Two Light Hearted Fools Have Laundry Nazi Duels!

After Just Keepin It Real, Folks had at it, revealing she was in aw of looking at people with a zit, she sure had to be the next feature on the way, as we journey to the Bora Bora bay.

Aliens hold nothing on her,
With her love of things that would make ones eyes blur.
Knows squirrels taste like chicken too.
But that is known by a few.

But worst of all,
Such a laundry nazi at her hall.
Has to be done on this day.
Or things could go astray.

Not to mention her candy crush,
And the fact she doesn't flush.
That had to all factor in,
As we go on another video run at my bin.

I think the disco dancing fool,
Better pull up a stool.
For the duel,
The the cows find cool.

What am I going on about?
Now now don't pout.
Just click play,
And all will be revealed at my bay.

See wasn't that a load of bull? Of some bull that was full. She sure took the bull by the horns. I hope she didn't perform acts with ears of corns. Pat is quit a bully too. But she did try and shoot him upon view. Redneck with a gun. See that and you better run. Or bring forth power in mass then they will no longer bother my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Laundry nazi and with a cow, disco dancing?
    Gets one all worked up turning and tumbling
    Off to Bora Bora
    With added aura
    Keep at it the disco girl it's been amusing!


    1. She sure can amuse
      As we abuse
      And even confuse
      With a peruse
      Lighting the fuse

  2. Pat you have managed to put all of my weird and wacky quirks into one video, which is no easy feat. Thank Gawd, I do have clean underwear today since those puppies get washed on Saturday mornings. Now I'm off to shoot some squirrel for dinner and get my disco groove on. Oh, and I will even flush in your honor. WHOOSH!!!!!

    1. Funny funny. Come on, get your underwear and let's go disco dancing. Haha

    2. Disco and squirrel shooting at the same time
      Wow, you are sure in your prime
      Astound the squirrels with your dance
      Then shoot them on first glance

    3. Fun, fun! And funny! Congrats on being posted by Pat and Cats!

    4. Yours will come in a feature
      With your twin you become a creature

    5. least I'm in good company
      with my twin it should be extra funny!

    6. haha it will be fun
      End of the month it is given a run

    7. A whole month away?
      A Halloween post at your bay?

    8. Yep, you and your twin make a scene
      Around halloween

  3. Hahaha These get funnier as they go along
    Disco Dancing Redneck with a song
    Eating squirrels on laundry day
    Just go flush and on your way
    Funniest line with a spin
    "Why did you have to reel her in?"

    1. hahaha yeah should have left her there
      Non flushers are scary at my lair
      Sure she could swim to shore
      And find some cows to explore

  4. I have loved Deb's blog for a long time
    Almost as long as yours with the rhymes
    Her funny news tidbits make me laugh out loud
    A blogging community of which I am proud

    1. Yeah quite fun there
      As she shows news rather rare
      At least I hope so
      Would not want such stories happening high and low

    2. Thanks guys, I'll keep the weird and wacky comin' your way.

  5. I love the voices. "Hanging on for our stories to be told."
    Truly funny, Pat.

  6. For all your pretense and being a smart-ass you really are a nice Cat. It's not everybody that would go to this much trouble to do something this nice for friends.

    Yeah, I know you hate it when we're sappy, but deal with it :)

    1. Geez getting all sappy
      Not mean and flappy
      Guess I will have to up my game
      And use zombie feet fame

    2. No zombie feet and no zebra thongs. Jaysus, the scars on my retina's still haven't healed from those two. And, no fecking Viking women either!

    3. hahaha you spurred the viking woman on
      With your post on our kids at your lawn

  7. Non-flushers aren't to be trusted - funny!
    So cool of you to make these videos for your friends.

    1. Nope, you can't trust them what so ever
      Because of their non flushing endeavor

  8. no clean underwear??? And non flushers? Throw her back in!

  9. These videos are awesome. "Had a bad incident with a cow."

    I'm almost glad that incident was not animated. Almost.

    1. haha yeah that would have been interesting to animate
      Although cow lovers would have gave me hate

  10. there's a lot of FB talking about their candy crush

    that game should go in the flush

  11. I am going to have find out why someone is a non-flusher? I must investigate this 'Just Keepin It Real Folks'

    1. haha yes she does not flush
      I guess she doesn't want to wake her crush

    2. The non flushing only happens in the middle of the night due to my weak bladder. I don't want to wake up my sleeping hubby with the big WHOOSH. I'm a nice redneck that way.

    3. haha excuses excuses
      For your non flushing abuses

  12. ha. i about choked on my lunch and enjoyed that a bunch
    we all have our quirks...what ever works
    its what makes us tick, and some a bit sick.
    i will make sure i flush
    even if in a rush...

    1. haha good thing you didn't choke
      Death from a joke
      Suppose worse ways to go
      And yep, all have quirks at each show
      That I know
      Have them here high and low

  13. Well, I don't think squirrels taste quite like chicken, lol! I like my laundry done a certain way and I've been known to go back and fold things the way I like. I don't make a big fuss over it because I'm always appreciative when someone else does the laundry. Complaining puts a quick halt to that. :-D

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

    1. haha a semi-laundry nazi you are
      You just hide it better at your bar haha

  14. Kentucky Fried Squirrels should be the name of a screamo band.

  15. Oh, the trouble with the cow...poor cow!
    My relatives down in the mountains go squirrel hunting all the time. They came up here to visit us and saw all the squirrels running around on our street and were like, DINNER! LOLOL...we had to say, no no no, you can't do that in the city...

