, animals are doing something unpleasant. Or they are just doing it. Horny little critters.

    1. haha yeah that is all they want to do
      But then they have shorter lives so may as well screw

  2. Since I lose millions of skin cells a day and have traveled a lot... I must have blown all over the world by now.

    1. Someone could collect them up and make a clone
      Then you would never leave you alone

    2. Must sound fun
      Clones on the run

  3. I take my iPhone in the shower with me all the time, I just try really hard not to get it wet. I loooooove it.
    Bananas are more than just a toy? I had no idea... Thanks for the info! LOL

    1. Wow you really love that thing
      Bananas can be multipurpose at your wing

  4. TV failed for me time ago,
    email - still working
    ...'cat can rhyme on the go' -
    I love the show!

    1. At least you can stay in touch
      With email and such

  5. Five assholes????? Dang, I know some people who are such pompous assholes that if they had any more than one, there wouldn't be room for anything else.

    1. Keepin it Real
      Hahaha..You are a hoot. Guess I know a few of those too.

    2. LOL they are all around
      Plenty of places they'd have for sand to pound

  6. Out of all the facts you say
    I knew maybe one or two today
    No wonder kick boxers win the game
    Thighs like cement never go lame
    600 pounds of food sounds so rude
    Clean-up committees will think it most crude

    1. Yeah the clean up would suck
      Rather clean up after a duck
      At least you knew one or two
      That came into view

  7. Did you know this
    at your bay?

    The human foot
    perspire half a
    pint of fluid
    per day
    Oh what a stinky spray!

    A cats urine
    glows under
    black light,
    causing many
    quite a fright!

    Give a scorpion
    a bit of liquor and
    to death will
    sting itself with
    it's stinger.

    Who has more
    donut shops in
    the world you ask?

    Why Canadians do
    you silly Cat.

    1. Knew the second and the last
      The first is sure quite the stinky blast
      Poor scorpion too
      Drunk and death in the same night at its zoo

  8. A chameleon's tongue is longer than itself
    I know of some that are sharper than knives
    Remain calm facing these
    Nothing like being at ease
    Sharp tongues keep aside rather have sharp eyes


    1. Yeah sharp eyes I like
      Beats a scorpions strike
      And sharp you say
      I'd run away
      No need to get hit with a tongue spike

  9. 600 pounds of food in one day
    I'm tempted to scoff and say "no way"
    So no polar bear liver for lunch?
    Maybe I'll still serve some for brunch
    And I do know that a cat can rhyme on the go
    As I've learned here at your show

    1. Yeah that seems like a ton
      To the loo he must run
      Or just drop and go
      Then life of dumbo
      Eat the liver and your dead
      Even if you eat in bed

  10. 400 gallons, clean up in aisle 1, 2, 3, 4 etc........

  11. Oh, I feel so much smarter now
    knowing such nonsense like that cow.
    I think you meant Honey Bun
    as just plain honey can expire a ton.
    Sleeping 70% of their lives is true
    I witness it every day at the zoo!

    1. If you ever get a chance
      To go on jeopardy and prance
      You will thank the cat
      Just be sure to share your winnings with my mat lol

    2. yes, we have a pact
      to share the winnings, and that is that.
      If we're the only ones to have the fountain of youth
      it would be better to be rich, too!
      No sense in living forever
      if we're poor in this endeavor.

    3. haha yeah poor and live forever
      Would not be very clever
      Suppose we could bottle and sell
      Directly from the well
      That would get us rich
      Cure any dough itch

    4. Would have to screen each sale
      because we wouldn't want to wail
      at irritating peeps
      and other kinds of creeps
      living forever, too...
      that just would not do!

    5. LOL never thought of that
      But yes stuck with a dingbat
      Would surely drive us right to drink
      Or try to drown ourselves in the sink

    6. At least you have practice too
      With your feet in there at your zoo haha

  12. Ah Some fun facts indeed at your feed
    some were new to me, so I had to re-read
    in one day your heart beats 100,000 times
    I can hear the beat of the lub-DUB chimes
    wonder how many times a heart is broken
    in this crazy world, who holds the token
    everyone losing cells all over the place
    now, pieces of me are flying into space
    no wonder I don't feel
    I have no doubt the cat can rhyme on the go
    as he entertains each day at his show..
    just wanted to drop in with a morning hello!

    1. Read it twice
      Oh how nice
      Now it will forever remain
      Lodged in your brain
      May be good, may be bad
      If you could, would you forget at your pad?
      All over space
      The aliens might embrace
      And seek you out
      Then you'd shout
      Like the fake representation of the rhyming cat
      We both know what happened at that space mat lol

    2. Well some of these I need to forget you see
      giraffes doing something funky with pee..ewww
      a jellyfish that knows how to cheat death
      I guess he will never be out of breath
      elephants never forget, who said that I forget
      that space mat was quite an adventure and I
      might add quite the endeavor..hmm thinking of that
      as I laugh out loud..

    3. haha runs next week
      The second of many at my creek
      You`ll never look at giraffes the same way
      Ever again at your bay

  13. What is the deal with a giraffe?
    That really made me let out a laugh!
    How terrible to have to drink her pee,
    before he knows if he's going to get lucky.
    I'm so glad we humans don't work that way
    or I'd think we'd be extinct at my bay.

