When Sleep Does Creep!

You know you humans are a strange bunch. But that is nothing new that you are out to lunch. Yet there you are tired as can be and you still refuse to sleep like me. Just curl up in the cupboard some day. I bet you will like it at your bay.

There you are a zombie self,
Sitting in front of the screen at your shelf.
I hope no one hacks your WebCam.
Especially if you look like toe jam.

That is neither here nor there.
I'll get to it at my lair.
I don't need to see a zombie anywhere.
You humans are funny enough to make me stare.

So if things start to blur,
Like your eyes are full of fur.
Or you start to see the dead,
And began to nod your head.

Or maybe even trip over your own feet.
Some do that in the street.
Then hit their head on a car.
Or maybe you will just fall in tar.

The birds of a feather can flock together.
Or you can just wait for stormy weather.
Your eyes are already baggy anyway.
But it doesn't matter everything is saggy at your bay.

It just all mixes in.
I know that is such a sin.
Now where was I?
Let's give this another try.

Oh right!
It doesn't need to be night.
You don't need to look at your poor night light.
I know the bogeyman is a scary sight.

But just don't pick and flick.
Then there will be none there to stick.
Aren't I so helpful today?
Like I am with everything I say.

Hey, I helped someone out there.
Zombie Feet can be a turn on at ones lair.
Now back to the task at hand.
When your eyes want to shut at your land,

Go ahead and do so.
Then maybe you humans will not be so slow.
Unless of course you are behind the wheel.
Then you may not want to seal the deal.

That is my advice for today. It is so easy to sleep anyway. Just curl up in a corner on the floor. Or tie a hammock to the door. Then some sleep will easily come to pass. And your zombie self will no longer scare my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Difficult to sleep, 'cos it's poor night light
    Close your eyes and dream takes flight
    It's easy
    As ABC
    Not too exhausted and get to no fights


    1. That easy you say?
      Damn, never knew that at my bay haha

  2. One of these days I'll beat Hank
    But I would probably need him to tank
    I am sleep deprived at my show
    Rarely ever get more than a few hours in a row
    But that's what afternoon naps are for
    To refresh me when work becomes a bore

    1. A nap at work
      Is a perk
      Can't beat Hank?
      Many have made him walk the plank

    2. A level playing field
      Yes it is!


  3. Sigh, my eyes DO blur sometimes
    from sitting in front the the screen!
    You must have been watching
    through my webcam. Ha.

    1. The cat is no peeping tom
      Wait! did I see a pom pom

  4. Never slow behind the wheel!
    There are days when I could sleep in my cubicle and no one would notice.

    1. haha that sounds like a fine job indeed
      Especially when sleep you need

  5. smiles...i slept like a baby yesterday, last night, i could use some more sleep for sure, if only it were easier...i almost bit it last night too at the football game, going too fast up the stairs, save by the skin of my short hairs from a dental bill that would have been hell....glad there was no webcam...

    1. Damn, bit the stair
      That would ruin your hair
      Then at you all would stare
      At your toothless glare
      Good thing yourself you caught
      Sure would have hurt a whole lot

  6. Sleep does not come easy - but when it does it is heavenly! Although a room on the beach with the waves and the breeze does help!

    1. That sounds like it would help a lot
      and much sleep would be caught

  7. Asleep at the wheel...never recommended.
    I could go for the hammock though, I've never actually slept in one, but I'm all-in for these types of new experiences. ;)

    1. Rosey
      Hahahaha.... you say you never tried a hammock, huh?

    2. Wow, you need to get out more
      flying to ever shore
      But never tried a hammock at your sea
      Geez, deprived are thee

  8. Cat you have genius observation
    When it comes to your relation
    And I add my consternation
    Of your complete emancipation
    You can sleep in elongation
    Or snooze soundly in pronation
    Unlike humans fascination
    Who worry about constipation

    1. Well that is a fine worry indeed
      To have at ones feed
      For it can surely shock
      If there you have to rock
      And nothing will come
      Out ones bum

  9. looking like toe jam would be bad

    looking like Miley Cyrus would be sad

  10. I followed your advice and tried to curl up in my cupboard. Couldn't fit. Bruised my leg, twisted my ankle, and I did Lord-knows-what to my neck. Thanks a lot, Orlin!

