A Little Hate At My Gate!

Newsflash: Make a dash, you won't get a rash, as the cat is interviewed on the A to Z blog today so you can skip reruns of MASH.

So as we all know from the countless times the cat has gone on at his show, word verification he surely hates. I would rather watch dogs clean dinner plates. Then there is another that is a pain in the rump. On which, I'd like to take a big dump.

Hopping about,
In and out.
Up and down,
Forget dirty town.

But it is gutter.
Not in a stutter.
Just in a way.
That there it should lay.

Commenting along,
Humming a song.
Then all goes wrong.
Can't hit ding dong.

Stay clear of the gutter.
For now you just mutter.
Sputter and spit.
What is this shit?

Disquis you rule.
You are so cool.
Loved by this fool.
Go drown in a pool.

Google + you suck.
Get hit by a truck.
Tire marks galore.
Flat as the floor.

Now I am bitter.
Sign up through Twitter?
I don't want to tweet.
Go eat zombie feet.

Welcome, embrace my nook,
Sign in through Facebook.
Rather blow it up with a nuke,
Take that you mook.

Give me a ring.
It won't sting.
Here at my wing,
I use this, that and the other thing.

Stick to what works.
Forget the perks.
Name and link.
Or end up in the comment clink.

I just had to get that off my chest, sending it out east to west. Also just to let some know why many comments may not show. If you use such crap, may want to consider making it take a dirt nap. It just gives me gas which is not good for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Not a fan of the Google+ comment system either. You have to uncheck the box or your comment posts on Google+.
    And yes, your A to Z feature is up and hopefully the cat approves of the images I chose.

    1. That uncheck box I use when I really have to
      But generally just avoid the crap at my zoo
      Great images too
      At the a to z zoo

  2. I don't understand Google +.
    Loved the verse thought it was excellent, I am one of your new friends so will say please to meet you.

    1. A new friend is grand
      Here in my land
      Hate google +
      And its fuss

  3. Nice post, I like G+ but not the comment system and as for captcha well enough said

    1. The comment system is awful for it
      captcha annoys me more than a bit

  4. Oh dude, I so agree with you on this. I didn't leave a comment on one blog because I was so dumbfounded, I got it together enough to sign in (unhappily) through Twitter to comment on another. I don't want to use Google+ and they can't make me. Until they do.

    1. So I even have to skip
      After giving them some lip
      As they have some funky thing
      That takes forever to use at their wing

  5. I'm too much of a nitwit to figure out how to use all of that fancy schmancy stuff so when I see it, I just don't leave a comment. Oh and those blogs that are public and the comments show up on my personal FaceBook feed, uh no thank you!!!!!. I don't need my 80 year old religious relatives reading that part of my life!!!

    1. Better to be a nitwit
      Than have such shit
      lol yeah wouldn't want them to read
      Some of the stuff at your feed

  6. I've always wondered why this is on certain blog when I try to comment
    Never has really made much sense
    Many times I don't even comment on such posts
    Not fair I know, but I'm not trying to punish the host
    It's just an inconvenience and half the time confuses me
    Which is easy to do, many say with glee

    1. Yeah you'd think they'd learn
      At every turn
      They are ignored
      Not because readers are bored
      But because they hate
      The comment crap at their gate

  7. It makes me spit bullets, and gamers are the worst offenders for using it. But because I like them, I endure it. Drives me bat shit crazy, but I'll do it for them.

    1. haha you are so nice to do it
      I'll do it for a few at my pit
      But still they get hate
      At any rate

  8. I hate the whole google+ integration with blogger!

    Hopefully, you can comment without the google+ crap, let me know if you can't.

    1. Yeah don't need that crap
      Thankfully not mandatory yet across the map

  9. google+ is driving me crazy
    have you even clicked on a profile and it was a bit hazy?
    You get their + page
    can't even find a link to their blog craze.
    The circles are just useless, too.
    Follow a blog if you want a clue!

    Word verification is just a waste
    it should be outlawed, for goodness' sake!
    Not even needed in blog land!
    Don't know why some think it's grand!

    1. Hit a nerve did I
      So fun under my sky
      But yep agree
      That crap can flee
      Hopefully google + is not forced on us though
      Or I may have to move my show
      Some still think it is grand
      But they should be buried in the litterbox sand

    2. Hit a nerve you did
      makes me flip my lid.
      Now what makes you think we want to go to A to Z
      and get a double dose of thee?

    3. haha fun to get you going
      Not a double showing
      Over there just a chat
      Not random like at my mat
      Okay maybe it is
      Can't help the rhyming biz

    4. ok... I will go and see
      even though it will torture me.

