A dVerse ABC At My Sea!

Haven't gone the ABC's of Rhyme Time mile in quite some while. It is rather dVerse as well. So I figured what the hell. This one is for work which can so no be a perk.

A is for amount, the big time suck.
But if you can't count, maybe you are in luck.
B is for boss, who gets on your ass.
Unless roles you toss and latch on to their mass.

C is for cat, who you left at home.
At your mat, you'll never know where we roam.
D is for dog, I guess I'll go there.
Might find a log if you work late at your lair.

E for energy, away it will flow.
What started with synergy will no longer glow.
F is for frig, as you can't go for the gold.
Unless in a big rig, then more than frig is told.

G is for gold, that you wish to find.
But none takes hold to your widening behind.
H is for hell, what could be worse?
Where you dwell you can't even curse.

I is for idiot, as there are a few.
From a Canadian to a Cypriot all will come in view.
J is for junk, you'll get it all.
Out comes a trunk burying you behind a wall.

K is for kibble, what you can afford.
Each day take a nibble thinking about pulling the cord.
L is for lazy, so many of those.
Their sight is hazy as they strike a pose.

M is for mutter, which each day you do.
With even more clutter you wish to flush down the loo.
N is for nag, those you will  forever find.
Like some old hag who screws up and wants to hit rewind.

O is for old as the job ages.
Quicker than mold away go your wages.
P is for prattle, there is always one.
Who just has to tattle, I hope they choke on a bun.

Q is for queen, giving the wave.
Think they are so serene coming from their cave.
R is for rank, which you have none.
Won't laugh to the bank, walk or run.

S is for shit, which you seem to take.
Bit by bit, you fantasize about drowning them in a lake.
T is for trouble, which falls on you.
When down comes the rubble you wind up in the loo.

U is for utility, those stupid programs.
Which have no ability and are slower than traffic jams.
V is for vixen, that little show off.
When the higher ups are mix in they give a cough.

W is for week, which drags on by.
No wonder the meek believe the lie.
X  is for xing, as one more than nine,
At least at my wing makes me a thankful feline.

Y is for yes, what they always want to hear.
But just confess, you'd like to shove a pencil in their ear.
Z is for zip, which is now gone.
Here is one tip, don't buy into the work con.

Each and every way here today. Now that was fun and had to be done. Money is a perk, about that is the only thing of work. Now I am done with my work sass with my always working little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. No.#55 it is!
    It's a bliss!


  2. Hey, I might not rank high at work, but here I am Captain!

    1. haha and a ninja wannabe
      In the blogland sea

  3. ha, nice double rhyme in each line, now if that could be work, and we were paid to write it'd be a perk

    1. Yes that would be grand
      I'd never complain at my land
      At least about that
      I'd rant about something else at my plant

  4. Some glad I don't have to deal with that

  5. Yea, my job was such a drag I had to give it up for the big bucks of a stay at home Mom.

    1. That is quite a mouthful. I applaud you.

    2. There is big bucks in that?
      I'll have to adopt at my mat

  6. I was wondering what you would do with 'X'
    You pulled it off, no need for a hex

    1. Will pull it of no matter the letter at my sea
      From a to z

  7. Animal crackers in your soup
    Cats and dogs go loopdi loop
    If you need some do-ra-me
    Get a job at a salar-ree
    Always work to do at home
    Maybe there's no need to roam
    Write a book or get some bees
    Work at leisure if you please
    Life is simple come what will
    Should be a joy and not a pill

    1. Wish I could stay home
      And not have to roam
      Just do that work
      Be such a perk
      But away I go
      To the 9 to 5 show

  8. Getting through the works of all things
    Holding on to each letter with a zing
    Pushed for works
    With all the perks
    Gladly came away A to Z with a fling!


    1. My fling was fun
      The a to z run
      Had to be done
      Under my son
      So I could rant a ton

  9. A good post to read before work, such a sad place, the tears start to jerk. The worst part is leaving the cat at home and wondering where he will roam. So, off on my bike to that place I don't like...

