A Confession From The Big Baby Profession!

How can it be that the most pay goes to the baby? At least if you're the biggest baby of all there at the movie hall. Cry me a river has a whole new meaning when you get a movie that is screening.

Look at me sit in my chair.
I am a human that is so rare.
I have a full head of hair.
And if not, I have a wig to wear.

I sit and suck my thumb all day.
Stopping for a moment or two to have my say.
Wait! The words are not even mine.
I just have to memorize the line.

And if that is too tough for little old me.
I'll just get some cue cards big enough to see.
Then I go back to my fancy chair.
There I will give an evil glare.

It will indicate things will soon head south.
So please me as I stick my thumb in my mouth.
You must read my mind to,
Or I will cry, boo hoo.

Don't be rude,
Get me my food.
I want to have a drink,
Something from the Alps and not a sink.

I don't want to pick out my clothes.
I'm too great to even pick my nose.
So both will be done by you,
Unless you want me to boo hoo.

You may as well bath me while you're at it.
But you have to do it where I sit.
I'll take a shave as well.
Do it now or I'll cause hell.

I'll stomp into my little trailer,
Crying like a drunken sailor.
Oops I meant a newborn baby.
I don't want to hear no or maybe.

Just say yes and get it done.
Do not walk, you better run.
I don't care if you're a nun.
I want you to get it done.

Making me repeat myself is not wise.
For I will let loose my wailing cries.
After all I am such a great actor.
I put to shame those people on Fear Factor.

Call the cat crazy but to be so lazy that you can't even get your own damn drink, you are nothing but a fink. I bet they think their crap don't stink. Probably a better class in the clink. I'm done looking at that so called class, with my crazy but never lazy, little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Not much difference between a pampered actor and a baby, is there?

    1. Nope, not much at all
      Except they can speak a bit more at their hall

  2. Big baby can sure cause some havoc
    Can keep many quietly at their dock
    Just so a few rantings
    Keep others scurrying
    It's felt better not to let the boat rock


    1. Pitch them off the dock
      Then the boat can rock lol

  3. An original by you
    Always creative at your zoo :)

  4. An original by you
    Always creative at your zoo :)

    1. Times two
      Not so original by you lol

    2. A double comment, how fun
      More views under the sun
      As you now get three from me :)

    3. Three is great
      Three is grand
      At this rate
      I'll have no room in my litterbox sand

  5. So many big babies come to mind while reading this...
    Sometimes I wish everyone would just tell what they know about so and so; it would be so entertaining.
    Unless they tell what they know about me...I wouldn't like that so much. LOL

    1. LOL could put on a show
      Where they blabber about you high and low

  6. Don't forget the imported pure water for the bath... that's a must, I hear for some.

    1. Uggg yeah heard that too
      I'd use it for the loo

  7. This brings Hollywood to mind
    There are many babies there to find
    Too good to pick out their own clothes
    And they just walk around turning up their nose

    1. That is all they seem to do
      Way more than a few
      even if their nose is plastic
      Snap them with an elastic

  8. I guess it's our fault, we the people
    Place them higher than a steeple
    Then their ego say Oh Gee
    I'm the greatest. Look at me

  9. OK, now tell us how you really feel.


  10. heh. yes he who cries the loudest gets the care from those outside your lair, i know a few big babies kinda glad i am not one of their diaper changing ladies, you know...ha

    1. haha yeah that would be a job
      I'd leave to dear old what about bob

  11. I don't think I'd ever be able to become "one of those people." It would make me so uncomfortable to treat people like dirt.

    1. Yeah and I'd just feel lazy too
      Can get my own water bottle thank you

  12. Don't think I could be pampered in this style, would not want to behave like this for a very long while.


    1. Yeah would no be the way
      I'd want either at my bay

  13. Plenty of those in the movie business

  14. Bawling babies are not attractive, whether they are little tykes or spoiled adults!

    1. Yep, both are a pain
      But one should no better on the baby train

  15. We're all just big babies in big grown up bodies. Some worse than others.

    1. Some way way worse
      Enough to surely make me curse

  16. I would never make it in Hollywood
    I prefer the way I run my own show in my hood.
    Couldn't stand to have someone wait on me all day
    Having someone do it all for me? No Way!

    1. I agree
      Would bother my ocd
      To have it all done for me
      Here at my sea

  17. The squeaky wheel gets the attention, right?

  18. Squeaky wheel. Yeah. One thing that's nice is that very young children can learn sign language to communicate before they're able to form words.

  19. You've got that right!
    What a fine sight!

  20. The thumb? There's a sucker born every minute!

  21. If a yahoo wants to act like a big spoiled baby,
    I've got just the cure, and I don't mean maybe.
    Knock him out of that me-first rut
    By taking away his limo and paddling his butt.
    Paddle their butts, and take

    1. Paddle and take
      They will shake
      Find someone new
      To make things come due

  22. orlin N cassie...ya noe what class we hate de most...math...rite next ta like his tree N that one bout noe inn up frum down...uh...geo o graffee !!! lunch brake class...now yur talkin !!!

    de blessings oh St Francis two everee one N heerz ta a grate week oh end !!!

    1. Math is easy at our sea
      We add things up like a busy bee

  23. Some people are just attention seekers and act like butts when they get the power.

  24. Some hilarious ones in here buddy, made me laugh.

  25. This was rather funny
    they have a lot of money
    so, they sit on their throne
    not acting very grown
    crying like a baby..poor me
    to their trailers they do flee

    I've read some stories about these babies
    give me, give me, give me...lol..

    1. Yeah read plenty too
      About such a baby crew
      Sad really
      They even have to pay one to cop a feely lol

  26. Are you talking about Bieber, K clan, or Honey Boo Boo?
    Well I guess it doesn't matter. All of them are poo.
    I'm so glad to be through
    With Tv & those whiny stars
    So filthy rich
    Life is a bitch
    And so are they.
    I cry in private at my bay
    Drowning in bills
    What's there to say?
    If they leant me money, hey,
    I'd pay them to just go away.


    1. haha yeah I agree
      Pay them to flee
      Such idiots get the dough
      Well we eat crow

  27. The nastier they are the higher the pay, although, today I'm thinking the politicians are winning the whining, crying and, bull shit throwing prize!

    1. Yeah they have that in the bag
      They sure no how to whine and nag

  28. Join the Navy, have some fun.
    A drunken sailor?
    I once was one.

    1. I never would have guessed
      You got drunk until you confessed

  29. Not all babies like this
    some are conscious

  30. Great new covers for your blog. I especially like the elephant. It cracked me up!

    Some days I'd just like to lay in bed sucking my thumb.

    1. haha lying in bed i can do
      But sucking my thumb is rather eww

  31. Hmmmm now who gets you your drink Mr Cat?
    Could it be Pat
    Imagine That

    I'm a poet and didn't know it. I can rhyme if you give me time.

    1. haha rhyme away
      At my bay
      I have no thumbs
      At least you don't have to wipe our bums

  32. Hey Pat
    where you're at!
    Great post! You hit the mark!
    Skewer those narcissistic babies with funny snark!


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