When It Comes Listen To The Hums!

Can't think of an idea at your sea? Then one comes in a flash oh so suddenly. But what happens when it comes when you don't want it to? Much fun can surely ensue.

Driving alone down the road,
Radio in full blast mode.
Flipping off drivers here and there.
Then an idea pops in by the pair.

Slam on the brakes,
That is all it takes,
So you can write down and remember.
Sadly, a crash may leave you unable to write until November.

At a party getting drunk.
Trying to work yourself out of a funk.
You shoot another one back.
Then an idea gives a whack.

You try to write it on a napkin or your hand.
But you can't make it out in your land.
Shouted out to a friend.
But with your slurs they think you are around the bend.

Could even come when doing the humpty hump,
As you feel up each umm clump.
Yes, come did not escape my sight.
But the gutter is a whole other plight.

You could get lucky and it doesn't last long,
You can quit playing human ping pong.
But if you are rather screwed,
My choice of words is rather rude,

But I don't really care,
I'll go just about anywhere.
Anyway, you could just scratch it on your partners back.
Although then things could get bloody at your shack.

Could be in line at the grocery store.
I know that is far less fun at your shore.
But in between the Cheerios and hot dogs,
Around could go the wheels on the cogs.

You could ask for a pen and paper.
But they would probably charge you for such a caper.
So just steal a diaper from the screaming kid in line.
It beats having to scratch it on someones spine.

See, where there is a will there is a way.
I just thought I would point that out today.
Thankfully my head is always full of stuff.
So if I lose one it is not so rough.

Have you ever done any of that at your mat? It is okay to admit even if one came when you were swapping spit. Today I was a little crass. But it so delights my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. dude, if you are feeling clumps during humpity hump, jump up and run away, just saying, i just keep a marker around my neck you know...write it down where ever at my show...driving just use the windshield, heh...

    1. He shouldn't be feeling anything as the Cat is snip snip.

    2. haha the cat is snip snip
      So could be an interesting trip
      I suppose the windshield works in a pinch
      Just make sure you don't cover every inch

    3. I was thinking the same thing about the clumps.
      You wanna come out of the closet about your humps?

    4. LOL oh bad choice of words for the cat
      Suppose I had that coming at my mat hahaha

  2. Oh my goodness,goodness yass
    Driving Dakotas minus sass
    I sang a new tune in my mind
    Not pen or paper could I find
    No gasoline or towns were there
    Dakotas are just simply bare
    Ah! eye brow pencil in my purse
    It might write for just one verse
    But what to write on not a scrap
    Not even a tiny piece of map
    I wrote on anything that's white
    My shirt and panties, what a sight

    1. LOL... Manzi!! Your shirt and panties might just work. I think I would use my arm first though.... Even though my skin is kind of on the pink side.

    2. hahaha well that must have been interesting indeed
      Letting such a write fest take seed
      I hope you were hidden away
      When your wrote your display
      Or you may have given someone their fill
      Hey, maybe they'd then plop in a dollar bill lol

    3. No dollar bills were ever found
      Nor rotten eggs upon the ground
      If across the Dakotas you should ever go
      It doesn't pay to be a Ho(bo)

      (Can I use that word? It usually isn't in my vocabulary)

      Skin might work, even pink
      Then spend the night at the sink. Haha

    4. Yeah it can be used
      No one was abused

  3. you get the best ideas
    just before you fall asleep
    damn roaring dragons

    1. Dragons you say
      Need King Arthur to chase them away

  4. Usually when we are in the car and need to write something down, I can dig a pen that has dropped under the seat and my Hubs always has paper towels. Works in a pinch.

    1. Hopefully it is the thick kind
      But yeah that would work in a bind

  5. I can never find a pen when I want one; and if I DO luck out and find a pen, it is probably one that doesn't work. Sigh.

  6. Hey Pat where you're at!
    My head bursts with ideas! And inspiration can hit at the most inconvenient times! This post was very funny from the get go. I've scratched down ideas in all kinds of situations. Sometimes I'll take a photo to jog my memory. Other times I just write down a list of every ideal I have, just to clear my brain.
    Have some fun, hopefully under the sun!

    1. Yeah I write down a list too
      Then 10 posts come due
      And away I go
      With my flow

  7. My husband is a writer, though he doesn't do it for pay (he did have a nice newspaper run once though), and he writes ideas on everything. Napkins with illegible reading are no stranger in this house. ;)

    1. haha illegible is the way to be
      Then no one will steal from him at your sea

  8. When I was writing I was lucky enough to remember my thoughts but I tend to vent so it comes a bit naturally therefore I never really wrote things down I just let it flow and rambled on and on, imagine that :)

    1. Just go to the grocery store
      And you'll never forget at your shore haha

  9. Napkin, klinex,
    scratching notes,
    dreams at night
    and nap can works

    auto-writing & meetup,
    eating, fighting,
    words 'what's up'

    ah, ideas always show
    go out or in shower,
    make sure pencil/pen with you
    or just write in bloody view...