    1. Yep, hate leaving them too
      To go to the crummy work zoo

  10. Speaking of work
    where is that Flappy jerk?

  11. Enjoyed the rhyme scheme in this one!

  12. That was quite tasty alphabet soup!

  13. Hey, I'm refreshing your page to see the banner change, hah! I love it!

    As for the post, I see royalties paving your future yellow brick road (and dismissing common work woes). :)

    1. haha oh if only that would come to pass
      I'd be a happy little rhyming ass
      Changes with each one
      Random under my sun

  14. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but, I miss working. Of course, if I *had* to go, I'd be dreading it each and everyday at my bay!

    1. Are you drunk?
      I'd rather sniff a skunk

    2. Just high on life
      feeling no strife!

    3. Yeah go back to work
      You'll lose that perk

  15. O don't see your comment in your previous post.
    Bad that my kids are grown now and they have their own ABCs. A for ass, B for booger eater, C for Clumsy etc.,
    I actually love working ad much I love being a mommy but I need to di both if only one it wouldn't work for me. I salute all those stay at home moms.

    1. Love work you say?
      Not that crazy at my bay
      Just want the pay
      No love comes do at my work tray

  16. I always like your A B C posts. That was a brilliant use of the letter "x." ;)

    1. They are fun to do
      And brilliant works for my zoo

  17. Unlike the cat, dog needs to go out after a few hours

    or your house will smell sour.

  18. ha nice... what a journey through the alphabet...c is for cat or for claudia...just saying...smiles

    1. lol that works too
      Bit harder to rhyme though at my zoo

  19. I like what you did with the alphabet today
    Alphabet soup is always fun at your bay!

  20. Excellent Patt, first time I have read it. Awesome.


  21. While the money was nice, I don't miss working at all! While my kids drive me nuts, I'd gladly deal with them all day over some nut job co worker I'm forced to interact with!

    1. Yes, I agree indeed
      Rather deal with family than any at the work feed

  22. Drowning them down by the lake...how did you know? Get out of my head...lol

  23. I did enjoy this alphabet rhyme,
    I think I'd like to see it in Pantomime.

    1. Hmm that may be hard to do
      But could try at my zoo

  24. I'm glad the workplace is behind us now...
    No stress, no mess, no need to cuss now.
    Retirement's great, our old age perk;
    I don't know how we found time to work.

    1. Hmph how rude
      Work is so crude
      But has to be done
      One day I may enjoy the sun

  25. A to Z, one thing I did see, weeks can drag by so slow, especially if the wages are quick to go, which is often the case in our fair house, I noticed you said cat and dog, but forgot the mouse?


    1. The mouse is cheap
      Just a sneaky creep
      And away the wages do fly
      Can make one want to cry

  26. It's nice to see your rhymes are still fly, life without this blog makes me want to cry! Rhyme on my friend!

    1. Still around at my sea
      Been a while since I've seen thee

  27. Dear Pat, I read the whole alphabet and found that Z spoke loud and clear to me:
    "Z is for zip, which is now gone./Here is one tip, don't buy into the work con." My zip is truly gone--flown the coop--but still I seem to feel that I must be a workaholic or I'm not earning my keep. What a con! Peace.

    1. Flown away
      To another bay
      Need to get it back
      And relax at a beach shack

  28. orlin N cassie

    werk sucks
    wee bee late
    hope yur day
    iz goin grate

  29. No, H is for Heaven, smiles ~ Enjoyed the A to Z route Pat ~

    1. haha work and heaven don't go hand and hand
      Work isn't that grand

  30. Woo Hoo! You made it all the way through.
    My favorite is W:)

    1. I'll make it all the way
      Every time at my bay

  31. I is for iGoogle, which is closing on Nov. 1st.
    H is for the HOURS spent in understanding Chrome and setting up a new home page.

    1. I use firefox at my see
      So google can bite me lol

  32. Sometimes work can be a drag
    Too long, to hard; makes your eyes sag
    But overall work is good to do
    Because it pays all the bills that are due

    1. That is the only perk
      The rest is too much work lol

  33. Double the rhyming fun at your sea
    with all the letters of the ABC'S
    it's all about the workday you see
    just look how creative you can be
    "R' should be for a higher raise
    that might cause a new wave
    Q should be quitting time
    for you and me at our sea..
    living free it the way to be...

