What Some Do Confuses At My Zoo!

So the cat has much things to do like tear up a shoe, or at least to chew the laces, then it is off to the races. But there are some things people do near and far that prove they have nothing to do at their bar. What may that be you ask? See below for such a task.

Your life is grand, your life is great.
For you can do this at any rate.
Stare at cheese for extended periods of time.
My, that is so sublime.

You watch your clock keep time for fun.
Are you trying to learn how to do it with the sun?
You climb a glass wall to see what's on the other side.
That must give you such wonderful pride.

You play darts with an inflatable dartboard.
You measure the length of a vacuum cord.
You make paper chains to decorate for a wedding.
Did you use the extra for bedding?

You try to fly by jumping off the roof and flapping your arms.
That also must raise some loonie bin alarms.
You dress up like Garfield and pretend to be a cat.
There is something wrong with that.

You sing a song about grasshoppers.
Don't do it in front of mass coppers.
You have a collection of pet rocks.
They even have their own socks.

You have conversations with golf balls.
More fun than playing golf at your halls.
You play bingo with the dog.
And he beats you because he's quite the hog.

You count out a million dollars in pennies each week.
My, you can count fast at your creek.
You play dot to dot with bug bites on your arms.
You go around stealing everyone's lucky charms.

You jump into the Grand Canyon to see what's at the bottom.
You paint leaves on the trees to make it look like autumn.
You count the hairs on your head.
If you are bald forget what I said.

You begin to make some pants,
For all those pesky ants.
You watch your reflection in the mirror,
I hope things become clearer.

You rotate the tires on your car every day,
I guess there would be no need to go to the gym bay.
I guess whatever keeps you busy and glad,
Although to do most of this you must be mad.

Now does that not all sound like fun to do under your sun? Get right on counting those pennies at your bay. You might get done by next May. And the Grand Canyon jump might be a one way trip but at least no one will give you lip. The cat would rather just pass gas out his little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. #40 done!
      A new format!
      Got me fumbled
      A near panic
      But recovered
      Despite a weak heart!


    2. Hands together clap and cheer
      Me thinks the record's here
      Beware the ones who stand in line
      With #1 on their sign
      Congrats Hank

    3. No one will top you
      Here at my zoo
      And yeah new format came due
      As long as no google+ crap shows I'm fine at my zoo

    4. Manzie Ma'am!
      Thanks for the cheer
      Wonderful to hear!


  2. What some people do are just ridiculous
    Maybe they're just being happy to be first
    So be it!
    If they so like it
    Let them be for let them have their burst!


    1. Yeah let them have fun
      Under their sun
      Although some and crazy
      Maybe never lazy
      Get the weird things done

  3. The minute I read "you play bingo with the dog" I just pictured that famous photo of all the dogs playing poker. Maybe there should be a Pat Hat reimagining of the classic piece?

    1. Hmmm could be a good idea to give a go
      Dogs playing bingo

  4. Jump into the Grand Canyon - be one less idiot in the world, right?

    1. haha I suppose that is true
      One less out there to view

  5. Silly things
    we do indeed
    trying to fill
    some desperate need.

    With idle time
    the devil plays
    some with
    exquisite ways.

    To the mirror
    we may ask
    which of us
    is the dumbest ass.

    To that prize goes
    the fool who jumps
    and ends his life
    as a bloody lump.

    Well Cat, so far it's going gang busters. I'll be looking for your folks over yonder, round the bend, at my place where the river ends.

    1. haha yeah a bloody lump
      Ever so flat and plump
      That kinda fool
      May have thought they'd land in a pool
      And we shall see
      Who comes to visit thee

    2. Oh I do know who has come to visit and to support you. Will let you know who you can count on and who you can't. Always an enlightening experience.

    3. Check this one out Cat.

      This was done by one of my Forum guys and it's excellent. The Cat's fame is growing!

    4. That is true
      Can always tell the few

      Awesome too
      Giveaway really works at your zoo

    5. The boys really like what you've done and they all want your Bundle and they are singing your praises all over the internet. Blogs, forums, FB, Google+ pages. And they're all referring to you as the Sci-Fi author Mr. Patrick Hatt. Very respectful stuff!

    6. Awesome indeed
      Glad they plant the seed

  6. A number of these made me giggle
    Like one who can make their ears wiggle
    To a blow up board I'd toss a dart
    The bang would give me quite a start
    Like popping bubble wrap all day
    Is global warming here to stay
    brawww hahahaha

    1. haha pop all day long
      Can play quite the song
      The dart one wouldn't last
      But it could be quite the blast

  7. Or... sit on the computer all day long when I should be doing something like maybe the laundry. Hmmmm I guess I do have things to do.

    1. Well you are doing something too
      Going around to each blog zoo

  8. Do you know these things from experience?
    If you're dying from boredom, this would be brilliance! ha.

    1. haha I think I'd be dead
      If I tried a few of what was said

    2. I want to see your sockless rock collection. lol...

    3. LOL you'd spit your coffee if it actually showed
      The whole rock collection load

  9. As a guy who hates golf, I do think that talking golf balls would make it somewhat bearable to play. Especially if they were sassy golf balls.

    1. haha still not sure it would
      Rather talk to wood

  10. Cats are brilliant with their lifelong plan to be comfy and spoiled. You just can't fault them for that. :)

    I'm off to book a Grand Canyon jump now... ;o)

    1. haha yeah they have it made
      If you jump your blogging may fade

  11. Ah, a new header,very nice. What is the saying? "Idle hands are the devil's tools",I am sure my mother threw that one at me a time or two when she thought I was just sitting around or watching too much television.

