The dVerse Title Of Me At My Sea!

So I have done it when taking a stroll through the blog roll. Now let's give it a try under my blog title sky. It will surely be dVerse, if not a bit perverse.

We find some hicks with number six.
I bet they do plenty of tricks.
The bee's knees without fleas.
But I bet you still sneeze.

With a single drop comes a dVerse pop.
I hear they pop nonstop.
A New York minute part two! Brian, Screw You!
Yeah, he made me do part two.

Time to end this crime with a rhyme chime about the mime.
That one surely must have not been sublime.
Opening it can be quite dVerse making you curse.
I suppose it could be worse.

The case of Mr. Blue on Whoopdi Friggin Doo.
I still say it was something to do with glue.
Going to the fair to leave some cat hair.
And I did it with such flair.

Okay you stinkin American crazies! Time to stop smelling the drugged up daises.
That is sure to annoy some and bring out the actual crazies.
Do not forget to stop and stare as hazards are everywhere.
And some even are so mean they charge a fare.

A little more doom and a lot more gloom.
I wonder if he ate a bad mushroom?
We all greet never to meet.
Fine by me if you have zombie feet.

There are wild things? I'll clipped their wings.
Ouch, I'm sure much pain that brings.
Shove a pencil through her eye! Such violence, Oh My!
I could guess who that was about on the first try.

A dVerse hum about your gum.
It was a hum and then some.
Time to swoon to the tune.
I guess that makes me a singing loon.

All should tremble as the nut jobs assemble.
I can still feel that scary tremble.
The cat is the star this will go far.
Just look, I'm not covered in tar.

No plane or train making us go down the third person lane.
It had to be about the guy with half a brain.
Out of the city for this little ditty.
Sadly, now I'm still there what a pity.

Titles come and titles go. Do you remember any of these at my show? I got 90% or so. So, how does your grass grow? I hope it grows in mass. I like to eat the big stuff with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. 'I wonder if he ate a bad mushroom'
    He would likely end up such a loon
    No holds barred
    Not with duds
    Being friends not acting like a toon


    1. A toon can be fun
      To act and give a run
      Can live thriugh all
      At your stall
      Even a piano that weighs a ton

  2. whew. cal down man, no need to clip the wings just to see if it sings, those are part of the body and not just bling & should you ever be covered in tar you will need soap by the jar....

    1. I'll run from the tar
      Really far
      Nasty for me
      And my ocd

  3. Back in time with
    dVerse rhymes
    how far did you go?
    Some may never know.

    You wore a frog suit
    while you played a lute
    and some would
    swear you did it
    with flare.

    Not far enough I swear
    go farther back
    you dare.

    Well here we
    go to early
    in your show.

    The First Was The Worst
    you did declare way back
    once here at your lair.

    Once you went profound
    in gaining back
    some ground.

    Now forward
    a year to what you
    said here.
    the typical reflection
    with a crap selection.

    Shall we travel
    through time
    with this chime?

    Or will missing
    bring some
    familiar hissing?

    I will end it
    here with this
    from your rhyming rear:

    It's been
    a crapulous rhyme
    on dVerse's dime.

    How many of these do you remember Cat? You wrote them all here at your hall.

    Here's something that should bring a smile to your face on this early morning while you're running late.

    You've become a beloved figure it seems, now your ego can burst at it's seams!

    1. I remember 4 for sure at my shore
      The rest I'll have to explore
      I am good
      At my hood
      But remembering nearly 1000 posts
      With my rhyming boasts
      Is rather tough
      But remembering I did a subject isn't so rough
      And yipppeee
      Ego is sure rising even more at my sea

    2. One of them is from your very first post. I scattered them out from over the years. There was loads to choose from that's for sure.

    3. Yeah the worst one
      But the first was still fun
      Tons indeed
      Hopefully many more at my feed

  4. Rhyming your blog roll
    must take its toll
    But for you
    it's just a walk in the zoo.
    I always look forward to your daily post
    You certainly are the host with the most!

    1. Fun to do
      Each day at my zoo
      Glad they are fun
      As you give them a run

  5. Funny things on the blog roll
    Captured here to take us on a funny stroll
    Every moring at work I look forward to your posts on here
    Bringing great laughter and cheer

    1. Glad they do
      A cheer is great at my zoo
      Moring though?
      You still snoring when you typed that at your show haha

    2. I really need to proofread better
      I always end up missing a letter
      Typing has never been my strong suit
      I need lessons so that they'll take root

    3. haha bah, I do it all the time
      With my comment chime

  6. Titles go back several years
    Some make fun of all the peers
    To look at oneself and be able to laugh
    Like magician sawing sexy assistant in half

    1. Hmmm I'll stick to the rhyme
      A saw would end up in a crime
      I'd probably miss
      And not cause the sexy assistant bliss

  7. Since when do you listen to Brian when he says to do part two?? Will you do part three if ask? LOL... just kidding... I'm sure you would. You can rhyme a baby out of it's bottle.

