The Moon Above Causes Polar Bear Love?

So dVerse has artwork on display from Catrin's bay. The cat just had to give them a go. Such a great artwork show. Polar bears are even getting freaky. How's that for cheeky?

So it started when some loon,
Tried to decorate the moon.
Little did she know.
That the wind would blow.

So down she fell.
The landing wasn't swell.
Because she only got half the moon,
Things started to get freaky by noon.

Houses started to fly.
They went right up into the sky.
Sadly it did not take.
They crashed and caused an earthquake.

But don't worry about the guy.
He continued to fly.
 I hear he's now a spy,
A peeping tom in the sky.

The dandelion seeds were upset.
They began to fret.
Then joined as one,
Flying towards the sun.

They wanted to be warm,
Or pretend to be a snow storm.
They even stole a guys top hat.
Vegetation thieves, how rude is that?

Then the fish grew,
So large they could eat you.
Won't have to worry about mercury,
From eating fish in the sea.

They will just eat thee.
Then you will cease to be.
Becoming fish crap.
That poor chap.

But it wasn't bad for hall.
This guy was on the ball.
He needed to get across the sea,
And wanted to do it for free.

So he hitched a ride.
Made it with such pride.
The fish was not impressed.
He found it hard to digest.

And then there were the freaky,
Who let polar bears get cheeky,
As in grab their butt.
They were worse than a mutt.

They got all feely too.
At least he's got a good view.
And this all happened because some fool,
Thought decorating the moon was cool.

There you go all of them used from the dVerse show. You can't stop the cat no matter what at my mat. Fur on skin, still think rednecks will consider that a win. Sorry Grace, had to use your embrace. So never again let decorating the moon come to pass or you may turn me into a gigantic little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Perfect rhyme to go with the art! The artwork is beautiful, I love it...
    Wow, it's early for a Sunday. I keep shutting my eyes and hallucinating more lines of the poem that aren't actually in there. Good night!

    1. haha wow you are seeing things?
      Do the fish have wings?
      May need to sleep
      Or visit a looney bin keep lol

  2. Flying Houses?? Sounds like a scene from The Wizzard Of Oz.

  3. These photos are so beautiful and I love what you've done with it. It's quite unlike you to involve art on here but it's great stuff buddy, loved it.

    1. Yeah once in a blue moon
      I'll use art at my sand dune
      Really well done too
      So fun to do

  4. haha.. all started with decorating the moon...we should stay away from him, you know... i wouldn't mind a polar bear grabbing my butt..just ride here through all the paintings pat

    1. hmmmm freaky at your sea?
      I will remember that to use against thee

  5. I'm sure the cat wants nothing to do with those freaky polar bears.

    1. No friggin way
      He'd turn them to rugs at his bay

  6. Well you are the master of children's fantasy books, so I would expect nothing less creative and imaginative and fun from you ~

    I like how you weaved a story from each imagery, starting with decorating the moon, and ending with a not-so-subtle cheeky feely bear, ha...ha.....

    Really enjoyed this one Pat ~ Have a good Sunday ~


    1. haha glad it was fun
      Under my sun
      As the cat can weave all
      Here at his hall
      even a feely bear
      That has such flair

  7. i think you need to ask catrin if you can work with her on a book...ha...nice whimsy good sir...i bet it would be warm to love a polar bear, though you have to watch the claws and all...but what magic to fill with awe...start decorating the moon and you never know what will happen...smiles.

    1. Haha she does great work
      Tale left me with a smirk
      Just spun it away
      With the ones on display
      Nope, you just never know
      Decorate the moon and polar bear love may show

  8. when bears are getting cheeky
    you better not be squeaky
    'cause they will crush you bones
    better than those sticks and stones

    Fun read :-) Björn

  9. polar bear needs to calm down

    drink a coke and be a clown

    1. Maybe there was something in the coke
      They made them want a poke

  10. Oh good heavens, mercy me, decorate the moon
    Get it real romantic for a midnight spoon
    Like Chicago, the windy city
    Blew houses around for this ditty
    Pull your shades when you undress
    This guy will peep, I do confess
    Dandelions were too upset
    Flung their seeds in a fret
    Wheeee... in a tophat away they go
    To the sun for a warmer show
    Fish so big with just one chomp
    Swallow you up and spit ker-plomp
    But polar bears can save the day
    And entertain along the way
    Cuddled in fur look up at the moon
    Quite an adventure, it ends too soon
    ooops, about time. I just got carried away with this one.