    1. Yes that would be gross
      All would go comatose
      Except for maybe inbred nuts
      Who have a thing for it at their huts

    2. They already drink something like pee
      when they drink that homemade whiskey
      They can keep that nasty joke
      I'll fill up on rum and Coke

    3. Yep, that whiskey make one go blind
      Maybe they can tell a horse behind
      From that of a person, you think?
      At least your one eye doesn't bring you to such a brink

  14. i dunno. the fail of the tv may not be too far away, what with streaming net, but that just another way of looking at it, wondering at the pleasure your treasuring from a banana though...ha. now that is interesting at your show.

    1. Yeah that is true
      Could soon be extinct at each zoo
      But I think it will be around a while yet
      No pleasure for this pet
      He was just putting it out there
      Never know with some at their lair haha

  15. And people need to be talking on their cell phones while in the shower...why? Oh good grief.

  16. TV? Of what do you speak?
    Although I confess I occasionally sneak
    A glimpse when an electronics store I pass by
    No TV at home; I remember why!

    1. None you say?
      What do you do all day?
      Suppose it is the way to be
      As a lot of crap is on tv

  17. Gah, the giraffes...that's hilarious, and gross.

    1. Yep gross indeed
      How the animal kingdom do the deed

  18. In Japan every cellphone could probably summon a small robot

    or maybe a accidental call to some guy named Scott.

  19. Dang, I feel so much smarter now!

  20. Definitely avoid walking behind the elephant. Well, any large animal. Kinda makes you wonder who gets the idea to study all this.

    1. Yeah someone with too much time
      Or looking to make a dime

  21. Losing millions of skin cells every day is kind of creepy really. Also creepy if you go to a movie theater or something you are sitting on other people's dropped skin cells all over the place. Obsessing on this could surely make a person neurotic!

    Being able to sleep standing up would definitely be an advantage. I do see cows lie down though, so I wonder why sometimes they don't!! Oh well....some things have to remain mysteries. LOL.

    1. LOL not sure why on the cows
      Sometimes they must like to take bows
      Yeah you'd need a hazmat suit
      If you thought about all the skins cells left by many a brute

  22. "Weird and wacky facts" indeed. Thanks for the list.

  23. a men ejaculates enough sperm to impregnate every woman in Europe...yeah.

  24. Am I the only one who double checked facetiously? lol

  25. So, let me get this straight. A male giraffe assaults the female to the point of her pissing herself, then decides to assault her again by trying to impregnate her? Who knew they were such brutes? I will never look at giraffes the same way again!

    1. haha glad I straightened that out
      They must think they have such clout

  26. Sounds like that new song by Robin Thicke but with giraffes

    1. Giraffes are ripe for a song
      Could all sing a long

  27. I did not know giraffes were so romantic. ;) Cat, do you seriously sleep 70% of the time? Don't you think you're missing out on life? LOL! Great facts!

    1. Bah the cat gets enough life
      And has no strife

  28. I never knew about the abalones and giraffes. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  29. Dear Pat, I was fascinated by the skin cells and the abalone was pretty interesting too. You outdid yourself at your zoo!

    xox jean

  30. orlin N cassie...we can bee leeve that bout de thigh bone N wanna add R momz thigh it selv bee wider N two foot ball feelds

    1. hah damn better move out of the way
      When she comes through your bay

  31. This post was hilarious and that's a damn fact! I loved the one about the New York times, one thing I will say is that email might be on the way out in like 10 to 20 years so if they'd said something else about it they may have been right.

    1. Yeah wait long enough and all is right
      Or at least goes out of sight

  32. where hell you find all these........curios and freky things???
    pfffttt! I knew about cows lol

    1. haha well you knew one
      I find them as around I run

  33. I loved it! Learned all kinds of neat stuff. Kudos, Pat.

  34. Just think; TV still could fail
    Where would the world be without that trail?
    Waterproof cell phone, could it be true?
    I'd like one of those at my zoo!

    1. Yeah that is could
      And with reality tv as well it should

  35. I'd hate to be an abalone looking for a mate.
    Five assholes at once sounds like a horrid date.


    1. At least you'd get your fill
      All at once, but may feel ill

  36. Most if these 'facts' are enough to scare
    Many I never even want to share.
    Polar bears. Giraffes, and snails oh my
    It seems much safer to take to the sky.

    1. haha that it does
      But there the bees buzz
      Could clip your wing
      As they sting

  37. Love your facts, all seem true, now if I can just remember some, but sadly, I'm sure I won't, boo hoo :)


    1. even the giraffe one?
      How can you forget such a run

  38. 5 assholes, really? Hard to even imagine

  39. There's a quote from somebody that says (more or less): Cats are delicate creatures and subject to a good many ailments, but I never heard of one that suffered from insomnia.

    Ha ha meow!

    1. hahaha yeah truth to every word
      They sleep so much it is absurd

  40. Haha cats sleep a lot
    But an elephant does not--
    Too busy eating
    And the whale busy breeding
    Any fun facts about Pat?
    Oh yeah, he rhymes with the cat :)

    1. haha Pat is an open book
      All is here to see at our nook

  41. Fun facts :D
    cat can rhyme anywhere..
    that much I know.


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