    1. haha yeah I sat around some
      But got off my bum
      Headers there are
      Many at my bar

  12. I think I will just throw mynpennies at the grasshoppers today!

  13. so cool that you are giving away some books with anne's minis, my that one character is skinny (ah i needed the rhyme, its a crime, i know) like jumping intot he grand canyon at your show, the flight is cool the hit will blow, did you see that guy tight walk it, i figured he'd bail and smash it....

    1. haha yeah skinny indeed
      At her feed
      Fun to do
      And yeah saw that in view
      Figured he'd go splat
      Glad I was a wrong cat

    2. Many thanks to you Brian for supporting the Cat. You're a good egg.

    3. The gawker is around
      And can be found

  14. Can you imagine how much space it would take to store a million dollars worth of pennies?

    1. haha take a whole friggin room
      Getting them in and out would bring doom

  15. I'd take a million in pennies any day
    Then I'd pay someone to do all the chores at my bay.

    1. haha yeah that sounds like a plan
      And I go get a tan

  16. If I were doing all those things listed, I be ready to be carted off to some care facility. Instead, I would take up hang-gliding.

    1. haha well at least when you go splat
      No facility needed at your mat

  17. If I were doing all those things listed, I be ready to be carted off to some care facility. Instead, I would take up hang-gliding.

  18. What's wrong with watching a clock tick?
    Yeah yeah I guess it could make one sick
    What's wrong with counting a million pennies?
    Yeah yeah I guess that's one too many
    What's wrong with dressing up like a cat?
    Yeah yeah then you'd look scary at the laundry mat

    1. Yeah yeah you are right
      yeah yeah you as a cat would be a fright lol

  19. I like your new pic at your pad! I wish I had a million dollars in pennies to count. I wouldn't get anything else done, but who cares? A million dollars in pennies isn't bad!

    1. Which one was that
      Plenty at my mat
      Yeah wouldn't need to get anything done
      A million pennies still would be no fun

  20. I think I got stuck on a million pennies...I was busy converting it into dollars. If I had a million pennies and could count them out every day...Would I have a million pennies a day? I'd be rich!
    But my hands would be dirty. I'd definitely have to wear gloves. And I wouldn't have time to enjoy my riches.

    I promise I'm not obsessed with money. I'm just really, really poor. :)

    1. haha in the same boat as you
      But there are plenty of pennies that can come due
      Estimated to be millions of dollars worth in land fills
      Although searching through there would make on ill

  21. You twit, you tweet, it can't be beat
    Tweet all day long, then smoke your bong
    Go on facebook, share a post.
    Meet new "close" friends,
    So you can boast.
    Think of rhymes for Pat Hatt's pad
    No matter how good
    No matter how bad.


    1. Close you say
      At your bay
      As it fake ones
      Or ones that give you the runs
      Thinking of rhymes for my pad
      A life may really need to be had haha

  22. orlin N cassie...a collectshunz oh pet rockz in this day N age mite bee werth a million $$$$$


    1. haha I guess you never know
      Someone may buy it at their show

  23. I'll not be doing any jumping off anything. lol

    1. haha best way to be
      Unless a diving board at your sea

  24. Loved this Pat, one thing for sure is that the actions of humans must be confusing for a cat! Brilliant post though buddy, made me laugh and it's been a long day!

    1. Haha yeah they sure will confuse a cat
      Glad it was fun at my mat

  25. I'd be okay counting pennies if they came to a million dollars;)

  26. Rather late today but, made it before eight
    climb a glass wall to see what's on the other side
    that is rather funny, what a sad state oh wait
    couldn't just peek through to see what it hides

    Nice collaboration with Anne she does fine art
    unique as she paints each intricate part
    hmm..a miniature to go with your book
    off I go to take another look..

    1. haha to easy to look through
      Could be a smudge in view
      And thanks for the look
      Knew you would at her nook

  27. Ha, if someone figures his life is grand, I won't be arguing with him....even if it wouldn't be an idea of grand at MY sea.

    1. haha that is true
      Go on about your day at your zoo

  28. I've stopped picking up pennies seen on the street, so no counting of them using my fingers and feet, but cute little rhyme to begin the week, I'll have to take a peek at what to be won.


    1. Thanks for the peak
      And up here pennies have been shipped up the creek

  29. We like the new header - Pat in his own world!

    1. haha there are many above
      But thanks for the love

  30. aah you come back to your old header Is really nice, I love the fire!!

  31. My husband collected pennies and had over 44,000 of them. Do you have any idea how heavy that is? He had to cash them in because we moved from Washington State to PA. But before he'd cashed them in he'd spent all those years (17) sorting them by year, it was his hobby, and I know he resents having had to give them up. I just wish he'd collected that amount in $2 dollar bills!

    1. LOL wow that is quite the hobby indeed
      Could weigh down a truck with those at your feed

  32. "Your life is grand, your life is great"

    I wouldn't tempt fate

  33. A neighbour drives to the gym when it's literally a five minute walk away. Hmmm.
    Love the new header.

    1. haha exercise can only come due
      So much at their zoo

  34. Well, gotta waste time somehow while waiting on the clock to tick to 5 :)


  35. I guess I get busy putting socks
    Across my ugly rocks
    But lacy rocks are all the rage
    Here on my garden stage

    1. Lacy ones are way better at your sea
      Than those ugly rocks at any tree


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