    1. This was a delight to read, smiles ~

    2. You sure went away
      Flying through it at your bay.
      Those shades need a pull
      Or he'll peep at you full
      The sun may burn them to a crisp
      and they may no longer wisp
      But at least the bear gets some loving under the moon
      Would make a rather interesting cartoon

  11. We wouldn't have to worry about Mercury if the fish could eat us, but I wonder what they would have to worry about!! :)

    Happy Sunday to you. :)

    1. A lot of things indeed
      Could very well take seed

  12. Oh cat now you've done it at your mat
    delighting all with this whimsical tale
    brilliant display by our friend Pat
    your rhyming words do take sail

    just wanted to decorate the moon
    making a polar bear
    he just wanted to give a bear hug
    perhaps, he caught a love bug

    seriously, enjoyed this from start to end
    I agree with Brian, would make a fun book
    to sit on anyone's nook...

    1. haha came down with the love bug
      if her husband finds out he may get turned into a rug
      But that bug wouldn't bother my ocd
      Not one that is germy haha
      Whimsical I can be
      At least some days at my sea

  13. The fish wouldn't like to eat us, full of fat, bone and gristle!

    1. True they'd be better off with sea weed
      Then eating our breed

  14. I loved the part of the polar bear getting cheeky, can't go into it because you'll think I'm a nut, but polar bears are part of our household and we do have one that would have enjoyed the view your polar bear got; very cute :)


    1. haha well i am already a nut
      So you can be one too at my hut
      Polar bear humpers at your sea?
      Oh woe as me

  15. It sure hope our house doesn't start flying but the ><(((º> is a grand idea!

  16. Cute and quirky art!
    I loved each and every part.
    Want the stilts to take my moon photos
    would be better than being on my tip toes.

    1. haha wonder if you'd fall down
      That could make you frown

  17. LOL, Pat.....I think you get the prize for utilizing ALL of the pictures and also going full circle, beginning with loon (or fool) trying to decorate the moon! Bravo for your creative endeavor.

    1. Full circle was fun
      With my moon run
      Had to use them all
      Just needed to show in the wall

  18. Yep, the prize is yours,
    for all stories refers
    by you - super class
    Gigantic little rhyming ass!

    1. Hopefully it is covered up some
      Wouldn't want all to see my gigantic bare bum

  19. A gigantic rhyming ass, don't think I've ever seen one. But you certainly covered all your bases. Very nice.

    1. haha might be a scare
      So avoid them at your lair

  20. I just came from Grace's blog. Funny to see you both using the same embrace but both with unique takes. Well done today, cat.

    1. Wow you saying well dine to the cat
      How about that
      The polar bear porn
      Must make you feel reborn lol

  21. A butt grabbing polar bear? I think that would be pretty painful on my rear!

    Love the artwork used today :)

  22. Hi! Thanks for leaving the sweet little comment on my kitties blog! Of course, I had to come and visit you and enjoyed my wander around, though I felt a bit dizzy...rhymes can do that to me, hahameow!

    1. Dizzy can be fun
      As long as you don't fall when done

  23. Those polar bears never behave themselves!

    1. No the don't indeed
      They always want to do the deed

  24. Great job pairing
    Artwork and rhyming
    From moon decorating
    To polar bear-ing
    Lots of fun
    What a run :)

    1. With the moon
      i can be a loon
      And pair away
      At my bay

  25. That bear's a cheeky one
    Having himself some freaky fun
    Hope that lady's got some magic
    To make sure the end's not tragic!

  26. That bear's a cheeky one
    Having himself some freaky fun
    Hope that lady's got some magic
    To make sure the end's not tragic!

  27. The artwork is quite spendid
    Your stories are well blended.

    Yet that certainly is freaky
    Weird too, and just plain creepy
    I'm talking 'bout the seeds that stole a top hat.
    Getting bare with polar bears?
    I see nothing wrong with that.


    1. The seeds are rather seedy
      The polar bear is just needy
      But between the pair
      I bets there will be seeds that show they care

  28. You used all six..
    first a book, then some flicks
    loved this

  29. Loved that you put all these images to rhyme
    Made for a grand ole' time
    And there's nothing wrong with a freaky polar bear
    He's just showing he cares!

    1. Yeah quite the showing
      As some seeds he's sowing

  30. Cheek grabbing bears,
    I never know what to expect here at your lair,
    I like Cassie sitting on the Earthcoaster,
    By the way, you look like Kirk in comfy loafers.

    1. haha yeah I get that a lot
      With that banner at my plot

  31. What tales have you told, very bold to go
    through so many paintings. Well Done!

    1. Can get through them all
      Easy enough at my hall


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