    1. hahaha that would have been a sight
      City squirrel hunting in broad daylight

  16. The thing to remember about hunting squirrels is to use the correct gauge or else the squirrel will be blown to bits.

    1. You are right Susan. I made that mistake before.

    2. You shot one with a big gun?
      Damn, those squirrels better run

  17. I loved the Candy Crush reference Pat, love this post in general actually, brilliant job.

    1. haha all folklore
      The quirks that were in store

  18. I'm a bit late this day
    Oh the mischief on display
    Will we ever reach the Bora Bay
    Always an adventure as we sail away

    A disco dancer makes the scene
    packing a gun under the sun
    She likes keepin' it real it seems
    taking over the Captain's ship for fun

    caught me singing stories untold
    swallowing the mic now out of tune
    more adventures will surely unfold
    one at my place coming real soon

    This made me laugh it was a blast
    we need to find that treasure fast
    Captain traveling with you never a bore
    as we slowly make our way to the bora shore

    Great fun here by the tons as you
    add some friends one by one

    1. Bit late
      Is an okay fate
      As away we go
      With a new foe
      Not aliens or grumpy blue
      Nope, a redneck in view
      What are we to do?
      Let her play with a cow in a zoo
      You had to save her from the drink
      Slowing us down from reaching bora bora's rink
      Didn't you smell her non flushing stink?
      That redneck is the missing link lol

    2. Had to save her you know
      not sure if she can swim
      no dirty clothes did she show
      pulling the gun made things grim
      Captain she put up a good fight
      with her water soaked gun

    3. haha that is gratitude for you
      Save her and then she goes crazy with no flushing loo
      Maybe she deserved what came due
      With her little moo haha

    4. Oh you are quite amusing this day
      no flushing the loo how eww..
      that is something one must do..
      that is all I can say...

    5. Yep, agreed
      Flush no matter which deed

  19. I've only been to her blog a few times. Very funny stuff! However, I never would have taken her for a Valley Girl sounding chick. Great video Pat :)

    1. haha yeah you just never know
      What one will sound like at my show

  20. I think the laundry Nazi should come visit me at my place--I could use some help :)

    1. haha she'd whip you into shape
      Probably even wear a cape

  21. Squirrels for dinner, is she from district 12? Is her name Katniss?

    Whatever be the case, let the hunger games begin and "Cat and Karniss - may the odds be ever in your favor" . Both of you - fight to death while I watch with popcorn in hand.

    1. Wow two days close by
      You finally coming back under the blog land sky?
      The cat would win no matter the case
      Even all hunger games which he probably wouldn't embrace

    2. New bumper sticker "non-flushers aren't to be trusted" funny Captain. Ditto what Anne said you are sweet awesome .
      I am not planning to blog but just browse for a while :)

    3. haha that would be great
      Go slap it on the redneck's truck at a quick rate
      Browse you say
      Fun either way

  22. orlin n cassie


    80 bazillion idiotz keep walkin inta de food serviss purrsonz office at werk... wantin her ta DUE sum werk.....what de be jezuz...we mite get ta watch de mewive yet in 2013 !

    1. haha damn nosey people in the way
      Always ruin ones day

  23. lol Love it. Squirrels taste like chicken? I'll take your word for it.

  24. That was rather amusing! I'm in a good mood after watching that with the auto captioning on....I hope it got most of the words correct.

  25. That's a good video, even if you are picking fun at your friend, lol.

    Pretty sure Theresa's post picking on you was equally hilarious today. bwuahaha

    1. haha oh she will get her due
      Just wait until the next video comes in view

  26. That cartoon was swell
    and not without charms.
    But...hey...what the HELL?
    They've hands. But no arms??

    1. It is tragic
      Held together by magic
      Or super glue
      With a little voodoo

  27. Well dang... the sound isn't working on my computer for some reason. My sister always told me that squirrel tastes like chicken. I am not going to try it and see,... thats for sure.

    1. haha not up for it?
      Could review it if it's a hit

  28. That was utterly amusing. I loved watching her dance, and I want to go dancing with her (the animated or true life version).


  29. cool video.
    Doesn't everything taste like chicken? (except chocolate)

  30. cool! that was really funny!!
    but why they don't have feets????

    1. They have feet or sorts
      Just no legs at their courts

  31. candy crush is my favorite kind of gush
    and cool duel, kind of a jewel
    by the way, the honk of the dragon
    made my day at my wagon

    great stuff, man.

  32. See what happens when you don't wear clean underwear! I'm sure everyone's mother warned them. And just imagine what would happen if they were in an accident and had to go to the hospital.

    1. Yeah need those clean undies as you never know
      Unless you just want to go commando

  33. Coming a little late to the show tonight!
    Great video as the voices!

  34. Mustn't deny keepin' it real
    so this little post is a very big deal.
    I've said it myself many a time,
    treat all non-flushers as if they were slime.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha and that is the way
      To be at your bay
      Should make them all pay
      In some way

  35. Thank you. There is no more I can say. I am very grateful to you as I have been a winner on the Anne O'Leary Blog give away that you sponsored. I am truly grateful and very thankful.

    Best Wishes Clint.(No rhymes just gratitude).

  36. Lots of fun catching up, Pat! But I'm afraid that I'm going to have "Pound Sand..." stuck in my head all day! Take care at your lair!

  37. One day your vids I'll get to see
    Right now poor deprived me
    But I did get to see a header new
    Cartoon characters at your zoo
    I realize it's probably another classic one
    But I'm still seeing new stuff under your sun

    1. haha random headers keep it fresh
      And they all mesh


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