    5. Well there is the loon in display
      The bug eyed creep is hated at your bay lol

  10. Yes, I HATE that Google+ comment BS. We enabled that for all of 10 seconds, figured out what it was, and then promptly turned it off. Who in their right mind thinks, "Yes, not only do I want to make this comment public, but I want to share it with all of my friends and e-mail them about it, too!"

    And all of this for...
    Comment: great post bro!

    1. I saw it on another first
      Gave my comment burst
      And then saw how crappy it was
      And promptly treated it like fuzz
      Great post bro
      Those have to show

  11. Google + and all the crap
    Pulls back with all the drag
    Word verification
    No more a problem
    Thrown off and considered bad


    1. Thrown into a deep dark hole
      Such a lofty goal
      No longer taking a stroll
      Making one pay a toll

  12. On word verification I often pass
    Without my comments to the mass
    I agree with FB and Twitter
    Not tending to sound bitter
    I'd rather do a morning rhyme
    By far, a more relaxing time.
    Great interview at the Challenge. You nail em with ease as all the fans you do please.

    1. Yeah wv gives me gas
      I can get rather crass
      So I avoid most times
      And just go about my rhymes
      Glad it was fun
      Had to be spun

  13. Oh dear, the biggest problem is lots of times the hapless blogger has no idea! Me being the hapless blogger that is. But captcha is a bitch!

    1. Yeah that is true
      Many have no idea, the owners and those who view

  14. Jumping through hoops to leave a comment can be a pain. I tried to comment somewhere yesterday and had to re-do the captcha four or five times until I figured out you were supposed to solve the math problem instead of copy the captcha, hahaha. But it looked like a captcha, not nice and neat like the math probs. usually are... comment and link is my fave too.

    1. hahaha making you do work
      So not a perk
      Solving the 10 plus 2
      What some people do at their zoo

  15. Yep, commenting can sure be a challenge some places we go!

    1. Means less comments indeed
      Will surely take seed

  16. I'm with you about word verification, such a pain you know where, but what makes me want to scream and stare, is comment moderation and word verification on the very same blog, I've been known to run jog, far away from that type of fare, and keep to myself in my own lair.

    Not fond of Google plus either; don't get it; don't want to get it


    1. lol I have to laugh at those people though
      Having both on at their show
      Either double paranoid
      Or lost in a blogland void

  17. Why is it that these people all force "improvements" on us? They rarely improve things.

    Google + is irritating, word verification is unnecessary, Twitter doesn't suit me, I tried Facebook and "learned" too much stuff I was better off knowing... Can you wonder why I liked this post so much?

    1. If I knew the answer to that
      I'd be a rich cat
      They can't just leave well enough alone
      So you learned on facebook what happens after the ring tone? lol

    2. better off 'not' knowing....sorry...just couldn't pass up an opportunity to correct the grammar nazi. ...lol....ducks...and runs!

    3. LOL grammar nazi was typing to fast
      His status could become a thing of the past

    4. Hm. Pretty sure a word omitted while furiously typing wouldn't quite qualify as a grammatical error, and the Grammar Nazi never claimed to be poerfect... I mean, perfect...

    5. So if I say "Hello how are day"
      The "you" wouldn't be a grammatical error at my bay?

    6. Technically, I don't believe so, although it's still an obvious error. And you'd sure get some funny looks. Then again, a talking cat must get plenty of funny looks anyway!

    7. haha oh so technicalities too
      I'll have to remember that at my zoo
      Yep a talking cat
      Sure gets plenty of that

  18. I won't do any Facebook or Google+ ones, I just skip and don't comment if that is my only option. I wonder why they think we want to share things all over all our social media sites? I understand they are hoping to draw traffic but really does it work? I wonder how many other people skip commenting.

    1. You can easily see
      They are trying to draw traffic in from you and me
      But have a look at their comments too
      And they have very little at their zoo
      So not a perk
      So I don't think it will work

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. never watched much of mash

      skipping a rerun is easy to dash

    2. Quite the trip
      Has many a re-run clip

  20. I would not like a dirt bath, thank you. I would get--dirty.

    So many venues to take advantage of and it makes me tired, but I still don't want to nap in the dirt. Just saying.

    1. haha a nap in the dirt could be fun
      If it was on the beach with someone

  21. Well this sounds like an inspired rant. Is someone getting some "my comment won't show up" hate mail?

    1. Nope no hate mail for a while
      Just a long time coming at my dial

  22. I agree, I hate the social media commenting options. I tend to skip those too. I hate the math questions even more. If I have to be quizzed on my math skills just to post a comment to your blog, I tend to just say the hell with it and move on. If you want comments, better make it as easy as possible for the visitor to do so. Just my opinion.