    1. haha damn i am good
      Although the kid may hurt the cats ears in our hood

  8. Enjoyed the blogroll reminisce
    leaves me with a feeling of bliss
    and so much for analysis
    filled with metamorphosis
    and my nonsensical emphasis
    which is very far amiss
    and surely the cat will hiss!

    1. Pfft the cat won't hiss
      nonsensical causes him bliss
      Fun to do
      At my zoo

  9. Such fun
    under your sun!
    This verse was poetic justice rare!
    With glue and cat hair everywhere!
    The case of Mr. Blue on Whoopdi Friggin Doo.
    I still say it was something to do with glue.
    Going to the fair to leave some cat hair.
    And I did it with such flair.

    Have a happy :)

    1. It was more to do
      With kitty litter at our zoo
      Putting him back together
      With the clumping stuff so a storm he could weather haha

  10. I'm intrigued. And not in the know. You've got some interesting things here at your show.

  11. Just caught up on "What Some Do Confuses at my Zoo!" I started laughing at the beginning, laughed harder and harder all the way through, and now my tummy and sides ache from laughing! That was hysterical!

    1. hahaha yeah the crazies can make for fun
      To surely give a run

  12. I definitely remember Brian Screw You, I couldn't help but wonder what that one was going to bring.

  13. Sometimes we all end up on the wrong list!

  14. I'm always confused at your zoo. It must be the bad mushrooms I ate! ;)

  15. I am forever traumatized by the zombie feet
    that was a post you'll never beat
    Every time I think about how nasty they were
    my mind becomes a blur
    and I feel like I'm going to yak
    yet I keep on coming back

    1. hahaha need a barf bag?
      Want to play zombie feet tag?
      I could top it if I wanted too
      But some things are just far too eww

  16. Shove a pencil through her eye...I think I remember that one... I haven't been here very long. I did go back and look up the zombie feet. Because I am dumb. Now I have visions of various zombie parts in my brain. Ugh. Especially the ever-so-gross zombie feet. Ugh.

    1. hahaha scarred for life now
      Thanks to my zombie feet wow

  17. I think Mary's reply said it exactly,
    with great poise and matter of factly.
    Of this I would say most gladly,
    That my own words fare quite sadly
    and would present rather badly.

    But that's because I am an American Crazy
    who sniffed a drug filled daisy
    and am too damn high or lazy
    to continue rhyming.......

    Another one hit out of the ball park! (That's an American Reference to a game called baseball, Pat. You see, hitting one "out of the park" is a good thing and represents hitting a "home run," which is a good way to score points in the game. So the inference should be that you hit a "home run" with this poem..... a compliment indeed, but problematic for me as an American because batters over here who hit "home runs" have generally been sniffing daisies with steroids in them. Have you been sniffing daisies with steroids in them Pat? Has your cat been acting irritable lately and pooping piles the size of German Shephards? If so then you may need to be tested. First, fill a handy container with urine, yes that empty coke bottle will do, and then send it to Brian. Then go to your local "Bobby" department and ask them to test you for steroids. And no, the urine you sent to Brian was not for a test, it was just to repay him for making you finish part two. Imagine the look on his face when he gets your pee in the post! Don't worry about it. He's American. He'll forget all about it as soon as the daisies wear off. BTW, why is the tip of your nose yellow, Pat?)

    1. LOL wow look at you go
      Brian may search for me high and low
      Especially if he sniffs the cat's pee
      It is rather stinky
      A least it wasn't a balk
      Or a ground rule double in baseball talk
      See I can do it too
      Haven't been sniffing too many daisies at my zoo
      I wonder if the pee bottle would get across the border?
      That could be a tall order
      They could think it was a weapon of some kind
      And come after my behind
      Would rather have the gawker after me
      Than any border guards at my sea

  18. ha -drugged up daisies and leaving cat hair at the fair...try not to glue them somewhere..just saying..smiles

    1. haha will remain unglued
      As that would be rude

  19. Memory lane is kinda insane. So many things at your zoo, including the glue. I remember the post "All should tremble as the nut jobs assemble" and was thinking of it in Seattle where the nut jobs are the most.

    P.S. Your newest blog header is better than cheddar.

    1. haha have a good five
      Headers that show at my hive
      Remember some too
      Look at you

  20. Pat, this is just... darn GOOD. Another best. It flowed. It rhymed. It hooked. More of these, please. I'm glad I stopped by your bay today.

    1. More will surely come
      From my little rhyming bum

  21. sad to say, I don't remember any of these, perhaps it was when I took time to sneeze?


    1. Could have been on your break
      That you had to take

  22. orlin N cassie...
    drugged up daizeez...

    thanx bee two ewe.... for pointin thiz out...eye haz been sayin for YEERZ...ther bee sumthin wrong with me sister dai$y.... N all eye ever get oh thoze looks her bee givin me rite now...thanx for havin me bak guys..

    brother ta HER~~~~

    butter lover boomer o cat

    1. haha glad we can help you out
      But you better watch out she could make you pout

  23. Another great rhyme as always. I like how I keep seeing different cover photos when visiting your page.

    1. Yeah made it random at my sea
      Fun as adds variety at my tree

  24. This was a really fun post! I really enjoyed reading this.

  25. Can't remember some of them but I do recall the pictures like Elsie, h a ~

    Have a good day/ night Pat ~

  26. I'm now 69 and can just barely rhyme,
    I visit your blog just to have a good time.
    How to remember? I'm living September.
    Each visit to you, is always brand new!