    1. Damn, you need to try yoga i think
      Then you will be able to curl up in the sink lol

    2. I have a photo of Orson in the sink! I think I'll stick with that.

    3. haha live life vicariously through him
      Doesn't seem so grim

  11. Easy to curl up anywhere, I really don't mind ~

    But please don't post again that hideous zombie feet ~

    Happy weekend ~

    1. Not again at my sea?
      I'll have to find a new one for thee

  12. I'm on Ambien, and even after I've taken my sleeping pill I fight sleep. I WANT to sleep, and in the mornings I want to sleep forever...but at night, I'll fight it until the pill finally kicks in and my eyes close. DON'T KNOW WHY.

    1. Hmm topsy turvy are you
      Maybe sleep upside down at your zoo?

  13. I just read the other day
    that cats sleep 70% of their life away.
    I only get 6 hours a day.
    Too many fun things to do at my bay.

    1. That was in my facts
      For one of my fact acts
      Forgetful once more
      Damn old age at your shore lol
      Get 8 some nights here
      Others 4 when on a roll with my little rhyming rear

    2. forgetful? I thought I remembered. ha.

    3. Remembered you read it
      But didn't remember it was at my pit

  14. But cat, there's more to life than curling up in a ball and sleeping! We humans have blogs and books to write! Just ask Pat!

  15. I can actually manage some sleep this weekend. After a conference last weekend, I realized that I'd gone twelve days without sleeping in and probably was scaring your rhyming ass.


    1. 12 days in a row
      Damn, that is a lot at your show

  16. oh i could fall asleep almost everywhere cause i seem to be tired all the time..maybe i should've been born as a cat...just saying...smiles

    1. haha can curl up like the cat
      Even on a door mat?

  17. I hope nobody hacks our webcam, especially those birds of a feather!

    1. Hopefully not
      That would make things go to pot

  18. I put tape over the webcam built into my laptop...you know, just in case. lol
    I fell asleep at my computer one time..

    1. Yeah I did that with my old one
      Haven't don it with this new one under my sun

  19. Oh cat we are a weary bunch
    never getting enough sleep
    we appear to be out to lunch
    while in the night we creep

    would like to curl up for a nap
    stretching in that hammock
    dreaming of that treasure map
    drifting away from the havoc

    A hammock built for two
    that would be rather sweet
    just curl away, that I could do
    to the sound of a heart beat

    1. Nothing wrong with that
      Just make room for the cat
      Or he may get upset
      That is a safe bet
      Then shew the string
      And as you cling
      Down you will fall
      Wonder if you humans bounce like a ball

  20. oh cat, I wish it was as easy as that,
    to curl up on the floor,
    to close my eyes,
    and sleep galore

    but bills to pay
    groceries to buy
    house to clean
    otherwise I'd sleep like you, silly guy!


    1. haha the mundane
      At each lane
      Keeps you awake
      Glad the cat doesn't have to partake

  21. I think Betty is right
    No wonder we're a sight!
    We have to worry
    And be in a hurry
    No one's paying our rent
    Not even a cent!
    Not to mention the other bills
    Which our sleep often kills.
    You kitties just laze
    In a daze through your days
    And know your food will appear
    From your Humans so dear
    They'll take care of every need
    So you sleep well indeed!

    1. Complaining are you
      There at your zoo?
      You even clean our loo
      No wonder no sleep comes due

  22. Unless you are in Shanghai, cat/where they doze off at the drop of a hat/in parks, offices and everywhere/at 2pm they "zombie off", I swear! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Never knew that
      Must be regular zombies at their mat

  23. I sure could curl up right now and go back to bed... got to much to do though.

  24. This is just as funny as usual Pat, brilliant stuff, loved it!

  25. Curling up in a cabinet is a brilliant idea. Hid from kids, sunlight, and noise! Going to have to try it some day!


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