    1. If only so
      At our show
      Quit and go
      Sit in a row
      Let work eat crow
      On the beach we glow

  34. Ahhh...nice to escape in your little alphabet rhyme,
    stopping by your blog is such a good time!
    Don't know if you're familiar with Edward Gorey?
    He's another fine author who writes a good alphabet story.
    As always, enjoyed this time at your door,
    now back to the pub, to read a few more!

    1. First I've heard of him
      Will look him up on a whim
      Glad an escape was had
      Here at my pad

  35. C for cat who we always leave at home - that is the absolute worst! I always daydream about having my kitty there at my desk, underneath my feet...she would hate it, of course, but I would be so happy!
    But the cat's happiness must come above all others, I know this.

    1. Yeah they'd hate it too
      If brought to my work zoo

  36. Pat in da Hatt
    A rhyming cat
    The alphabet
    Just when I thought it would end
    Letters you send
    So let's do this
    Don't give it a miss
    Backward we go
    Oh no

    *Singing* : "Z - Y - X - W - V - U - T

    S - R - Q - P - O - N - M - L - K

    J - I - H - G - F and E

    D - C - B and A

    Now I know my Z - Y - X's

    Wont you sing this song of perplexes."

    Or maybe you prefer seeing uʍop ǝpısdn ʇǝqɐɥdןɐ ǝɥʇ

    1. upside down hurts my head
      Backwards I can do with little dread
      Maybe i'll do it one day
      Then what will you say

  37. Lol! Alphabetically speaking, this is great tongue and checking!

  38. Oh, yay! A great reminder of my day(s) at work. Thanks, Pat!

  39. A is for Amount, \The big Time Suck,
    Just caught up on Homeland,
    now ready to shuck
    Oysters and drink beer,
    Until The Fall comes back this year

    1. Wow a drunk
      That will avoid work by a big chunk haha

  40. ˙˙˙uʍoɹɟ ɐ ɹǝƃuoן ou sı ǝןıɯs ɐ ˙uʍoןɔ ƃuıɯʎɥɹ ɐ uʍop ǝpısdn ¡ʇɐɥʇ ɹoɟ oƃ 'ʇʇɐɥ ʇɐp uı ʇɐd

  41. The Human is lucky
    Those kids weren't too sucky
    Today they were good in class
    They didn't give her too much sass
    But that's no guarantee
    They wont decide to be
    A pain in her ass or her neck
    When next they are on deck!

    1. haha keep her hopping
      As at the bit she could be chopping
      With a little curse dropping
      Send them all shopping

  42. Many cry about working time
    money could be funny
    lol...what the epiphany...

    1. lol money can be funny
      Take me some place sunny

  43. Oh it's been ages since you've done one of these Pat, very diverse and it made me laugh lots!

    1. Yeah been a while
      Since I went the a to z mile

  44. Well you surprised me. I thought your W would have worms written all over it.

    1. haha nope no need for worms at work
      Already not a perk

  45. a is for one as one b is two for you and I and C is three for three as one..as D if for you and I and we..as E is hi five for everyone..and F is six of spiral of life..as G is yeah that thing called god and lucky 7's in Las Vegas..where 8 is infinity of one 2 and even hate if spoken fast..and H as joined elevens for K but first is i of 9 with doted i for spirit of one..yet 10 as J for that guy they called you know..and still one without the null of zero..we talked about K so move to 12 for L the perfect one of time..and then lucky thirteen of three and one of M and man..moving to 14N for part of Man..and 15O the big round one..then 16P so I'll stick out my tongue..and 17combinedQforqueenandi9standing curved...4queenagainD...and infinity too2 in 7plusoneis8..and H...andthen 18 forR to greater enhance for4..and 19 for Scombinedback to One..removing null from 10...thatJfriend if one wills...then 20Ttocrossout6remaining letters as numbers are one to me..but letters are the same..as similar as well..uvwxyz...the loneliest 6 letters that exist..except for the truly misunderstood 6F for fool IT seems...

    1. Wow look at you go
      Quite the a to z at my show

  46. I am counting down the years when I can retire only a few more decades!!!


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