    1. Well that is good
      Can experience them first time at my hood

  27. Your brain, I mean Orlin's:), must be sparking all the time. You keep coming up with new material. Love the new header.

    1. Yep, we have some sort of spark
      Seem to usually hit the mark

  28. So many crazies, America has teams,
    the nuts and the loonies are bursting our seams.
    Some have guns others have bombs
    I wish they'd stay home and listen to Brahms.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah I agree
      Or go live in the middle of the sea

  29. This post blew my mind Pat, somebody has to stop Hank before number 50 as well, he's on a roll!

    1. haha you are the only one
      That usually ruins his fun

  30. Well, hell, who rang the bell while typing on a Dell,
    and visiting here with my hair full of styling jell.

    It is all so confusing for meowing out loud,
    because everyone in this Hatt crowd,

    is corresponding with a Cat named Pat,
    I guess, who is skinny not fat;

    You are quite the blog roll hit
    doing well, will never quit,

    as I see you page views are large
    over 900,000 for you, Sarge,

    and your 1000 titles are Snap,
    and that leaves absolutely no gap

    between you and the rest of the pack
    and that pushes me very aback,

    as applaud your verve & nonsense,
    to put smiles on all who are too dense

    to see the fun, the exhilarating run
    you put our giggle in, leaving none

    safe from your sense of humor,
    as I nurse the large tumor

    I'm developing with all this rhyme,
    and being silly all the time.

    1. Damn, I hope they make pills for that
      To help you out at your mat
      Sure got mouthy too
      Here at my zoo
      Oh what rhyming can do
      As away much flew
      Stats aplenty at my sea
      I guess many just like the crazy tree

  31. your sea has always got snappy tune
    no mushroom gloom like a dead balloon

  32. I didn't remember a single one!
    I try to forget your words as soon as I've begun.

    1. hahaha and at your age that is easy to do
      Oh you stepped into that one at my zoo hahahaha

    2. oh it doesn't have anything to do with my age
      just your silly, rhyming word rage.

    3. To who?
      Now what's this about not being able to chew?
      I think you sound like the old one! It's true!

    4. Dentist day a while back
      That was the only not chewing in my shack
      But it could be food you cannot chew
      I don't eat such food at my zoo
      Have to be solid in my mouth
      even if all the same when they head south

    5. glad you're better now
      so you can chew on a cow.

    6. Nope no cow for me
      Just chicken at my sea

  33. Interesting read on your wall
    I can't say I know them all
    but, found them rather fun
    as you rhymed up a ton
    I've seen some funny things
    under your sun..fuzzy toes
    hilarious stuff the cat does bring
    you never know where he will go
    as he opens each day at his show

    PS - Now, about that sea and bora bora beach
    seeking treasure & pleasure all within reach..

    1. Yep, always something new
      With a rhyme in view
      As away I go
      At my show
      That sea must come due
      Treasure and pleasure too

  34. Pat in the Hatt
    A rhyming cat
    I haven't a clue
    At your zoo
    Mushrooms you say
    Maybe at your bay
    Good day
    And I'm on my way

    1. Without a clue
      Guess I'll bring back whoopdi friggin doo

  35. There is a third person lane,
    is it fasttrack
    For shame...

    1. Yep, that Drazin turd
      Goes all third person with every word

  36. Shove a pencil through her eye! Such violence, Oh My!
    I could guess who that was about on the first try....oy vey brutal. Good rhyme.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. a New York minute is better than an hour in New Jersey with Chris Christie

      guy's so big he might as well be Chris Curvy

    2. haha could play roll him down a hill
      Into a new jersey land fill

  38. I love your new banner, so toasty
    by the fireplace, nice and cozy
    and your new fall closing line
    makes for a great rhyme
    as for titles, I don't know
    but a New York minute is the way to go :)

    1. Wait, your banner keeps changing!
      I just realized, or am I dreaming?!

    2. you may be biased there
      With the new york one at my lair haha
      Nope not dreaming at all
      They change randomly at my hall

  39. I'm viewing tonight on my phone
    Late off work, now heading home
    Didn't recognize all your clues
    But also got mobile version blues
    Didn't see the brand new header
    Until I made the phone view better
    Now can't wait to see
    The full size on a computer scree... n

    1. Good luck with that
      Many are there by the cat
      All are old
      Truth be told
      But you may not have seen
      Some on your screen

  40. No subject is safely off the hook,
    Whether you knock it here or in a book.
    No matter if the topic's short or tall,
    Sooner or later, you'll mock 'em all.

    1. That i will
      They'll get their fill
      And away I'll go
      With my flow

  41. I always like to go in many place standing take me friend..your words that IS


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