    1. Even in the shower
      Comes the writing power
      Hmmm could write small in soap
      Or go bloody view to cope

  10. Oh, I just write poems any time
    On my smart phone, what a rhyme
    who needs a pen and paper today
    I've gone technological at my bay :)

    1. haha I guess that works too
      But I hate typing those things in on it at my zoo

  11. Ok, I enjoyed this one at your sea
    this has happened a time or ten to me

    jot it all down before it flees
    writing fragments on my sleeves

    an idea goes pop then I need to stop
    my mind whirling like a spinning top

    waking in my sleep, writing in the night
    oh what a delight in the moonlight

    taking out the pen and pad of paper
    maybe, create an adventurous caper

    enjoy the moments when the bell chimes
    ideas so rich in the lines, beauty sublime

    Now, cat how is that for some rhymes
    as you strut your little behind..

    Hope you have a good day at your bay :-)

    1. Not bad at all
      The rhymes that fall
      Had to get that out too?
      Hopefully you weren't doing anything strange at your zoo
      Like yoga writing or something like that
      Be fun to see though for the cat
      And when it hits it hits
      Even if it comes in bits
      Or all at once at your sea
      Bringing forth adventure for we

  12. It's true, we never know where or when ideas may strike.

  13. They come when
    they will
    at times inopportune.

    Like a guest that
    leaves early
    when invited
    to stay they
    get up and leave
    to fair run away.

    "Catch me if you can"
    they seem to say
    as hurriedly they
    skitter away.

    With perfection
    they gleam
    at your bay
    but when
    love you are making
    tell them
    "Go away!"

    1. haha yes at the end
      That is a good trend
      If a bad idea though
      away it can go
      Like the guest you want to leave
      You ho and you heave
      But they won't shut up and go
      Some are rather slow

    2. It's like getting a shite song stuck in your head and the damn thing just rattles it's annoying melody at you all day.

      Like-the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain,to see what he could see, and all that he could see, and all that he could see..

      Now get that out of your mind:)

    3. LOL that is what I was thinking too
      damn songs that get stuck there on cue
      I can get that out of my mind
      Just go this is the song that never ends with my behind

  14. That has happened to me, in the car, in bed, at work...the handiest thing has been my phone to jot notes in. Otherwise, random pieces of paper that I'll find later and think, huh?
    I've never harmed myself or others trying to record a random idea, though. I don't think. I've had so many wrecks it's hard to remember.

    1. The phone does work
      and can be a perk
      Hopefully no others were harmed in the making
      Or you could just be faking haha

  15. Im sure I know crazy ideas come from everywhere!!

  16. My head is always full of stuff too
    But most of it is...
    Which noone else would want know
    If they do it never shows

    1. Even if they don't want to know
      Here it will show

  17. I can relate to that feeling Pat, an idea comes in your head and you really have to pull out all the stops to hold onto it, funny post.

  18. oy... napkins are ok but no poetry on used diapers...just saying...ha...oy

  19. Ideas always hit me in the shower!

  20. Ideas always come to me when I should be sleeping. Blast! But good for me. :D

    1. Yeah can make it hard to get to sleep
      When in the ideas creep

  21. Find your ideas in a dream
    Don't forget the theme

    Scheming while you walk
    Hope you keep that thought

    1. Can be hard to remember sometimes in a dream
      When they stream

  22. I never get hit by ideas

    after the first assault, I got a restraining order.

  23. And that's why I always keep a pad of paper handy.

  24. My ideas come in the dead of night, I write brillant posts before it gets light; though all in my head, and in the morning all gone, I dread.


    1. haha that sucks a ton
      Need some sleep dictation thing under your sun

  25. I think I used to have a good memory, but I'm not sure about that now.

  26. I hate that when it happens, I don't have a paper & pen so now I bring one with me any time ~ What really irked me was to write it in a draft post, then accidentally delete the whole post...erkk......

  27. An idea noted immediately
    Or it'll disappear totally
    Just have it written
    Then it's no problem
    Then organize them easily


    1. note them is the way to be
      Then you just kill a tree haha

  28. I always have my phone with me, so when an idea pops in my head, I just email myself a quick note. Though I haven't done a drunk email to myself yet. Could be quite funny!

    1. haha a drunk one could be fun
      Unless you send it by mistake to someone else under your sun

  29. I keep a notebook and pencil near my bed
    So I can jot when something pops in my head
    But that doesn't help when I'm on the train
    Or at work, trying to stay sane
    You've got some kooky ideas indeed
    Gotta keep those ideas freed

    1. That we do
      Even in the loo
      But on a train
      i guess no work no gain

  30. My Human's head is idea-free
    Not so very creative is she...
    Sometimes it's really sad to see
    How her brain struggles to make a post for me!

    1. haha geez that is sad
      Good thing you are at her pad

  31. My Human's head is idea-free
    Not so very creative is she...
    Sometimes it's really sad to see
    How her brain struggles to make a post for me!

  32. When I idea pops in my head now-a-days
    I put it on my phone and continue on my way
    Otherwise, with my memory, it would be gone forever
    So the phone makes me feel more clever

  33. Ideas.. sure they can bounce up any where..
    ones you mentioned were pretty bummer :P

    Ideas and the tales they have :D

  34. Out of nowhere pops in a new muse
    You have no choice yet you can't refuse


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