    1. The math thing can surely annoy
      And bring no joy
      Easy as can be
      Is the way to be at every sea

  23. It's funny Pat, before reading this I got really frustrated with another captcha on another blog actually thinking to myself "why do I bother getting impatient over the comment posting of a crappy comment on a crappy blog post," which is unfair and mean but that captcha really got to me. So cool you're being interviewed over at A to Z, especially considering your incredible take on it last time around.

    1. haha lots of crappy there
      Must be a boring lair
      Captcha needs to die
      And yep, fun over at the a to z sky

  24. I hate them all,
    no matter google, facebook, or twitter,
    but I keep my accounts
    because I'm no quitter.
    Truth of the matter?
    Social media's a joke.
    To say it's useful
    would make me choke.
    I do like to blog,
    via blogger or wordpress,
    Blogging is best in this tangled
    cyber mess.
    But word verification is seriously flawed,
    the whole shitty system should be
    squelched and outlawed.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah I keep some
      To give a hum
      They give backlinks and such
      And help a touch
      But nothing grand
      Still fun in blogger land
      WV is complete shit
      Needs to be outlawed, every bit

  25. orlin N casie...google pluz iz crazed...sum sites we can post on... sum we can't, sum we can book mark, sum we can't....frank lee we dunno what de difference iz $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ but we like wear we iz at just fine N dont wanna be linked up with ore long side any thing.... but free fish !!

    1. Free fish sounds grand
      And yep, all about the $$$$ in google land

  26. I don't use Google+ very often at all. I share blog posts sometimes but that's it. I just dont understand it at all.

  27. Congrats on your interview very well done
    enjoyed reading it, was rather fun
    Google plus haven't a clue how to use
    I see that and my mind says run
    word verification boggles my mind
    as I try to read the tiny lines

    1. Glad it was fun
      Under the a to z sun
      Ignore google plus
      Not worth the fuss
      And yeah wv is crap
      At every part of the map

  28. I only use Google for sharing blog posts. It's too much trouble to do anything else with it. And I wish word verification would be outlawed. My overtired eyeballs can barely make out that scribble!

    1. Yeah my eyes hurt too
      Trying to decipher its gobbly goo

  29. Word verification is the most awful invention ever. Rather have the spam

    1. Yeah me too
      At least i can keep up with king abubu

  30. Google +
    for future robots-us!
    then verification(words&numbers)
    won't be wonders...

  31. ugh. why do they keep screwing it up...discus is my least favorite, but word verification has gotten ridiculous with the pictures as some have nothing in them,
    it should be a sin...and this new google comment box sucks! sign out is where publish should be....if i sign out again on accident i might flee

    1. hahaha I noticed the sign out thing too
      Hit it once at my zoo
      But stopped and just look for the blue
      Agreed though, they screw everything up at each zoo

  32. I too hate Disquis & Google + is a pain & clogs up my inbox ~ Hate word verification too ~ Why can't we have just a simple blog & comment box ~

    1. Be oh so nice that way
      but they keep piling crap on at every bay

  33. You hit on some of our biggest hates too! We've always had our word verification off, and when Blogger went crazy with it, most everyone else did too. We'd had bad experiences with Google+ and closed the account. Mainly, you can't delete something once its public, and they insisted "Oui Oui Twinkletoes" was not a human name and we needed a "business" account. And I hate when people use it to comment because it doesn't link directly back to their blogs. And then there's things about FB we don't like, and have never bothered with it. Anything posted can be used however they like without your permission, to start. Haha! See how to start a rant? And I've only touched on these topics . . .

    1. hahaha wow got you going
      With my comment showing
      But agree with thee
      Google + pulled that name crap on me
      And facebook is a load of trash
      Got rid of that in a flash

    2. Hee, hee! It doesn't take much to get the mom goes, if you know the "keys" to use. Then just sit back and watch the show. You got the short version cause it was so late, lucky you!

    3. Uh, that's "going", not "goes"

    4. haha rant away
      So fun to see at my bay

  34. Really not fun to encounter those people who post through Facebook.
    I steer clear. Am not a fan of Discuis (sp) either, and have a hard time
    with profiles that lead to Google Plus. Give me plain one Blogger and
    Word Press any day at my bay.

    1. Yep that is the way to be
      The other crap can be pitched in the sea

  35. Google + you suck.
    Get hit by a truck...

    YEAH, MAN!


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